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  • carol
    Karen, I m sorry, I realize that this is turning out to be really TOUGH stuff. And it s not like we (?)want to knock people down with it, we (?) feel that we
    Message 1 of 38 , May 14, 2007

      Karen, I'm sorry,  I realize that this is turning out to be really TOUGH stuff. And it's not like we (?)want to knock people down with it,  we (?) feel that we have to move ahead with it- just to be at the head of the game, to keep our heads above water...  And we can't do it alone,  we need the community of souls to bring it out from within ourselves.  It's not that I want to directly expose you to Ahrimanic powers. It's just that it's important (for the greater picture),  that we describe what is happening,  that we bring it forth into the world- by defining it through thought forms from out of the realm of our souls.  


      (I think) On the African continent, you have a chance of developing a special relationship with the Michael Spirit.  Knowing Michael is the greatest source of resilience and strength you can have. (I hope I haven't confused you more.)


      PS I was taunting Avarohanam with elements of spiritual science because I could see that he had developed receptive sensitivities through his many years of meditation.


      Stick close to your self,  and all the best,  Carol.


    • carol
      Yet for current Michael research Adriana Koulias is very much like Hypatia. Adirana Koulias presents herself as living evidence, for any set of eyes who
      Message 38 of 38 , Aug 17, 2007

        "Yet for current Michael research Adriana Koulias is very much like Hypatia."

        Adirana Koulias presents herself as living evidence, for any set of eyes who dares enough to look directly at her;  of  an outward exemplary in our time, that mystery wisdom is the guiding force in humanity.


