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Re: As The World Turns, Or Living with Critical Mass

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  • Steve Hale
    ... Well this is really not in context, but let s just take MKULTRA as one example of what the true Manichean School needs to get fired up about. This program
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      > Yes, yes!

      Well this is really not in context, but let's just take MKULTRA as
      one example of what the true Manichean School needs to get fired up
      about. This program of the CIA was dissolved when Nixon was brought
      up for impeachment due to Watergate in 1973. He immediately fired
      then director of the CIA, Richard Helms, who immediately ordered the
      destruction of all that MKULTRA contained as its program objective,
      which beginning in the mid 1950's was concerned with mind control,
      as well as formulating sophisticated poisons which could be used to
      kill anybody anywhere who was getting in the way of U.S. objectives
      for world democracy. And these poisons were used, even after the
      program was dissolved. Because it was only outwardly done to
      destroy the evidence of a complex plan to use psychiatric methods,
      and chemists to either brainwash when necessary, or kill when
      necessary. Sirhan Sirhan is the best example of the use of
      brainwashing under hypnotic suggestion in order to kill any key
      figure deemed dangerous to these objectives, and Robert Kennedy was
      deemed dangerous for the very reason that he was headed to the
      Democratic primary in 1968, and would have won, and gone on to be
      the 37th President of the United States. And thereupon, he would
      have ended our involvement in the Vietnam War, just like his brother
      intended to do before he was brutally murdered in November of 1963,
      along with the President of South Vietnam as well. And he would
      have reopened the investigation into his brother's death in order to
      find out that it was conducted by the U.S. government itself. And
      this had to be stopped even before he got to Chicago.

      Poisons were developed by MKULTRA under the guidance of the chemist,
      Sidney Gottlieb, and these were designed to replicate either
      indigenous geographical conditions where various sicknesses could be
      duplicated leading to death, or poisons that simulated organic
      failures, such as heart attacks, viral pneumonia, and even cancer.
      And several known freedom fighters died due to these effects,
      including Peter Howard, Carlos Lacerda, and Penny Lernoux; all
      seeking to raise the bar of conscience and consciousness.

      People seem to have forgotten that in 1975, a number of very
      significant events occurred. The first event was the final
      withdrawal of the U.S. from Vietnam, giving the entire country over
      to the communists from the North. They immediately changed the name
      of Saigon, the former capital of the Democatic Republic of Vietnam,
      to Ho Chi Minh City. The second event was the first public showing
      of the Abraham Zapruder film in which President Kennedy is shown
      being brutally executed. The film had been locked away for twelve
      years until the night it was shown on the program, "Good Night
      America." And on the very next day it was sold back to the Zapruder
      family for one dollar. This was, of course, a symbolic gesture.

      The third event was the beginning of the brutal genocidal revolution
      in Cambodia under the rule of Pol Pot, which was displayed in the
      movie, "The Killing Fields", which can be attributed to all that the
      U.S. had stirred up with the war in Vietnam, and particularly the
      decision by Nixon to bomb Cambodia and Laos in 1972. This would
      never have happened if the U.S. had stayed out of Vietnam as JFK had
      determined before he was killed.

      And the fourth event was the creation of the 'Church' committee; the
      House Select Committee on Assassinations, chaired by Senator Frank
      Church, which took the initiative to put the Central Intelligence
      Agency rightfully on the hot seat for sponsoring and instigating
      assassinations against government leaders and other important people
      for the purpose of establishing and maintaining key and
      strategically determined control of the countries of the world
      deemed important to U.S. objectives for world domination.

      And it was out of this committee that the truth of much, if not
      most, of the insidiously evil objectives that reside behind the
      American continent first came to light based on the research
      investigations that took place, primarily toward the real causes of
      JFK's death.

      And Rudolf Steiner knew it, but held it mostly within due to his own
      objective of developing the modern rosicrucian stream, which
      represents the foundation for the manichean stream that must now
      come forth. He knew it based on a very precise and expanded
      description of the two-horned beast given in the last lecture course
      he would ever give; the course to the priests of the Christian
      Community concerning the Apocalyse of Saint John.

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