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US Department of Peace

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  • holderlin66
    Cabinet level Department of Peace and Critical Mass; U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich - And when that critical mass was gained, it was like a phase transition in
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2007
      Cabinet level Department of Peace and Critical Mass;

      U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich - "And when that critical mass was
      gained, it was like a phase transition in the collective thinking of
      society. "


      Bradford comments;

      U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich has introduced a plan for a Department of
      Peace. Dennis uses the term Critical Mass in exactly the right
      context. It is time Spiritual Science stopped hiding behind The
      Etheric Christ event and started defending it. And imagine dear
      friends that we truly actually found, as we have done here, and as
      Kucinich uses the term, that we reversed and changed the Ahrimanic
      Sun paradigm of critical mass, which overwhelmed every, literally
      every thinker on the planet, to bend their knees and worship the new
      god that we raised through manufacturing externally that which was
      wrought in the deepest destiny of humanity. The unexplored,
      imprisoned and mired in religious nonsense reveals a human being who
      could bare and hold in it's frame the inpouring of Light so
      profound, compassion so unlimited and Love as the reality of Law so
      deeply rooted that the i am and the human form was raised to
      critical mass.

      It wasn't a mere external juxtaposition of mechanical pieces that
      sucked light into itself mechancially and rose at Trinity New Mexico
      as unanchored, raw, futuristic, immoral and unsanctioned or more
      correctly as Tom M and I have very clearly noted, unconsecrated
      light, rose at Trinity New Mexico in answer to Golgotha. Of course
      there is no real other way to look upon these issues, save we have
      so many intricate human dilemmas that are required that we wade
      through them, they were required and we are required to grasp that
      we actually did enter the age of Light in 1899 and that the Grail
      Sciences and Steiner's intense researches into John in Relation to
      the Other Gospels, brought physics home into the intimacy of the
      moral reality of Mankind.

      And Kucinich, Steiner, Wolfgang Pauli, Boggs, Franz, Omraam,
      Christian Rosenkreutz, Zarathustra, The School of Spiritual Science,
      Bradford, and anyone with actual foundations in reality, any student
      in Spiritual Science and in particular the Anthro scientists, should
      have transposed the concept of Critical Mass into a completely Moral
      paradigm using Man as the vessel and test that was performed on the
      Trinity hill of Golgotha. The Trinity Hill of Golgotha is a location
      that marks the birth and geographic location of mighty dawn of an
      entire new Cosmos for Mankind. It is a geographic location and
      Steiner makes this clear over and over again, a Geographic location
      of reference for the I AM of humanity. This is not some tourist
      site, it is a point of reference, the pivotal point of reference for
      the birth and dawn of the I AM. That the human instrument as a moral
      imagination of the gods absorbed the full force of critical mass and
      thereby altered the entire destiny of mankind has been shoved under
      the carpets and lost in the thinking soup and soul of mankind for
      long enough.

      What rises now as the new Cosmos of Mankind...well it is best we
      catch up to the pronouncements that the Angels are learning from the
      rise of The Etheric Christ in their realm and reverse the idiocy of
      the whole world's educational steam roller that forces people to
      kneel and worship The Ahrimanic Sun. This immense educational
      fallacy and falsity has distorted human intelligence and will robbed
      people of their life and destinies on earth, has encouraged the
      torture of our fellow human beings and made as humanities excuse to
      worship this subsensible idol that further enslaves the education
      and domination of the human soul.


      "... A week before the Berlin Wall fell, many people heard the
      president of East Germany say on television that this wall will stand
      for 100 years. Nobody doubted it. There was no reason to doubt it at
      the time, but it was only a week or two later that the wall simply
      fell. Enough people realized that that wall dividing humanity from
      humanity was unnecessary.

      "And when that critical mass was gained, it was like a phase
      transition in the collective thinking of society. "

      "I think we're finding all over the world this hunger people have for
      connectedness. Those of us who view the world in a holistic way,
      seeing it as an unbroken whole, understand that there is an essential
      interconnectedness which we all have. And when people awaken to the
      pulsation for peace which is out there, when they hear of programs
      that work to further it, they can get very excited about it. Which is
      why, interestingly enough, this proposal has already gained attention
      in countries all around the world. It's astonishing how quickly an
      idea starts to move, and that's why a university of peace would be a
      prelude to a world of peace. It's interesting though, I've talked to
      people who just look at this and go, "Oh, God, another pie in the sky
      idea." You have to believe in a benevolent nature. We have to believe
      that this world can be a better place. We have to believe that our
      highest aspirations can be achieved. And so, I believe that the power
      of an idea whose time has come is the sphere that surrounds the
      Department of Peace."

      Bradford brought;

      ".....cheats on reality because
      it refuses to see the Imagination of Critical Mass, as the Jesus
      Being offering itself to the implosion of raw higher Light and Love
      that engulfs, guides and nearly shatters the form of Jesus, as the
      full force of the magnitude of Light rests with cosmic loving
      warmth in the seed core of the heart of Man."
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