        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...> wrote:
        > "We must bear in mind that 333 AD was midpoint in the Greco-Roman
        > cultural epoch, and it was at this time that the following initiates,
        > Buddha, Scythianos, Zarathustra and the highest of them Manu met at this
        > conference." Adriana Koulias
        > Bradford comments;
        > I supplied a point of reference of 333 a.d. and was the mid point of the
        > Greco-Roman era which lasted from 747 b.c. to 1413 ad. Now what has
        > become so significant in the area of 333 a.d. in relation to a wave
        > response that evoked and awoke from the depths of being, adversarial
        > forces is the mirror or double effect. You see 333 years after the
        > mighty resolve to bring the Christ Sciences to humanity and Christic
        > Education to humanity, 333 years later came the first wave of response,
        > the historical 666. These actual challenging adversarial forces are in
        > the main due to the physical world breach and effects of the Christ
        > Event into the core the nine layers of the inner earth and the clear
        > resolve of Initiates standing in the thunders of time and having proved
        > themselves able to stand in the thunders of the Time Spirits themselves.
        > The newbie scratches their head, 'nine layers of the inner earth'? What
        > the heck is that?
        > Okay, just for the sake of our feeble thinking, take it from the point
        > of view of stirring up silt, soul substance, beings in the foundations
        > of the world that understood that in real time, in real history and in
        > real science Christ had penetrated to the core of matter through winning
        > Spirit Man for humanity. The sediment and silt and stirring up waves of
        > forces drew up in response and called for humanity as a thinking force
        > to rise up and meet the challenge that the Christ Being presents. And
        > part of that response was the stirred up forces of the depths to come in
        > full attack on the spirit of man. Islam prevented the human spirit from
        > being shattered and obliterated in soul less techno/atavistic science.
        > But Islam is being attacked as the mighty 666 pendulum swings back. In
        > 1933 it was the Sorathian and Ahrimanic physical and racial anger
        > directed towards the Jews because the Jews produced the Christ. This is
        > what "Thus Spake Zarathustra" by Nietzsche was about and why Steiner
        > countered the whole affront with the immense incarnational planning and
        > design that went into the preparation to burrow Zarathustra/Jesus into
        > the deepest Racial forces and gather the Christ from the warm Olive
        > Groves into the super-cell of the twelve disciples.
        > Whole hosts of in depth bottom feeding Beings and soul forces were
        > stirred up from the very resolve of the Initiates and the very fact of
        > the Christ Eent and these anti-beings have proceeded as we can witness
        > and testify in history to wreck unholy cosmic havoc. But hardly anybody
        > gives the newbie the clues to trace these events with any intelligence
        > or understand the current problems of 2007 and get to know what to stand
        > up for.
        > Look at what we are reviewing that is tied to the rise of the Etheric
        > Christ and the destructive force of that sucked out the German Nation
        > into an instrument of evil. At dead core-cold center was the
        > Nietzsche/Hitler and shadow problem of anything to do with the intense
        > meeting of actual Etheric Christ Sciences against the Physics of
        > Materialism. In the midst of these forces, history will bear witness,
        > in tandem with the rise of the Etheric Christ mysteries, German culture
        > and I cognitive faculties that appeared in Fichte, Goethe and Steiner,
        > wrought and wove into the German hot point, hot spot, immense Grail
        > wisdom, vision and Grail Sciences and even Caspar Hauser himself was
        > brought in as a failsafe antidote to the forces that were amassed and
        > still the occult powers found him and stunted his impulse and murdered
        > him.
        > A schooled Michael student will see how Parsifal as an historical
        > reality plays itself out with the Youth of Nain and ancient Egyptian
        > Initiation that trails out to Manicheanism... where today we feebly look
        > at Michael vs the Dragon and cannot reconcile Lower Devachan fallen
        > light forces against higher spiritual, pineal and thinking faculties and
        > confound everything with electricity and sub-atomic poisoning. Light vs
        > Darkness, Good vs Evil....all these by words and what nots are just so
        > much limp and meaningless review for most slumbering Michael students.
        > They hardly re-translate and re-apply these forces and weave them back
        > into the current Michael battle and the Fall of America/Weimar that
        > confronts us here in 2007.
        > These mighty tandem and mirrored soul forces that responded to Golgotha
        > and the ringing of Initiation Science masters resolve of 333 a.d.
        > awoke from the depths and stirred themselves into regions of unconscous
        > instincts that have presented us with an anti-science, a counter science
        > to the soul of man. In fact every effort is made to dismiss the Soul of
        > Man altogether from the picture and merely leave the roiling instinctual
        > sphere of shadows and doubles of instincts and avarice as mere medical
        > and physical ailments blamed on some such outer causes so the delusion
        > of mere materialism may thrive in the soil of the Ahrimanic Thinking
        > human double. This unhallowed ground of soul is why America was late in
        > discovery. Supposedly discovered in 1492 but we know that America was
