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  • holderlin66
    Jung once said that if Americans wished to understand him they could read Ralph Waldo Emerson. http://www.cgjungny.org/quadrant_past.html Death of a
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      "Jung once said that if Americans wished to understand him they
      could read Ralph Waldo Emerson."


      Death of a Princess: In Memoriam, Diana, Princess of Wales July 1,
      1961-August 31, 1997 — Veronica Goodchild

      The untimely death under tragic circumstances of a major public
      figure, a woman, a princess, who had captured the heart and
      imagination not only of her native England but of people around the
      world, is worthy of reflection. The event has sent shockwaves
      throughout the globe, unsettling the very fabric of our being, of
      what we feel we can depend upon and trust. The outpouring of public
      grief and universal mourning somehow stopped the world in its
      tracks, halted business as usual, leaving us to hover precariously
      on the borders of an event that simply does not make sense, that is
      not acceptable.

      Developments in the Concept of Synchronicity in the Analytic
      Relationship and in Theory — J. Marvin Spiegelman

      Since Jung introduced his concept of synchronicity a half-century
      ago, the idea and the word have taken wing in the popular
      imagination and entered into general consciousness. Even popular
      songs make use of it. Despite general recognition and understanding,
      however, there has been little follow-up research into this idea in
      academic and analytic circles, other than to explain it or present
      examples. Marie-Louise von Franz provides a major exception in her
      works Number and Time (1974) and On Divination and Synchronicity
      (1980), which elaborate the concept in both mathematics and fairy
      tales. Another exception is found in the work of the astrophysicist
      Professor Victor Mansfield of Cornell University, who has written an
      excellent book on the topic with many examples and significant
      criticism of the concept (Mansfield, 1995). My own work on
      synchronicity in the transference relationship as a variant on the
      mind-body, matter-spirit issue addresses the topic in the analytic
      process itself (Spiegelman 1996). The following remarks on the
      further development of Jung's concept of synchronicity will
      summarize the work of all three of the foregoing authors and are
      divided into two sections: (1) synchronicity in the analytic
      relationship and (2) theoretical questions. …

      The Power of Pilgrimage: Re-discovering Soul, Self, and Spirit in
      South America — Jeffrey W. Hull

      Jung's concept of synchronicity has always puzzled me. The idea that
      a seemingly random or coincidental event in the outer world could
      hold significant meaning for the growth and development of a
      particular person at a particular moment in time, without
      intervention by the all-knowing, all-controlling ego of that person,
      strikes me as a paradox. Who creates the synchronistic event, my ego
      consciousness as definer of meaning, or a mysterious external force
      that appears to offer me guidance just when I need it most? Perhaps
      the answer will remain a mystery, yet one thing is clear: in the
      chain of events that led up to and included my recent trip to Peru,
      I experienced synchronicity in a way that would do Jung proud. …

      Threads, Knots, Tapestries: How a Tribal Connection Is Revealed
      through Dreams and Synchronicities — Tess Castleman. Syren Book Co.
      Reviewed by Matthew Greco.

      Distinguishing Synchronicity from Parapsychological Phenomena: An
      Essay in Honor of Marie-Louise von Franz (Part 1) — Victor Mansfield

      For more than four decades, writers have followed Jung's original
      formulation of synchronicity, which considered parapsychological
      phenomena as a class of synchronicity. In this essay, I distinguish
      parapsychological phenomena from synchronicity, attempting thereby
      to aid our understanding of both. My argument for the distinction
      has three sources. First, I appeal to a careful analysis of Jung's
      formulation of synchronicity and the writings of Marie-Louise von
      Franz, whose work on the subject is second only to Jung's. Second,
      to sharpen the distinction between parapsychological phenomena and
      synchronicity, I briefly review the impressive modern successors to
      the Rhine experiments in telepathy and psychokinesis that so deeply
      influenced Jung. Third, I clarify some misconceptions that Jung had
      about causality and apply this clarification to distinguishing
      parapsychological phenomena from synchronicity. In this way, my
      distinction is more a clarification than a revision of Jung's
      original formulation of synchronicity. In part two of this essay, I
      show how this clarification harmonizes with a refined understanding
      of Jung's notion of general acausal orderdness. I then discuss how
      these ideas aid the laboratory study of both synchronicity and
      paranormal phenomena. …

