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  • holderlin66
    I asked him, he being a retired CIA agent whose path and mine crossed briefly in this life, If you can t tell me what you did, can you at least tell me what
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      "I asked him, he being a retired CIA agent whose path and mine
      crossed briefly in this life, "If you can't tell me what you did,
      can you at least tell me what you learned?" His reply woke me up to
      what I already knew and suspect most humans know in their hearts who
      live on this planet, but don't want to know. He said, "Oh yes, I can
      surely tell you what I learned...Nothing in this world is as you are
      being told."


      "Nothing in this world is what you are being told. That's one of
      life's bottom line statements if there ever was one. NOTHING IN THIS
      WORLD IS AS YOU ARE BEING TOLD. Let that sink in. If that is so, and
      I suspect it is, how can this help us go inside for a personal
      spirituality that works for us and does not need to be based on the
      illusions that others wish for us to believe.

      Humans, by nature, are creatures of opinions and views. It is these
      opinions and views we adopt or reject that form the basis for how
      and what we think about all day. It is opinions and views that
      divide us up into groups, organizations, denominations, factions,
      parties and religions. Somewhere, there is the simple truth of what
      really did happen in the past or is happening in the present, but it
      is made into an illusion by opinions and views or by those who need
      to use what happened to an advantage of some kind and turn what
      happened into what did not really happen. They need to turn a real
      reason into one less than real and accurate.

      In my life, I have come to see that in the world of Christian
      belief, "Nothing in this world is as you are being told." This is
      true of so many topics we just know are the way we personally
      believe them to be..or we would not believe it surely!

      The bible is not a seamless whole without spot or blemish. It
      contains many many mistakes, contradictions, myths and scientific

      The God if the Bible is not all that loving nor much different than
      the humans who want to rule the planet with an iron fist. Jesus
      returning with a "rod of iron" does not inspire me nor endear me to
      this imagined event. We have had enough bullying, coersion, threats
      to obey, or else, and beatings administered on the planet to think
      that this is a good thing. How about returning with a hug?

      The New Testament books may be and may not be written by the people
      we have been told wrote them, nor for the reasons we have been told
      they did write them.

      The Gospels are not harmonious and the stories of Jesus life are not
      eyewitness accounts.

      The birth narratives of Jesus are not coherent and whenever Jesus
      was born, it was NOT on Xmas!

      Precious little is known about Jesus outside of these Gospels as
      Jesus is not really much of a figure of real history as reported by
      outside historians of his own day. They simply seem to never have
      heard of him.

      The history of the "True Church" is not as true as one might believe
      nor as simple.

      The characters of both the Old and New Testaments may not be as real
      as one has been lead to believe.

      The events described in both the Old and New Testaments may not be
      as accurate, historical or real as they have been portrayed to be.

      The relationships between the characters of the New Testament were
      not as loving, kind and cooperative as the text would have us

      The motives, honesty and tactics in spreading the "Gospel" of early
      church fathers might not be as pure and true as one is lead to

      The lives of pastors, priests, apostles, popes, true believers,
      evangelists and all assorted gurus are not as they might have us

      And on and on and on it can go.

      In the world of politics, "Nothing in the world is as you are being

      I have no idea who really killed John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin
      Luther King or Malcom X, nor why, but it is not as simple as you and
      I have been told. One comes to understand in time that whatever the
      accepted story of any political topic is, that can't really be it.

      I have no idea if Senator Paul Wellstone, John F. Kennedy Jr.,
      Senator Carnahan or Hale Boggs died in accidental air crashes but
      there is lots of evidence things are not as they appear. There is
      lots of evidence that Waco, Flight 007, 800 and the Oklahoma City
      bombing are not what they appear to be.

      Watergate, Iran-Contra, Vietnam, the Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor
      and alas, 911 all, perhaps, are not at all what they have been
      portrayed as being nor their reasons, causes, perpetrators and
      motives as simple as they have been portrayed to we common folks.

