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Schooling is essential

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  • holderlin66
    Previous mention of Schooling: We now do slowly what Zarathustra did over centuries. We grasp others and our children s etheric being, the science of plants,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2007
      Previous mention of Schooling:

      "We now do slowly what Zarathustra
      did over centuries. We grasp others and our children's etheric being,
      the science of plants, we get clearly the imagination of the astral
      that flow through the animal world, Man and Mammals by Wolfgang
      Schad, understand clearly a New Zoology"

      "We might consider, for example, one of our forearms. The forearm is
      a structure that is present in all mammals but in altered forms. In
      bats the forearm is a wing, in whales the forearm is a fin. Although
      both share the same structure with most mammals, our forearm is more
      like an orangutan's forearm, but its degree of relation is apparent
      only when we compare it to the same structure in a bat. Under the
      analytical mind the forearm, wing and fin are a linear progression
      of three different structures that share the same form and history.
      Under the intuitive mind however, the forearm, fin and wing are the
      same thing, and the process or progression is unknown because it
      cannot be observed."

      "The intuitive mind does not model `Wholeness' and assume its parts.
      The whole cannot be split into smaller parts; rather, the parts
      reflect the whole in certain manifestations. The familiar forearm,
      fin and wing analogy can be seen as three individual parts that can
      be summed up by statements of similarity, or intuitively they are
      seen as the one structure that has three types of manifestations.
      The forearm is present in the archetype and so the archetype is
      present in you. The individual is not a part of the whole, but a
      multiplicity of the whole. The multiplicity is no more than the
      inter-relationship of the archetype. Our forearm is present in
      whales, in bats, in tapirs and in the archetype - the organic or
      biological whole. The different manifestations of our forearm do not
      make them different structures, but the same thing appearing many

      becomes meaningful when two things are compared to a third. Once the
      degree of relationship is uncovered, such as squirrels and rats are
      more closely related to each other than they are to humans,
      intuitive thinking has been established. The rat and squirrel
      relationship is based on the shared homologue. The concept of
      relationship in comparative biology is not based on modelling or on
      hypotheses. Thinking in terms of relationship is an intuitive
      activity. Arber (1954) called this type of perception, intuitive
      perception deriving the term from Goethe's and Schopenhauer's
      Anschauung. Intuitive perception is an active way of thinking."

      Bradford adds;

      Schooling? Most people have no idea what schooling means. We send
      our very precious children into meat grinders of the mind. Pink
      Floyd was certainly right about a sausage factory instead of an
      educational experience. Our children's minds come out into
      superficial ground up materialistic dumbness. Every thing we have
      learned and everything the mall rats, the rock lizards, will be
      unable to grasp, is because we failed to school our schooling and
      see what an awful mess is made of human perception, human insight
      and human thinking. We don't need no education! Well not the kind
      that is being offered and it truly is wretched and Pharmo drugs must
      be enlisted for the poor newbie souls to endure the jibberish and
      ripping and shredding of their little frail impulses. This
      superficialness is desired, is required and it has been set up that
      you willingly and with great fanfare and at great cost send young
      adults into the further drowning of their souls and spirits via the
      giddy choice of what college they go to. They are all bad. All of
      them flying under the same flag of materialistic ripping into shreds
      the bread of the Logos. I wish I was kidding. You wish I was
      kidding... Nobody is kidding here.

      In the above example I teach children in the fourth grade Animal
      block that the connection of perfection where the forearm is
      concerned places Man in the middle of the harmonic systems. Going
      upward we get to various aspects of Wings.. the Bat is a specific
      example that is astonishing. Going downward below through the animal
      kingdom and into the sea we encounter changes in the FORM, the hand
      becomes fin with five fingers or toes like the elephant.

      Here it is important to let in a crack of light, what does a Spirit
      of Form see and how does a Spirit of Form take intuition and Form
      and see into form the reflected field of matter shaping? A Spirit of
      Form is the full glory of mighty Goethean intuitive thinking
      invested with Divine imagination and forces, we see it by the
      application of our own weak, whimpering intuitive thinking that we
      apply. The Spirit of Form IS...And for a time we have paused in the
      range of Animal Systems that Goethe and Darwin could grasp. But we
      certainly would like to clone some super beings based on our failed
      insights of human instincts and the zero reality of understanding
      our i am's.

