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  • holderlin66
    We must understand that we have serious materialistic science imaginations and Michael Science Imaginations that interface with each other as impositions in
    Message 1 of 49 , Feb 24, 2007
      We must understand that we have serious materialistic science
      imaginations and Michael Science Imaginations that interface with
      each other as impositions in how we understand Synchronistic
      tracking of our soul/spiritual and i am nature. Let's examine three
      of the western pivotal field observations and co-ordinate them.

      Bradford brought previously;

      "Our problems have to do with approaching and translating events and
      reading the intimate light sensor we have planted as our pineal,
      eye, our light sensing, thought sensing and our ability to parcel up
      and divy up concepts and ideas and understand them. The Brain box of
      the Dodecahedron within the brain matrix is that which we brought in
      with us as our point of reference. Our point of reference in the
      material, time and spatial world. Our 'true' birth time seals up a
      navigation point for work with our Angels in our Astral bodies. We
      have our own star navigation and reference point that is part of the
      great organized mapping of the stars inserted in us."

      To continue;

      One such imposition arises from Identity and having created a field
      of magnetic and micro-wave satellite monitoring that is swirling
      like a wall between our self referenced synchronicity and the stars.
      The billions of phones, and karmic locations of those who are
      engaged on the planet, just like the imagination we use for our i
      am, that is located and understood within the cosmic I AM, creates a
      buffer zone between our perception and synchronistic actuality.
      Intelligent people will get the drift and import of this and
      everyone else might want to re-read certain sentences and let things
      sink in.

      The actuality of Jungian laws of Synchronicity and the more accurate
      intimacy of how our i am is tracked...gives a different reading to
      events...it doesn't matter how many little movies, ( one of my best
      friends runs the company that creates movies for cell phones) or
      passing the latest photo of the guy or girl you're drooling over...
      the point is, the mall mentality of distraction, can't find the
      serious roots of reading synchronicty scripted events in our
      environment. Nor can the current batch of human souls be bothered
      with interpretation, save through dramatic catastrophe, to press
      itself through the scintillating mirror of seeming wave or particle
      ripplings with all the intense subjective inner meanings, to the
      foundations of the obvious inner Trans-Spatial and Trans-Temporal
      and Trans-Einsteinian core of our inner being.

      It appears all so obvious to the spoiled techno rock lizard and you
      might as well beat you head against a brick wall it you want mall
      rats and rock lizards to hold in their consciousness the cognitive
      differences of synchronistic events, quantum physics, Einstein and
      Rudolf Steiner's intimate karmic i am. The depth and interest, the
      education and the obliviousness of it all is part of the cultural
      giddiness of the current batch of human.

      All of these conceptual breakthroughs, due to the failure of commons
      sense, the failure of thinking, the failure of education and the
      failure of the Michael School and of course the simplistic clche's
      that moms and dads gulp down and spread around to avoid the bite of
      thought, have failed to maintain the dignity of the eternal,
      timeless and karmic i am, moving in time and staying in wonder and
      marvel at how events in REAL time can, and our i am can, be so
      synchronized with our fast moving, seemingly superfical world
      content that immediate thought and immediate event run together and
      intersect at the observers feet.

      The satellite imposes itself as a new 1st magnification removed,
      falsified star field, that entertains, sends images to my inner
      being, makes me laugh, cry and gives me voices from beyond.
      Technology removes the already superfical soul from any little
      rootlets it had or might have grown. Let me show you what I mean.


      "Kevin Brown, operations director of tracking firm Followus, said
      there was nothing covert about tracking, thanks to strict

      "An employee has to consent to having their mobile tracked. A
      company can't request to track a phone without the user knowing," he
      said. "Under government rules we send random alerts to each phone we
      track, informing the user they are being monitored."

      "All that is needed to trace a mobile phone is a computer with an
      Internet connection. Once a phone is activated for tracking, it
      becomes a mobile electronic tag and its approximate position can be
      followed using the service provider's Web site.

      "Although there was a flurry of interest when the service was
      launched in 2003 from private individuals suspicious about whether
      their partners really were working late at the office, the would-be
      sleuths were quickly disappointed.

      "You can forget about borrowing your partner's phone
      and 'consenting' to being tracked because the random alerts will
      blow that ruse," said Brown.

      "It tracks cell phone SIM cards with accuracy that varies depending
      on the saturation of SIM masts--in city centers the technology can
      pinpoint a phone to within a hundred meters, while in rural
      locations it might be several miles."