      In Part 1 of this essay, I carefully followed Jung and von Franz,
      who make it clear that a major synchronicity is always a significant
      expression of individuation, a fuller articulation of who we are
      meant to be. Thus the meaning that acausally connects the inner
      psychological state and the outer event in a synchronicity
      experience is a numinous expression of the archetype of meaning, the
      self. …

      Here in Part 2, I show that a refinement of Jung's notion of general
      acausal orderedness permits a further clarification of the
      relationship between synchronicity and parapsychological phenomena.
      I then address the question of laboratory measurements of
      synchronicity and conclude with some general remarks. …

      Jung and the Neo-Pagan Movement — David Waldron and Sharn Waldron

      Neo-Paganism, one of the fastest-growing religious movements in the
      world today, has undergone a series of profound transformations in
      structure, belief, and symbolism over the past 50 years. One of the
      most significant is the appropriation of Jungian analytical
      psychology by broad sectors of the neo-Pagan movement and by some of
      its most eloquent proponents, such as Margot Adler, Miriam Simos,
      and Vivianne Crowley. However, the application of Jungian
      methodology as a means of legitimating religious belief is not as
      simple or unambiguous as neo-Pagan writers and conversely, critics
      of Jung such as Richard Noll, would attest. This paper explores the
      appropriation of Jungian theory by sectors of the neo-Pagan
      movement. It also examines the neo-Pagan movement's rather
      ambivalent relationship with Jung's interpretation of the human
      psyche within the broader context of western modernity.

      Mnemosyne, the Mother of the Muses: The Role of Memory in Greek
      Mythology and Religion (Part 1) — Gary D. Astrachan

      This paper attempts to trace out a small portion of the development
      of the notion and role of memory in Western consciousness: the role
      that memory plays in image and ritual in Greek mythology and
      religion. We want to know who and what memory was for the Greeks;
      what was her image and her provenance, her nature and her domain. We
      will attempt to discover how memory herself was seen to work and
      figure, to move and act throughout this circumscribed segment of the
      Western tradition. …

      Mnemosyne, the Mother of the Muses: The Role of Memory in Greek
      Mythology and Religion (Part 2) — Gary D. Astrachan

      In part one of this paper on the goddess Mnemosyne, Memory, the
      mother of the nine Muses, we re-viewed some of the deep structure
      and background of ancient Greek mythology, ritual and religion in
      which she is imaged as the sustaining source for all efforts aimed
      at attempting to come to an original and grounding sense of self,
      individually and collectively. Beginning with a leap to Virgil and
      Dante, part two then retraces Mnemosyne's trajectory from the
      Orphics through Plato and into contemporary literature and
      scientific theory where the confluence of psyche and matter reveals
      the presence of memory as the unifying, connecting and fragile
      thread in the ongoing human discourse and dialogue with
      (in) "nature." …

      Persephone's Path (Part 2) — Anastasia Prentiss

      In Part One of the essay Persephone's Path, Persephone recognized
      her ability to help unsettled souls in the world. When she
      encountered Hades for the first time she experiencd her first
      inkling of sexuality. Because of that encounter she learned the
      truth about her family history from her mother, Demeter. Armed with
      this new knowledge about her family, her own curiosity, and desire
      to fulfill her family destiny, Persephone made the decision to lead
      the "lost souls" down to the underworld. We find her now as her
      mother, Demeter, and grandmother, Hecate, prepare her for her

      Hermes and the Creation of Space — Murray Stein

      Who was Hermes? The great 19th-century German mythographer, W. H.
      Roscher, identified Hermes as the wind, subsuming under this basic
      identity all of his other roles and attributes — Hermes as servant
      and messenger of the sky god Zeus, Hermes as swift and winged,
      Hermes as thief and bandit, Hermes as inventor of the pipes and
      lyre, Hermes as guide of souls and as god of dreams and sleep,
      Hermes as promoter of fertility among plants and animals and as
      patron of health, Hermes as god of good fortune, Hermes as patron of
      traffic and business activities on water and land. Ingeniously,
      Roscher tied all of these functions to the primitive perception of a
      wind god. Hermes is like the wind. …