      Why did WTC 7 really collapse, and why, for that matter, did both
      World Trade Centers collapse? I don't know. Why no black boxes or
      video of the plane that hit the Pentagon in a city covered with
      cameras? I don't know. Why did the best air force in the world fail
      to respond for hours, much less minutes to four obvious commercial
      deviations? I don't know. Why did the President say he saw the first
      plan hit the tower and think to himself.."that guy sure isn't a very
      good pilot," when there was no video of the first plane hitting the
      tower. Why does nothing appear to be as it is? I don't know.

      Now we are mired in a war, whose motives, benefits, perks and
      intentions are not as we have been told. It might not be just that
      we are stopping terrorists before "they come over here." We have
      been told that the reasons we went to war were to stop a crazy
      dictator from unleasing WMD's on us poor folks, and yet, not finding
      any, the reasons for going to this war keep changing and the average
      person just keeps saying "whatever you say George, whatever you say."

      Speaking of which, we seem also to have a President, whose family
      ties, intentions, background, beliefs and motives may be a whole lot
      less glorious than we poor commoners have been led to believe. We
      have a President whose own willingness to serve during dangerous
      times in his youth, is suspect and tells one story, while the facts
      seem to tell another. In fact, when we look at the presidency as a
      whole and the men who fill that spot throughout history, "nothing in
      this world is as you are being told." Perhaps Presidents are not
      ELECTED, but rather SELECTED after all by the gang. These presidents
      and politicians are not who they appear to be, doing the jobs they
      appear to be doing, for the motives they appear to be doing them
      for. What's a commoner to do? Do those who rise to rule over others
      simply know that lies work and the average man is a fool when it
      comes to being controlled and herded into beliefs and practices that
      others deem good for them? It appears so. Nothing in this world is
      as it appears to be.

      Gulf War Syndrome, prescription drugs safety, Democrats,
      Republicans, the Left, the Right, Christian Politicians, Jerry
      Falwell's, Pat Robertson's. Benny Hinn's and the 700 Club...no one
      is who they appear to be, and nothing done is for the stated reasons
      given for doing it. Perhaps Forrest Gump was right..stupid is as
      stupid does.

      And on and on and on..makes a guy want to join On 'n On Annonymous!

      So, since I seriously doubt I can ever really know what is going on
      in this world and yet suspect and research well the idea that it's
      not what one might think and certainly is not what one is being
      told, what's a commoner to DO?

      1. Be willing to recognize that when any side in any issue gives any
      explanation or reason for any answer to any problem, question,
      statement or practice, they are not telling you the whole story.
      Basically when their mouths are moving, keep an open mind.

      2. Never stop looking to find the simple truth of any matter. We
      live in an age where the information is out there on that which one
      might wish to pursue. Sure, you might come up against another idea,
      view or opinion, but keep looking anyway. It still is a good idea to
      search out a matter rather than believe the lie. The perspective and
      information available to those who want to know more than what they
      are just being told is more available now to the common man than at
      any time in history.

      Use your internet well. In time I suspect you will see the powers
      that be wanting very much to limit your access to that which opens
      the mind to other possibilities in the world of social, political
      and religious ideas. As the early corporate church was not very
      happy when books became available to the commoner, and thus books
      not to be read became a popular form of control, the internet is not
      the best news for those who lie and deceive even themselves.

      3. Develope a spirituality that does not despair of nothing in this
      world being as you are being told. Birds come home to roost. Truth
      rears it's beautiful face in time. What goes around comes
      around...just ask Trent Lott, Newt Gingrich and Tom Delay, or CEO's
      who stash their millions and destroy the lives and careers of the
      commoners working for them. Read about any Caesar who acted like he
      was God. Ask the Apostles, Evangelists and Popes who live their
      lives of intrigue, power and manipulation at everyone elses expense.
      We're all just people and those who bluster and bully their way to
      the top of whatever mountain they think they have to conquer seem
      the weakest and most insecure of them all. The higher you go, the
      more of your rear end you expose. How thou art fallen, oh Lucifer,
      thou son of the morning...An oft told tale. Every ladder goes up AND
      down. Every shenanigan pulled has a price exacted upon the puller
      and every mountain will be made low in time. Everyone dies and life
      goes on just fine, without them or us.

