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  • holderlin66
    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3492919.stm Twinkling in the sky is a diamond star of 10
    Message 1 of 44 , Mar 7, 2007


      Twinkling in the sky is a diamond star of 10 billion trillion trillion carats, astronomers have discovered.

      The cosmic diamond is a chunk of crystallised carbon, 4,000 km across, some 50 light-years from the Earth in the constellation Centaurus.

      It's the compressed heart of an old star that was once bright like our Sun but has since faded and shrunk.

      Astronomers have decided to call the star "Lucy" after the Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

      The huge cosmic diamond - technically known as BPM 37093 - is actually a crystallised white dwarf. A white dwarf is the hot core of a star, left over after the star uses up its nuclear fuel and dies. It is made mostly of carbon.

      For more than four decades, astronomers have thought that the interiors of white dwarfs crystallised, but obtaining direct evidence became possible only recently.

      The white dwarf is not only radiant but also rings like a gigantic gong, undergoing constant pulsations.

      "By measuring those pulsations, we were able to study the hidden interior of the white dwarf, just like seismograph measurements of earthquakes allow geologists to study the interior of the Earth.

      "We figured out that the carbon interior of this white dwarf has solidified to form the galaxy's largest diamond," says Metcalfe.

      Astronomers expect our Sun will become a white dwarf when it dies 5 billion years from now. Some two billion years after that, the Sun's ember core will crystallise as well, leaving a giant diamond in the centre of the solar system.

      "Our Sun will become a diamond that truly is forever," says Metcalfe.

      Bradford comments;

      Schooling, it depends on if you understand what schooling is.  Nasa and our exploration of the dead bones of the stars, the work of the stars that is the completed timepiece of the gods, those stars, which are still the working model for the Angelic World, that transpose a map of our own stars into the interior of our 12 cranial nerve package which is the reference point of our astral schooling, is falsified and daily avoided day after day, after day as we pile on the corrupt and half baked insights of science, AND NEVER BOTHER TO CORRECT THEM. We have proven beyond a shadow that Nasa is examining, preaching and standing for the dead corpse of the heavens. Steiner knew that we can only partially understand what is "The Accomplished, Finished Work of the Gods", so that indeed we are looking at something that operates but without the active system of beings, but their imprinted efforts are truly written as the deeds of the stars, of which our astral bodies are made.

      Our astral bodies, as world citizens, migrate out to the stars each an every night and together we see deeply into the karmic web of events. We  are Trans-Spatial and Trans-Temporal and Trans-Einsteinian and we prove through Jung and Spiritual Science as well as Wolfgang Pauli and Marie Franz that the human being is really this mighty physics instrument that we constantly neglect and elliminate from the picture of the universe we study.  Each of us are a living instrument that carries the Spirit of the Logos, the stamp of the gods, and the capacities that come with each unique individual who talks stupidly and daily about a horoscope that they couldn't understand if it landed in their laps gift wrapped.  BRAINWASHED and stupid, and science goes out of it's way to instruct all of our stupid parents and children in the great zero meaning of the stars to the intimacy of our own daily tracking.

      That is why the riddle of the Three Kings and the mighty Persian and Babylonian star forces were so studied and mastered by Zarathustra  that Zarathustra could consciously co-operate in bringing about the incarnation and destiny configurations that only Star wisdom and astral body mastership could attain.  The incarnation of two Jesus children and understanding on the exact playing field of the earth, the secret contents and mission of the two Jesus families with two Mary's and the intimate intricacy that Zarathustra was able to unriddle that which appeared as mere accidental family events. But we all incarnate in seemingly accidental family ties and discover our true karmic families by different routes and we are required to school ourselves so that we can unriddle these mysteries. 


      In terms of schooling, the above book, and what in god's name is wrong with Spiritual Science schooling that this book isn't everywhere, but rather seems to be out of reach and so expensive when it is truly the map of human biography? We need to have copies of this book in order to grasp the intimacies of human biography or we need to remain dysfunctionally dumb.

      That is why Synchronicity and the tracking value of I AM events in each of us is kept far, far away from any cognitive schooling that our children could easily grasp. That is why Harry Potter is in a Schooling program at Hogwarts that reflects an ancient schooling that has been lost but continues to surface and haunt us.  But we laugh and think that this type of schooling doesn't exist. It certainly did exist and it exists today as Spiritual Science Schooling. That is why our daily Angelic Briefing or DAB, our morning dreams and pre-vision of time leaps which each cognitive human has in them, remains asleep and unable to be integrated with the Sciences of the stars that humanity has in them.

    • holderlin66
      Message 44 of 44 , Oct 13, 2007

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