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  • holderlin66
    Bradford comments; Of course what Steve Hale has indicted below is correct. So let s place the current year 2007 where the three big M s Medicine Pharmo,
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      Bradford comments;

      Of course what Steve Hale has indicted below is correct. So let's
      place the current year 2007 where the three big M's Medicine Pharmo,
      Military and Media, are entitled to make preemptive, horrific,
      torturing war on economies and global resources, because the
      Ahrimanic delusions in the souls of men are so strong in the U.S.,
      Britain and Israel, that common westerners can comfortably sit back
      and fail to realize that we have hired governments, our own, to
      murder people daily and in large swaths so that corporate military
      greed and borrowed or stolen comforts can numb the soul. We are
      currently, at least in America, living off the murder of the middle
      east, just as Nazi Germany was living off the murder of the Jews.
      But our failed humanity just doesn't care.

      Of course STeve is right, OIL, hell it is immoral lies and the
      atmosphere that supports the growth of sorathian butchery and
      outright torture chambers that attack the Angelic Kingdom and rip,
      via torture, vast tracts of hidden information from the bordering
      Angelic and human community, via, making humanity accept the
      beastliness of the soul...as part of the atmosphere of media soaked
      lies, deception and terror. Ahriman, Lucifer, Asuric and finally the
      brutal egg of Sorathian anti sun forces which we have been trained
      to worship. Trained to merge with our double seamlessly and use the
      doubles sociopathic deception and villainy like a science.

      Iran, and a false huge event is in the making to stir the embers of
      this hatred into fury once more. Iran is next. We could at least
      pretend that we stand for Michael Intelligence and oppose the axis
      of evil that has grown from the worship of The Ahrimanic Sun, that
      rose in place of the rise of The Etheric Christ Sun.

      Steve Hale wrote:

      "Yes, the oil is really meaningless because it is the crumbling earth
      that denotes that Soradt has only so much time to enslave mankind to
      materialism in order to drive him into the dirt as the "seven-headed
      beast with ten horns", and send a torso to Jupiter. Thus, the goal
      is to upset the whole evolutionary system wherein the Seven Spirits
      of God and the Seven Stars represent the guideposts of the Logos.

      And thus a Battle for the Cosmic Intelligence exists today, with a
      13 to 1 ratio in favor of Soradt. So, we need to spread the peanut
      butter farther. Much farther."



      "As many people have long suspected, George Bush's wars in
      Afghanistan and Iraq were undertaken to seize control of petroleum
      resources in the Middle East. Both invasions were conceived and
      planned long before 9/11, and the "war on terror" was concocted to
      disguise them. (For the full story


      "The Afghan war overturned the Taliban, to clear the way for the
      Unocal Corporation to build a pipeline across Afghanistan. (Unocal
      has since been bought up by the Chevron Corporation.) Afghan
      President Hamid Karzai was once retained by Unocal as a consultant,
      but he has been unable to deliver for his former client, in spite of
      the Bush Administration's willingness to finance the pipeline and
      defend it with permanent military bases along the route. The
      warlords, the poppy growers, and the Taliban are steadily regaining
      control of the country, so the necessary precondition of political
      stability has vanished.

      The Bush Administration today seems to have written off the
      Afghanistan adventure as a failure: we hear virtually nothing about
      it, and the pipeline project appears to be dead. (Osama bin Laden
      meanwhile remains at large, of no apparent interest to the Bush
      Administration. "I truly am not that concerned about him," Mr. Bush
      has said.)

      The far larger prize is in Iraq, where the war's objective is to
      claim for American and British oil companies the rich crude
      resources of the country—some 115 billion barrels of oil, enough to
      dent seriously OPEC's dominance of world markets. Though the war is
      tenuous and increasingly bloody, capturing the oil is not yet
      irretrievably out of reach. (Exxon/Mobil, Chevron/Texaco,
      Conoco/Phillips, BP/Amoco, and Royal Dutch Shell are the visibly
      dominant companies in Baghdad today, according to Joshua Holland's
      recent AlterNet article.)

      The strategy for capturing the oil was cleverly designed and
      purposefully deceitful. First, the nationalized structure of Iraq's
      oil industry would be abolished, and the oil fields privatized
      instead. International oil companies (e.g., the five named above)
      would be invited to "invest" in the oil fields. They would do so by
      signing Production Sharing Agreements (PSA's), which grant the
      companies a share of the oil produced, in exchange for their
      investing in infrastructure. But the prospective "shares" for the
      oil companies by any standards are unfairly, obscenely large, and
      the PSA's are irrevocable for 30 years. (The OPEC countries have
      nationalized their industries—Iraq did so in 1972— but not a single
      one relies on PSA's; they are tantamount to legalized theft.)