      Men protest too much about the things they really want to do or, in
      fact, are doing. Every pastor I have ever heard habitually ranting
      about homosexuality was wrestling with it. People pass laws they
      would not keep if they had a need for it not to be a law in their
      case. Others expect you to believe and do what they do not believe
      or do themselves. A spirituality that takes these truths into
      consideration will keep your own body, mind and spirit in tact. We
      can address what kind of spirituality can do another time. Hint.
      Fundamentalist Christianity is not designed to lesson anxiety
      levels. After all, it demands you be right about every topic under
      the sun, or burn in hell. It demands you know what God is really
      doing and demands of you and you better be busy doing it, especially
      tithing :). Not exactly a formula for peace of mind.

      So, "since nothing in this world is as you are being told," let's
      grow up and keep searching for the simple truth of all matters so
      this is less and less true. I don't want to live in a world of
      illusions and lies as scary as that also might be."
    • carol
      Dear readers, within this post, there is presented a perspective using the voice of a writer. I ask you to scrutinize the voice . Is this a man s or a
      Message 63 of 63 , Jun 1, 2007
        Dear readers, within this post, there is presented a 'perspective'
        using the voice of a writer. I ask you to scrutinize the 'voice'. Is
        this a man's or a woman's. Is this the voice of the Karen Rose who
        adressed enough contributing members for many months?

        Or, is this the voice of some form of militia?


        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "avarohanam" <avarohanam@...>