        > scouted out earlier and we also know that a mirrored Initiation event in
        > the western hemisphere faced off with the dark Aztecian rituals that
        > spread their elemental poison all the up to Trinity New Mexico and the
        > ripe region of the U.S. of A. that gives support to the latent intensity
        > of the Ahrimanic double. Today it reeks off of everything the MSM
        > supplies. America and the Anti-Trinity and the American geographic
        > double are laced with Ahrimanic deceptions and feed and create a feeding
        > frenszy of consumer glut. These same Ahrimanic forces mimic the type of
        > Fatherland Patriotism and hypocrisy of Christ's teachings that feed the
        > instincts of the Ahrimanic double and swirl in the lies of so called
        > 9/11 staged event. This is where we stand today in the history of 2007.
        > But the entire invisible world on which humanity rests has been stirred
        > into wakefulness and so intent was the time response, that in the mirror
        > events of 333 just 333 years later, in mirrored cosmic response the
        > Sorathian anti-science and anti-sun and anti-human forces attempted to
        > wrest the Consciousness Soul away from humanity. Boardman and Steve Hale
        > are correct in following the Research of Dr. Rudolf Steiner into this
        > specific area. Because if, as we are now ready, if we enter the
        > Consciousness Soul, we enter the science of Man with Michael/Athena
        > wrought cognitive tools that support the Science of the invisible on
        > which eveything that pertains to both the moral devachan of nature and
        > the moral devachan of man rests.
        > But like the Christ Event itself, these Michael tools and the Goetheanum
        > itself was planted in the midst of horrific adverserial impacts that
        > aimed deliberately at the cognitive potential of grasping the Etheric
        > Sciences and the Etheric Christ experience and I AM cognition that
        > thunders through the Karma Science of humanity and was directly aimed at
        > the potential of thinking that existed in the German people. Quickly
        > the front has shifted to undermining and degrading the American impulse,
        > after all America used the atomic bomb and gave birth to the Ahrimanic
        > Sun and has collected such militaristic destructive weaponry and
        > tightened the noose of Ahrimanic Executive priviledge to such an extent
        > that instinctual thinking and freedom is on the verge of suffocating.
        > But what happens with America and the Ahrimanic Double pertains to the
        > entire Fifth Epoch and the whole of the potential exploration of the
        > Consciousness Soul.
        > "Steiner reported on 17 Sept. 1916, that the fourth post-Atlantean age
        > began about 747 B.C. and ended about 1413 A.D., and that the fifth
        > post-Atlantean age will continue for 2,160 years after 1413 A.D.. This
        > thought was reinforced on 15 Jan. 1917: "This ecclesiastical element
        > of cultus and hierarchy, which was a transformation of ancient Rome into
        > the Roman Catholicism which streamed into Europe, is one of the impulses
        > which continue to work like retarded impulses throughout the whole fifth
        > post post-Atlantean period, but especially in its first third. You
        > could, I might add, work out how long this is going to last. You know
        > that one post-Atlantean period lasts approximately 2,160 years. One
        > third of this is 720 years. So starting with the year 1415, this takes
        > the main period to the year 2135." (The Karma of Untruthfulness,
        > Vol. II, 1992, pg. 114)
        > Adriana Koulias is another highly, highly focused Michael researcher.
        > She is another of the many, many souls we can point to who are on the
        > money, on the line and putting forth rich details to counter balance the
        > semi-nothing chatter of so many of the Michael School, who think this is
        > all some silly Alice in Wondrland tea party. It isn't but in most cases
        > you would hardly guess that there is a powerful and active Michael
        > School over the globe, and we can name names and point directly at such
        > souls and all of these active Michael students unswervingly agree with
        > each other on most aspects of Steiner Sciences. Adriana Koulias sense
        > of detail, her beauty and her intensity is part of what Michael
        > Intelligence should be by now as it ranges through culture. And frankly
        > she reminds me of Hypatia. Once again newbies, who haven't discovered
        > the rich threads of history, certainly must scratch their heads. Yet for
        > current Michael research Adriana Koulias is very much like Hypatia.
        > "Who was Hypatia? In the estimation of some, Hypatia was history's
        > greatest woman. By all accounts stunningly beautiful, dazzlingly
        > brilliant, yet always modest and kind, in an age when women were but
        > chattel, she was history's first female mathematician, as well as
        > the first female astronomer, inventor, and natural philosopher. She was
        > the last keeper of the flame of knowledge in that great Alexandrian
        > University — the Museum — the center of all the world's
        > learning. As the daughter of the last head professor of the Museum, she
        > practically grew up in the Great Alexandrian Library, where all the
        > world's knowledge was kept, for in addition to being a child
        > prodigy, she was a voracious reader. Already, by the age of womanhood
        > in those days (i.e., twelve), she was considered to have assimilated the
        > sum total of all significant human knowledge. Books in those days,
        > before the advent of printing, were in the form of hand-written scrolls,