      The privatization scheme and the provision for PSA's were worked out
      in the Bush State Department long before the Iraqi war was launched,
      and they were inserted into the emerging Iraqi government's
      tentative procedures by Paul Bremer's Coalition Provisional

      In typical Bush Administration fashion, a smokescreen obscured a
      repulsive reality. American and British oil companies could capture
      the bulk of the oil without Iraq technically relinquishing
      ownership. Then a "war on terror" was launched to make all this

      But the invaders were not welcomed as liberators. The Cakewalk
      encountered a determined insurgency. The Mission was not
      Accomplished. The force-fed "democracy," purple fingers and all,
      decayed quickly into a tragic sectarian civil war. As American
      casualties rose arithmetically, Iraq's increased geometrically,
      until hundreds of thousands of people were dead. And half a trillion
      dollars have been squandered on this war of lies, deception, and

      President Bush seemed paralyzed. The American people withdrew their
      support for the war in last November's election, clearly seeking
      substantive and visible new initiatives. Mr. Bush responded the next
      day, ceremoniously sacking his Defense Secretary—but continuing
      without interruption his talk of "victory."

      Much was hoped for and expected from the Iraq Study Group. Co-
      chairmen Mr. James Baker and Mr. Lee Hamilton submitted the Final
      Report of the ISG on December 6, 2006. Acknowledging the disaster in
      Iraq, it recommended negotiations with Syria and Iran and a pullback
      of troops.

      These initiatives were substantive and visible, certainly, but Mr.
      Bush rejected them out of hand. The strategic objective of capturing
      the oil, however, was surreptitiously but unmistakably sustained.

      The recommendations of the Baker-Hamilton Commission about the oil
      sector perfectly mirror the draft policies installed by Paul Bremer.
      Their Report urges Iraqi leaders to "…reorganize the national
      industry as a commercial enterprise." That's code for privatizing
      the oil fields. The Commission wants very much to "ensure that best
      practices are used in contracting." That's code for Production
      Sharing Agreements. And finally, the Commission encourages "…
      investment in Iraq's oil sector by the international energy
      companies." And that's code for Exxon/Mobil, Chevron/Texaco,
      Conoco/Phillips, BP/Amoco and Royal Dutch Shell.

      Apparently it was difficult to find qualified people to chair the
      Iraq Study Group who do not have linkages to the U.S. oil industry.
      Mr. Hamilton serves on the board of Stonebridge International
      consulting group, which is advising Gulfsands Petroleum and Devon
      Energy Corporation about Iraqi and Syrian oil opportunities. Among
      the clients of Mr. Baker's law firm in Texas are Exxon/Mobil,
      Chevron/Texaco, and Conoco/Phillips.

      The Bush Administration and the Baker-Hamilton Report may be in full
      agreement about the disposition of Iraqi oil, but their dreams are
      in serious jeopardy.

      The oil companies cannot sign the PSA's until the Iraqi Parliament
      enacts legislation to codify the proposed structures and processes
      into law.

      The legislation was to have been in place by December of 2006, but
      the raging civil war has intervened. The UK Independent, in a
      stunning series about "blood and oil" published Sunday, January 7,
      reported Iraqi officials were hoping to have the law enacted by
      March. (See

      One hundred and fifteen billion barrels of oil are in play here, and
      the U.S. position at the moment is delicate in the extreme. There is
      no room for new uncertainties. Withdrawing troops and negotiating
      with Iran and Syria would introduce huge new variables into the
      equation, with utterly unknowable outcomes: in exchange for peace,
      for example, the U.S. might be asked to relinquish its pursuit of
      Iraqi oil. The President's rejection of these recommended actions is
      not surprising.

      And yet President Bush needs to offer, for political, not military
      reasons (the Administration has said as much), a gesture of
      substantial drama, a New Way Forward. His "surge" in troop levels is
      admirable PR, but it does not represent a radical shift in
      prosecuting the war it—so it does not inject dangerous uncertainties
      into the conflict.

      That means Mr. Bush can continue the horror in Iraq without much
      real change, hopefully for at least 60-90 days, during which the
      Iraqi "democracy" might hold together long enough to pass the oil
      law. This is chancy, to be sure, but the President has no other
      realistic option. Then the oil companies can sign their contracts,
      locking up for 30 years a sizeable portion of Iraqi crude.

