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Re: Check out Militarized America Is Approaching Spiritual Death

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  • holderlin66
    America, Britain, Israel and obscure locations around the globe are daily serving up Sorathian, inhuman, torture to fellow human beings. Folks we are not in a
    Message 1 of 47 , Jan 24, 2007
      "America, Britain, Israel and obscure locations around the globe are
      daily serving up Sorathian, inhuman, torture to fellow human beings.
      Folks we are not in a WAR, this is a complete fabrication developed
      to hijack the 21st century. The assault on the Angelic community
      today, the assualt in the SS in the School of Sorath, rips back to
      Aztecian attacks...and starts to gain the most profound nastiness
      through the Templars, Philip the Fair and the Inquistions and
      launched itself in earnest out of Gondishapur. It was the Moslem
      world that had blunted the attacks of Sorath, but today, America,
      the land where the Ahrimanic Sun is worshipped, along with Britain
      and Israel are once more forces Consciousness and human striving
      into a hostage crisis not unlike how the church was held hostage.

      "Eventually, the Swastika sun-symbol ended up crushed between two
      lands of the star: the ahrimanic blue of the west (USA) and the
      luciferic red of the east (USSR). The culmination of horror was
      reached in the absolute destruction wreaked in 1945, which came to
      be called Year Zero and which was marked by Hitler's infamous "Nero-
      order" to destroy everything in Germany, and also by the A-bombs,
      which in an instant turned living human beings into shadows.
      Sorath's national tools in these years, Germany, Japan, and Italy,
      which should and could have been Sun-lands, were led into
      destruction by him between the new continental superpowers of East
      and West. We can thus see 1933-1945 as 12 years which heralded the
      arrival of the Beast - his own apocalyptic trumpets blared. Those 12
      years were truly apocalyptic in the biblical sense. We should
      remember, however, that the darkest shadows only appear because of
      the arising of the greatest light, and that greatest light, after
      1933, was the beginning of the Second Coming of the Christ in the
      etheric world.


      "In his 1908 lectures on the Apocalypse Rudolf Steiner shows that
      the name of this third Beast is S-v-r-t, (Sorath/Surath) the Sun
      Demon. (60-6-200-400 in kabbalistic gematria) This name is related
      to Sura and Asura, Ahura. Ernst Bindel notes that it is the short
      form of Suriel (My company is with God) Sarhapanim (Angel of the
      Face of God). From Suria comes the feminine form Suriath. This
      being originally had the task of guarding the sunlight during the
      night and returning it to God in the morning.(1) In kabbalistic
      esotericism the name S-v-r-t also means: Samech (physical body), Vau
      (life body), Resh (feeling body), Tau (earthly ego) i.e. the four
      lower members of Man. Rudolf Steiner also shows that the events of
      the Apocalypse of St. John refer not exclusively to the present
      time, as many believe, but rather, to the last period of the seven
      great stages of earth evolution, which lies far in the future.
      However, there is a sense in which our own time is a kind of
      prefiguring of that distant epoch. A resonance of that time occurs,
      when humanity is faced with the choice between the two-horned beast
      and the Lamb.(2)

      Two Contrary Trinities

      It is important to understand that Sorath is not Ahriman, the
      spiritual inspirer of modern materialism. Rudolf Steiner spoke of
      Sorath before Ahriman: Sorath on 27 April 1907 (GA96 untranslated)
      and 21 Oct 1907 (GA101 typescript Z306) (3) and Ahriman for the
      first time on 1 Jan 1909. Sorath stands behind Ahriman and Lucifer
      as Christ's shadow, inspiring them. At his Transfiguration Christ
      stands between the Old Testament figures of Elijah and Moses, the
      embodiments respectively of strength and wisdom, of Sun-Mars, and
      Moon-Mercury. In the New Testament Christ also stands in a certain
      sense with Peter and John on either side of him. These two human
      disciples become the progenitors of two different streams of
      Christianity: the orthodox, even worldly Petrine Christianity which
      has tended to harden into dogmas and outer forms - the
      institutional strength of the Catholic church which is above all a
      church of Will - and the more esoteric, sometimes even otherworldly
      and more mystical and mercurial stream of Johannine Christianity,
      the Christianity of cosmic wisdom. Christ has also been aided by two
      mighty supersensible disciples, Sun Archangel Michael and Moon
      Archangel Gabriel. We should recall how Rudolf Steiner indicated
      that the Moon religion of Islam, inspired by Gabriel, played a
      vital part in blocking much of the Sorathically-inspired knowledge
      that was about to flood Europe from the Academy of Gondishapur after
      the year 666.