        > each one a priceless original, and when what was left of the Great
        > Alexandrian Library was burned down by the Christians at the command of
        > Christian emperor Theodosius "The Great" in the year 391, the
        > books were all gone. But Hypatia's mind still contained the best of
        > what was lost in the flames, and so, throughout the rest of her life,
        > whenever someone was stumped by a problem, there were no more books to
        > turn to — to see if some brilliant ancient Greek hadn't already
        > solved it — there was only Hypatia to turn to. By the time her
        > career as lecturing natural philosopher culminated, she was considered
        > an oracle, and citizens and heads of state streamed in from all over the
        > two empires to consult with her on important matters."
        > Adriana Koulias presents this particular reference to how Initiates
        > Stood their ground and planted their soul forces in a ring with a
        > thunder that shook the depths of the world. These initiates stood by the
        > Christ Impulse and reckoned with the forces that would surge upwards
        > from the depths in response to the powerful impact of the Christ Event.
        > And those events surged with a mighty force and impacted the first
        > shattering rhythm of the so called 666 Time rhythm that now travels
        > every 666 years and last erupted with full impact in ushering in the
        > PNAC, which translated literally means, Project for a New Ahrimanic
        > Century. However 333 and the Initiates that ringed the Christ Event are
        > part of the core of the Michael Sciences and Adriana Koulias gives us
        > some background.
        > This Doctrine Christianised the teachings of Zarathustra.
        > http://www.eleggua.com/Spirit/Manicheism,%20Catharism%20and%20Freemasonr\
        > y.html
        > <http://www.eleggua.com/Spirit/Manicheism,%20Catharism%20and%20Freemason\
        > ry.html>
        > "The Legend tells us that, at one time the spirits of darkness wanted to
        > take the kingdom of light by storm to conquer it. They were not
        > successful and had to be punished by the kingdom of light. Since in this
        > realm there was nothing evil only good they could only be punished with
        > something good. The spirits of light took part of their own kingdom and
        > mixed it with the kingdom of darkness- this created a new
        > element…death. And so mankind was brought into existence. In this we
        > can see a reflection of the fall. Manicheans believe good and evil are
        > the same in their origin and in their ending. That there can be no light
        > without darkness and visa versa. It believes in the principle that evil
        > is only a misplaced or mistimed good and concerns itself with the
        > redeeming of evil through the `good'.
        > "At the end of the 3Century AD Mani was executed. In esoteric terms what
        > doctrine did Mani receive in that cave?
        > "The legend speaks of four books given to Mani pupil of Zarathustra by
        > Terebinthus who was an incarnation of Buddha pupil of Scythianos.
        > "At the time Mani lived the Gnosis - Greek for `knowledge'
        > referring in this context to the direct acquisition of
        > `knowledge' of spiritual things without an intermediary in a
        > state of little participation – that is in a passive way. This had,
        > since the mystery of Golgotha begun to give way to a new Gnosis which
        > sought to create a synthesis of the pre Christian mysteries with the
        > Christian mysteries. Steiner tells us that esoteric Gnosis was possible
        > only up until the time of the mystery of Golgotha. Thereafter it became
        > exoteric and slowly died away by the 3rd century as man began to acquire
        > the intellectual soul. This gnosis is what helped man prepare for the
        > coming of Christ and it also helped him to understand the mystery of
        > Golgotha. Now it was leaving mankind and Steiner tells us that a
        > conference among the highest initiates of the earth took place in the
        > fourth century to work out how best to preserve the mystery wisdom that
        > had died away, the gnosis for a later time when it could be acquired
        > actively with human participation. We must bear in mind that 333 AD was
        > midpoint in the Greco-Roman cultural epoch, and it was at this time that
        > the following initiates, Buddha, Scythianos, Zarathustra and the highest
        > of them Manu met at this conference."
        > http://www.bethedream.net/Landry_files/computer_dude.htm
        > <http://www.bethedream.net/Landry_files/computer_dude.htm>
        > "Recall that the Greco-Roman Epoch ran approximately 2160 years, from
        > 747 B.C. to 1413 A.D. The midpoint of this epoch was 1413 A.D. minus
        > 2160 / 2 = 333 A.D. Consider (as an hypothesis) the occult teaching that
        > events in history occur at times that, as it were, reflect and balance
        > the events equidistant in time from a midpoint. Taking 333 A.D. as the
        > midpoint, the fulcrum of the balance, and on one side the Birth in
        > Palestine, on the other side of the scales would be 333 A.D. + 333 = 666
        > A.D. The big event of the Seventh Century, known to history, was the
        > rise of Islam. Another event, not so famous but still known to history,
        > was the transfer of ancient Greek philosophy (especially Aristotle's
        > works, probably including the lost work on alchemy) to the Academy of
        > Jundi Sabur (near present-day Baghdad). Following the expulsion of the
        > philosophers from Syrian Edessa in 489 A.D. and from Athens in 529 A.D.,
        > the philosophers had found refuge in what was then the Persian Empire,
        > and at that Academy they pursued their calling. Then this knowledge
        > passed to the Islamic Arabs, and science of a particular bent reached a