      President Bush must maintain the status quo in Iraq, no matter how
      fragile, heinous, and untenable, until the PSA's are signed. After
      that we can withdraw the troops and undertake other quantum changes.

      So for now, he proposes a marginal "surge." Debating the proposal
      will run some time off the clock. Implementing it will, too. It's a
      desperation move, but there's nothing else Mr. Bush can do."
    • holderlin66
      Does atonement offer the Consciousness Soul an avenue to recover our humanity in the midst of having attacked an innocent country and tore it to pieces?
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        Does atonement offer the Consciousness Soul an avenue to recover our
        humanity in the midst of having attacked an innocent country and
        tore it to pieces? Atonement? Penance? From the middle ages, from
        ancient times through the savage war machinery of the 20th and 21st
        century, we come to ourselves. In the west we are literally
        savagining, torturing and murdering women, children and human beings
        for our little margin of comfort. We have sanctioned this torture
        and murder and it IS in our daily bread. It IS the complete opposite
        of the Lord's Prayer. We are standing in our thought full heads, and
        we have given permission for the mad and the insane to rip out the
        entrails of a country and destroy the very soul of a people. In this
        case America is being destroyed, Iraq has been destroyed and now the
        issue arises from the very depths of our being, Atonement for our
        complete sanctioning inhumanity to our fellow human beings
        authorized by everything that was once noble. The apparent noble
        innocence of the naive American heart, Britain, all complicit in
        horrific war crimes and sins against the very model of us all.


        "The troops have been abandoned to an illogical and corrupt
        consciousness. Cutting funding for the war would not be abandonment –
        it might be the beginning of atonement.

        At this point, all we have before us is correction and atonement.
        Nothing can be made right by shift of troops, strategy or money. The
        core of the endeavor is misbegotten and corrupt. The mission, in
        truth, is unavailable for and impervious to new strategy. The reason
        there are so many shifts is because all that can be done now is to
        atone – in an international and meaningful way.

        Winning is an absurd and sophomoric enticement to a frazzled
        population. Winning to some means keeping the war going because that
        keeps the flow of cash going in their direction. To others, winning
        means killing all the right people.

        Some group seems to know who needs killing and in their scenario
        more bullets, bombs and soldiers will do the job. It's not quite a
        genocide – just "pacifying" "neutralizing" the ones revealed to be
        dangerous to our mission. The number of those who threaten our
        mission may surge as the killing goes on but we will meet those
        numbers with our numbers and the two surges will create the shape of
        a boomerang. Each one throwing is its own target.

        We knew – Colin Powell knew, Hans Blicks knew, Scott Ritter knew,
        millions of protesting citizens, referred to by Bush as "focus
        groups," knew. And it still happened – it was a crime then and a
        crime now that gains interest and yields grotesque dividends. We
        can't "finish the job" because the job has a fatal, moral flaw
        and "finishing it" is a black hole.

        It sounds moralistic to suggest atonement, but then morality is
        real – practical as well as metaphysical. The regime should not run
        out its clock – the regime should simply be run out – legally,
        orderly, morally – and then the atonement, and perhaps the end of
        it, can begin."


        "12. The Sacrament of Penance, established by the Lord during His
        public ministry and confirmed at His Ascension and by the coming of
        the Holy Spirit, is given us not just for one act of merciful
        forgiveness but can be repeated whenever there is true sorrow and
        true repentance for our sins. We who are sinful people can
        appreciate the overwhelming generosity of our God who gives us a
        chance time after time to turn back to Him and fill our lives with
        His love.14 If He would forgive us only once, how many of us would
        have to remain outside the embrace of His love. When Peter, trying
        to understand the forgiveness of Christ, asks if He should forgive
        His enemy seven times, Jesus responded that he should do it seventy
        times seven times,15 by that reply indicating that there is no limit
        to God's forgiveness, as there should be no limit to our willingness
        to forgive our neighbor for anything that he or she does to us. The
        Sacrament of Penance is truly a wonderful instrument of holiness for
        us since it not only frees us from our own sins but challenges us to
        have the same kind of compassion and forgiveness to those who sin
        against us. "

        Bradford concludes;

        Deluding the heart and mind, the squirming intellect, that literal
        karmic adjustment, atonement and literal PHYSICS, where time and
        destiny will project a clear karmic vision of this atonement and
        adjustment, even as The Christ is the master of PHYSICS, that we see
        in vision, how the deed we did will be compensated, is given in a
        time overarching physics, born in the core of the Light Being, Lord
        of Human Karma, over the whole Human system, Christ. What is
        atonement now, what does it mean to maintain the alertness of our
        humanity against letting our humanity be sucked into the ever
        engulfing swamp?

