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  • holderlin66
    From post 11540 The human soul, when it comes into incarnation, brings with it a suitcase full of fire, air, water, earth, personality features and traits that
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      From post 11540

      The human soul, when it comes into incarnation, brings with it a
      suitcase full of fire, air, water, earth, personality features and
      traits that are true elemental servants. These eventually become
      modified well shaped plastic or mobile features of the animated
      personality. Once again please note, these beings are part of what
      we carry within our I AM and karmic package when we incarnate. These
      beings assist us and become integrated into our personality make-up
      until what we see as the type of personality, with their four
      traits, no longer reveals to the eye the elemental, yet the
      elemental is in there.

      Now gnomish, and Ahrimanic greys and predominating depressive
      elemental beings that form the melancholic dominating personality
      trait can be part of the actual ahrimanized and corrupted inner
      vision of the soul that are felt when there are rumors of alien
      Abductees. However the outline I am offering is the solid basis of
      what we carry from the spiritual world into physical incarnation and
      what Buddha carried and freed up and transformed and what we are
      assigned to transform. Part of our job is to humanized and free up
      these elemental servants as Buddha did, when we complete our
      development as humans. We don't get released from incarnation, from
      physical matter if have not acknowledged and learned of these four
      beings and forces in our nature as operative cosmic servants.

      Sanguine Type:

      The Sylph and the sylph type lends the personality terms like dumb
      blonde or shop till you drop joy boys and sunshine girls. Swooping,
      lightness, fun loving and generally in a sunshine mood, the sylph
      would tend to lift the human spirit, bring a smile to a sad face and
      when a little child is in a crying jag, sometimes it is the colorful
      sylph aspect of hidden temperament that must come out of the child
      and the child also gets to know, learns to get to know what that
      laughter triggers and how to understand laughter as a visitation and
      entrance into the sylph style of behavior that has to do with Air
      and Light. Air, light and joy as part of the old sylph being that
      has come with the child from the spiritual world, as part of its
      etheric foundation and can be used as part of its personality trait
      has also a downside.

      Sometimes when this personality trait dominates, we understand that
      the personality, the human personality is being protected by the
      sylph and the human being hides within the sylph light because the
      darkness all around the soul damages the human child and the
      darkness around that it saw when a child forced it to hide within
      the Sylph lightness, the unbearable lightness of being. And we can
      see how this lightness, lack of depth becomes a sort of personality
      crutch for the child as he/she develops. A place where no hard
      thoughts harm and people are given pleasure instead of pain to
      disguise their hurts. A lot of the sylph or sanguine natured adults
      have arisen due to childhood abuses in one way or another.


      holderlin wrote:

      "What would be our shock to see these assigned elemental beings,
      friends to the human soul bring him into certain moods or live
      within certain moods. In the movie "Heart and Souls" you have
      exactly that. Types of elemental beings and experiences still merge
      in the developing child, usually earlier than five years. Now
      taking the idea that Paracelsus gives us, we might have to look at
      our elemental assistants who travel with us and how the child should
      not get stuck in any one of them...but have all of them as his
      friends, advisers and I advise you, dear student to rent ASAP "Heart
      and Souls".

      "Four Spirits haunt the child in this wonderful, warm film,
      called, "Heart and Souls", see it and start thinking more deeply
      people and the condensed etheric beings that are assigned to human
      air, human heat, human fluids, and human teeth and bones. We might
      need these four elemental beings from the sylph, salamandar, nymph
      and gnome community, but we also are not mature enough to understand
      anything about childhood and we can't even begin to connect the dots
      that are offered in such a sweet film, called, "Heart and Souls".
      Yup, Anthro students aren't very aware of much of anything."

      Phlegmatic Type:

      The water nixie and watery nymph enjoices the juices, the tastes and
      the good meals of sitting at fine dining. How do the wines taste?
      What springs and vineyards yield the finest wines? What makes you
      salivate and gets the Water Nymph/Phlegmatic side of your nature to
      rise up out of your physical body, your physical stone base and
      lends you the mood he/she brings forward?

      Teletubby's are the obnoxious little demon nymphs that have been
      fostered by a fast food, phat America, false saliviating taste-bud
      blubber, bouncing, over weight America, from children to their flaky
      trailer park parents, have been made into numbed, television rotted,
      staring vegtables, which is to insult the fine work that the water
      spirits do in vegetables.

      Who fooled the Nymph? Who has polluted her cosmic tastes, our
      intimate human cosmic waters, that Thetis, mother of Achilles is
      famous for? Monsanto and fully failed, misleading and whored taste-
      buds that have marketed supermarket crap that children must eat as
      fads, phat, and foul corporate profits to sustain their lies. I can
      tell you that Sanguine, Choleric and Melancholic natures are more
      prized in our fast paced society than the phlegmatic, steady, nearly
      photographic brain of the overweight phlegmatic is.

      A water nymph teases a young man

      Choleric type;

      Now the hot blooded and fiery choleric, can be found in Emergency
      Rooms and in Medics everywhere. They are not always fiery red-headed
      carrot tops that always stare at you with 'come on, go ahead, I can
      take ya' faces. That fire appears in the soft embering glow of
      Steiner's in depth lectures, fiery Michael forces supercharged his
      blood, where the warmth in his Iron and Light ignited spirit flares
      that revealed clarity where there was gathering darkness. His words
      rang as consecrated light in all directions. Fission, fusion and
      Iron centered sun spirituality cooked Steiner's rich dishes with a
      warm, kindled, human blaze.

