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The Enterprise of Entelechy

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  • Steve Hale
    Human embryology has its roots in a great plan, and represents its microcosm in what natural science has defined as the stages of genesis toward birth in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2007
      Human embryology has its roots in a great plan, and represents its
      microcosm in what natural science has defined as the stages of
      genesis toward birth in a natural body on earth. What represents
      this natural body? Science holds that it is comprised of those
      forces and substances that make up the physiological and anatomical
      structure of man in his entirety. One physical body capable of
      conducting all the requisite activity of the human spirit so
      contained. In actual fact, the natural body of man is comprised of
      three members: the physical, etheric, and astral bodies, and out of
      which, is able to attain to such an appearance in objectivity. What
      then stands behind the mystery of human genesis and birth? Natural
      science and the powers of human intellect have identified its
      characteristic development in three stages of approximately three
      months duration each, wherein the fetus evolves through the force
      and effect of enzymes and their actions. At the culmination of each
      stage the developing fetus attains a functional system necessary for
      its life outside the womb. By the end of the nine month term the
      fetus is fully comprised of the systems developed at each stage –
      metabolic, rhythmic, and brain and nervous sensation, in order to be
      born into the world as a three-fold psychophysical being. This
      threefoldness becomes the external representation of the physical,
      etheric, and astral membership in a natural body. Standing behind
      this whole compact process are the Beings of Cosmic Embryology, Who,
      having worked this all out in three ancient spheres of Archetypal
      activity designed to produce the Physical, Etheric, and Astral
      Bodies, now take up residence as these enzymes of spiritual activity
      in the developing fetus.

      The miracle of human genesis and birth can be explained in no other
      terms than as a spiritually motivated process guided by Spirit
      Beings working out of the very nucleus of the cell itself. As the
      fundamental unit of life, the cell becomes the base of operation for
      these Beings as Agents of the Entelechological Enterprise. All
      efforts, macrocosmic and microcosmic, have come about in order to
      achieve a certain realization here on earth; for the earth
      represents a place where the crystallization of the Entelechy
      comprised of physical, etheric, and astral worlds can be encompassed
      in a single cell as a representation of the universe, and carried
      out to the organic whole. Man arises as the outcome of this great
      cycle of becoming, and acquires, as a result of the triad of his
      psychophysical nature, the bestowal of a new member – a fourth
      member having no correlate to be found in his cellular makeup. Thus
      is the ego, or the `I' of man, received into the constitution as an
      entirely spiritual member, affiliated with the Spiritual Beings
      behind the enzymes Themselves.

      The destiny of mankind is set on this ego and its power to effect a
      three-fold transformation in our earthly period of evolution. Just
      as Cosmic Beings managing the Enterprise of Entelechy have bestowed
      us with what comprises our natural body on earth, so it is our task
      as human beings to successively raise up these bodies – physical,
      etheric, and astral, to their spiritual, or Archetypal counterparts.
      Armed with a new physics based on the unfolding of values of
      transparency, and its relationship to that form of initiation
      science appropriate for mankind in today's environment, this destiny
      is a realizable fact indicated by the will and power of man himself.

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