      Bradford addressing the Michael School like one would address the
      Senate or House;

      Sure it is nice to see in the U.S. that the President and vast
      computers can spy on it's citizens and that all this will never be a
      safeguarded system no matter who we think is a good person or who we
      vote for in the next election. These technical tools are already
      psychologically undermining souls and only appear to be, by their
      dangers, opposed to the i am system that Steiner pre-empted and
      offered. Steiner's Spiritual Science and it's current value in our
      world grows, save that few of us know how to understand the
      implications of this Spiritual Science and how it interceded into
      our thinking as a spiritual buffer and remains a gift that keeps on

      Our i am system that Jung felt but didn't have the honest capacities
      to evaluate fully, so that we might understand the unfolding world
      of the traffic of the stars and our astral body's insertion into
      what, (Stem Cell Research - Brain stem cell and links to the star
      field of the twelve cranial nerves????) Or most historically and
      most importantly and least understood, how our i am moves through
      the entire foundations of the world as a karmic time being. Jung and
      Pauli found and Einstein remained confused by the reality, that
      immediate synchronistic events arise and billow out of the sea of
      percept time, REAL TIME, and quantum time.

      Men and women who think in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum time are
      thinking and acting in our daily worlds in the Time and ZeitGeist
      laws of I AM reality, not the disconnected, pathetic particle
      chasing military industrial dog-world of science. Micro-wave light
      gadgets and wonderful toys that have had their moral forces
      neutered, just as the nuclear poison light, is only poison because
      it has not been filtered through a conscious developing Spiritual
      Being and has not been studied as the relation of Christ and the
      Jesus destiny to true Critical Mass. Critical Mass like Intelligent
      Design has to be defended against Ahrimanic assaults.

      " For people who have used a modern cellular phone for more than
      2000 hours in their lifetime, the risk of getting a brain tumor rose
      by 270 percent.

      • The study is considered the second that firmly correlates cell
      phone usage with an increased risk of developing certain brain

      • The risk was highest among people under the age of 20.

      • Older-style analog cell phones already have been shown as a source
      of brain tumors, but even with the development of digital cellular
      phones, the risk is still there."

      Trans-Temporal time travel in precise picturing of future events,
      pre-vision, waking dreams, plant the precise astral visual event
      within the i am, sometimes years ahead of the event. It is a fact
      and it moves through the consciousness of our children as they come
      tous at under five and sometimes remember earlier incarnation events
      and different karmic relationships then the ones they have now. And
      ya know what stupid adults, they brought that little precious star
      information with them, and again, stupid adults, it is right for
      them, normal for them to forget it and enter the stream of closed
      cognitive time where they will build up entirely new faculties. What
      is wrong with the commons sense and thought corruption of a Michael
      School that cannot follow these intimate educational models and
      grasp the difference between our i am intimacy and our cell phone

      To look backward in Karma studies that are to this day mocked and
      avoided by Anthros and the rest of the world or to look forward to
      disciplined pre-vision of completely normal daily trivial events and
      seeing them and then walk into them years later are part of the less
      fascinating aspects of human consciousness. But you first must be
      able to remove the entire load of crap that science has burdened
      your child with and you have to look with common sense in your heart
      and even caution that culture is going to impose a spider like web
      of star field imposition over the already superfical consciousness
      you witlessly dumped on your children.


      "Wow! After two years of hard work, we are finally getting real
      convergence in identity land! Today, Bill Gates is announcing has
      announced in his keynote at the RSA conference that Microsoft will
      support OpenID. Here are some posts covering the news:

      Brad Fitzpatrick (Six Apart, who wrote the original version of

      At NetMesh, we've held for a long time that URL-based identity
      (OpenID, with its roots LID, i-names and Sxip), and other
      technologies such as CardSpace have to come together so we can
      really get to an interoperable, multi-vendor, user-centric identity
      layer for the open internet. That's why we helped put together OSIS,
      and lots of activities of that nature.

      Now even Bill Gates supports the same vision! Yippie!! "

      Bradford concludes;

      As members of the Michael School we are to appreciate the events of
      technology, use them, yet hold the different dangers and different
      interfaces and impositions with clear spiritual shepherding so that
      humanity does not create such an overt batch of superficial, trivia
      mall brats that the i am will never even be seen or understood.

