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  • Evan Thomas
    Anthroposophia & Rudolf SteinerI didn t read all the way through this ... but looks like modern biology is well on the way to replacing Darwin s ideas with
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      Anthroposophia & Rudolf Steiner
      I didn't read all the way through this ... but looks like modern biology is well on the way to replacing Darwin's ideas with Lamarck's ideas  ... definitely a step in the right direction, anyhow.
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      Re: Noted with interest

      Posted by: "holderlin66" holderlin66@...   holderlin66

      Mon Mar 26, 2007 8:27 am (PST)

      Steiner respected and corrected Darwinism in his time. In our time
      we have science that stands on evolution, which is as equally flawed
      as Darwinistic science roots were. We live with the results of
      entirely flawed and corporate dominated cultural and educational
      darwinistic/ evolution theories that are taught all the way to the
      useless and idiotic big bang theory, from childhood to college
      education and corporate life.

      Now of course Ahrimanic Intellectual Soul influence and our children
      forced to gulp down such crap, erases exactly what Ahriman wants to
      erase.... Man is no spiritual being. Nothing special to the cosmos.
      Just an evolutionary anomaly that happened to collect a rodent
      called man. But just as beneficial to Ahrimanic thinking is
      retaining soul immaturity and stupidity, by throwing people off the
      trail of reality and the Consciousness Soul by inserting Creationism
      as the sentimental undigested, silliness of Biblical literalism.
      This Biblical literalism is now termed Creationism or Intelligent
      design. And Spiritual Science lost another battle by allowed
      Intelligent design to be confused with True Cosmic I AM hood
      intelligent design. Man is the Imagination in nature of the Gods
      higher faculties in an earthly form.

      What a field day of lies and mountains of crap you force your child
      to endure. You shred the fabric of Michael Intelligence in-built for
      the striving little soul who comes down from the spiritual world and
      could find the logic of the gods and dismiss Ahrimanic lies, through
      the action of Michael Intelligence, but can't because of our

      When we examine Steiner's Michael Letters or Anthro leading
      thoughts, how dangerous do you think it is to destroy and uproot the
      faculties that enable our children and us to enter the Consciousness
      Soul? It is as dramatic as all the effort Steiner made to correct
      and refute some of the Darwinism that surrounded him. But Anthros
      are piddling, undramatic, and hiding away in their cognitive museum
      of Steiner Says.

      Anthros, and quasi Anthros, new agers and waffle headed parents
      think that by giving their children poison Creationism, they retain
      a goodness...even as their intellects ripen through the grades. They
      think that, and correctly, that they will never have to directly
      confront their doubles and they can blame all the problems of the
      world on people who aren't living a "christian" life style. Which
      enables these enabling parents, adults and politicians to pursue and
      send their children and our resources into Ahriman's maw and watch
      as the soul is betrayed, the spirit is betrayed and Michael
      Intelligence is shredded in our universities.

      Will parents remain enablers and idiots so that Ahriman may continue
      to devour their first borns on the altar of the OT Ahrimanic Sun
      created by the feeble intellects of men... and worshipped at
      universities? Are we that mad, stupid and idiotic that we can so
      easily march our loved ones up a hill to have their hearts and souls
      ripped out of their living bodies.

      You might ask, oh what were those Aztec intention anyways? One
      aspect was to rob the Sun Beings and Michael Intelligence of those
      seeking the karma and wisdom in their destinies. The incision and
      cutting into the Angelic world was performed openly on the Altars of
      the Aztec world...at least that cruelty was honest in our eyes.
      Today the hearts and souls of millions and your own precious
      children's souls and hearts are shredded and ripped out of their
      bodies so that Ahriman can dismiss and bury the Consciousness Soul.
      Are we going to continue to throw our spiritual treasure to the
      dogs? Get a life, get courage and get yourself out of the numbness
      of technological nirvana, so that you can defend the cognition and
      gifts of humanity, we are base, cowards, liars and fools who give
      our treasure away to the Ahrimanic liars.