        > I should also add that the situation is very precarious and the
        > future still lies very much in the balance, unless a certain number
        > of "peace keepers" is developed and maintained.
        > I should also add that I have too much personal experience, outside
        > of the research to know how such an activity brings back peace and
        > social accord, even if only within family groups.
        > The neutralisation of negativity and its build up is a proven
        > reality, but then you should do your own practice and research,
        > unlike anthroposophy it would benefit and develop hundreds and in
        > some cases thousands of others (depending on your level of activity)
        > rather than just the development of your own pride, vanity, ego and
        > faculties.
        > Way back when a certain number of peace keepers were sent into
        > Mozambique to stop the war. They were successful. People who had
        > been carrying automatic rifles for as long as they could remember,
        > suddenly dropped them realising they didn't know what they were
        > fighting for..
        > > (Letters on Yoga III). The Music Logarithmic Spiral is published
        > in the
        > > journal "Darshana International."
        > >
        > > 5) In 1975 Dr. Reiser publishes "Cosmic Humanism and World Unity"
        > > (Gordon and Beech) as part of a series for the World Institute.
        > This
        > > book calls the plan for the World Sensorium, "The matrix" several
        > times
        > > and states that, in concept, it is
        > > closest to H.G. Well's 1936 proposal for a "World Brain" to the
        > > Freemasonic Royal Institute for International Affairs the source
        > for the
        > > Council of Foreign Relations. H.G. Wells was not just a science
        > fiction
        > > writer, he was the head of British secret intelligence during
        > World War
        > > One and he was the mouthpiece for the global elite policy makers.
        > The
        > > World Brain was inspired by the NeoPlatonic concept of the matrix
        > > outlined by Professor John Ruskin, a favorite source of
        > inspiration for
        > > the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
        > >
        > > 6) Dr. Reiser states that his main collaborator in creating "the
        > matrix"
        > > is Dr. AndrijaPuharich. Dr. Puharich has been recently exposed as
        > a top
        > > CIA funded mind control scientist focusing on higher dimensions
        > and a
        > > high level Theosophist by Dr. Jacque Vallee (1974) and by Clive
        > Prince
        > > and Lynn Picknett (1998). Both Puharich and Reiser called for the
        > > creation for a new techno-spirituality global religion. Dr.
        > Puharich
        > > called the plan for the matrix, "Psi-Plasma." He described the
        > > NeoPlatonic Harmony of the Spheres that, as elaborated by Reiser,
        > > includes artificial intelligence, zero-point energy, techno-
        > samadhi,
        > > biological holograms, plasma and lasers, galatic manipulation of
        > higher
        > > dimensions. Dr. Reiser explictly describes the evolution of the
        > matrix
        > > by stating that the Earth is an egg and in the egg is an embryo.
        > The
        > > embryo feeds off the humans, animals and plants, as the ectoderm
        > and
        > > entoderm of the egg, in order to create the new World Mother or the
        > > matrix, the Sub-Stance or Psi-Plasma of Nondualism. Again
        > unfortunately,
        > > according to this plan, most of humanity and the environment are
        > seen as
        > > necessary costs to developing the next level of evolution. Humans
        > are to
        > > be the "electronic tubes" or "neurblasts" for "the matrix." (1975,
        > > "Cosmic Humanism and World Unity")
        > >
        > > 7) Dr. Puharich was the main promoter of an elite nondualist secret
        > > society based on the Council of Nine -- a higher dimensional
        > ennead that
        > > are considered to be aspects of the Nondual God and to be sources
        > of
        > > higher intelligence. This Council of Nine is traced back to ancient
        > > India and ancient Egypt (see Prince and Picknett's "The Stargate
        > > Conspiracy" and Jacque Bergier's "Morning of the Magicians").
        > Central to
        > > the Council of Nine's secret knowledge is the connection between
        > music
        > > theory, geometry, algebra and higher dimensional reality. As
        > documented
        > > in "The Stargate Conspiracy," many prominent policy makers and
        > society
        > > elite have been part of the promotion of the secret Council of
        > Nine,
        > > including Gene Rodenberry, Al Gore, and Senator Clairborne Pell.
        > >
        > > 8) Through the Theosophist academic think tanks, several
        > Professors have
        > > published research into the secret origins of this harmonic
        > resonance
        > > higher dimensional knowledge, most prominently Eric Temple Bell,
        > Johns
        > > Hopkins Chemist C. H. Andrews book "The Symphony of Life," and
        > > musicology Professor Ernest McClain. There are many others,
        > including a
        > > Harvard geologist, a Yale physicist, and a Berkeley mathematics
        > > Professor, Dr. Abraham Seidenberg. Seidenberg has been given
        > prominent
        > > attention in recent Advaita Vedanta research because he documents
