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Re: General Anthroposophical Society expels 44 members--Expelled members sue GAS

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  • holderlin66
    http://888goya.org/fileadmin/user_upload/Dokumente/USA-07-Benson.pdf They (the
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      "They (the Vorstand, that thereafter functioned like one ego with apparently no restraining voices, like the corporate ego of a firm) began their campaign with a now notorious meeting designed for pre-arranged results, in the expectation of eliminating opposing voices (like a Bush town hall stop). They succeeded, after a fashion, by trading on the good will of many local members - some of whom were probably financially dependent on the administration - and more generally on deep and traditional respect for the institution of the Vorstand ( a factor like the presidency of our country that still, to a disturbing extent, protects Bush, and mutatis mutandis the Vorstand, from accountability) to create what appears to doubters as a rubber-stamp assembly, and ultimately a rubber-stamp mentality world-wide, there hardly being much knowledge of, or interest in, this faraway matter. Yet that occurs in the age there should be keenly heightened individuality! What in fact they count on is unquestioning loyalty: "trust us" ("trust me"). As I read it, much of the case against them made by their critics is a lack of openness, of transparency, in their affairs. Yet we live in an era in which all pretense of secrecy, even for the First Class, has been blasted away by events and is even resented, in government or elsewhere.. Isn't it good that a few people everywhere really care about what constitutions mean? This should further democratize, not stultify, the Society. In the Internet Age anything of great general importance should not be rammed through but widely disseminated with pro and con arguments, in the manner of a referendum on a constitutional amendment."

      Bradford comments;

      In our Waldorf community and School we once had a board and egotistic bloc try to steer and take over the whole school through a fundementalist board domination. How it got there is another matter. But imagining Steiner today and understanding all, ALL that Steiner brought which remains undigested, lingering, unexplored, derailed, and derailed within the Anthro society itself has so much to do with the failure of grasping modern courage and the current ZeitGeist with enough intensity. Not as goodie two shoes, and seeking their money from Anthro institutes that have no money, so hangers on, that either support policy because we are Anthro and Spiritual Science students, or rather seek egotistical and political attention on trivial issues, where the issue of the mighty insights of Spiritual Science get mowed down usually for a gratification of a moments intimate astral pleasure of getting some attention from supposedly Vorstand leaders. OOOOO INfluence, I know someone who knows someone who knows the inside dope on this or that Vorstand political, coated in spiritual  astral soup. Lobbyists of the soul, Jack Abramoff's of the Goetheanum craving lower astral recognition.

      "Until 2004, Jack Abramoff, 46, was one of the most powerful lobbyists in Washington DC, a city crowded with more than 27,500 such "policy consultants" who legally seek to persuade politicians to vote on legislation in a way that favours the interest they represent. "

      Let's rephrase it, until 2004 Bradford Riley, (very old) was one of the most powerful esoteric lobbyists amongst German Anthros at the Goetheanum.  The Goetheanum, a small town of students and teachers clustered around the Vatican or in Iraq, the Green Zone, while the War with Ahriman and Michael rages in the hinterlands. The tiny cluster collects whole hosts of world wide influence peddling in hundreds of Waldorf communities and gossip cliques scattered over the world and hungry for the latest late breaking, who is it who is the new flavor of the month? Who is the latest hot Anthro IDOL, pop star? Who has the coat tails of the Real Dr. Steiner mantel of power?  Instead of deeply sifting and enjoying the richness of Spiritual Science in our own souls, rather the club  and cluster makes each person edit and shape their influences by the current political climate at the Goetheanum in order to secure praise or blame.

      Let's suppose the Dr. Steiner Archetype as an Initiate of the Fifth Epoch has been absorbed by the Spiritual World, already absorbed by the lower devachan, and our own understanding of the heroic has lagged, lagged well behind the ongoing heroic image of Dr. Steiner. Now I don't mean that each initiate should look like Gandalf or that Rudolf and Gandalf have a great deal in common. I mean that the passing of Dr. Steiner as an Initiate of the Fifth Epoch left a trail, imprint and swath that can be detected by striving souls. The Initiate of the Fifth Epoch might have looked something like this.