      The imposed star imaginations, our internal mapping of who we are at
      supposed karmic star birth on earth, and how we are sucked into our
      little pineal field of Star Referencing or astral referencing from
      within, as we nightly journey out of our bodies and in the morning
      re-enter them, also allows us to fully celebrate our birthdays. But
      as to thinking internally through to how we are referenced daily
      with synchronistic and visionary fields that connect to our swirling
      subjective and subconscious, slumbering awarenesses... this might as
      well have been given to the slaughter house for ground up dog food,
      the seperation of thinking from the roots of individual moral i am
      development is already culturally critical in the consumer driven

      Three points of reference. Three aspects of current reality and
      giddy, silly, hysterical immature permanent 27 year olds unable to
      grow anything but tiny little weak, dry, pale limp roots of the
      soul, that you can hear, see and detect in every voice, tone, and
      system, that most young people are not capable of ever going deeper,
      and adults as well that will never penetrate deeper than 27 years
      old. Because the saps and deeper truths are not required when you
      can have the sugars of instant cultural distraction and
      gratification at your cell phone fingertips. You got an instinct or
      an impulse, you're there! I'm on it! And I certainly don't mind
      instant gratification, especially if we understand Synchronistic
      event timing and reading events with moral interest and wonder. But
      what Spiritual Science and Jung, Pauli and Einstein offered and Wars
      were fought over and are being created for now, is not the sugary
      instant gratification that culture is feeding future generations.
      What is currently being fed through shallow cultrual mass media
      fails to allow younger souls any ability to sustain depth beyond 27
      years of age.

      Synchronicity and the mirror events in REAL TIME maya is one vast
      step inwards and one of the critical points in grasping a Trans-
      Spatial and Trans-Temporal being in a moral universe. Technology and
      the Open I.D. and satellite Angel gods that impose over the soul a
      whole new infusion of placebo false and distracting thrills, that
      has probably already got a chip designed to impose itself on the
      star cranial nervous system and control the stem cell impulses, is
      the Wired Magazine, Ahrimanic imposition of the rise of the fallen
      Angel distractors. A Matrix imposed baby cult who never grew beyond
      the womb but imagines itself in a fully living universe. And from
      this paradigm still look upon it as if our elder brothers from the
      stars were sending us cool synchronistic, materialistically tainted
      visions, which we no longer need to read.

      And of course there are the solid systems of physical, etheric,
      astral and I AM trail blazing. The outlandish clarity of I AM
      tracking and Spiritual Science. The hopelessly neglected, un thought
      through and left in the ditch uselessness of thinking that is the
      cornerstone of holding the i am within the rising of the New Human
      Cosmos of the Etheric Christ who brought the picture of the vast
      accomplishment and radiating deed of Spirit Man up to the gods. Yes
      even so that they could see what great potency the Kingdom of
      humanity will carry into the future. Steiner offered this open
      secret along with all the mystery streams and like Arthur, the Grail
      stream retreated to Dornach as the world went culturally Ahrimanic.
      Steiner crafted the Christmas Confernce and The Foundation Stone,
      work with the laws that even the gods themselves have digested from
      Christ's experience among men.

    • Carol
      Steiner not only got it, prepared it, presented it in the calm center of a world in absolute crushing WW s crisis but expected the Michael School would be
      Message 49 of 49 , Feb 27, 2007

        “Steiner not only got it, prepared it, presented it in the calm center of a world in absolute crushing WW's crisis but expected theMichael School would be able to put the puzzle pieces together and learn to stand up against those who abuse the term critical mass and those who diminish the term Intelligent Design. The mystery streams prepared humanity to grasp the mighty effects of the rise of the Etheric Christ Sun, bringing to the gods the unfolding magnificent seed of Spirit Man wrought in the tragic matrix of Golgotha .”


        But the Mystery streams still keep flowing at full tilt. Steiner took well to his part in all this,   in a magnificent way,  which has me thoroughly and continuously marveling.  And so in a more recent time segment of our humanity’s evolution,  Marie-Louise von Franz, Pauli and little M. Holderlin have dreamed of discovering “the psychological equivalence of the atomic bomb”.  All in good time. (I’m glad you reiterated enough times for me to catch it!).


        I have recently enjoyed forming new concepts which I'm able to do through studying some of the principal spiritual events which occurred during the various earthly/ planetary incarnations. These concepts which I have been able to grasp visually and imaginatively, have allowed me to apply  more appropriate configurations towards  deciphering the life of my inner self; it just so happens that these thought images which I transpose onto my own inner human nature in full realism,  take their reference from events which have occurred outside of my ever present physical reality.


        I am  becoming more pliable to take into myself the formative forces which spiritual science wishes to bring forward into the human realm of clear consciousness, and ones which themselves,  work in unison with the evolutionary spiritual forces active in and around me,  at the moment.