        > the
        > > origins of the Pythagorean Theorem as far back as 3,000 B.C. in
        > Vedic
        > > India. In several essays in prominent academic journals, Seidenberg
        > > states that the concept of incommensurability or paradox of the
        > > infinite, was established worldwide through human sacrifice altar
        > > rituals that maintained creation through the cosmic separation of
        > heaven
        > > and earth. (Note versus the union of heaven and earth by humanity -
        > - the
        > > explicit goal of Taoist harmonics and OM nondualism).
        > >
        > > 9) The prominence of music theory in the issue of
        > incommensurability and
        > > paradoxes of the infinite has been confirmed to me by recent
        > > correspondence with Mathematics Professor Luigi Borzacchini
        > (University
        > > of Bari, Italy). Still unpublished, his paper, "Incommensurability,
        > > Music and Continuum: A cognitive approach" documents that a radical
        > > transformation occurred in science and philosophy with Plato and
        > his
        > > colleague, the military general and mechanical engineer Archytas.
        > Plato
        > > and Archytas were worshippers of Dionysus, the horned god of the
        > > underworld and chaos. The equivalent of Dionysus in Egypt is Set, a
        > > parallel to the forces of disruption or Satan in Judaism. The
        > essential
        > > aspect of Plato's philosophy was the limitation of the Infinite
        > Cosmic
        > > Mother into the finite geometrical Grand Architect or Great
        > Geometrician
        > > of the Universe. This involved a conscious corruption of
        > Pythagorean
        > > shamanic-yoga based on complimentary opposites of infinite natural
        > > harmonics (Pythagoras' 1:2:3:4 is equivalent to OM and yin/yang).
        > The
        > > link between Freemasonry and Theosophy is well-documented in "The
        > > Stargate Conspiracy." Many new age gurus have been linked to the
        > CIA and
        > > to these theosophist think tanks, included Drunvalo Melchizadek,
        > James
        > > Hurtak, and Jose Arguelles who is the main promoter of Dr. Reiser's
        > > views.
        > >
        > > 10) The method of the matrix is containment of the threatening
        > natural
        > > resonance of the Cosmic Mother, then destruction, then
        > standardization
        > > through dead artificial
        > > intelligence. The first example of this religion of technology is
        > the
        > > creation of the square root of two. As the University of Nebraska
        > > Philosophy Professors, P. Hugly and C. Sayward point out in their
        > essay
        > > "Did the Greeks Discover the Irrational" (1999), there is no actual
        > > proof for the square root of two! It is an illusion and a deceptive
        > > charm of "the power set axiom." The first proof that approximated
        > the
        > > square root of two was the "squaring of the circle." The Vedic
        > priests,
        > > as far back as 3,000 B.C., demanded that altars be patriarchal
        > squares,
        > > and that matriarchal female circles were heretical. If circle
        > altars
        > > were built they had to be the same area as the squares. (Dr.
        > Seidenberg,
        > > "The Ritual Origins of Geometry"). The squaring of the circle is a
        > > central theorem to the Freemasons. The second proof that
        > necessitated
        > > the containment of the Cosmic Mother was the doubling of the
        > cubical
        > > altar. The gods stated, as far back as 3,000 B.C., that a plague
        > could
        > > only be stopped unless this was mathematically achieved.
        > >
        > > 11) Archytas, the military general collaborator with Plato, faced
        > the
        > > same Demonic Altar Plague problem as occurred in 3,000 B.C. Many
        > > scholars have written about the connections between ancient India
        > and
        > > Greece, explicitly regarding Archytas. By combining the Pythagorean
        > > harmonic proportions with the geometry of India, Archytas was able
        > to
        > > give a proof for the square root of two, that also enabled
        > > standarization or equal-temperment of the octave music scale. In
        > > otherwords this proof extended the Yin/Yang, OM, Pythagorean
        > harmonics
        > > into greater dissonance by containing the infinite to a three
        > > dimensional object of geometry. The result enabled analytic
        > geometry and
        > > inverse proportions, central to western science, to be achieved.
        > > Unfortunately the technology is inherently against the natural
        > harmonics
        > > of reality. This is why equal-tempered tuning, although conceived
        > in
        > > ancient China, was not allowed for the society as a whole. Also in
        > > ancient China it was remarked that those who know the 3:4:5
        > triangle,
        > > based on the Golden Section and the Major Third music interval,
        > could
        > > rule the world. Any supposed "sacred geometry" that is based on the
        > > square root of two is really just a promotion of destructive
        > > techno-spirituality.
        > >
        > > 12) In my research I was able to reconstruct the secret proof of
        > > Archytas, that enabled the creation of western science from music
        > > theory. Professor Bozacchini also has discovered this connection.
