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Re: Kaspaur - Diana

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  • Robin
    Terry Thanks for some back ground on Diana. I remember going to mass the morning i heard of Diana s death. My wife s mother had phoned early to tell us the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2007

      Thanks for some back ground on Diana.

      I remember going to mass the morning i heard of
      Diana's death. My wife's mother had phoned early to
      tell us the news. I went to mass because i wanted to
      be in a group of people who connected to something
      bigger than what i imagined Diana was connected to - a
      mass sad by a Jesuit. i remember the atmosphere in
      Edinburgh and right across Scotland, the UK and other
      parts of the world - she had touched many hearts as
      Christ does. My wife, her mother and i drove across
      to the west coast to Dunoon and to Benmore Botanical
      garden. It rained heavy that day. The radio stations
      did not function to their preprescribed programming.
      The atmosphere had a blackness and shock , disbelief
      to it. This went on for a whole week.

      Every single flower in Europe and N America was
      shipped to Britain for the event, despite efforts
      being made to tone everything down. The senior
      members of the Windsor family were verbally mocked at
      the funeral, to the whole nation, the whole world.
      The Spencer family lied about where they buried her.

      Yes some, a few, mocked Diana as an idiot, the Nathan
      Jesus was considered an idiot by family and friends -
      Diana was very close to having all land mines stopped
      forever, can you imagine one personality achieving
      that. She also connected to Mother Tersa - no light
      weight in anyones book despite her lack of inches.
      Diana also lifted the stenched veil that was
      surrounding AIDS at the time - with her sweetness and
      honesty and child like qualities of fear, awe and
      compassion. held presidents captive and terrified the
      UN and governments as they just did not know what she
      was capable off. Loved by millions and totally
      overshadowed, eclipsed the Windsors.

      Gained more attention in an hour than most of us will
      expeirence in a lifetime. A third child dying at 36
      years old - what might have become of her. if she was
      an idiot why did the Windsor family want her so much.
      and if she was an idiot why were the establishment so
      keen to see her dead. What is true for heaven is
      often a joke on earth.

      The people who i know were preparing for a visit from
      Diana in the summer before she died. One of the group
      is a sculptor. I only made a passing connection to
      the group through a telling of a dream my wife had
      about our daughter. She has 3 holes in her heart - in
      the ventricular wall. And her mitral valve is a wee
      bit not quite right. We took her to see an
      anthroposophical doctor and he successfully treated
      her for 5 years. During that time when we went to see
      him when he viisted Edinburgh - the man who owned the
      house he stayed in when he came to Edinburgh died, and
      was laid out in his coffin in the room we normaly
      spoke in. we went to a back room and my wife felt
      compelled to relate the details of her dream to the

      She said in her dream a women who had come to her a
      few times in her dreams came to her and said that
      Claire heart problems where caused by her coming back
      too quick, not having had enough time to get
      everything just right. And that she was connected to
      Diana and this would become more apparent as she got
      older, she is 8 now. The Dr listen very carefully and
      asked us if we would mind if his wife came to see
      Claire. She did visit and very quickly established in
      her mind that there was no connection with Daina and
      Claire. which whether there is or is not , i was quite
      relieved not to have that connection.

      The only remote connection i have with my daughter and
      Diana is when Claire was conceived , something i was
      very aware off, and told my wife and a friend she was
      pregnant 10 days before she was confirmed as
      preganant, i was even aware of the momment of
      conception as i was with my 3rd child. I cant
      remember so much with my oldest child who is 25 now.
      But the only remote connection i have is that at
      conception Diana fever calmed right down, and her
      brother said publicly on the week of Claire's
      conception that it was time to let her, Diana, go and
      release her soul. And for the first time in 4 1/2
      months the hysteria following Diana's death disappated
      away into the ether.

      As for Diana's connection to Kaspaur i see feel it as
      obvious but have not translated that into words - it
      feels right but i have not put it into words.

      Thank you, Robin

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