        How do we atone? It is not an abstract issue. Recovering shattered
        humanity by waking up from the complacent dream, and understanding
        the utter shock to millions of people America has destroyed,
        corrupted and deviously dealth with, murdering now, day in and day
        out, destroying the bonds that tie human heart to human heart, only
        to have the soul remain in critical connection, remain in critical
        intimate integratin with Karmic Physics, that transend political
        monsters and reveal to our in-most beings, the full shock of the
        terror and inhumanity we have inflicted on OUR OWN SELVES.

        Atonement, penance and understanding from the battlefield or from
        the air, that as we pull that trigger and press that button and we
        murder, we have defiled our humanity. Christ as the physics of
        karmic light projects a direct image into the individual soul and
        illness, death, sacrifice, and compensation is imprinted and witten
        deeply into the future karmic biography of all of us. Does this mean
        that humanity can remain complacent, slumbering, drunk, driving
        blind, even as we look into the heart of history and the foundations
        of the human psyche?

        Yet to waken and hold vivid understanding that that which we do to
        the least of these, we prick, and blemish in our own higher
        spiritual nature. That spiritual nature in us requires humans who
        bear I AM's to set about karmic recovery, recompense, penance,

        Ahrimanic spirits hate the redemptive and light bearing physics of
        Christ's karmic response, written into the unfolding future I AM.
        Ahrimanic spirits hate karma, because humanity and human beings who
        carry I AM's are bound to recover from their failed instincts and a
        lesson plan, with higher destiny patterns, a lesson plan will be
        designed for the recovery of the I AM. But not without our cognitive
        midwifing. Therefore Ahrimanic spirits must act and continue to act
        while consciousness is dull, while pride and intellect glitzes and
        glitters with superficial human cheerleading in Media - Military
        Industrial - Medical Pharmo, while sociopathology glories in the
        little spittle strewing monster that is our own tin i am. When our
        double and a drunk stubbornly stands there in eclipse of our souls.

        And the Light Being, the Etheric Sun Being, registers and returns a
        karmic physics equation into the human spirit with or without
        Ahriman's approval. Light moves much deeper than the superficial
        Ahrimanic Sun we "manufactured" at Trinity to stand against the
        mighty forces that reside in the very nexus of the threefold human
        being. We worship, we hold dear, not our higher humanity, but we
        worship the Ahrimanic Sun and the false gold we feel reflects our
        accomplishments. We accomplish nothing in the delusion we carry into
        the future. We accomplish burdening our children with the horror we
        continue to create.
      • holderlin66
        The Green Zone Follies Baghdad, 20 Jan 07: Mr. Gates, the new Führer of the DoD, has issued some interesting orders, a copy of which I have seen but not
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          The Green Zone Follies

          "Baghdad, 20 Jan 07: "Mr. Gates, the new Führer of the DoD, has
          issued some interesting orders, a copy of which I have seen but not
          copied as it is classified and intended for the brass. Mr. Gates, at
          the request of the President, has ordered the Pentagon PR people to
          cut down "drastically" the death lists they report daily. "Far too
          many reported deaths are creating a very negative public image," is
          the one specific phrase I can quote. Everybody here involved with
          PR knows that at least 12,000 have died both here and in Afghanistan
          since 2003. The number of wounded is ca 25,000. Many of these later
          die (and are not reported on public sites) and many, too many, more
          are badly maimed for life.

          As we understand it here, Bush is going to ship off 50,000 to
          100,000 more troops, mostly yanked from the National Guard and
          Reserve units but in smaller increments so as not to present the
          irate American public or Congress with a large target all at once.
          They have no intention of standing down and any senior officer who
          dares to suggest this gets the sack.

          I, personally, witnessed the Camp Falcon destruction. We are here
          inside the growingly unsafe Green Zone, at least 13 miles from
          Falcon which is to the south of us were mute witnesses to the
          disaster last October . Terrible, heavy explosions all night from
          around midnight until the sun came up. Flames, smoke, and massive
          blasts made it impossible to sleep. And how did our PR boys handle
          this? They didn't. There was an instant blackout which continues to
          this day. No one "unauthorized" is allowed to go near what is left
          of the camp and no reports of deaths or injuries (terrible burns on
          many we all know) are allowed and anyone stupid enough to dig into
          this gets only one warning. I don't suppose they know at home that
          all email messages, incoming and outgoing, go through a choke point
          and all are read, even intimate family ones. God help the grunt who
          darers to criticize the collapsing situation here.

