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The Michael Way

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  • Stephen Hale
    When some souls in the course of the twentieth century become clairvoyant to life in the etheric world — and that will happen — they would be disturbed by
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2007
      "When some souls in the course of the twentieth century become
      clairvoyant to life in the etheric world — and that will happen —
      they would be disturbed by those ether bodies that are residual from
      Western Europe. The spiritual eye would perceive them first of all
      and would have a distorted vision of the Christ figure. For this
      reason Michael has to fight a battle in Europe. He has to contribute
      something to the diffusion of these rigid ether bodies from Western
      Europe. To accomplish this task, he must take the ether bodies from
      the East (Russian), which strive for diffusion, and join with them
      in a struggle against the West. The result of this is that since
      1879 a violent struggle has been in preparation between Russian and
      Western European ether bodies and is now raging in the entire astral
      world. This furious battle between Russia and France is indeed going
      on in the astral world and is led by Michael; it corresponds to the
      war that is now being waged in Europe. We are often shaken by the
      knowledge that the events in the physical world take place as exact
      opposites to those occurring in the spiritual world, and that is
      precisely what is happening in this case. The alliance between
      France and Russia can be blamed on the seductive powers of Ahriman
      or, if you will, on the ahrimanic element, the twenty billion francs
      that France gave to Russia. This alliance is the physical expression
      of a struggle raging between French and Russian souls, a struggle
      that has an impact on Central Europe as it strives in its innermost
      soul for an encounter with the Christ. It is the karma of Europe
      that we in Central Europe must experience in an especially tragic
      way what the West and East must settle between themselves. The only
      possible interpretation of the external struggle between German and
      French elements is that the German element lies in the middle and
      serves as an anvil for both East and West. Germany, which is
      hammered by both sides in the conflict, is in reality the subject of
      their own controversy. That is the spiritual truth and quite
      different from what is happening in the physical world. Consider how
      different the spiritual truth is from what is happening in the
      physical world! This must strike contemporary man as grotesque, but
      it nevertheless is the truth, which must have a shocking effect on

      From "Christ in Relation to Lucifer and Ahriman", May 18, 1915

      The great achievement of the Fourth Way system, given from the
      outset by Ouspensky, who said the system was important because it
      wasn't his, consists of the integrality of the Law of Three with the
      Law of Seven. It is imperative to give note to this important
      interaction; that we must take account of the working of the Law of
      Three, which has been born out of the Law of Seven. In actuality,
      Aristotle discovered the working presence of the Law of Three over
      2300 years ago. He discovered that nature bears three reflective
      spheres of activity; the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. As
      such, they reflect and coincide exactly with the Higher Worlds,
      known as Upper Devachan, Lower Devachan, and the Astral Plane. Based
      on this discovery, Aristotle, after spending 20 years in Plato's
      Academy, and then instructing the young Alexander the Great for
      eight years, started a school designed to address the facts and
      significance of the Law of Three seen existing in nature. The first
      step taken in this school, The Peripatetic, was to gain a
      disciplined hold on the fundamentals of deductive reasoning, the
      first form of reasoning to be developed by the great initiates of
      Greek philosophy. Thus, the first expression of the Law of Three
      took the form of what is known as the 'Logical Syllogism', comprised
      of: Major Premise, Minor Premise, Conclusion. After this disciplined
      thinking was sufficiently developed the student graduated into the
      inner circle; the secondary school where the Laws and Beings of
      Nature were taught. And their correspondence to the Higher Worlds.

      Ouspensky gives extraordinary emphasis to the importance of the Law
      of Three throughout the 4th Way discourse. And when he begins to
      refer to the formation and importance of the Lateral Octave of La-
      Sol-Fa, and its relationship to the sensitive film that surrounds
      the earth, i.e., organic life on earth, then we have a very great
      advancement from the work of Aristotle. Why? Because Aristotle could
      never have discovered this himself. For it is not without a certain
      distinction that the path of the descending octave, and the La-Sol-
      Fa extraction, equates exactly to Lucifer-Christ-Ahriman in the
      language of Anthroposophy.

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