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Re: spirituality and anthroposophy

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  • jason
    Bruce and all- I m terribly sorry. I thought that Michael s initial email went unanswered. Not sure how I missed the replies that were posted but going back
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 25, 2000
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      Bruce and all-

      I'm terribly sorry. I thought that Michael's initial email went
      unanswered. Not sure how I missed the replies that were
      posted but going back again I see that the question I asked was
      already answered.


      --- In anthroposophy@egroups.com, "888" <bhive@a...> wrote:
      > >(Fortunately you wake up earlier in Australia...
      > >I like that feeling -actualised throuigh internet- of the sun
      > >earth, touching first you, later Europe, even later USA etc.)
      > Dear Michael,
      > Last New Year was a once in a lifetime
      > opportunity to see the Sun waking up the world via satellite TV.
      We are
      > all closer together as never (well almost) before.
      > >But I still do not fully understand what are the Elder Brothers.
      > Neither do I. How can we understand anything that is outside
      of our
      > normal experience?
      > What is life like in Orion?
      > "Can the subject know the life of his King, or only of those
      > similarities so shared between them? The mother-lark may
      not appreciate
      > the concerns of the mother-wren; nor even (to stretch a point)
      those of
      > a mother-fox. "
      > >How do you know about them and how are you in contact with
      > >If they are incarnate, can they be spoken to ... even per
      > They can be spoken to if you happen to meet one of them. But
      > you would only realise what had happened after the meeting.
      As Dr.
      > Steiner said:
      > "people would often be surprised to in what simple,
      unassuming human
      > form these
      > Masters are to be found in all countries. They are present on
      > physical plane."
      > Yes there has been email discussion. The communication is
      > >What are the differences in aproach and contend to
      > >you mention?
      > There is not an emphasis on Cosmology- that has been well
      covered in
      > previous works, and who can say they have absorbed all of
      > You can decide for yourself about the approach:
      > http://elderbrothers.tripod.com
      > I wouldn't say that the material there is fully representative but
      > will give you some idea.
      > One difference in these teachings has been the appearance
      (or non
      > appearance) of Christ in the Akashic Record. This is very
      > because it challenges us to think esoterically. I will gather
      > and summarise the arguments in another post.
      > >Other question:
      > >Can you or anybody tell me whether groups apart from
      > >speak about Christs reappearence in the etheric world?
      > I don't know if there are any authors that speak of this, that
      > connected to Steiner in some way- except those on
      > Heindel seems stuck on the idea that Christ is an Archangel.
      > I believe the people are having experiences similar to what
      > described- they have reached an extremely low point in their
      life and
      > then Christ appears to them and speaks words of comfort. I
      knew one
      > woman in particular, who had this experience, and even saw
      that when
      > Christ's Blood fell to earth that the whole world changed. She
      was very
      > excited when a friend sent her Steiner's lecture "The
      Etherisation of
      > the Blood" and found that someone else had seen this.
      > Christ is a gentle Master and I believe He only appears to
      people in
      > times of desparation because otherwise His presence would
      be too
      > overwhelming. (It would inhibit our free will.) When He comes
      He comes
      > to stay - your life being totally altered. It is not possilbe to
      > the experience and then go on the same way as before.
      > >And if yes are there parallels to Ben Aharons description of
      > >impact of what happended after 1933 on this?
      > I don't have Ben Aharon's book. Could you give us a few
      > Robert's Powell's suggestion of the 33 1/3 year cycle has been
      > by the Brothers, BTW.
      > Friendly Regards,
      > Bruce
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