      By Chris Hedges

      http://www.truthdig .com/report/ item/20070326_ a_world_where_ lies_are_ t

      "Before they seize power and establish a world according to their
      doctrines, totalitarian movements conjure up a lying world of
      consistency which is more adequate to the needs of the human mind
      than reality itself; in which, through sheer imagination, uprooted
      masses can feel at home and are spared the never-ending shocks which
      real life and real experiences deal to human beings and their
      expectations. The force possessed by totalitarian propaganda—before
      the movements have the power to drop iron curtains to prevent
      anyone's disturbing, by the slightest reality, the gruesome quiet of
      an entirely imaginary world—lies in its ability to shut the masses
      off from the real world."

      -Hannah Arendt, "The Origins of Totalitarianism"

      In the middle of the lobby of the 50,000-square- foot Creation Museum
      in Petersburg, Ky., a 20-foot waterfall tumbles. Two life-size
      figures of children with long black hair and in buckskin clothes
      play in the stream a few feet from two towering Tyrannosaurus Rex
      models that can move and roar. The museum, which cost $25 million to
      build and has a sea of black asphalt parking lots for school buses,
      has a scale model of Noah's ark that shows how Noah solved the
      problem of fitting dinosaurs into the three levels of the vessel—he
      loaded only baby dinosaurs. And on the wooden model, infant
      dinosaurs cavort with horses, giraffes, hippopotamuses, penguins and
      bears. There is an elaborate display of the Garden of Eden, where
      Adam and Eve, naked but strategically positioned so as not to
      display breasts or genitals, swim in a river as giant dinosaurs and
      lizards roam the banks.

      Before Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, museum visitors are
      told, all of the dinosaurs were peaceable plant-eaters. The
      evidence is found in Genesis 1:30, where God gives "green herb" to
      every creature to eat. There were no predators. T-Rex had such big
      teeth, the museum explains, so it could open coconuts. Only after
      Adam and Eve sinned and were cast out of paradise did the dinosaurs
      start to eat flesh. And Adam's sin is a key component of the belief
      system, for in the eyes of many creationists, in order for Jesus'
      death to be meaningful it had to atone for Adam's first sin.

      The museum has a theater equipped with seats that shake and gadgets
      that spray mist at the audience as the story of God's six-day
      creation of the world unfolds on the screen and the sound system
      rocks the auditorium. There are 30-foot-high walls that represent
      the cliffs of the Grand Canyon, floors that resemble rocks embedded
      with fossils, and rooms where a "Christian" paleontologist counters
      the claims of an "evolutionist" paleontologist. It has the
      appearance of a real science museum, complete with a planetarium, a
      gift shop and plaques on the wall with quotes from
      creationist "scientists" who have the title doctor conspicuously
      before their names. It has charts, timelines and graphs with facts
      and figures. It is meant to be interactive, to create, like
      Universal Studios, a contrived reality with an array of costly
      animatronic men and women as well as moving dinosaurs.

      The danger of creationism is that, like the pseudo-science of Nazi
      eugenics, it allows facts to be accepted or discarded according to
      the dictates of a preordained ideology. Creationism removes the
      follower from the rational, reality-based world. Signs, miracles
      and wonders occur not only in the daily life of Christians but in
      history, science, medicine and logic. The belief system becomes the
      basis to understand the world. Random facts and data are collected
      and made to fit into this belief system or discarded. When facts
      are treated as if they were opinions, when there is no universal
      standard to determine truth, in law, in science, in scholarship, or
      in the reporting of the events of the day, the world becomes a place
      where people can believe what they want to believe, where there is
      no possibility of reaching any conclusion not predetermined by those
      who interpret the official, divinely inspired text. This is the
      goal of creationists.

      Other creationist museums are going up in Arkansas, Texas,
      California, Tennessee and Florida. Museums are part of a massive
      push to teach creationism in schools, part of a vast Christian
      publishing and filmmaking industry that seeks to rewrite the past
      and make it conform to the Bible. The front lines of the culture
      wars are the classrooms. The battle is one we are slowly losing.
      Twenty states are considering changing the way evolution is taught
      in order to include creationism or intelligent design.1 Only 13
      percent of Americans in a 2004 Gallup poll, when asked for their
      views on human origins, said life arose from the strictly natural
      process of evolution. More than 38 percent said they believed God
      guided evolution, and 45 percent said the Genesis account of
      creation was a true story.2 Courses on intelligent design have been
      taught at Minnesota, Georgia, New Mexico and Iowa State
      universities, along with Wake Forest and Carnegie Mellon, not to
      mention Christian universities that teach all science through the
      prism of the Bible.

