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  • holderlin66
    R.S. EMBRYONIC COSMOLOGY Stuttgart, January 1, 1921 Bradford comments; Schooling, we call this schooling but it is under the heading of Pan s Labyrinth.
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      Stuttgart, January 1, 1921

      Bradford comments;

      Schooling, we call this schooling but it is under the heading of Pan's Labyrinth.  Firstly the immense submerged content of soul life that has been forcing it's way up from the depths in "Harry Potter", Schooling;  "Fairytale a True Story"; George MacDonald tales of Curdie etc. ; Novalis and his Henrich von Ofterdingen and The Blue Flower, where little fable and the scribe battle it out over reality;  The Marble Faun by Hawthorne; Jitterbug Perfume;  All of Goethe's Faust, which is a compendium treasure trove of the mythic underpinnings that shaped the strong etheric formative forces of Goethe and helped Goethe catch sight of the shadow that slipped into the Medicine Wheel of human intelligence in this the Fifth Epoch;  Steiner's great, great Fairy tale of the Rock Spring Wonder and his incredible tale of Art and Science where two souls undergo initiation out in the cold winter depths... "Lord of the Rings" and the intimate origins of the Rhine Maiden water nymphs and the gnome Alberrich as Wagner unfolds his mighty Celtic treasures left over from his Merlin incarnation... Pan's Labyrinth....

      These submerged regions of soul, where truly beings are enchanted into our apparent physically intact and glued together frames....where if we do a Forensic Autopsy we will neither find the soul, which they think weighs 21 grams, nor will we find this vast world of submerged nature beings and forces that continue to crop up everywhere.  Yet when we turn the world inside out and enter the Jupiter Evolution, the submerged depths of each human being's world will release, into the next phase of Earth's development, whole regions of semi-developed geo-devachanic regions of plant, animal and psychic distortions that had been locked up in the submerged regions of our souls.

      World content becomes Soul content.

      As we see, if we see clearly, the external pressure Michael knew would press on humanity to come into contact with unexplained worlds that defy the dead wall of science theory that stands as educational initiation for the shrinking intellect of your child, would reveal the truth by meeting the opposite.  In the creation of the nuclear, manufactured light that has been ripped from it's moral core, as in the core infusion of moral etheric and living light that created Critical Mass in Jesus... The Ahrimanic unconsecrated nuclear light was divested of any moral goodness and presented without the filter of any i am.  

       The implosion devices use Dodecahedron style cosmic Platonic solid interiors that reproduce the forces we use to focus percepts and concepts within the matrix of the 12 cranial nerve brain structure.  Michael had thought that it would be obvious that with this information the very opposite, the Moral strength of the  Cosmic I AM and the Trinity of Golgotha would appear obvious to the soul. It is a wonderful strength for education to hold solidly  in the literal historical experiences and choices of the soul the path of destruction and moral less light, against the healing and etherically uplifting  light of  Goethean Sciences and The Etheric Christ Being.  Seemed like an obvious educational polarity that could only strengthen the resolve of humanity as it slowly dawned on humanity that Ahrimanic forces and Luciferic forces behave in a certain misleading and destructive  pattern in the human soul . In other words let the kids wreck the house so that they see that indeed humanity could wreck the house.

      Image:Fission bomb assembly methods.svg

      Finally when Steiner brings together embryology and the stars, you would think to yourself what has this to do with how the cell, and the chromosome systems in the cell, begin to divide and form the complex systems that will carry the mighty physics system that is known as the human being? Firstly all these interior ether systems, that is fire, air, water and earth and all the elemental star imaginations that lay submerged in the psychic instrument of the soul, that enchants  itself into matter, and hides the vast worlds of these beings within the anatomical surface image of the human form, requires us to do the math.

      The math is that there are 22 chromosomes that form the animal systems when a designated animal cell is dividing.  There are 23 chromosomes that form the human cell as it begins to divide with a super plan of the mighty physics tool of the human form. The human cell divides itself at 46 chromosomes so that each cell has 23. Now I certainly wanted to confirm as Steve Hale would confirm and others should confirm that 23 is indeed a magical number. But again, why? How do we understand the schooling that it requires to overcome the dead weight of dithering disconnected science realities so that our children will not remain as stupid as we are?

      As Steiner rightly brings forward the circular and round form, the perfect 360 degree Babylonian Star world insights and the double helix within each cell reflect that our Earth tips towards Vega and the North Star at 46 degrees... Which gives the Earth a point of 23 degrees in relation to Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn.  The tilt of the axis of the earth insribes a circle and the micro image of that circle of 46 divides itself, as the Earth into 23 degrees of supposedly Midsummer and Midwinter points where the seasons and the angle of the sun brings about the seasonal changes on the Earth.  The FOUR SEASONS.  The FOUR chambers of the heart, the FOUR  star ethers we have described that are enchanged into the growing human form and soul, and further the division of each cell from 46 back to 23 chromosomes. It is certainly a nice pattern that will have in it the invested star individual with its individual planetary organs and its zodiac brain cranial reference point for going out and entering back into their bodies during sleep. 