      Or perhaps something like this:

      You see the Fifth Epoch Initiate in his black on black smock and the active heroic FEEL of such an initiate, Sentient Feeling Image, has been digested by the lower Devachan, dropped into the lower Devachan as a digested impression of a challenging Fifth Epoch Michael force.  But this means that we don't think that Neo from the Matrix or Keanu Reeves and his Threshold films, like "Constantine" apply to star worship of Keanu, they merely are replication models of the real deal that is alive and kicking still in the higher Devachan worlds.

      The active Initiate of the Fifth Epoch, our own Dr. Steiner is still highly active and his impression in the Devachan is still rich and vivid. It all depends on how current and up to date we look at and think into the events and how we view Dr. Steiner's Michael courage in our own times and in our own souls. Michael Courage is at least the ability to get inside any and all thoughts and transpose their conditions, transpose their materialism or their Luciferic overlays into true Michael paradigms.  Ahriman may and does spin every lie it can out of the over all deeption of who and what humanity is, and a Michael School student can heroically transpose those thoughts towards the deeper regions of true spiritual science and each wear a little bit of the mantle of the Initiate of the Fifth Epoch.

      Or we can just hang around seeking tea party and little club games played in and around the sphere of influence at the Goetheanum, and feel we are so worthy because we are hanging around movers and shakers who are the esoterically chosen Bishops and Cardinals of the Anthro influence. Of course that makes those who become groupies of various factions and leaders, weak minded and religiously addictive sentient vampires.  

      Well if there were such movers and shakers where is all the blow back of the Michael insights that are bursting from our Schools and reaching each and every thought sphere to upturn Ahriman on his head and remove the watered down luciferic new age junk and replace it with actual Spiritual Science? We can have and love Eurythmy.  We can have rich Art and understanding of the Earth and the plant kingdom. We can have Soul Calendar research that enters into the Green Man and the Phantom that fled Christ. We can have education and all that the child needs protection from, from adults that stand there with common sense  and Michael clarity instead of distorted disinformation on materialistic lies. And we know for certain that there are thousands, and I mean thousands of solid Anthros sprinkled around centers where Anthro stuff is operating and selling.  So they gotta make their dough on the lecture circuit to sell their books and stuff as well.

      But are these seekers connecting to the modern Initiation Science of the Fifth Epoch afraid of the mighty Image of the hero of the Fifth Epoch? Have they felt the heroic Steiner in their astral bodies yet cannot find him in the stodgy ole smock and stale tales repeated over and over again of those who knew that Steiner had a great sense of humor, loved to chew tobacco, or chaw and spit and loved strong, strong coffee?  Plus he found time to confront WW I politicos, stand against Woodrow Wilson, and appear like Ron Paul or some other obscure personality....marginalized.   Steiner had Devachan force. His Fifth Epoch Initiation image, like Buddha, falls down into modern heads in ever new heroic fashion, but modern people cannot connect that with Dr. Steiner, who is the true Devachan inspired model of the Fifth Epoch because of the clutter of groupie cowards who remain afraid, afraid of the culture that we are now surrounded with.  It also means that Steiner's students penetrate every corner of the mighty research he left for us.  And we turn it loose and leap in and lift that research as part of the most dramatic problems of the age we face.

      Images of the Initiate of the Fifth Epoch are certainly being turned loose on humanity whether Anthros like it or not.  If you have the cognition to shape and understand Spiritual Science and look at the heroic Initiate type of the Fifth Epoch you could certainly find Dr. Steiner still alive and ripping through culture. But that is not what staid and cowardly Anthros wish to do.  Rather they wish to devote themselves like lead weights to clinging to the Earthly dead image of the glorious Pope Steiner, instead of digesting in themselves the sense of the heroic thought exploreer that they truly are and that spider man and Neo and super heros are called up for in all sorts of silly film models. But if you have real cognitive courage you can see how Dr. Steiner lives in you and lives in your own heroic sense of the mighty imaginations Steiner left as his active rich body here on Earth. And you learn to respect and enrich yourselves in the cool waters of active Spiritual Science.

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