        Reiterated from: Evolution in the Aspect of Realities, 6 lectures from GA #132


        “Since a multitude of sub layers of the soul manage to rise to the surface as does a desire for something which could not previously be grasped, Spiritual science has come in response to this-    ‘nostalgia’ in appearance which emerges from the depths of the soul.  One shouldn’t be too surprised therefore (since all that occurs in the world has it’s antecedent) that spiritual knowledge has come to appease this need, as a soul faculty. “


        “The mystery streams prepared humanity to grasp the mighty effects of the rise of the Etheric Christ Sun..”


        I would more likely say that it’s a magnificent, spread out, natural convergence,  in the happening,  though to get this view, you probably have to be 'watching'  from up close…



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        Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 11:32 AM
        Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: Karl Jung

        „The Psychological Equivalent to the Atomic Bomb".

        "The Heisenberg principle states that that which is being observed
        changes just by peing observed. Physicist Heisenberg made note of
        this phenomenon in regard to say, atoms being observed by photons;
        but its application is nigh universal."

        http://www.psychovi sion.ch/synw/ sealofsolomoninc arnation51. htm#51

        "....during this time Marie-Louise von Franz had a dream, in which
        she was given the task to find „the psychological equivalent to the
        atomic bomb". This is, of course, a very enigmatic challenge. The
        only hint for an interpretation of this dream is a sentence in a
        later letter to her, in which he connects this dream with some of
        his own ones he dreamt during the year 1954. They deal with the
        isolation of a radioactive isotope in a secret laboratory, of which
        Pauli does not know anything at all!

        " These dreams are of decisive importance for the extraction of the
        meaning of a future task I will later call "the observation of inner
        radioactivity" . Here, we will only notice that this challenge seems
        to be connected with the Seal of Solomon, which is itself, as we
        have seen (in 4.3.1), a symbol of the subtle intermediate realm, the
        unus mundus (which we later will call the psyche in its generalized

        "In the context of this dream of the psychological equivalence of
        the atomic bomb, Pauli mentions the fact that in his dreams of the
        last years the light aspect of his anima, which he interprets as
        physical science, became more and more negative, in opposition to
        the dark one, which means the chthonic aspect that became more and
        more positive. As an attribute of this dark anima he mentions also
        parapsychology (and biology). Then he writes:

        "Was das Unbewusste kompensatiorisch zum `Zeitgeist' ... - zu dem
        auch die Atombombe gehört - von uns verlangt, ist ein Spiegelbild
        der Assumptio Mariae nach unten: die Aufnahme chtonischer Weisheit
        aus einem tiefen, dunklen Mutterschoss in das obere männliche
        Bewusstsein. Dies könnte zu einem neuen Gleichgewicht führen
        (während das Aufhängen von Quaternitäten im Himmel mich kalt lässt)."

        English translation:

        "What the unconscious demands of us compensatory to
        the 'zeitgeist'. .. - to which also the atomic bomb belongs - , is a
        mirror image of the Assumptio Mariae to below: a reception of the
        chthonic wisdom out of a deep, dark mother's womb into the male
        consciousness. This could lead to a new balance (while the
        projection of quaternities into heaven leaves me cold)". [emphasis

        " Instead of placing a unitarian, "disinfected" matter principle
        into the spiritual realm of the Platonian Empyreum and by this
        creating an unsymmetrical quaternity in a solely spiritual realm,
        Pauli proposes now that we must look for a compensatory mirror image
        of the Assumption which contains the chthonic wisdom of the
        matriarchal realm. Of course, also this idea we must see on the
        background of his symmetrical or antinomic thinking based on the
        Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics (Niels Bohr) and
        complementarity, with the help of whose he decided "for the
        symmetrical interpretation of the opposite's pair spirit/matter" .

        Bradford sorts some of this out for sluggish reader;

        As already stated and Carol and Steve can certainly catch the drift
        of this, any of us could write a thesis. In this Phase II of the
        Michael School impulse, great, great strides and studies in far and
        extreme regions, hidden letters, and mighty shattering events were
        kept far, far and wide away from anyone putting these things
        together. Specialized branches and personality antipathies
        constantly keep insight from becoming solid. Solidity and serious
        clarity escapes most thinking souls.

        In the above Pauli and Marie-Louise von Franz, can be forgiven for
        Jung's rejection for allowing any possability of eyes even turning
        toward the direction of Spiritual Science. Jung developed an
        antipathy to Steiner and went his own way and rejected Spiritual
        Science. This has good points and shoddy rotten points to it. For
        Wolfgang Pauli and Marie-Louise von Franz were doing exactly what I
        felt I needed to do but I hadn't discovered their struggles yet.
        They had been pressed away from Steiner's Spiritual Science by Jung.
        My struggles and issues of course come years and years later, but
        theirs was in the current psychological atmosphere of events, just
        before and near my incarnation.