          Suicides, desertions, homosexual rapes, shooting and bayoneting
          civilians, including children, soaring drug use and, of course, many
          daily terrible deaths are verboten. The rag heads are now using
          shaped charge small rockets that will blast any tank or HUMVEE
          apart, splattering the human contents across the immediate area. We
          don't talk about that, do we? We also do not talk about the growing
          influx of members of American criminal street gangs who are now
          here, no doubt with Bush's gleeful approval (viz his setting up so-
          called "Contractors" who are nothing more than professional killers)
          and they are demoralizing, and dealing drugs to, the more innocent
          young GIs. Nothing to be done about this filth, either.

          Now, Gates wants to hint that Iran is supplying these but an
          unexploded missile picked up by EOD shows it was made in China!

          I see in the stateside press that the rumormongers want us to
          believe we are going to hit Iran "pretty soon." Not likely. We don't
          have the troops but the Israelis stationed here are really pushing
          for us to do this. If we want real peace in the Mideast, we
          should "accidentally" nuke Israel (blame it on the French why not?)
          and then all the militant Muslims would at once shut up and go away.

          On the other hand, one of my lunch friends told me this morning that
          his cousin in the Pentagon tipped him off that the real reason why
          Bush wants more troops here is to attack Iran with them when he has
          built up a significant force! We have Israeli intelligence and
          political people here inside the Green Zone, courtesy of Bush who
          adores them, and they have been gossiping about a projected attack
          on Iran (with the U.S. leading the way) The Navy is in the Gulf now
          and the Air Force is capable of bombing Tehran flat but whether or
          not the massing of ships and aircraft units in recent weeks is a
          presage of another suicidal and bloody useless war is not a

          There is always the element of bluff here. Iran won't budge on their
          atomic program and Bush goes into a foaming fury when he is crossed
          by anyone so one view of all these yammering threats is that George
          wants Iran to collapse and give him a cheap victory to drag around
          to show the very disillusioned American public like a very dead

          Our intelligence people here know that both Russia and China have
          been supplying Iran with very sophisticated weaponry that could make
          terrible hash out of a U.S./Israeli attack but the real worry is
          that the Iranians might lob some major rocketry right into the Green
          Zone because all our top brass, and the Israelis too, are all
          concentrated in one spot. Of course Bush couldn't care about this
          any more than he cares about the daily death lists or the thousands
          of permanently crippled young GIs. For sure he doesn't care about
          the tens of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians or that a really
          bloody civil/religious war is tearing what is left of Iraq to pieces
          and us with it.

          Sending massive naval task forces into the Gulf is pure stupidity
          because the entire Gulf is well within the range of new Iranian
          missiles and they could easily bottle the entire fleet up by closing
          the Straits of Hormuz. A Navy officer here was having a break with
          me and went over this. Our 6000 man carriers would be picked off
          like pigs in a pond, as he put it.

          The entire Iranian side of the Gulf is very mountainous and in spite
          of constant overflights by unmanned intelligence drones, no one here
          knows if there are any rocket batteries and if there are, what they
          contain. It is suspected that the Russians have built dummy
          positions to keep our people interested and happy but since it is
          known that they have our spy satellites' paths and times of
          overflights, they can dig, ship in missiles and whatever,

          I mentioned China. Bush is so dumb that he doesn't realize that
          China gets its vital oil from Iran and is not happy with the
          prospect that the Jews and Bush will try to blow the country up.

          Or to be more accurate, the Jews will get us to do their dirty work
          for them. As usual, and Bush and Cheney will trip all over
          themselves to accommodate Tel Aviv."
        • holderlin66
          The Edge of the Abyss by Eric Herter Bush/Cheney and the big corporations, who are driving this empire, have got to make their move now, or it all comes
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            The Edge of the Abyss
            by Eric Herter

            "Bush/Cheney and the big corporations, who are driving this empire,
            have got to make their move now, or it all comes crashing down
            around them. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If
            the U.S. controls all the Middle East oil then they control China,
            India, Europe and the rest of the world. Insanity you say? Of course
            it is."

            "A friend wrote yesterday, "Latest news indicates that Bush is
            setting up new bases in Bulgaria and Romania that would host
            Pentagon war planes that would be used in a first-strike attack on

            "But this is crazy, I hear you saying. The U.S. can't afford another
            war! The troops are stretched too thin, the country can't pay for
            another front in this blitzkrieg.

