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Re: Thinking

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  • Stephen Hale
    ... hard ... So, spherical thinking would be to your taste? Steve
    Message 1 of 37 , Jun 6, 2007
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "swirling_dervish"
      <blue_star_in@...> wrote:
      > My type of thinking is definately not linear, which is why its so
      > for me to put what I really think up on the screen like you guys do.
      > No my thinking involves being able to hold at least four conflicting
      > thoughts at the same time.

      So, spherical thinking would be to your taste?

    • holderlin66
      R.S. http://steinerbooks.org/research/archive/kingdom_of_childhood/kingdom
      Message 37 of 37 , Jun 18, 2007



        "Before the change of teeth you can still see quite clearly at
        work the effects of the child’s habits of life before birth or
        conception, in its pre-earthly existence in the spiritual world. The
        body of the child acts almost as though it were spirit, for the
        spirit that has descended from the spiritual world is still fully
        active in a child in the first seven years of life.

        "You will say: A fine sort of spirit! It has become quite
        boisterous; for the child is rampageous, awkward, and incompetent.
        Is all this to be attributed to the spirit belonging to its pre-
        earthly life? Well, my dear friends, suppose all you clever and well-
        brought-up people were suddenly condemned to remain always in a room
        having a temperature of 144o Fahrenheit? You couldn’t do it! It is
        even harder for the spirit of the child, which has descended from
        the spiritual worlds, to accustom itself to earthly conditions.

        "The spirit, suddenly transported into a completely different world,
        with the new experience of having a body to carry about, acts as we
        see the child act. Yet if you know how to observe and note how each
        day, each week, each month, the indefinite features of the face
        become more definite, the awkward movements become less clumsy, and
        the child gradually accustoms itself to its surroundings, then you
        will realize that it is the spirit from the pre-earthly world that
        is working to make the child’s body gradually more like itself.

        "We shall understand why the child is as it is if we observe the
        child in this way, and we shall also understand it is the descended
        spirit that is acting as we see it within the child’s body.
        Therefore for someone who knows the mysteries of the spirit it is
        both wonderful and delightful to observe a little child. In doing so
        one learns not of the earth, but of heaven.
        "In so-called “good children,” as a rule, their bodies have already become heavy, even in infancy, and the spirit cannot properly take hold of the body. Such children are quiet; they do not scream and
        rush about, they sit still and make no noise.

        "The spirit is not active within them, because their bodies offer
        such resistance. It is often the case that the bodies of so-called
        good children offer resistance to the spirit.

        "In the less well-behaved children who make a great deal of
        healthy noise, who shout properly, and give a lot of trouble, the
        spirit is active, though of course in a clumsy way, for it has been
        transported from heaven to earth; but the spirit is active within
        them. It is making use of the body. You may even regard the
        wild screams of a child as most enthralling, simply because you
        thereby experience the martyrdom the spirit has to endure
        when it descends into a child-body.

        "Yes, my dear friends, it is easy to be a grown-up personâ€"easy
        for the spirit, I mean, because the body has then been made
        ready, it no longer offers the same resistance. It is quite easy to
        be a full-grown person but extremely difficult to be a child. The
        child itself is not aware of this because consciousness is not yet
        awake. It is still asleep, but if the child possessed the
        consciousness it had before descending to earth it would soon notice
        this difficulty: if the child were still living in this pre-earthly
        consciousness its life would be a terrible tragedy, a really terrible

        "For you see, the child comes down to earth; before this
        it has been accustomed to a spiritual substance from which it
        drew its spiritual life. The child was accustomed to deal with
        that spiritual substance. It had prepared itself according to its
        karma, according to the result of previous lives. It was fully
        contained within its own spiritual garment, as it were. Now it has to
        descend to earth. I should like to speak quite simply about these
        things, and you must excuse me if I speak of them as I would if
        I were describing the ordinary things of the earth. I can speak of
        them thus because they are so. Now when a human being is to
        descend, a body must be chosen on the earth."

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