      But then again, on the battle front of life, saving lives, from fire
      men and women to police and swat teams to search and rescue on the
      high seas, to special forces teams, you hear the choleric
      shout, 'GO, GO, GO, GO!'. Adrenaline junkies can be found working
      rush hours in restaurants, on the cooking line in the heat of the
      battle, where the grills spit fire right in their faces and they
      spit back. Choleric fire is in all of us, even Tiger Woods breaks
      from his Zen mode to get really pissed off sometimes.

      "Some people – and all narcissists – are addicted to excitement, to
      the adrenaline rush, to the danger inevitably and invariably
      involved. They are the adrenaline junkies. All narcissists are
      adrenaline junkies – but not all adrenaline junkies are narcissists.

      Thus, an adrenaline junkie must have a supply, a feed, which always
      comes with invented excitement, real or invented drama or emotional
      drama queens that have choleric forces in their feeling life. We can
      understand that choleric forces or any of the other temperaments can
      lodge themselves, not only in the will, but in the feeling, and in
      the region of mental aggression. On the one hand solid Choleric
      types are described as closer to the ground, Napoleonic and over
      confident. In a pinch you know that a Choleric will cover your back,
      fight to the death and remain in the game though anxiety is
      everywhere and the odds against you are everywhere a great choleric
      will be the last face you see before you pass out.

      When unable to secure "normal" Narcissistic Supply – adulation,
      recognition, fame, celebrity, notoriety, infamy, affirmation, or
      mere attention – the adrenaline junkie resorts to "abnormal"
      attention grabbers. He tries to obtain his drug – the thrills, the
      good feeling that comes with adrenalin – by behaving recklessly, by
      succumbing to substance abuse, or by living dangerously.

      Such narcissists – faced with a chronic state of deficient
      Narcissistic Supply – become criminals, or race drivers, or
      gamblers, or soldiers, or investigative journalists. They defy
      authority. They avoid safety, routine and boredom – no safe sex, no
      financial prudence, no stable marriage or career. They become
      peripatetic, change jobs, or lovers, or vocations, or avocations, or
      residences, or friendships often.

      But sometimes even these extreme and demonstrative steps are not
      enough. When confronted with a boring, routine existence – with a
      chronic and permanent inability to secure Narcissistic Supply and
      excitement – these people compensate by inventing thrills where
      there are none."


      Melancholic type;

      The cult of the German garden gnome is one of the country's more popular traditions.

      The cult of the German garden gnome is one of the country's more popular traditions.

      The Melancholic earth dominated, nihilistic, Columbine depression,
      Nietzsche fixated, hooded rapper has a sharp wit. Often sees the
      bitter edges, the flaws, the inconsistencies and certainly
      gravitates and finds its deepest kindled light out of darkness. You
      could look at how Rembrandt took the darkness and found in it golden
      hues...as highly interesting.

      The compression of darkness and the usual Adam's family values of
      tatoos, dark flesh piercings, pain, S&M, torture, the daughter in
      the film "BeetleJuice" dressed in black and seeing dead people bring
      the soul into connection with the current cultural gesture of
      XXXXXtreme melancholic and enchained gnomes who must be sentenced,
      as the roots of trees, and mines are strip mined, and earth is
      carved up, the gnomes are sucked into a horrificaly depressing
      computerization of human intellectual forces.

      The Earth spirit gnome, ruled the biting wit of intellectual forces
      and now lurking in the mines and dark regions of the soul are
      Ahriman's horrific hordes. And sucked into the electro magnitic
      sphere, gnomes are compressed into Internet darkness where humans
      fail to see the depth and light that is in the intellect, the same
      as they refuse and fail to see the depths and ROOTS of the universe,
      the soul and the Spirit as the roots of a great Tree of the I AM,
      Yggdrassil. Wagner and Tolkien felt the dark tug of the gnome
      community, wiped out and forced into elemental slave labor within
      the the electronic, hi-tech communications systems, inventions and
      military experimentation.

      Vast bacteria, watery, laser, and hi-tech atomic table forces are
      being whored, harnassed demonized in labs and forced into elemental
      labor and etheric torture to bring epidemics, annhilation by fire,
      radiation, and disrupting earthquakes, tidal waves and many of them
      now merely human generated for selfless political ends from the far
      west. Because the human sylph, nymph, salamander and gnome forces in
      the healing processes of the human being are being trained literally
      as Tolkien described how the elves became Orcs. But the joke is on
      humanity. For these beings are literally ripping into the cosmic
      human model and the safeguards of the human healing systems by labs
      that the American people are paying for so that the surface
      intellect can remain in its ahrimanized slumber. This was not the
      Agel of Light our children came to participate in, but the its
      horrific opposite and it is U, U who sit there and read these things
      that have failed to IMAGINE clearly what is going on.

      This mighty potential and sacrifice of the melancholic gomes, where
      humans cannot think and they merely become the darkness, become
      nihilistic, become dangerous in their own stewing darkness, enjoy
      their selfish dangers, dark drugs and brooding faddishness...shames
      Hamlet and Hamlet is our own Consciousness Soul. Our Consciousness
      Soul does have a gesture and certainly the black suited Dr. Steiner
      and that sort of lecture fad, wouldn't have our usual melancholics
      and deep thinkers, now parading around in Hawaiian shirts now would
      they? Well they should play against type and certainly Steiner would
      not be all tatooed with dark coal tints under his eyes for that
      vampire effect, if he walked into a room today. But Anthros still
      see it that way. Anthros hardly would trust an infusion of happy
      rollicking Michaelites pulling up in their Harley's to give
      conferences and talks. They have to be conservative, sober and
      unable to whip up laughter, joy and all the other elemental beings
      latent in the Anthro, because Anthros just want to gawk and stare at
      the old b/w photos of Der Doctor, instead of revealing the bubbling
      life of the new Etheric Worlds. Eh?



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