        > high development under them, while Europe was in the "Dark Ages". Only
        > gradually, over many centuries, did this science pass over to Europe,
        > where it developed into the modern scientific revolution. Again, the
        > trend of modern science, as it has in fact developed, is Ahrimanic. The
        > direct ancestor of scientific materialism was this Arabian science,
        > which was itself derived from the Academy of Jundi Sabur. Thus, on the
        > other side of the 333 A.D. midpoint from the Birth in Palestine was the
        > rise of an active materialistic, anti-Christian world view in Jundi
        > Sabur.
        > Occult history (as given by Steiner) reveals how this came about: Sorat
        > intended to come near to physical manifestation in 666 A.D. at Jundi
        > Sabur, and to bestow upon the philosophers there a super-human
        > knowledge. This knowledge was to consist of everything that humanity,
        > under the plan of the regular Gods, was to learn through its own efforts
        > by the height of the present, Consciousness Soul Epoch. This epoch began
        > in 1413 A.D., so its midpoint will be 2493 A.D. In other words, Sorat
        > wanted to give to humanity, prematurely and without the requisite human
        > effort and experience, the knowledge that would be right and healthy for
        > humanity to achieve through work and evolution by the middle of the
        > Third Millennium. The regular Gods' plan for the Consciousness Soul
        > Epoch is for humanity to acquire, through self-education and
        > self-discipline, the free, conscious, individualized human personality.
        > If the humanity of the Seventh Century had been given this advanced
        > knowledge at that immature stage of development, when people could not
        > think in full consciousness, the result would have been disastrous. Just
        > consider how much evil humanity has done with the science we have
        > acquired up to now, at our present stage of maturity (or immaturity),
        > and then try to imagine what the relatively primitive people of the
        > Seventh Century would have done with the science of 2493 A.D. -- This
        > picture is bad enough, but we need to recall Steiner's occult insights
        > to begin to get the whole picture. If Sorat had succeeded, we humans
        > would have lost the possibility of developing our true nature, and would
        > have become egotistic, animalistic automata, with no possibility of
        > further development. We would have become earth-bound, and the earth
        > could never then pass over to the Jupiter, Venus, and Vulcan stages.
        > The normal Gods' plan would have been thwarted and humanity could not
        > become the Spirits of Freedom and Love. -- However, the rise of Islam
        > thwarted this plan of Sorat. It is a deep, mysterious paradox that
        > Islam, which was, and is, opposed to Christianity in many ways, also
        > worked in concert with the Christ-impulse in history, by blanketing, by
        > "skimming the cream off', this Sorat-science, and by watering it down.
        > Still, this science survived, and has worked on into the present day,
        > but the worst was averted, for those times. The weakened Jundi Sabur
        > impulse, as a distorted, Ahrimanized quasi-Aristotelianism, passed to
        > the Arabs, over Africa and Spain, to France, England, and through the
        > monasteries (e.g. Roger Bacon) back over to the Continent. The "Realism"
        > of the Medieval scholastics (especially the revived Aristotelianism of
        > Thomas Aquinas) opposed this Arabian influence, somewhat correctly
        > seeing it as inimical to Christianity; but with the decline and
        > decadence of Medieval Aristotelianism, and with the dawn of modern,
        > anti-Aristotelian "empiricism" (e.g. Francis Bacon), the diluted, but
        > still powerful, Sorat-science came to dominate world-culture."
        > Bradford brought previously;
        > "Not only do we have an understanding when a train is supposed to arrive
        > at the station, but such a Station Master who understands how the karmic
        > pendulum of certain rhythms of Time are set in motion, and as they move,
        > they carry in their wake all the vast disturbances that we can isolate
        > and grasp as this Time Wave returns, following the trail of 666 - 1332 -
        > 1998, we have had the opportunity to be observers and witnesses as Time
        > was annonced and the Station Master announced that a Time wave was due,
        > and it brought with it all the interfaced soul intent that truly stirred
        > under desert when 666 responded.... Responded to the solid anchored
        > force of the Christ event that centered at 333....and at 333 the central
        > core of the Earth was anchored and secured for Man and from that point a
        > responding Time wave was generated.
        > And we now can look at what this time wave brings and we can awaken for
        > ourselves not an abstract sense of wave mechanics but the Science of the
        > Station Master and intimate observations of how waves of Time carry
        > within them powerful karmic - soul - and intent impacts, that in this
        > case, the Michael School was braced for impact. This is not the
        > Poisidon Adventure, but Anthros neither understand Time Waves or what a
        > Station Master like Steiner wanted to brace ourselves, so that Michael
        > students could stand in the mighty wave that in reality is part of the
        > mystery of the anchored Christ Event in the core of the Earth and a
        > potent response from the lower worlds that surge back, blow back and are
        > tossed up from the depths of being into the human sphere of Soul and
        > Soul life. "

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