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Re: Survival and the Good Movies

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  • holderlin66
    Pleasant surprise - Robert Altman s direction of A Prairie Home Companion Asphodel, who became an angel after she died (which raises serious theological
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 3, 2007
      Pleasant surprise - Robert Altman's direction of "A Prairie Home

      "Asphodel, who became an angel after she died (which raises serious
      theological problems if one is to pursue the logic) speaks of her
      earthly activities: "I come to do His work ... and praise His holy
      name." Yet mingled with her worshipful job description are other
      more questionable claims. "[I put] tears on statues," she says. "One
      time I put the face of the Lord on a bowl of oatmeal. But mostly I
      just take people up to see God." When a man dies, she tells a
      mourner that "every sparrow is remembered." Later, she asks a man if
      he knows about "fullness of time in the spirit, which upholds and
      sustains us all in this world. Amen."


      "...now I am become [Garrison Keillor], the destroyer of worlds..."

      "So spake J. Robert Oppenheimer, the scientific director of
      the "Trinity" explosion, the first test of a nuclear weapon.
      Granted, he actually said "Shiva," but you would forgive Oppenheimer
      the flub had you both seen the ambiguously profound and disturbingly
      dark new Robert Altman joint, A Prairie Home Companion. The film,
      based on the Garrison Keillor-hosted NPR variety show of the same
      name, is more than meets the eye.


      "But you have probably read fewer items that discuss how Keillor
      stares somewhat unnervingly at a teenage girl who was, in effect,
      conceived as a result of his inattentive driving, or that the film
      features an eerily acted angel of death who, in her life on Earth,
      was killed in a car accident brought on by a particularly funny
      Garrison Keillor joke on A Prairie Home Companion."

      Bradford comments;

      I hardly expected the rich theme that emerged from the new Robert
      Altman film, "A Prairie Home Companion". The entire theme of the
      taping of one standard Garrison Keillor show revolves around a dead
      soul, a soul who died while listening to Prairie Home Companion, who
      hovers around the show and is assigned to take souls through the
      portal of death. To ease their transition. Few people are able to
      see this warm soul spirit being, save those who have deeper
      intution. Intuition warmed by spiritualized heart forces. Think
      about this carefully.

      I was surprised because I was never satisfied with the bold theme
      of "Angels in America". "A Prairie Home Companion" gives the
      intuitive heart a great deal more satisfaction and a lot less

      But knowing the warm humanistic core of the many Waldorf Schools
      that sprinkle the Minnosota and North Dakota region and the
      Norwegian and Lutheran Norse reality that hovers with American
      Archangelic roots over the Paul Bunyan region where "A Prairie Home
      Companion" and Lake Wobegone arises from, I was pleasantly surprised
      to see the rich theme of the dead and the neighborning spiritual
      world weave into this wonderful film.

      To study language and culture pockets in America is to grasp with
      cognition, different regions in America that have collected ethnic
      and etheric group qualities. The solid Norse mythologies that I have
      truly admired and studied and continue to study reveal a pocket of
      thriving Norse and Archangelic inspiration that can be followed
      clearly from Steiner's lectures on the Folk Souls to the etheric
      qualities that Garrison Keillor represents.

      Martin Luther King Jr. was a representative of the etheric and
      ethnic vast humanistic and Consciousness Soul group, the Archangelic
      group voice, of the rising Afro-American and human culture. His
      danger to the establishment was from the saturation and rich etheric
      roots of the mighty pool of gospel and religious forces that were
      buried in the long, long suffering songs and souls of the African
      Americans. His danger to the establishment was that his voice,
      thinking and leadership opened a direct line to the moral rising
      cosmos of the Etheric Christ Being. He was murdered to remove the
      focus that pointed directly, intelligently, through the sharp
      intellectual soul, and rising Consciousness Soul, a pathway to the
      moral human cosmos humanity is creating.

      This is all common sense and grasping with our understanding the
      rich subject matter presented in The Folk Soul lectures by Steiner
      and following those qualities into the heart of common sense America.

      Garrison Keillor has held a voice, an ethical and moral common
      sensical voice of the pocket of transplanted Norse impulses that
      live strongly in a certain geographic region of the United States.
      Geographic, biogregionalism arises from the accent and different
      dialects that we hear in the tone of voice. This peculiar regional
      tone of voice, very specific in Minnesota was brought out in the
      film "Fargo". Now this is one method of approaching the lecture
      Steiner gave on the Folk Souls. The Folk Souls lectures dove tail
      right into understanding bioregionalism and the etheric qualities of

      Just as Gandhi brought that same moral and intellectual soul
      cohesion and rode on the vast compassion and warmth of the Hindu
      culture. He was murdered for his strength of cogntion. We as
      students of Spiritual Science flounder in these regions and can't
      seem to grasp how things and why things have come about.

      We could walk anyone interested into the pockets in America where
      the dialect, accent, regional expressions, from south, north, east
      or west, when human beings hear it....gives rise to the
      bioregionalism, as a term, which means the etheric qualities that
      enter the voice and weave in the soul of various people born in
      different regions. These observations all have to do with
      Archangelic studies and effects that have migrated from Europe to
      pockets in America.

      The German pockets in Ohio - The recollected Cuban language spirit
      in Florida as well as the Jewish migration to Florida. The TexMex
      mingling of language and etheric qualities is very much an ongoing
      theme under the intellectual heading of immigration and border
      crossings. The Italian language forces of Frank Sinatra, New Jersey
      and New York, little Italy. Chinese pockets in China town and out
      west. Robert Redford digested his American Romantic Image and now
      sits in the west with ranches, horses, The Sun Dance
      Kid...representative of new film makers and new imagination and
      voices over the world.

      Jeff Foxworthy has done more for the healing and self awakening
      forces through humor as a commedian, for the army of Redneck trailer
      trash that swirls in sentient soul ignorance all through America, as
      the result of poor jobs, bad education and American neglect.
      Foxworthy became for a time the only voice that could stir
      introspection required by all those lost in the toilet of the
      American sentient soul. And it all had to do with Redneck Southern
      tendencies that reveal the hypocrisy and suffocation of the soul.
      Johnny Cash, also the voice of the redemptive field of sentient soul
      of redneck America.

      These bridged mysteries of how to enter and digest the Archangelic
      and Angel regions where we are living in the far West and the
      imaginations of the spiritual world that continue to pour into our
      culture is hardly at all grasped by the Anthro in his stupor. The
      Anthro should be out in front and seeing the road ahead and able to
      stand, just as Kaspar Hauser was born on Michaelmas, locked away for
      twelve years, a critical twelve years and murdered at twenty-one, so
      too the history and thread of Grail Schooling is constantly blunted
      and thwarted by the very students of Michael who should be
      supporting the constant vision of the spiritual worlds.


      "A movie convention, this angel called Dangerous Woman (Virginia
      Madsen) was once Lois Peterson, a fan who fatally crashed her car
      listening to PHC on the lonely way to a rendezvous with lover Larry.
      Usually visible solely to a vain Noir who thinks to charm her
      beauty, she gradually appears to select others, too, to "open heart
      [s] to the fullness of time and spirit, love" and ease their
      inevitable journey. Too consciously ethereal, she will however prove
      useful in the practical plot world, such as it is. By way of a
      perhaps not entirely innocent remark of hers, the film steers clear
      of what threatens to be the icky resolution of melting heartless
      Axeman through a reunion with his younger days Dukes of Rhythm band.

      The Altman eye for quirks and throwaway details like Dusty's Man
      With No Name stogie and Kiellor's wise wry observation of his
      fellows' deep-down goodness, are what carry this crafted piece."
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