      … The shocking events of September 11, 2001 prompted Jeffrey Raff to
      explore the problem of evil in the Kabbalah. His study of this
      medieval mystical text provides another confirmation of Jung's
      hypothesis of the paradoxical, dual nature of the godhead, at least
      as that divine archetype is experienced by human beings. Another
      talented writer, Greg Mogenson, in an essay with a somewhat unwieldy
      title, pursues the issue of individuality and collectivity, using
      Jung's and his clients' dreams to demonstrate the profound effects
      of individuation on the collective psyche. An interview by Robert S.
      Henderson of three Jungian analysts who use hypnosis in their
      practice follows. This exchange outlines the reasons why both Jung
      and Freud rejected the use of hypnosis in their clinical work, draws
      parallels between hypnosis and active imagination, and describes the
      evolution of hypnosis into a non-authoritarian form of intervention.
      David T. Bradford writes about the intersection between brain
      functioning, religious experience, and Jungian psychology, in an
      essay addressing the issue of the neurological localization of the
      archetype of the Self. As usual, a number of incisive Book Reviews,
      solicited and edited by Matthew J. Greco, complete the issue …

      Jung and Hypnosis: An Interview with August Cwik, Psy.D., James
      Hall, M.D., and Ernest Rossi, Ph.D. — Robert S. Henderson

      Hypnosis captured the interest of both Freud and Jung early in their
      careers. Jung felt that his reputation as a hypnotherapist was
      instrumental in the establishment of his private practice. Both
      abandoned hypnosis because they could not understand how the results
      were obtained. Freud was also bothered by the erotic transference
      induced through hypnosis. To this day, hypnosis has not been
      incorporated into Jungian theory even though modern day hypnotherapy
      is far different than the authoritative hypnosis that was known to
      Freud and Jung.

      The Last Time I Saw Isis — James Hall

      One last lone lingering lady waits
      Shadow-cloaked, hoping to be chosen.
      Free and anxious to approach, but —
      Hoping to be chosen. Knowing
      The firm sure sadness of her final right, but
      Hoping to be chosen. …
    • Carol
      Steiner not only got it, prepared it, presented it in the calm center of a world in absolute crushing WW s crisis but expected the Michael School would be
      Message 49 of 49 , Feb 27, 2007

        “Steiner not only got it, prepared it, presented it in the calm center of a world in absolute crushing WW's crisis but expected theMichael School would be able to put the puzzle pieces together and learn to stand up against those who abuse the term critical mass and those who diminish the term Intelligent Design. The mystery streams prepared humanity to grasp the mighty effects of the rise of the Etheric Christ Sun, bringing to the gods the unfolding magnificent seed of Spirit Man wrought in the tragic matrix of Golgotha .”


        But the Mystery streams still keep flowing at full tilt. Steiner took well to his part in all this,   in a magnificent way,  which has me thoroughly and continuously marveling.  And so in a more recent time segment of our humanity’s evolution,  Marie-Louise von Franz, Pauli and little M. Holderlin have dreamed of discovering “the psychological equivalence of the atomic bomb”.  All in good time. (I’m glad you reiterated enough times for me to catch it!).


        I have recently enjoyed forming new concepts which I'm able to do through studying some of the principal spiritual events which occurred during the various earthly/ planetary incarnations. These concepts which I have been able to grasp visually and imaginatively, have allowed me to apply  more appropriate configurations towards  deciphering the life of my inner self; it just so happens that these thought images which I transpose onto my own inner human nature in full realism,  take their reference from events which have occurred outside of my ever present physical reality.


        I am  becoming more pliable to take into myself the formative forces which spiritual science wishes to bring forward into the human realm of clear consciousness, and ones which themselves,  work in unison with the evolutionary spiritual forces active in and around me,  at the moment.


        Reiterated from: Evolution in the Aspect of Realities, 6 lectures from GA #132


        “Since a multitude of sub layers of the soul manage to rise to the surface as does a desire for something which could not previously be grasped, Spiritual science has come in response to this-    ‘nostalgia’ in appearance which emerges from the depths of the soul.  One shouldn’t be too surprised therefore (since all that occurs in the world has it’s antecedent) that spiritual knowledge has come to appease this need, as a soul faculty. “


        “The mystery streams prepared humanity to grasp the mighty effects of the rise of the Etheric Christ Sun..”


        I would more likely say that it’s a magnificent, spread out, natural convergence,  in the happening,  though to get this view, you probably have to be 'watching'  from up close…



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        Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: Karl Jung

        „The Psychological Equivalent to the Atomic Bomb".