        When I connect the idea of Critical Mass to where we should locate
        Critical Mass in the filter of Light and Love from an absolute
        mushrooming epicenter, we must needs, there is no other way, we must
        needs trace the epi-center where human Critical Mass is installed
        and planted in the healthy framework of humanity, there is no other
        path than to connect this Critical Mass to the Transfiguration of of
        the Jesus form by Christ and the penetration of the Cosmic I AM into
        the i am of humanity. In other words, aside from Gore Vidal, from
        our perspective and Spiritual Science and the perspective of matter,
        reality and Truth, is a tale that is "Live from Golgotha".

        Marie-Louise von Franz, Pauli, Steiner and Bradford as well as
        Elizabeth Boggs found that we had to enter into a study that
        was „the psychological equivalent to the atomic bomb". Marie-Louise
        von Franz and Pauli then even were living in the pulse of the
        ZEITGEIST. The ZeitGeist we know as Michael, and the ZeitGeist
        learning experience that they felt compelled to try to understand as
        Light went deep into their inner beings and disturbed, their astral
        body brought back disturbed images into the core of their human

        "Pauli mentions the fact that in his dreams of the last years the
        light aspect of his anima, which he interprets as physical science,
        became more and more negative, in opposition to the dark one, which
        means the chthonic aspect that became more and more positive."
        Friends when we examine the critical experiences that were going on
        at the critical juncture of the dawn of the Ahrimanic nuclear Sun,
        we find that the ether blue mantle of Maria...now excuse me, the
        ether blue mantel of Maria and that which Stephen Clarke and others
        get lost in, THE CHTHONIC, dark mother earth world of symbols,
        Demeter, Persephone.. .all very rich in lore but....but.. .. You see
        at the end of Faust, the bad ending that Goethe makes to Faust, a
        failed ending, lets Faust see the Maria....not that Maria is bad or
        Maria is not part of the soul body substance... .But Jung, Pauli and
        Marie-louise von Franz and the whole underworld and very rich
        mysteries of the dark unconscious world....cheats on reality because
        it refuses to see the Imagination of Critical Mass, as the Jesus
        Being offering itself to the implosion of raw higher Light and Love
        that engulfs, guides and nearly shatters the form of Jesus, as the
        full force of the magnitude of Light rests with cosmic loving warmth
        in the seed core of the heart of Man.

        You want to understand what Pauli and Marie-Louise von Franz
        wrestled with, and what Steiner knew as the antidote to the nuclear
        age? When anyone of us defuses the mystery of the Ahrimanic nuclear
        risen Sun and finds the trail that with full physical, etheric,
        astral and I AM science leads to...it will be „the psychological
        equivalent to the atomic bomb". It is this which is exactly what the
        Christ Event, understood and delivered by Spiritual Science, ahead
        of the dangers of the Ahrimanic Sun IS to the human soul. It is for
        the healthy human soul, „the psychological equivalent to the atomic
        bomb". Only the soul doesn't know that nor does it arrive at the
        interest levels where many souls can sustain the objective
        educational features that have been presented.

        Again, we struggle with the maturity levels of seeing deeply into
        the core of recent ZeitGeist events, physics, nobel prizes,
        Oppenheimer, Truman, War with Iran, Depleted Uranium...souls
        refusing to take the step that Pauli, Franz and Steiner and Jung
        paved the way for. Not only is it incidental that Synchronicty and
        reading deeper event tracking in our daily lives has been run over
        by cell phone I.D. and giddy image transfers, it is rather that the
        signature of the Christ Being Himself or the universal Love and
        catharsis laws reveal that Elizabeth Boggs went through a real moral
        ordeal. Pauli, Jung and Franz were going through real spiritual and
        moral crisis, Truman and Oppenheimer as well as Bohrs and Heisenberg
        went through real moral crisis at the threshold of missing, „the
        psychological equivalent to the atomic bomb".

        Steiner not only got it, prepared it, presented it in the calm
        center of a world in absolute crushing WW's crisis but expected the
        Michael School would be able to put the puzzle pieces together and
        learn to stand up against those who abuse the term critical mass and
        those who diminish the term Intelligent Design. The mystery streams
        prepared humanity to grasp the mighty effects of the rise of the
        Etheric Christ Sun, bringing to the gods the unfolding magnificent
        seed of Spirit Man wrought in the tragic matrix of Golgotha.

        It is called the Mystery of Golgotha and it is truly a study how
        Light and Love is digested and becomes Critical Mass providing the
        soul lets thinking arise alongside subjective development. ...

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