      Evolution, yes in New Zoology it is clear that the first sketch
      books we find strewn as bones in nature were where the intuitive
      aspect of the gods went into finding the blueprints and systems that
      would create the balanced Golden Mean of the human being divided
      itself into three fields. Divided into a Triad. Tyrannosaurus,
      Brontosaurus and pteridactyl are those remnants of the sketches of
      the gods themselves.

      But when we locate the form forces of the Bronto..we see a digestive
      model that arises later in the modified form of the cow. In the
      pteridactyl, later the modification arises in the form of the Eagle.
      In the Tyrannosaurus the Lion. In Man the digestive will engine, the
      thought engine and the mighty devouring heart engine of the human
      being was pre-sketched by the vast Spirits of Form. In our education
      this triadic system is further modified into Athletic Intelligence,
      brain and intellectual skills, and finally emotional, arts,
      intuitive skills. We want all three in harmonious operation,
      ideally. The intuitive thinking must run through everything. It is
      instant instincts and skills in Athletic Intelligence...and the
      brain and heart interplay into the new organs of the halo and
      intelligence of the new Etheric Heart we have been outlining over
      this year.

      Spiritual Science Schooling can link and guide these observations of
      young minds along Form Schooling and in the very claws, paws, hoofs
      and hands...various warm blooded extensions can be seen and
      understood. Wolfgang Schad followed Goethe thinking and deepening
      our understanding of what Jung, Pauli, Heisenberg, Bohrs, Boggs,
      Oppenheimer, Franz and intimate intricacies of history reveal give
      us the sound thinking of Goethean processes, even within the core of
      real light that was really sought, in real time, at the dawn of the
      age of light and Edison making the light bulb in 1879. Light was
      dawning, etheric and interesting aspects of light were breaking open
      the world of light and matter and sure as shootin' Michael certainly
      allowed counter-intelligence it's due to bring force and clarity to
      Spiritual Intelligence. For without the deadly and deliberate
      Ahrimanic attack on intelligence, without seeing it with our own
      eyes and it has burst forth from human beings, nobody would have
      believed it. Enter Orwellian Realities and Ahriman's handbook for
      cooking humans.

      For it is a question of understanding how the full force of light
      and love could sustain itself and appear when a human being has been
      able to digest the full force of light and love, as much as humans
      could experience such an event. The Goethean science and
      observations must center on the event of the infusion of light and
      the Transfiguration which led to Golgotha. For then the raw light
      that is so proudly and arrogantly displayed in such an ugly,
      unsettling weapon of false idol worship our very own nuclear god we
      worship, was tested and absorbed by the destiny of
      Jesus/Zarathustra, as a future divine field that Christ opened up
      for humanity. It was Christ who opened up the vast window into the
      mysteries of Light and the godhead which allowed America to come up
      with this incinerating poison light that cannot be digested yet by
      human systems in their present state. Christ allowed and tested this
      vast future divine force in an individual long before it was tested
      at Trinity New Mexico. It was first tested and approved with three
      crosses on a hill at Golgotha.

      Schooling? I should say Schooling and interest in reality, intuition
      and how the human spirit works is literally suffocated out of our
      children and it must be stated in no uncertain terms that all forms
      of insight and intuition are shunned, shattered, scattered and
      imploded away from the delicate systems where our childrens
      intellects begin to put things together into their wholeness. And
      that dear friends is the essence of the Grail path and why Waldorf
      still teaches the Parsifal issue in high school. But truly even
      Waldorf teachers have to imagine the utter tension involved with
      these unripened and further biographical questions that will
      literally explode lives around us, cause celebration, as well as
      intimate catastrophe because somehow this Parsifal issue is merely
      taken as some historical poem. It is the very life of the question
      and intuitive soul.

      "Because accurate looking and seeing are crucial in Goethe's way of
      study, he stresses the importance of training and education. He
      believed that observers are not all equal in their ability to see.
      Each person must develop his or her perceptual powers through
      effort, practice, and perseverance. "Nature speaks upward to the
      known senses of man," he wrote, "downward to unknown senses of his."
      If we cannot understand a particular phenomenon, we must learn to
      make fuller use of our senses and "to bring our intellect into line
      with what they tell."

      "Yet Goethe argued that it is not enough to train only the outer
      senses and the intellect. He maintained that, as a person's
      abilities to see outwardly improve, so do his or her inner
      recognitions and perceptions become more sensitive: "Each phenomenon
      in nature, rightly observed, wakens in us a new organ of inner
      understanding."15 As one learns to see more clearly, he or she also
      learns to see more deeply."
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