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  • holderlin66
    Werewolves of Washington ...far too many Americans far too easily traded their souls to the Werewolf of Washington The fight between Odin and Fenrir will
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      Werewolves of Washington

      "...far too many Americans far too easily traded their souls to the
      Werewolf of Washington"

      "The fight between Odin and Fenrir will rage for a long time, but
      finally Fenrir will seize Odin and swallow him. Odin's son Vidar
      will at once leap towards the wolf and kill him with his bare hands,
      ripping the wolf's jaws apart."

      Bradford comments;

      The wolf nature has a certain purity when we grasp the wolf and it's
      plight in our national parks. Thinning herds of wolves from the air,
      shooting them from the air is not the same as standing at a lonely
      fire camp, in a blizzard, where the wolves are circling you, or
      where you see the wolf in it's spiritual companionship in such a
      film as "Dances with Wolves".

      But deep down Norse mythic grasp of the Fenrir Wolf takes us through
      Spiritual Science studies to the overshadowing of the Ahrimanic in
      the real wolf nature that arises out of human beings. "...far too
      many Americans far too easily traded their souls to the Werewolf of
      Washington". In spiritual schooling we watch how the gods attempt to
      tame this wolf, and but continues to grow toward it's predicted
      confrontation with Odhin, where the wolf devours Odhin, and the
      immense Ahrimanic forces that started slowly and playfully in the
      human intellect, grew so that no chains could hold the wolf back. It
      was fed by Main Stream Media and fed off of lies.

      Save that the gnomes and the technology of the dark gnomes, at last
      resort, create a nearly invisible, as the internet and spy
      satellites create a kind of invisible micro-wave leash, as a last
      stand techno-wizard chain, on the Fenrir beast. The Fenrir wolf
      eventually plays an enormous role in the fall of Ragnarok, which is
      not the last reggie rock concert of a rag tag grateful dead band
      concert, but rather the seeping upwards into the human realm, the
      underworld forces of Ahriman, Lucifer and the asuric forces that
      base their model on the double helix which is in the Norse model of
      Yggdrasill, which means I AM, or the spiral path of traversed by
      Dante into the ninefold underworlds and the ninefold upper region of
      The Foundation Stone. An Ahrimanic seeping into the human world that
      cannot be stopped if humanity intends to ripen and mature it's
      cognition by understanding the immense powers unleashed for healing
      at Golgotha.

      In the translaton of these mythic events, the underworld of Pan's
      Labyrinth ripples deeply into the underworld of the human soul and
      spirit. It has almost been forgotten in our worhsip of the Ahrimanic
      Sun we manufactured at Trinity. Schooling is able to translate these
      ancient clairvoyant schools into something truly strange.

      You see a ship is constructed from dead men's fingernails. The
      fingernails of the dead continue to grow after they are placed in
      their coffins or mass graves, because of their silicon and silicon
      chip light nature. The human fingernail, say, if Christ had not
      consumed the entire body of Jesus, it would have been nice to have a
      fingernail relic, with the imprint of the Christ and science would
      then perform some cloning genetic magic with it. But it was hard to
      describe to the future of humanity that tiny chips, tiny chips from
      dead humans fingernails would make for the construction of a vessel,
      a ship that comes from the depths of the human underworld to destroy
      the gods. Unable to describe what those chips of silica are and
      their use, we from the 21st century can very well understand what
      those chips are, how they carry light, lies and truth. But still the
      elemental worlds feel the ripple that ripples through the human
      kingdom and flushes up from the depths of the human soul such a film
      as Pan's Labyrinth.

      "From all the corners of the world, gods, giants, dwarves, demons
      and elves will ride towards the huge plain of Vigrid ("battle
      shaker") where the last battle will be fought. [you can easily
      transpose, how Tolkein transposed his Lord of the Rings] Odin will
      engage Fenrir in battle, and Thor will attack Jormungand. Thor will
      victorious, but the serpent's poison will gradually kill the god of
      thunder. Surt will seek out the swordless Freyr, who will quickly
      succumb to the giant. The one-handed Tyr will fight the monstrous
      hound Garm and they will kill each other. Loki and Heimdall, age-old
      enemies, will meet for a final time, and neither will survive their
      encounter. The fight between Odin and Fenrir will rage for a long
      time, but finally Fenrir will seize Odin and swallow him. Odin's son
      Vidar will at once leap towards the wolf and kill him with his bare
      hands, ripping the wolf's jaws apart. "

      Werewolves of Washington


      "Sometimes I wonder if Americans are unaware of the malicious
      devastation the Bush administrtion is wreaking upon this good earth
      and its inhabitants, or if they just don't give a damn. I wonder if
      they ever put a "face" on even one of the hundreds of thousands of
      innocent men, women and children who are lost forever -- victims of
      arrogance, lust for power, insatiable greed. And lies .. all lost
      because of evil, deliberate lies.

