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  • Carol
    That is the plan stan! Good plan to. Don t know very much how the plan works, but it apparently does work. Initiates, not me. Cute. This brings to mind a
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      “That is the plan stan! Good plan to. Don't know very much how the plan works, but it apparently does work. Initiates, not me.”




      This brings to mind  a description from the ‘Chymical Wedding’ where those who wished to be acknowledged as rightful guests to the Royal Wedding where at a certain point requested to participate in an exercise of self judgment;  for those who failed to acknowledge their weaknesses and thus suffer through a vivid inconvenience,  were obliged to face another trial the following day,  where the weight of their virtues would be placed against an actual weight, on a scale.   If one’s virtue weighed less than the weight on the scale, then the person would fly off, and as a result,  be denied access to the Wedding, and sent home.


      “….After these there came forth a short little man with a curled brown beard, also an Emperor, who after the usual reverence got up, and held out so steadfastly, that I thought that had there been more weights ready he would have outstood them. To him the Virgin immediately arose, and bowed before him, making him put on a gown of red velvet, and finally gave him a branch of laurel, of which she had a good store upon her throne, upon the steps of which she asked him to sit down. Now how it fared with the rest of the Emperors, Kings and Lords after him, would take too long to recount; but I cannot leave unmentioned that few of those great personages held out. However, various eminent virtues (beyond my hopes) were found in many. One could stand out this, the second another, some two, some three, four or five, but few could attain to the just perfection; and everyone who failed was miserably laughed at by the bands.
      After the Inquisition had also passed over the gentry, the learned, and unlearned, and all the rest, and in each condition perhaps one, it may be two, but for the most part none, was found perfect, it came at length to those honest gentlemen the vagabond cheaters, and rascally Lapidem Spitalanficum makers, who were set upon the Scale with such scorn that I myself, in spite of all my grief, was ready to burst my belly with laughing, nor could the very prisoners themselves refrain. For the most part could not abide that severe trial, but were jerked out of the Scale with whips and scourges, and led to the other prisoners, but to a suitable band. Thus of so great a throng so few remained, that I am ashamed to reveal their number. However, there were persons of quality also amongst them, who notwithstanding were (like the rest) honored with velvet robes and wreaths of laurel.
      The Inquisition being completely finished, and none but we poor coupled hounds standing aside, at length one of the Captains stepped forth, and said, "Gracious Madam, if it please your Ladyship, let these poor men who acknowledged their misunderstanding be set upon the Scale too, without their incurring any danger of penalty, and only for recreation's sake, if perhaps anything that is right may be found amongst them".

      In the first place I was in great perplexity, for in my anguish this was my only comfort, that I was not to stand in such ignominy, or to be lashed out of the Scale. For I did not doubt that many of the prisoners wished that they had stayed ten nights with us in the hall. Yet since the Virgin consented, so it must be, and we were untied and one after another set up. Now although the most part miscarried, they were neither laughed at, nor scourged, but peaceably placed on one side. My companion was the fifth, and he held out bravely, whereupon all, but especially the Captain who made the request for us, applauded him, and the Virgin showed him the usual respect. After him again two more were dispatched in an instant. But I was the eighth.

      Now as soon as (with trembling) I stepped up, my companion who already sat by in his velvet looked friendlily upon me, and the Virgin herself smiled a little. But for as much as I outstood all the weights, the Virgin commanded them to draw me up by force, wherefore three men also hung on the other side of the beam, and yet nothing could prevail. Whereupon one of the pages immediately stood up, and cried out exceedingly loud, "THAT'S HE": upon which the other replied, "Then let him gain his liberty" which the Virgin accorded.”




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      "After all, [as] initiates, part of our role is to bring to human
      thinking the eternal thoughts of the gods, and let this spirit
      influence flow into the surroundings, into humanity that is, in a
      truly cosmopolitan (Michaelic) way.

      Hook this up with the action of the etheric Christ in China right
      under the noses of the authorities, and we have a powerful mix.

      Change of age anybody?



      Bradford smiles in agreement;

      That is the plan stan! Good plan to. Don't know very much how the plan
      works, but it apparently does work. Initiates, not me. I have and
      continue presently to clock, Synchronistic events, but as I stated,
      penetrating even deeper beyond the mirroring field...is a daily task.
      Daily we encounter a great deal of systems data, that is, children
      before us, biographical data from others, that mainly only Anthros,
      not yet Jungians, can outline with strictest clarity as to the
      biographical unfolding from childhood and the moon forces through
      mercury, venus, Sun stretch of bio, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn bio
      systems..those are truly intimate insights when we come to understand
      who stands before us. Are they 29 or 33? Have they just turned 19 and
      are they aware that the second pass of the moon forces that built the
      bodily systems and integrated the physical-etheric- astral, prepare at
      19 to dump into the emotional cauldron of youth, what they brought
      with them as i am goals, missions, tasks and hopes?

      Penetrating beyond the wonderful Synchronistic Dance is obviously a
      great boon that places you, if consciously, into a region where the
      new laws of physics and the human soul verify you and certify you
      daily. It is the flashing mirror. Today for instance as I dropped my
      Red DVD into the local mailbox, another person, never had it happen,
      dropped theirs just ahead of me. NetFlix. Can't miss the red wrapper
      in the U.S. Later going into the bank, one of the favorite lines from
      lyrics that I taught Waldorf kids with, "What if God were one of Us,
      just a stranger on the bus, trying to find their way home"...played as
      I paused at the counter.. Now even in our nightly astral Ruckshau we
      can pick up in review those scintillating little flashes that light
      our way through time.

      At my restaurant, we are clearly working with how certain water signs
      are working togther on certain shifts... Presently, by mere accident a
      Pisces and a Virgo manager bring that healthy dawn and dusk healing
      that is used in Anthro medicine mixing. Daily, that which was never
      learned in school, (we have lots of servers attending UT) that there
      is this pattern...constantl y cropping up and at least someone is there
      to point out the connection to the science of the soul.

      Is the workplace merely a place? A void of non-cognitive inter-
      associations rooted in accident? Or, as I point out, all the
      interesting different associations and temperaments, and star rooted
      personalities mingle..surge, and Seeing, past the surface of the
      ripples, we can even encounter, as I recently posted, the now
      conscious knowledge that one of my managers had indeed been part of
      the Aztec culture...no Mexican, a wonderful father and one of our best
      managers. At this stage, it is understanding the forces that we carry
      and deepening, wading into, really wading into Spiritual Science and
      learning to See.

      This is a long way from [As Initiates]. As one of the only people
      schooled not only in Waldorf Education and a Graduate of the School of
      Spiritual Science, finding myself in Texas...the distrubution of souls
      who are actively and cognitively particpating in growing deeper and
      deeper understanding and penetrating deeper into etheric systems,
      astral systems, the i am and catching insights of reincarnation, are
      few and far between. Few, too few and far between. LIFE stands there
      before us..as a schooling to learn to use the tools of Spiritual
      Science more and more consciously.

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