        "The Heisenberg principle states that that which is being observed
        changes just by peing observed. Physicist Heisenberg made note of
        this phenomenon in regard to say, atoms being observed by photons;
        but its application is nigh universal."

        http://www.psychovi sion.ch/synw/ sealofsolomoninc arnation51. htm#51

        "....during this time Marie-Louise von Franz had a dream, in which
        she was given the task to find „the psychological equivalent to the
        atomic bomb". This is, of course, a very enigmatic challenge. The
        only hint for an interpretation of this dream is a sentence in a
        later letter to her, in which he connects this dream with some of
        his own ones he dreamt during the year 1954. They deal with the
        isolation of a radioactive isotope in a secret laboratory, of which
        Pauli does not know anything at all!

        " These dreams are of decisive importance for the extraction of the
        meaning of a future task I will later call "the observation of inner
        radioactivity" . Here, we will only notice that this challenge seems
        to be connected with the Seal of Solomon, which is itself, as we
        have seen (in 4.3.1), a symbol of the subtle intermediate realm, the
        unus mundus (which we later will call the psyche in its generalized

        "In the context of this dream of the psychological equivalence of
        the atomic bomb, Pauli mentions the fact that in his dreams of the
        last years the light aspect of his anima, which he interprets as
        physical science, became more and more negative, in opposition to
        the dark one, which means the chthonic aspect that became more and
        more positive. As an attribute of this dark anima he mentions also
        parapsychology (and biology). Then he writes:

        "Was das Unbewusste kompensatiorisch zum `Zeitgeist' ... - zu dem
        auch die Atombombe gehört - von uns verlangt, ist ein Spiegelbild
        der Assumptio Mariae nach unten: die Aufnahme chtonischer Weisheit
        aus einem tiefen, dunklen Mutterschoss in das obere männliche
        Bewusstsein. Dies könnte zu einem neuen Gleichgewicht führen
        (während das Aufhängen von Quaternitäten im Himmel mich kalt lässt)."

        English translation:

        "What the unconscious demands of us compensatory to
        the 'zeitgeist'. .. - to which also the atomic bomb belongs - , is a
        mirror image of the Assumptio Mariae to below: a reception of the
        chthonic wisdom out of a deep, dark mother's womb into the male
        consciousness. This could lead to a new balance (while the
        projection of quaternities into heaven leaves me cold)". [emphasis

        " Instead of placing a unitarian, "disinfected" matter principle
        into the spiritual realm of the Platonian Empyreum and by this
        creating an unsymmetrical quaternity in a solely spiritual realm,
        Pauli proposes now that we must look for a compensatory mirror image
        of the Assumption which contains the chthonic wisdom of the
        matriarchal realm. Of course, also this idea we must see on the
        background of his symmetrical or antinomic thinking based on the
        Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics (Niels Bohr) and
        complementarity, with the help of whose he decided "for the
        symmetrical interpretation of the opposite's pair spirit/matter" .

        Bradford sorts some of this out for sluggish reader;

        As already stated and Carol and Steve can certainly catch the drift
        of this, any of us could write a thesis. In this Phase II of the
        Michael School impulse, great, great strides and studies in far and
        extreme regions, hidden letters, and mighty shattering events were
        kept far, far and wide away from anyone putting these things
        together. Specialized branches and personality antipathies
        constantly keep insight from becoming solid. Solidity and serious
        clarity escapes most thinking souls.

        In the above Pauli and Marie-Louise von Franz, can be forgiven for
        Jung's rejection for allowing any possability of eyes even turning
        toward the direction of Spiritual Science. Jung developed an
        antipathy to Steiner and went his own way and rejected Spiritual
        Science. This has good points and shoddy rotten points to it. For
        Wolfgang Pauli and Marie-Louise von Franz were doing exactly what I
        felt I needed to do but I hadn't discovered their struggles yet.
        They had been pressed away from Steiner's Spiritual Science by Jung.
        My struggles and issues of course come years and years later, but
        theirs was in the current psychological atmosphere of events, just
        before and near my incarnation.