      The museum is an illustration of the movement's marriage of
      primitive and intolerant beliefs with the modern tools of
      technology, mass communication, sophisticated fundraising and
      political organization. Totalitarian systems usually start as
      propagandistic movements that ostensibly teach people to "believe
      what they want." This is a ruse. This primacy of personal opinion,
      regardless of facts, destabilizes and destroys the primacy of all
      facts. This process leads inevitably to the big lie. Facts are
      useful only if they bolster the message. The use of mass-marketing
      techniques to persuade and convince, rather than brainwash, has led
      tens of millions of followers to accept the toxic totalitarian line
      by tricking them into believing it's their own. Ironically, at the
      outset the movement seemingly encourages people to
      think "independently" or "courageously. "

      At first all have, in the totalitarian belief system, a right to an
      opinion, or, in short, a right to believe anything. Soon, under the
      iron control of an empowered totalitarian movement, facts become
      worthless, kept or discarded according to an ideological litmus
      test. And once these movements achieve power, facts are ruthlessly
      manipulated or kept hidden to support the lie. Creationism is not
      about offering an alternative. Its goal is the destruction of the
      core values of the open society—the ability to think for oneself, to
      draw independent conclusions, to express dissent when judgment and
      common sense tell you something is wrong, to be self-critical, to
      challenge authority, to advocate for change and to accept that there
      are other views, different ways of being, that are morally and
      socially acceptable. We are beginning to see the growing
      intolerance that comes with the empowerment of these ideologues.
      There is a bill in the Texas Legislature to strip all mention of
      evolution from Texas school textbooks and institute mandatory Bible
      classes for all students. This is just the start.

      And yet, coming from the modern age, these Christo-fascists cannot
      discount science. They employ jargon, methods and data that appear
      to be science, to make an argument for creationism. They have
      created parallel research and scholarly institutions. They pump out
      articles in self-published journals to provide "evidence" that
      homosexuals can be cured, that global warming is a myth, that
      abortion can cause breast cancer, that something they call "post-
      abortion syndrome" leads to deep depression and suicide and that
      abstinence-only education is an effective form of birth control.
      This pseudo-science has seeped into the public debate. It is
      disseminated by nervous and timid media anxious to give both sides
      in every argument. Those who have contempt for facts and truth, for
      honest research and inquiry, are given the same platform by the
      press as those who deal in a world of reality, fact and

      The movement desperately needs the imprint of science to legitimize
      itself. It achieves this imprint by discrediting real science and
      claiming creationist science as true science. All attempts to argue
      the creationists out of their mythical belief, to persuade them with
      logic, evidence, scientific inquiry and fact, will fail. They have
      created a "fundamentalist science." They know they cannot return to
      the pre-Darwinian innocence that let them believe the Bible alone
      was enough. They need, in the midst of their flight from reality,
      to reassure their followers that science, science not contaminated
      by secular humanists and nonbelievers, is on their side. In this
      they are a distinctly modern movement. They seek the imprint of
      science and scholarship to legitimize myth. This is a
      characteristic they share with all modern totalitarian movements,
      which co-opt the disciplines of law, science, medicine and
      scholarship to give a modern veneer to their primitive and
      superstitious belief systems, systems that allow the rulers to
      dictate reality and truth. The "paraprofessional" organizations
      formed by the Christian right, organizations of teachers,
      journalists, doctors, lawyers and scientists, mimic the activities
      of real professional groups. They seek to challenge the legitimacy
      and the power of the traditional organizations. The duplication of
      the structures and methods employed by the non-totalitarian world,
      the use of pseudo-science to dress up fantasy, is slowly undermining
      our legitimate scientific and educational institutions. It is
      destroying the foundations of our open society. It is ushering us
      into a world where lies are true."


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