        > The
        > > retired Boston University geophysicst Gerald Hawkins discovered
        > this
        > > secret theorem as well in his research of crop circles. Also John
        > > Worrell Keely apparently developed higher dimensional harmonic
        > resonance
        > > technology based on the 3:4:5 triangle. Keely's harmonic resonance
        > > findings that demonstrated levitation, disintegration, energy
        > > generation, etc., funded by the richest man in the U.S. at that
        > time,
        > > Jacob Astor, were concealed apparently by the Freemasonic Skull and
        > > Bones society according to a recent book by Theo Paijmans. George
        > Bush,
        > > Sr. former CIA director, is a member of the Skull and Bones
        > Society. The
        > > 3:4:5 triangle is the basis of the logarithmic music spiral that
        > will be
        > > used to create the matrix, according to the Theosophists and the
        > CIA.
        > >
        > > 13) Continually throughout the research of the Theosophist
        > analysts, it
        > > is clear that their goals can only be achieved by nondual mind-body
        > > yoga. Instead they are pursuing this goal through destructive
        > technology
        > > and as both Sri Aurobindo and
        > > Swami Yukteswar both pointed out, nondualism can never be achieved
        > > through technology. Therefore the plan for the matrix, although it
        > may
        > > destroy the planet, will never be successful. Always-already the
        > Cosmic
        > > Mother will be waiting to embrace those who practice shamanic-yoga
        > > nonduality. The conscious suppression of shamanic-yoga nondualism
        > by
        > > Western Civilization, is documented by Oxford scholar Dr. Peter
        > Kingsley
        > > in his recent book, "In the Dark Places of Wisdom."
        > >
        > > 14) Recent plans by the current U.S. administration include
        > > microchipping the whole population, called "the Bioweapons Defense
        > > Shield" by the HHW Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies. FEMA is
        > > designing new emergency detention centers to be located outside all
        > > major cities -- possible to be used for "techno-samadhi" matrix
        > states.
        > > NASA has advanced brain scanners to be introduced. Laser and plasma
        > > weapons will be featured in the next destruction of Iraq. Project
        > HAARP
        > > plans to test, at full power, a vast electro-magnetic ionosophere
        > > spectrum through attennae in Alaska, Greenland and Norway. The
        > Russian
        > > duma has warned that it could potentially destroy current near-
        > Earth
        > > technologies.
        > >
        > > My source on the World Institute that promotes radio-eugenics is
        > the
        > > book: "Evolving Mankind's Future" by Julius Stulman published in
        > the
        > > mid-60s.
        > >
        > > In 1975 the World Institute published a book by University of
        > Pittsburgh
        > > philosophy of science professor Dr. Oliver Reiser called "Cosmic
        > > Humanism and World Unity."
        > > That book is a follow up to an earlier "Master Synthesis" as Dr.
        > Reiser
        > > describes it: The book "Cosmic Humanism" published in the mid
        > 1960s.
        > >
        > > The book published by the World Institute in 1975 still quite
        > openly
        > > promoted radio-eugenics. What you may not realize though is that
        > this
        > > plan is not just for radio-eugenics -- it is for the creation of a
        > > multidimensional "World Brain" --evolution of life based on the
        > unified
        > > field theory -- exactly as described in The Matrix. This is what
        > Dr.
        > > Reiser means by "mutations of illumination."
        > >
        > > "Cosmic Humanism" published in the mid-1960s promotes and
        > justifies the
        > > following on radio-eugenics:
        > >
        > > "1) Using atomic energy (radiations) to initiate the genic (or
        > > chromosome) changes which cause mutations; and 2) doing this under
        > the
        > > guidance of a psychosocial field to control the course of the
        > biological
        > > changes so that the form of emergence is determined." (pp. 528-9)
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > (Continued)
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=433800#pid433800
        > > <http://www.esreality.com/?a=post&id=433800#pid433800>
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > >
        > > In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "avarohanam" <avarohanam@> wrote:
        > > >
        > > > People sometimes assume that Vedic wisdom is merely a cultural
        > > > tradition, relevant only in India. However, Newton's laws of
        > motion
        > > > are not English or Christian, nor Einstein's theory of relativity
        > > > German or Jewish.
        > > >
        > > > The laws of nature are true for all people in all cultures at all
        > > > times..
        > > >
        > > > Vedic knowledge is universally valid and useful for people from
        > > > every culture, tradition and walk of life.
        > > >
        > > > The rediscovery of the Vedic knowledge of consciousness—
        > > >
        > > > ..including powerful technologies of consciousness for individual
        > > > growth and world peace
        > > >
        > > > - promises a transformation of human civilization.