            "Well, the answer is that like Hitler, Bush must continue to roll
            the dice. He is so far out on a limb now that he must go for it all
            or he loses everything. He and the big corporations, who are driving
            this empire, have got to make their move now, or it all comes
            crashing down around them. They have nothing to lose and everything
            to gain. If the U.S. controls all the Middle East oil then they
            control China, India, Europe and the rest of the world. Insanity you
            say? Of course it is." [Bruce Gagnon's complete letter is at


            "For those who think a US strike on Iran will be a cakewalk like the
            initial invasion of Iraq in 2003, it's important to know that there
            are grave differences. Here are some likely outcomes of attacking

            Everyone in Iraq -- including the Shiite government and army we've
            been supporting -- attacks our forces there, aided by a well-armed
            Iranian army of 650,000;

            Iran uses its Chinese and Russian missiles to hit our troops in
            Iraq, our ships in the Gulf, and Israel;

            Syria, linked by a mutual-defense treaty to Iran, joins the war with
            large stocks of chemical and biological weapons;

            The US and Israel use nuclear weapons to prevent our forces in Iraq
            from being annihilated;

            Huge numbers, possibly millions, are sickened and die as radiation
            is blown by prevailing winds into Pakistan and/or India;

            The Pakistani government is overthrown by its Islamic generals, who
            start using their nuclear missiles on US forces and Israel;

            Oil supplies from the Middle East are sharply curtailed, pushing
            American gas prices up above $10 a gallon;

            Worldwide outrage results in global boycotts of American products,
            plunging the US economy into chaos;

            The US government declares martial law and uses anti-terrorist laws
            and military force against those who protest;

            The US Congress and press effectively do nothing.

            Unfortunately, this isn't a worst-case scenario -- all of the above
            are entirely possible and predictable consequences of attacking
            Iran. And this war is not urgently necessary; there are still many
            untried routes to a resolution of our impasse with Iran's nuclear
            program, other then the pre-emptive war that's long been on the wish-
            list of the neo-cons.

            In short, Iran itself is not an immanent threat. But war with Iran

            Do we accept this movement towards war when it brings the
            possibilities outlined above? Is this a world we want? We're at the
            edge of the abyss. If ever there was a time to stop being "good
            Germans," to stop passively resigning ourselves to our government's
            dangerous policies, that time is now."

            holderlin brought:

            "Not only is this not a war and it is based on the roots of
            disrupting the Logos from achieving the goal of intimacy of human
            thinking, it is a poltical Sorathian surge as outlined and
            anticipated by Steiner's Anthroposophy and nailed dead clear as a
            train wreck, as the arrival of The PNAC, Project for a New Ahrimanic
            Century dead on in 1997. It follows in the rhythm pattern of 1913/14
            dawn of WW I etc..etc...picking up the pattern and impress of the
            planets. This indirect and direct attack through torture against the
            Logos in Man and the Michael Nation is brought in order to derail
            humanity from building the faculties to approach the Angelic world
            through our heart thinking."
          • holderlin66
            Steiner; A very great deal depends upon the German people s Or American Soul s objective discernment of this fact. The insight which has remained hidden for
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              "A very great deal depends upon the German people's Or American
              Soul's objective discernment of this fact. The insight which has
              remained hidden for the past fifty years should emerge during these
              calamitous times. In place of trivial thinking about immediate
              requirements, a broader view of life should now appear, which
              strives with powerful thinking to recognize modern humanity's
              evolutionary forces, and is courageously dedicated to them. The
              petty attempts to neutralize all those who pay heed to these
              evolutionary forces must cease. The arrogance and superciliousness
              of those who imagine themselves to be practical, but whose
              practicality is the disguised narrow-mindedness which has in fact
              induced the calamity, must cease. Attention should be paid to what
              those who are decried as idealists, but who in reality are the
              practical ones, have to say about the evolutionary needs of modern


              "Helmuth von Moltke was born in 1848. His uncle, Moltke the Elder,
              was a famous Prussian General famed for important military victories
              in 1866 and 1870.

              In 1906 Moltke replaced Alfred von Schlieffen as German Army Chief
              of Staff. Though he maintained his predecessor's war plan, he
              adapted it to the French military build up in the south. After the
              outbreak of the First World War Moltke was able to convince a
              doubtful Kaiser Wilhelm II to follow the Schlieffen Plan.