       Steiner attempts to lay the ground that prepares us to think how the complex human form, with its built in astral navigational reference point, when we were born, fixed into the co-ordinates of how we think in our 12 cranial nerves, is an interior thought compression field where light is detected by the pineal and the brain sorts out these different fields of light into concepts, ideas, beings, and gradually gains the strength to have this light beacon of super charged hormonal forces, permeate into critical mass, down through every cell of the body, so that we can actually see the struggle and core infusion and fission that Jesus undergoes as the Transfiguration.

      The double helix systems are mapped, precisely in the Norse Tree of Yggdrasill  and the same spiral helix path that Virgil and Dante traverse, and the lower kingdoms of Loki and Fenir wolf and the upper spiral helix of the gods and the immense Hoop of the World that STeiner fashioned in The Foundation Stone and The Christmas Conference are the same interior spirit blueprints that nearly everyone, nearly everyone in the Michael School, can't even follow. Bondarev laid it out way over in Russia and we may dislike his outline of it, but that is too damn bad, it is one of the better system mandalas to contemplate along with the entire Steiner system that can be grasped in the science text of  Gaiasophy by Kees Zoeteman. Go ahead, Spiritual Science systems and Schooling is clearly outlined in Zoeteman's work. It is is schooling, go ahead and get schooled so you won't have to repeat the same stupid dog eared errors to your children and send therm through a useless meat grinder.  

      We learn through schooling to see into nature's systems. That enchanted into the soul field are vast companions and inner soul mini-devachan layered worlds that we can define as sentient soul, intellectual soul and consciousness soul staging grounds.  We learn to see into Goethean systems of form and we learn to understand that the pressure Michael places on humanity is the pressure to actually see the results of errors in thinking so that humanity can clearly see the alternative upward field.  That is right that the higher worlds and our fathers in heaven think so highly of us, that they sent the Christ or in other words for the generally dull, Michael thinks so highly of humanity that he was willing to risk us clinging to our bad errors, but that we would eventually kick in and see with our own souls just what Michael and the gods intend if we but take hold of the frail and slippery i am.

      Our complaints, not against seeing Orwellian and rich Ahrimanic sketches made by moral humans to sketch before the soul, the fairy tale of Ahriman's intentions and how it works in the human soul.  To sketch the fairy tale of "The Matrix" and how it will work in the human soul, but that we also discover the submerged contents of the soul life and locate within the soul and spirit the true counterbalance to what materialistic sciences have one sidedly and blindly embraced.  And Michael and the actual effects of the Christ Event on Earth, have called forth cheap imitations but also clear cut models of how we read human errors in thinking and how they appear in the context of society and the flow of intelligence within the unfolding human community.

      Obviously it can be proven over and over and over again that humanity is being given a wake up call and that Spiritual Science is a sure guide to steering away from the dead ends that humanity will pursue and continue to pursue, just as they continue to pursue failed policies. Humanity will continue to pursue destructive inteligence unless the Michael School and all it's various soul participants influence and reverse the illogical tendencies by learning to solidly see them. 

       For it is due to the fact of the mighty force of Light and Love that the brain and Oppenheimer's Manhattan group attempted to imitate and emancipate from the moral setting of the human form, the mighty forces that go on inside the model of the human brain to produce the effects that blasted Saul into Paul. We aren't joking here. No blinding outer light, blinded Paul. It was a blinding blast of inner light that no one else saw that penetrated deep into the encounter and proximity of the risen Etheric Christ, that had already morally and spiritually entered the whole instrument of the apparent dead human form to win from it the blazing certainty of the gods and the great gift of Spirit Man for all of Earth evolution.

      Spirit Man, within the moral framework of slow initiation could certainly filter the mighty force of light and wisely distrubute it, carefully care for it, and focus, nurture and heal with it, provided it is not released in a raw unshielded, unconsecrated instant where humans crassly imitated that which should be striven for with utmost care and depth as the human soul and spirit ripen. So humanity has an immense problem with their lack of ability to find anywhere in the anatomical, biological form, anything to do with soul and spirit.

      But we have proven here on this list that the Trans-Spatial and Trans-Temporal and Trans-Einsteinian physics reality of the human soul is tracked daily through the i am and astral body that navigates in and out of time and with the Angelic community scouts the individual destiny ahead and constantly upgrades our navigation with intuitive synchronistic insights. These are all part of schooling. If you don't school yourself you merely let your children be eaten alive as sausage and meat grinder food for war, for intellectual stupidity, for psychological dysfunction and shattering and destroying the instrument that is the most divine tool ever devised to carry immortality.

      Man as Symphony of the Creative Word.  

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