        > > >
        > > > In the descriptions of the Vedic science of consciousness, this
        > > > unified field of nature's intelligence can be directly
        > experienced
        > > > by the human mind.
        > > >
        > > > As a seemingly isolated wave can settle down to merge with the
        > > > ocean, so the normally active human mind can settle down to its
        > > > source. By thus opening itself to the most basic level of its own
        > > > intelligence, the mind also opens itself to the most basic level
        > of
        > > > nature's intelligence—the unified field of all the laws of
        > nature.
        > > >
        > > > In the Vedic descriptions, the most basic level of human
        > > > intelligence is identical with the unified field.
        > > >
        > > > Thus, in this state of least excitation of human consciousness,
        > this
        > > > state of inner peace, the mind gains access to the limitless
        > > > intelligence of nature.
        > > >
        > > > Persuasive evidence indicates that modern science and ancient
        > wisdom
        > > > have joined hands in a profound theory and technology of peace.
        > > >
        > > > In the Vedic science of consciousness, war is said to begin not
        > in
        > > > the individual minds of politicians or generals, but rather in
        > the
        > > > collective consciousness of entire societies.
        > > >
        > > > The collective consciousness of any society is described as an
        > > > overall social atmosphere that arises from the individual
        > members of
        > > > a society, and which then has a reciprocal influence on those
        > same
        > > > individuals, modifying their thought and behavior.
        > > >
        > > > The message is that the individual is essentially Cosmic, and all
        > > > that is to be known anywhere in the universe is encoded in the
        > DNA
        > > > of every cell in the human physiology. This means that all the
        > > > knowledge, all the intelligence, all the organizing power
        > displayed
        > > > in the whole creation is available to the individual within his
        > own
        > > > mind and body.
        > > >
        > > > The world has witnessed the rise and fall of monarchy, the rise
        > and
        > > > fall of dictatorship, the rise and fall of feudalism, the rise
        > and
        > > > fall of communism, and the rise of democracy; and now we are
        > > > witnessing the fall of democracy...
        > > >
        > > > The GREAT FALL now will never rise to fall again. The river of
        > time
        > > > flows, the theme of evolution of life continues, sweeping away
        > with
        > > > it all that does not blossom into perfection. Now with the fall
        > of
        > > > all man-made systems of administration, a new quality of
        > > > administration is dawning based on the administration of Nature's
        > > > Government.
        > > >
        > > > Government is only worthy of the name if it has the ability to
        > > > prevent problems. In this scientific age a prevention-oriented,
        > > > problem-free government can be created in every country through
        > the
        > > > application of the knowledge of total Natural Law, the
        > Constitution
        > > > of the Universe, which governs the infinite diversity of the
        > ever-
        > > > expanding universe with perfect order. With the full support of
        > > > Natural Law the world can now enjoy a new world order of
        > affluence
        > > > and peace.
        > > >
        > > > Human concepts, no matter how grand they may appear, have
        > > > limitations - they are not developed enough to be evolutionary
        > for
        > > > everyone. The Parliament of World Peace will bridge the gap
        > between
        > > > the limitations of human life and the unlimited dignity of cosmic
        > > > life. It will bridge the gap between man made constitutions, with
        > > > their human weaknesses and failings, and the Constitution of the
        > > > Universe, which administers the infinite diversity of the ever-
        > > > expanding galactic universe with perfect order
        > > >
        > > > The Constitution of the Universe is eternal, uncreated, and
        > equally
        > > > nourishing for all. No one made the Constitution of the
        > Universe —
        > > >
        > > > and no one can unmake or disturb it..
        > > >
        > > > Damn democracy
        > > > It is a waste of energy,
        > > > a waste of time,
        > > > and a waste of hope.
        > > >
        > > > It is the greatest crime against the life of a country because
        > party
        > > > politics divide brother against brother and undermine the
        > integrity
        > > > of the nation.
        > > >
        > > > democracy forces a continual turnover in government:
        > > >
        > > > It is just a matter of common sense!!!!
        > > >
        > > > If you change your parents every four years, what will happen to
        > the
        > > > children? If you change the government every four years, what
        > will
        > > > happen to the whole population?"
        > > >
        > > > We will welcome Sat Yuga—the age of positivity.
        > > > And we will say goodbye to Kali Yuga—the age of negativity.
        > > >
        > > > :)
        > > >
        > >
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