              Moltke proved to be indecisive during the invasion of France.
              Failure to give clear orders during the Battle of the Marne resulted
              in field commanders ordering a retreat. Wilhelm II was unimpressed
              with Moltke's performance and he was retired and replaced as German
              Army Chief of Staff by Erich von Falkenhayn. Helmuth von Moltke died
              in 1916."


              "There is a serial killer living in the White House. He has spent
              the past six years successfully plotting the deaths of thousands
              upon thousands of people. Like others who kill without conscience,
              he remains unmoved by the ongoing bloodshed and destruction he has
              caused. And now, he is about to do it again.


              Someone has to stop George W. Bush before he kills more!

              Serial killers sometimes respond to inner voices telling them what
              to do. George Bush gets personal messages from his God and PNAC."

              [Bradford reminds the reader that this report along with several
              others was launched in 1997 to catch the Sorathian surge predicted
              to erupt and stir at the rise of 1998. Time and the qualities of
              Time mark the quality and nature of the potential Time Strike
              against Michael via the surge that Rudolf Steiner predicted. This
              surge has been branded by Bradford as the PNAC or PROJECT FOR A NEW
              AHRIMANIC CENTURY]

              [Cheney/Bushes] "His wars with Afghanistan and Iraq were planned and
              orchestrated by the war profiteers and ideologues who placed him
              into office in 2000.

              [where the election could not be won in freedom out of the free
              spirit of humanity but that the election computers were hacked and
              the election stolen and continued to be stolen and remains still in
              the world as the active mirage of elections that can be hacked and

              The regional chaos they needed to justify American military action
              in the region is going according to plan, and now the next stage is
              ready for launching. Any day now, the Bush Doctrine will be used to
              justify a killing machine that is gearing to attack Iran.

              Someone has to stop him before he triggers a final Armageddon.

              At TvNewsLIES.org, we believed this might happen before the last
              midterm election. We saw the handwriting on the proverbial wall, but
              were a bit early in our prediction. Right now, especially because
              George Bush is clearly denying that Iran is on his hit list, we are
              convinced that the plans are already in motion.

              Every major corporate media outlet is reporting that there
              is `evidence' of Iran's role in supplying sophisticated weapons to
              the Shia in Iraq, and in assisting in the killing of American
              troops. We've all been there and done that. Not a shred of evidence
              supporting those charges has been presented to the Congress or the
              public, but the rhetoric gets louder and louder. Iran's nuclear
              capability is touted as a threat to the US and the region, despite
              the reality that any nuclear strike by any nation would result in
              its immediate annihilation. Logic has been buried, and terror
              threats have once again been broadcast to the public.

              Someone has to stop him, and soon.

              Dick Cheney, Chief Puppeteer and War Monger in the WH, recently
              stated that the President does NOT have to listen to Congress or the
              people of the nation. The Decider, it seems, can do whatever he
              pleases and the rest of us be damned. He does NOT have to listen to
              anyone at all, and that is becoming more and more obvious. This
              morning, three former military leaders issued a dire warning to
              George W. Bush….and he is not about to listen to them at all.

              The letter was sent to the Sunday Times of London by retired Army
              Lt. Gen. Robert Gard, a former military assistant to Defense
              Secretary Robert McNamara, retired U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph
              Hoar, a former commander in chief of U.S. Central Command; and
              retired Navy Vice Adm. Jack Shanahan, a former director of the
              Center for Defense Information. These experienced and concerned
              officers warned that attacking Iran "would have disastrous
              consequences for security in the region, coalition forces in Iraq
              and would further exacerbate regional and global tensions." They
              cautioned that "the current crisis must be resolved through
              diplomacy," and they urged the President to "engage immediately in
              direct talks with the government of Iran without preconditions."

              Did you hear about this on your network news today, or did you hear
              discussion after discussion about Iran's role in aiding the
              insurgency and the danger of its nuclear program?

              The fears of these three men, like the advice of the Baker-Hamilton
              Iraq Group, are being ignored – as were the voices of those who
              warned against the tragic and failed war against Iraq. Afghanistan,
              Iraq, Iran and Syria all are on the PNAC hit list that would
              supposedly lead to American military domination of the Middle East.
              The plans were set in rapid motion when these madmen got their `new
              Pearl Harbor' on September 11th, 2001. And here they go again.

              The serial killer we know as George W. Bush was installed in the
              White House to do exactly what he is doing now. He is on the loose
              and about to strike again.

              He has to be stopped before he kills more. He has to be stopped
              quickly and legally.