      Sorath, the counter-sun force, also has his two servants: Lucifer
      and Ahriman, whom we can see as having a relationship to the forces
      of strength and wisdom. Just as the archangels Michael and Gabriel
      have had their periods as guardian beings of certain nations and
      peoples as well as being Time Regents for certain epochs of human

      Bradford brought previously;

      "We are required to not support human souls who are in the throes of
      utter delusion but rather offer our heartfelt common sense and
      maintain our thinking guardianship. A guardianship of not only our
      loved ones, but guarding against the full blown attacks from
      medicine and creeping Orwellian mandates that assault the Angelic
      community through torture."


      "For almost 60 years, the evidence of Britain's clandestine torture
      programme in postwar Germany has lain hidden in the government's
      files. Harrowing photographs of young men who had survived being
      systematically starved, as well as beaten, deprived of sleep and
      exposed to extreme cold, were considered too shocking to be seen.
      As one minister of the day wrote, as few people as possible should
      be aware that British authorities had treated prisoners "in a manner
      reminiscent of the German concentration camps".

      Many other photographs known to have been taken have vanished from
      the archives, and even this year some government officials were
      arguing that none should be published.

      The pictures show suspected communists who were tortured in an
      attempt to gather information about Soviet military intentions and
      intelligence methods at a time when some British officials were
      convinced that a third world war was only months away.

      Others interrogated at the same prison, at Bad Nenndorf, near
      Hanover, included Nazis, prominent German industrialists of the
      Hitler era, and former members of the SS.
      At least two men suspected of being communists were starved to
      death, at least one was beaten to death, others suffered serious
      illness or injuries, and many lost toes to frostbite.

      The appalling treatment of the 372 men and 44 women who were
      interrogated at Bad Nenndorf between 1945 and 1947 are detailed in a
      report by a Scotland Yard detective, Inspector Tom Hayward. He had
      been called in by senior army officers to investigate the
      mistreatment of inmates, partly as a result of the evidence provided
      by these photographs.

      Insp Hayward's report remained secret until last December, when the
      Guardian secured its release under the Freedom of Information Act.
      The photographs seen here were removed before the Foreign Office
      released the report, apparently because the Ministry of Defence did
      not wish them to be published. That decision was reversed last week,
      following an appeal by the Guardian.

      One of the men photographed, Gerhard Menzel, 23, a student, was
      arrested by British intelligence officers in Hamburg in June 1946.
      He had fallen under suspicion because he was believed to have
      travelled to the British-controlled zone of Germany from Omsk in
      Siberia, where he had been a prisoner of war. His weight, measured
      several weeks after his arrest at 10st 3lb, had fallen to 7st 10lb
      by the time he was transferred from Bad Nenndorf to a British-run
      internment camp eight months later.

      In the meantime, he told Hayward, his hands had been chained behind
      his back for up to 16 days at a time, periods during which he was
      repeatedly punched in the face. He had also been held in a bare,
      freezing cell for up to two weeks at a time and doused in cold water
      every 30 minutes from 4.30am until midnight, a practice the
      detective discovered to have been common.

      A doctor at the internment camp reported that Mr Menzel was one of a
      group of 12 inmates transferred from Bad Nenndorf, all emaciated and
      dressed in rags. Previous arrivals had also been half-starved. Some
      had facial scars, apparently the result of beatings. A few had scars
      on their shins, said to be the result of torture with shin screws
      which had been retrieved from a Gestapo prison at Hamburg.

      Mr Menzel "was only skin and bones," the doctor wrote. "He could
      neither walk nor stand up without assistance, and could only speak
      with difficulty because his tongue and lips were swollen and broken

      "It was impossible to take his body temperature because it was not
      higher than 35 degrees Celsius and the thermometer only starts at

      The prisoner was also confused, anxious and suffering memory loss,
      his lungs were badly infected and his blood pressure was dangerously
      low. Only after being washed, fed and heated with lamps could his
      body temperature be raised to 36.3C, but the doctor feared his
      chances of survival were slim.