        When I connect the idea of Critical Mass to where we should locate
        Critical Mass in the filter of Light and Love from an absolute
        mushrooming epicenter, we must needs, there is no other way, we must
        needs trace the epi-center where human Critical Mass is installed
        and planted in the healthy framework of humanity, there is no other
        path than to connect this Critical Mass to the Transfiguration of of
        the Jesus form by Christ and the penetration of the Cosmic I AM into
        the i am of humanity. In other words, aside from Gore Vidal, from
        our perspective and Spiritual Science and the perspective of matter,
        reality and Truth, is a tale that is "Live from Golgotha".

        Marie-Louise von Franz, Pauli, Steiner and Bradford as well as
        Elizabeth Boggs found that we had to enter into a study that
        was „the psychological equivalent to the atomic bomb". Marie-Louise
        von Franz and Pauli then even were living in the pulse of the
        ZEITGEIST. The ZeitGeist we know as Michael, and the ZeitGeist
        learning experience that they felt compelled to try to understand as
        Light went deep into their inner beings and disturbed, their astral
        body brought back disturbed images into the core of their human

        "Pauli mentions the fact that in his dreams of the last years the
        light aspect of his anima, which he interprets as physical science,
        became more and more negative, in opposition to the dark one, which
        means the chthonic aspect that became more and more positive."
        Friends when we examine the critical experiences that were going on
        at the critical juncture of the dawn of the Ahrimanic nuclear Sun,
        we find that the ether blue mantle of Maria...now excuse me, the
        ether blue mantel of Maria and that which Stephen Clarke and others
        get lost in, THE CHTHONIC, dark mother earth world of symbols,
        Demeter, Persephone.. .all very rich in lore but....but.. .. You see
        at the end of Faust, the bad ending that Goethe makes to Faust, a
        failed ending, lets Faust see the Maria....not that Maria is bad or
        Maria is not part of the soul body substance... .But Jung, Pauli and
        Marie-louise von Franz and the whole underworld and very rich
        mysteries of the dark unconscious world....cheats on reality because
        it refuses to see the Imagination of Critical Mass, as the Jesus
        Being offering itself to the implosion of raw higher Light and Love
        that engulfs, guides and nearly shatters the form of Jesus, as the
        full force of the magnitude of Light rests with cosmic loving warmth
        in the seed core of the heart of Man.

        You want to understand what Pauli and Marie-Louise von Franz
        wrestled with, and what Steiner knew as the antidote to the nuclear
        age? When anyone of us defuses the mystery of the Ahrimanic nuclear
        risen Sun and finds the trail that with full physical, etheric,
        astral and I AM science leads to...it will be „the psychological
        equivalent to the atomic bomb". It is this which is exactly what the
        Christ Event, understood and delivered by Spiritual Science, ahead
        of the dangers of the Ahrimanic Sun IS to the human soul. It is for
        the healthy human soul, „the psychological equivalent to the atomic
        bomb". Only the soul doesn't know that nor does it arrive at the
        interest levels where many souls can sustain the objective
        educational features that have been presented.

        Again, we struggle with the maturity levels of seeing deeply into
        the core of recent ZeitGeist events, physics, nobel prizes,
        Oppenheimer, Truman, War with Iran, Depleted Uranium...souls
        refusing to take the step that Pauli, Franz and Steiner and Jung
        paved the way for. Not only is it incidental that Synchronicty and
        reading deeper event tracking in our daily lives has been run over
        by cell phone I.D. and giddy image transfers, it is rather that the
        signature of the Christ Being Himself or the universal Love and
        catharsis laws reveal that Elizabeth Boggs went through a real moral
        ordeal. Pauli, Jung and Franz were going through real spiritual and
        moral crisis, Truman and Oppenheimer as well as Bohrs and Heisenberg
        went through real moral crisis at the threshold of missing, „the
        psychological equivalent to the atomic bomb".

        Steiner not only got it, prepared it, presented it in the calm
        center of a world in absolute crushing WW's crisis but expected the
        Michael School would be able to put the puzzle pieces together and
        learn to stand up against those who abuse the term critical mass and
        those who diminish the term Intelligent Design. The mystery streams
        prepared humanity to grasp the mighty effects of the rise of the
        Etheric Christ Sun, bringing to the gods the unfolding magnificent
        seed of Spirit Man wrought in the tragic matrix of Golgotha.

        It is called the Mystery of Golgotha and it is truly a study how
        Light and Love is digested and becomes Critical Mass providing the
        soul lets thinking arise alongside subjective development. ...

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