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    Dearest Elaine, --and also pretty ... I didn t know that. Do you mean the kind of occultism that Durward talked about or deeper involvement as I am now
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2000
      Dearest Elaine,
      --and also pretty
      >commonly suggested that Lincoln practiced occult activities.

      I didn't know that. Do you mean the kind of occultism that Durward
      talked about or deeper involvement as I am now suggesting?

      >he kept slaves (in spite of himself), so "life, liberty, and the
      pursuit of

      I think Rudolf Steiner once talked about this "pursuit of happiness"- he
      criticised the concept. It's clear that he was wasn't found of the
      notion from a little anecdote mentioned in his bio (Easton). A young man
      asked him about happiness and life and Steiner replied that we are here
      to fulfil a task- not happiness.

      Though a site dedicated to anthroposophical medicine has "pursuit of
      happiness" in the title: LILIPOH.

      >As for Steiner and the Masonic Initiation, yes, I said "hmmmm...", and
      i do
      >find it weird and curious.

      The rituals that RS designed, that are well- known, are the sacraments
      of the Christian Community, the ones given to students and teachers, and
      of course, the Foundation Stone.

      I would love to tell you more about Steiner's ritual work but that, I
      believe, is in the work:
      From the History & Contents of the Cognitive-Cultic section of the
      Esoteric School.

      I can understand why there may have been some who didn't want the Anthro
      Press to publish this book since it may give some readers the wrong idea
      about anthroposophy and ritual work. We know anthropsophists don't
      engage in any rituals besides sittings in chairs and listening to
      lectures.... and the occasional sacrifice of a chicken.

      The book has been translated. The A Press were going to publish it but
      now do not have any plans to.

      I found out this morning that the translator is now the _late_ John
      Wood. The manuscript is in the hands of a publisher in England.

      >I am seeking/struggling to keep an
      >open-mind, and
      >yet at this point I don't find the Mason's trustworthy(

      "Jesuitism (belonging to Augustine) and Freemasonry (Manichaenism)
      confront each other in later centuries." RS speaks in detail about this
      in 3rd July Dornach 1920 (untranslated.)

      There is a light and dark side to freemasonry, obviously. The good side
      is a manifestation of Manichaenism ( the sons of the widow, the young
      man of Nain.) The dark side manifests as Luciferianism.

      There has been a battle within Freemasonry over the years- Christian and
      non Christian elements. The Royal Arch degree was instituted by the
      Christian side according to my Freemasonry Compendium.

      Goethe of course, was a Mason too. His Fairytale of the Green snake and
      the Beautiful Lily, is a portrayal of an alchemistical initiation as
      given by Christian Rosencreutz.
      The fairytale contains all the secrets of the 30th degree of
      freemasonry RS tells us.

      >the International Monetary Fund)--many of these are, reportedly, 33rd

      According to RS there are 96 degrees in Masonry and it was impossible
      not to become clairvoyant once completing the higher degrees.

      >If Steiner was a Mason, that, of course, does not mean that he was

      In 1904 he says quite clearly that he was not a mason.
      In 1906 he entered into a purely formal relationship with the
      Memphis-Misraim Freemasonry cf. The Course of My Life Chapter 36.
      Misraim is an ancient term for Egypt.
      The ritual I posted is not out of the bounds of possibility.

      He says that since the development of intellectualism Freemasonry has
      had its day, but it will rise again in the future 6th epoch.

      Much Love,
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