      Another man pictured, Heinz Biedermann, 20, a clerk, had been
      arrested in October 1946 because he was in the British zone, while
      his father, who lived at Stendal in the Russian zone, had been
      identified as "an ardent communist". By the time he was transferred
      from Bad Nenndorf four months later his weight had fallen from 11st
      3lb to 7st 12lb. He said he had been held in solitary confinement
      for much of the time, threatened with execution, and forced to live
      and sleep in sub-zero temperatures while barely clothed.

      One British army guard told Inspector Hayward that Mr Biedermann
      had "wasted like a candle" during his imprisonment. Another, a
      private in the Essex Regiment, told the detective that he complained
      that he and his comrades were behaving as badly as Germans. "I
      became very unpopular after this ... the sergeant appeared to take a
      poor view of my remarks."

      On Mr Biedermann's transfer to the internment camp, an officer at
      Bad Nenndorf requested he be detained "for an adequate time" to
      prevent him giving the Soviets "detailed information on this centre
      and methods of interrogation".

      Foreign Office records show that the navy officer commanding the
      internment camp, Captain Arthur Curtis, was so shocked by the
      condition of the men being sent to him that he ordered these
      photographs be taken to support his complaints about the treatment
      of these "living skeletons". Photographs of several other prisoners,
      taken at the same time, appear to have vanished from the Foreign
      Office files.

      On the other side of the British zone, meanwhile, a Royal Artillery
      officer was complaining about the state of Bad Nenndorf inmates who
      were being dumped from a truck at the entrance to a military
      hospital. Some weighed little more than six stones, and two died
      shortly after their arrival.

      The records show that Bad Nenndorf was run by a War Office
      department called the Combined Services Detailed Interrogation
      Centre (CSDIC).

      By late 1946, CSDIC appears to have lost interest in Nazis, and was
      targeting communists. It appears the prisoners were questioned about
      Soviet methods and intentions, rather than about the Communist party

      Some of Bad Nenndorf's inmates were indeed spying for the Soviets:
      one prisoner, who was half-Norwegian and half-Russian, told Hayward
      he was an officer in the NKVD, the predecessor of the KGB, and had
      been operating continuously in Germany since 1938. Another, a German
      journalist who had been freed by the Soviets from a Gestapo prison,
      was caught flying into Croydon aerodrome with false British papers.
      Both men were starved and badly tortured.

      Others clearly were not spies, however. One man who was starved to
      death was a gay ex-soldier caught with forged papers while crossing
      into the British zone in search of his lover, while the other was a
      young German who was being interrogated because he had volunteered
      to spy for the British in the Russian zone, and was wrongly
      suspected of lying because of an official error over his medical

      Four British officers were court martialled after Hayward's
      investigation. Declassified documents show that the hearings were
      held largely behind closed doors to prevent the Soviets from
      discovering that Russians were being detained.

      Another consideration was admitted to be the determination to
      conceal the existence of several other CSDIC prisons. While it is
      now known that one interrogation centre was in central London,
      little is known about those in Germany, other than their locations.

      Following the courts martial, the prison at Bad Nenndorf, which was
      in a converted bath-house, was replaced with a purpose-built
      interrogation centre near an RAF base at G├╝tersloh, and orders were
      issued for inmates to be examined by a doctor before interrogation.
      It is unclear when this centre closed.

      The only officer at Bad Nenndorf to be convicted was the prison
      doctor. At the age of 49, his sentence was to be dismissed from the
      army. The commanding officer, Colonel Robin Stephens, was cleared of
      a charge of "disgraceful conduct of a cruel kind" and told he was
      free to apply to rejoin his former employers at MI5."
    • Larry
      ... What do you mean, what is this seduction? Second-rate step sister, I don t get it. - Larry
      Message 47 of 47 , Mar 30, 2007
        Bradford wrote:

        > Ah, yes, Ahriman has been around since Atlantis of course IT has
        > Carol, you are right. However we are in it thick now. We are in the
        > thick of it now. Michael is in it thick which means we are in it thick
        > and precisely in the Second Wave of Michael crew fighters, in the
        > thick of it...and so far, it remains limp, semi-passionless and unable
        > to refuse the seduction of placing Anthroposophy as some second rate
        > step sister only good enough to clean toilets, like some untouchable
        > of India.

        What do you mean, what is this seduction? Second-rate step sister,
        I don't get it. - Larry
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