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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: SEX

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  • Danny F.
    ... The truth is, that I spoke of the masculine and the feminine as a balance of the etheric versus the physical, thus androgyne-like virtual state of man,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2000
      --- DoctorStarman@... wrote:
      > > Sexual doesn't have to mean sensual eg. the plant world. >>
      > *******I believe if you look at Steiner on botany you will find the
      > doctor
      > saying repeatedly that calling the plant's parts "sexual" organs is
      > entirely
      > wrong and an inappropriate and illusory extension of an astral
      > reality to the
      > etheric where it does not belong; in other words the truth is the
      > opposite of
      > what Danny said,

      The truth is, that I spoke of the masculine and the feminine as
      a balance of the etheric versus the physical, thus androgyne-like
      virtual state of man, something that will come to be ever more
      manifest the more we will go towards reproduction by mean of the
      organ of the throat. Plus we also have to recall the alchemical lore
      regardingthe "sexual" aspect of the minerals. I came to think also
      that this is the etheric radiating in the astral that would lead
      to sexual hunger, and when the sexual activity has been enacted
      the etheric to get weakened and the astral to feel relax and relieved
      from the etheric tension over it. Sexuality is a reaction or a result
      of the astral according to the freedom and thinking that has arised
      through Lucifer at the Lemurian time by the separation of the sexes,
      leading also to the faculty of speech. Sexuality because of the
      astral, but not a sexual male and female thing in itself, the astral
      is more of a formative force that come to be objective(see the
      with the thinking reaching to reality) in the positive/negative,
      male/female that we know on earth, the physical versus the etheric,
      forms that keep their form but still are transitory. The astral could
      not be a vehicule of freedom if that kind of tension would be found
      in it, it has to be free from it, and indeed the more you are free
      from it the more freedom for you there is, you will your desires may I

      say. Sexuality comes as an instinct, instinct is something more of
      an automatic and urge nature, far from freedom. The good astral
      experience a good continuity, and leading to initiation when will
      strong in it is enacted and the sense free to arise, thus the need
      of ascetism, never seen ascetism that include much sexuality really,
      for ascetism is a quality of the astral towards spirit-self, hence
      initiation. I'm sure someone here must have read that one of the
      effect of initiation is an heightened etheric thus a more powerful
      sexual drive at some point, but when the astral is strong enough
      supported by the ego, the etheric can be "contained" and it's activity
      of light and tension as well, on the body can be experienced has a
      greatly heightened mobility of the body.

      the mineral and plant (physical & etheric) are NOT
      > sexual,
      > where the astral IS... as can be seen in the protozoa, on the
      > etheric/astral
      > border, where reproduction is still asexual... animals and men are
      > sexual, so
      > any astral being might be expected to be (e.g., Zeus, Hera, etc.)...
      > even the
      > Father, MOTHER (Holy 'Spirit' or Pneuma, originally the feminine
      > principle)
      > and Son...
      > Dr. Starman

      We are sexual because of the astral, not having male/female polarity
      in itself, for this is the reciprocal relation of the physical and
      the etheric, that gets only "activated" by an astral body. The
      and vegetables don't have an astral, but astral formative forces from
      spirituals being uttering sounds(words) does create them. Probably why
      also plants are healing agents for there must be a cosmic relation
      with the formative forces that created our different organs and the
      plant world, so it is with the minerals also. With Spiritual Science
      certainly will rise in the future a great cosmic medical and
      evolutionnary science of the substances in the light of the spirit,
      but the first step does still certainly remain the Christ, beginning
      and end, Alpha and Omega. Let us be 'formed' by Him, as children of
      the Sophia, hand in hand, with our supersensible humanity found,


      "Anthroposophy does not want to impart knowledge.
      It seeks to awaken life."

      --Rudolf Steiner

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