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Re: [anthroposophy] Fwd: Calendar of the Soul 8 - Whitsun Verse

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  • Gloria Bjork
    The quotation from R. Steiner is incomplete. According to the original Calendar of the Soul, the poem goes this way: Vierte Mai-Woche 8 20.-31.Mai
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2007
      The quotation from R. Steiner is incomplete.  According to the original Calendar of the Soul, the poem goes this way:

      Vierte Mai-Woche



      Es wächst der Sinne Macht
      Im Bunde mit der Götter Schaffen,
      Sie drückt des Denkens Kraft
      Zur Traumes Dumpfheit mir herab.
      Wenn göttlich Wesen
      Sich meiner Seele einen will,
      Muß menschlich Denken
      Im Traumessein sich still bescheiden.

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      Subject: Calendar of the Soul 8 - anthro on the net
      Date: Sun, 27 May 2007 17:12:13 -0700

      Anthroposophy on the Net - Calendar of the Soul
      See printable version above
      Rudolf Steiner’s
      Calendar of the Soul
       [April 01, 2007 - April 07, 2007]
       Eighth Week
      -click on dodecahedron to hear the Calendar read.
      The power of the senses grows
      In union with the gods’ creation,
      And vigour of thought subsides
      To a dreamlike drowsiness.
      When godly being wills
      Union with my soul,
      Then thinking must accept
      In quietness the state of dream.
      * translation by John Thomson.
      The might of the senses is growing
      in union with the creative Godhead,
      to suppress my force of thinking
      into a dull and drowsy dreaming.
      When Godly Being seeks
      to unite itself with my soul,
      then my human thinking
      must humbly live in a world of dreams.
      * translation by Dennis Klocek.  
      The power of the senses,
      entwined with gods' creating,
      now begins to grow---
      and thus reduces the force of thinking
      to the dullness of a dream.

      If a divine being would unite
      with my soul---
      then human thinking must resign itself
      to this dull dream existence.
      * translation by Tom Mellett. 
      The senses' might grows strong
      United with the gods' creative work;
      It presses down my power of thinking
      Into a dreamlike dullness.
      When godly being
      Desires union with my soul,
      Must human thinking
      In quiet dream-life rest content.
      * translation by Ruth and Hans Pusch
      Es wächst der Sinne Macht
      Im Bunde mit der Götter Schaffen,
      Sie drückt des Denkens Kraft
      Zur Traumes Dumpfheit mir herab.
      Wenn göttlich Wesen
      * original German by Rudolf Steiner.
      The ascendancy of sense in me
      grows, with the gods' creative act in league,
      subduing thought from vigorous to vague.
      If Life divine is to unite
      with the coming-into-being of the world,
      this human thought must modestly retire
      contented to endure as a dream.
      The Year Participated
      translation by Owen Barfield

      About the Calendar of the Soul - by Rudolf Steiner 

      The year has a life of its own, and the human soul can share in that life and become part of it. In listening week by week to the changing language of the year, the soul will find a way to discover also its own nature; it will realize how forces are stirring within its being and giving it new life and strength. Such forces are awakened if one develops a profound sympathy with the course of the year and all the meaning it brings to the changing world. Only through such sympathy can the soul become aware of the fine but significant threads that bind it to the world into which it is born.
      In this Calendar the verse given for each week is intended to help the soul into an experience of that week as part of the life of the whole year. The Calendar is designed to express all that echoes in the soul when it unites itself with that life. It aims at creating a healthy feeling of at-one-ness with the goings–on of nature, and consequently a strong self-discovery, in the belief that to share in the yearly movement of the world, in the manner exemplified in these verses, is something for which the human soul has a deep longing, if only it understands its own nature.

      History of the Calendar of the Soul Verses  

      The first limited edition of The Calendar of the Soul Verses was published in March 1912 as part of a calendar, never to be reissued. Imma von Eckhardstein illustrated the calendar, following Steiner’s indications, mainly of the twelve zodiacal images. In 1918, the verses of the Calendar of the Soul were distributed along with a short introduction  by Rudolf Steiner, was packaged together with Waldorf Astoria cigarettes to reach German soldiers struggling at the end of World War I. This was part of a project, initialized by Emil Molt, the owner of the Waldorf Astoria Cigaretten Gesellschaft, which also evolved into a publication of the verses as an insert in a few Herman Hesse editions reaching German prisoners of war.

      "You will find meditative verses for the individual weeks of the year. You should take these meditations quite particularly into your hearts, for they contain what can make the soul alive and what really corresponds
      to a living relationship of the soul forces to the forces of the macrocosm." - Rudolf Steiner

      About the 'flowing nature' of the German version
      of the Calendar of the Soul
      - by John Riedel
      The verses in Steiner's Calendar of the Soul have a system of organization in German in which the words and lines flow smoothly.  Breaks in this seem to be for emphasis.  Just as the words must be translated into English words, the system must be translated into an English system of equal grace and flow.  I have rhymed somewhat more than is found in the original German, but it is part and parcel of the system that I have used to translate the full sense of the German, and should not be considered an arbitrary add-on.
      Many earlier translations have relied heavily on the word cosmic for the German Welten, but  for an English-speaking scientist  cosmic means high powered rays coming from the stars.  Welten usually refers to a definite planetary body or sphere, or the spiritual being therein, but  might refer to everything outside of a man up to and including the stars and universe, a seeming reprise of the Ptolemaic system. 
      Steiner's calendar clearly begins in the Spring.  Easter, St.John's, Michaelmus, and Christmas may have somewhat different names and exact dates of celebration in different traditions, but it is clear that these four main festivals occur around the times of the equinoxes and solstices.
      (this weeks verse) 
      The awakening power of my mind
      May share with work of God in kind,
      But forms of thought drawn down to me
      Will dull and mostly dreamy be.
      When godlike ways will enter me
      And will with me united be,
      Must mental work of human bent
      In dream-creations be content.
                                                  St.John's ---------->   12-13
                                                                                    10    15
                                 (this week's verse) ----------> 8        19
                                                                                    4    23
                                                      Easter------------> 1-26 <------ Michaelmas
                                                                                  27  -  52
                                                                                 29       49
                                                                                32         45 <------(polar verse)
                                                                                  34     42
                                                  Christmas----------> 38-39
        * provided by translator Tom Mellett: go to www.antroposofi.org 
      * the Calendar of the Soul is a series of  52  verses, one for each week of the year.  
      Please express your appreciations to the parties below:
      Responses: We welcome responses to this notice of any type; compliments and those that point to ways to improve. All responses are copied forward and sent to our staff and onto the parties in this notice. All will read your words. Thank you!

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