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Re: [anthroposophy] Self & Selflessness

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  • elaine upton
    Thanks, dear Bruce, for this beautiful message. It hits the spot, as we say! Love, elaine ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2000
      Thanks, dear Bruce, for this beautiful message. It hits the spot, as we say!

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      >Subject: [anthroposophy] Self & Selflessness
      >Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 09:38:56 +1000
      >Dear Friends,
      >The development of Man up to this point has been to enhance the
      >separateness of the individuality and selfishness is part of this. The
      >mission of alcohol played a part in this.
      >In ancient times we experienced our "I" most naturally in all that was
      >around us- the spiritual world as well. The mystic sought to regain some
      >of this consciousness - "I am this world". This was the old tribal
      >consciousness which still persists in some of our Australian
      >This sense of individuality has left us with a loneliness, which is very
      >apparent today.
      >The development of this separate "I" will not end here, but in a
      >voluntary co-operative society in the future- known as the Sixth Race,
      >or Philadelphia in Revelations. (The Six Sub Race will be the seed of
      >the Sixth Root Race.)
      >"For selfless deeds are the real foundations of immortality: this is the
      >reflex of selfless deeds in the outer world."
      >Another paradox- we only get to keep what we give away.
      >"To do something for the higher self is not selfish because it is not
      >done only for the self. The higher self will be united with all other
      >higher selves, so that is done for all at the same time."
      >"A tiny handful of men will save themselves and pass over to the sixth
      >epoch. This tiny handful will have developed complete selflessness."
      >Compassioin for self is a caring for oneself, it is not egotism. So
      >many times today we hear of people hating themselves and sometimes
      >suiciding because of that hate. Compassion for self is right and
      >correct, so is a strong I AM or ego-identity. Conceit is a different
      >Vanity gives us a false view of ourselves in our relationship to the
      >We may tempted to lie to ourselves about
      >ourselves, because we are pained by some of our faults. Marcus Aurelius
      >has some wonderful things to say in his Meditations about a healthy view
      >of self- all the more
      >important considering his status as the most powerful man in the world
      >of his time.
      >Our true enduring self is our higher self. Our personality will perish
      >at the end of this life.
      >There is a little here on the Cultural Epochs:
      >The letters to the Churches relate to the seven Sub Races.

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