      I wonder why so many denizens of this Christian nation seem unable
      or unwilling to wrap their minds around the reality that Iraqi
      people are human beings just as they, themselves, are -- not rabid
      dogs to be hunted down and slaughtered. Perhaps it's because, in
      order to remain sane or to avoid being targeted by the Bush
      administration, they traded their Christianity for Religion, their
      Love for Hate -- their Life for Death. For protection from the
      Butcher of Baghdad, far too many Americans far too easily traded
      their souls to the Werewolf of Washington.

      They don't want to know what it's like for families to cower in
      terror as their doors are kicked in, mothers and daughters raped,
      fathers and sons dragged off, never to be seen again. They don't
      want to know about prisoners being humiliated and tortured,
      secretly "rendered" to countries for more torture, held captive for
      endless years without charges, without hope, without life. They
      don't want to know about Iraq's rich culture, its secular society,
      its formidable institutiions of learning. According to the late
      Columbia University professor Edward Said, all of this, along with
      Iraq's "long-suffering people were made invisible, the better to
      smash the country as if it were only a den of thieves and
      murderers." (Al-Ahram Weekly, 24 - 30 April 2003)

      Even if it were possible to know how many innocent civilians have
      been needlessly murdered, it wouldn't matter. Because America's
      leaders don't know and they don't care. As General Colin Powell,
      then Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, retorted to an April
      1991 question about Iraqi casualties -- "That's not really a number
      I'm terribly interested in." And, following the assault on
      Afghanistan, General Tommy Franks, CENTCOM commander and architect
      of both the Afghanistan and Iraqi killing sprees, quipped at a March
      2002 news conference at Bagram Air Base -- "We don't do body

      Even President George Bush, the commander-in-chief -- the Energizer
      Bunny Decider -- pleaded ignorance and apathy when asked on Dec. 12,
      2005 about the number of iraqi civilians slain since the March 2003
      invasion. "How many Iraqi civilians have died...in this war?" he
      asked. "Um...I would say about 30,000 -- more or less..." Reporters
      in the room knew that more than a year before, the British medical
      journal, The Lancet, had reported for the period March 2003 - Sept.
      2004, an excess mortality of nearly 100,000 civilian deaths. Yet
      none dared challenge Bush then nor in October 2006 when the journal
      released an indepth study that an estimated 655,000 Iraqis had died
      since the invasion, with more than 600,000 due to violence.

      Is Politics really more important than life? Of course, when you
      consider the gandy-dancing, moon-walking and flip-flopping that's
      gone on within the political axis -- the administration, the
      Congress and the media -- since the November elections. If there
      were doubts that this axis considers the nation's military anything
      more than "dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign
      policy," the spectacle that has unfolded since Bush was backed into
      a corner with the release of the James Baker/Les Hamilton Iraq Study
      Group (ISG) report put them to rest. Its 84 pages boiled down to one
      sentence in the Executive Summary - "The United States has long-term
      relationships and interests at stake in the Middle East, and needs
      to stay engaged," which was another way of telling Bush not to cut
      and run until the oil law was passed which will legalize US
      corporate plunder of Iraq's oil fields via 35-year contracts.

      The ISG was nine months in the making, March through October 2006,
      during which time 556 coalition "troops" were killed -- 515 of them
      American. For political reasons, Baker and Hamilton waited until
      after the election to release it, hardly noticing that 77 servicemen
      and women were killed in November. On Dec. 13, when Bush tossed the
      report on the table with the rest of the options and announced he'd
      make his decision after Christmas, US casualties stood at 2,937. On
      Christmas Day, when he bowed his head to thank God for making him
      The Decider, 2,975 Americans would never open another present.

      The overwhelming vote in November 2006 was a national demand to stop
      the war. Bush responded in January 2007 by announcing not only that
      he was staying the course, but that he was "surging" an additional
      21,500 military in a "New Way Forward" plan. Since that time, with
      the surge underway, Democrats and Republicans have sparred in a
      shameful display of shadow-boxing oratory and endless debates on
      debates, resulting in a single limp non-binding resolution designed
      to do little more than give political cover to those voting for it.
      With the surge nearly complete, House Democrats lnow say they're
      working on a plan to restrict Bush's ability to wage war, with the
      stipulation, of course, that he can continue to kill if he "publicly
      justifies" his position

      With cruel indifference this pack of werewolves, led by a creature
      who deserted his post in a time of war, continue to fund a surge
      they claim they are against while shouting, "Support the troops!"
      They neither know nor care that, above all things, support means
      full force protection -- sufficient training, proper equipment --
      and medical care for those who return broken in body, mind and

      Like their more than 650,000 Iraqi counterparts, the 3,185 US
      victims of the Iraqi inferno have no individual form or substance in
      the minds of the general public -- certainly not in those of the
      media or the Congress. One is merely "collateral damage," the other
      a heap of body bags labeled "troops." Senators John McCain and
      Barack Obama were exactly right when they said that so many lives in
      this illegal war have been "wasted," rather than sacrificed. Victims
      of this war -- Iraqi and American -- are little more than debris
      scattered in the wake of the werewolves' lust to dominate the world
      and control its resources.

      They are, as described so eloquently by Iraq's Layla Anwar -- "lost
      faces in the dust."
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