              Whatever that takes.
            • holderlin66
              All Along the Watchtower: The Firestorm of New War is Almost Upon Us Written by Chris Floyd http://www.chris-floyd.com/index.php?
              Message 6 of 9 , Feb 4, 2007
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                All Along the Watchtower: The Firestorm of New War is Almost Upon
                Written by Chris Floyd


                ...."And, as Parry notes, while all this is going on, the Senate is
                still dithering over an absolutely toothless, spineless, worthless,
                non-binding expression of its "displeasure" at Bush's
                murderous "surge" plan in Iraq. These mighty sentinels of our
                liberties, these "co-equals in the governance of the United States,"
                have -- as any sentient being could have foreseen -- caved in once
                again to the radical militarist fringe group that has seized control
                of the Executive Branch, and rams through its sinister program of
                loot and dominion without any more pretense about the "consent of
                the governed." Although poll after poll shows that the Bush gang is
                one of the most unpopular administrations in American history, that
                almost two-thirds of the public now oppose the Iraq War, still the
                Democratic leaders in Congress quail and quiver before the tinpot,
                dimbulb tyrant. They have the legitimate power and the legal right --
                and the popular support -- to end the bloody war crime in Iraq
                right now, if they had the courage of the American people's

                But they don't. As they have demonstrated over and over and over
                again, in every situation, in the minority and the majorities they
                had in 2001-2002 and again in 2007, they are, with very few
                exceptions, pathetic cowards. Oh, they will talk tough, they will
                bluster, they will pose, they will preen, but when the deal goes
                down, they fold.

                The Democrats cannot even bring themselves to stand up against a
                criminal war that has been clearly rejected by the American people,
                a war bringing nothing but ruin, dishonor and ever-increasing danger
                to the United States."
              • holderlin66
                Pulitzer Prize Winner Seymour Hersh has predicted that retaliatory Iranian disruptions to the oil flow in the Middle East could push prices up over one a
                Message 7 of 9 , Feb 8, 2007
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                  "Pulitzer Prize Winner Seymour Hersh has predicted that retaliatory
                  Iranian disruptions to the oil flow in the Middle East could push
                  prices up over one a hundred dollars a barrel. It's well known, and
                  well predicted, that in the event of an American attack, Shiite Iran
                  will send its 650,000 strong army into Iraq to wreak vengeance on US
                  troops. With a pre-emptive attack, America will be begging Iran or
                  Iranian sympathizers to launch a terrorist attack on US soil. And,
                  as Pentagon Papers author Daniel Ellsberg pointed out recently, "[i]
                  f there's another 9/11 or a major war in the Middle-East involving a
                  U.S. attack on Iran there will be, the day after or within days an
                  equivalent of a Reichstag fire decree that will involve massive
                  detentions in this country, detention camps for middle-easterners
                  and their…sympathizers, critics of the President's policy and
                  essentially the wiping-out of the Bill of Rights."


                  Bradford comments;

                  Steiner dealt with the heart of the ZeitGeist issues and brought
                  immense insights that Germany faced then. Now America, Israel,
                  Britain, Like Italy, Germany and Japan are now being used for a
                  major disruption and distraction in the world, so that any focus,
                  any time to focus, any spiritual cognitive seriousness that could
                  have prevented the calamity, as Steiner fully brought forward,
                  rested with those who had or have any shred of cognitive insight
                  into the deeper issues of the ZeitGeist.

                  It is all well and good to understand the immense blowback of star
                  repetitions, of lost Grail Sciences, of grasping the humble retreat
                  of Grail insights into the Swiss Jura mountains, where it takes such
                  a wrenching effort to find and secure an anchored cognitive stance
                  that is set in stone. The Foundation Stone and the Christmas
                  conference are buried back there in the thick tangle of cultural
                  denials. All the disruption and media inundation reveals exactly
                  what has been described here and by Spiritual Science.

                  Jung and the rest of the watered down losers and all of our
                  generations of young people have failed to locate and grasp the
                  science of the anchoring and depth of the I AM, the meaning and
                  essence of Earth evolution. In education and Mass Media, there is no
                  anchor point, no corner stone, no clarity of the Philsophy of
                  Freedom, where the field of thought, the world of the dead and the
                  living interface with Moral and etheric light, levity and strength.
                  Young people and the current 21st century generation see every day a
                  thoughtless disconnected, unessential, gossipy, failure to even come
                  close to grasping what the 20th century lost due to such a massive
                  disruption. What should have been gained was the strength of
                  cognitive Michael clarity and humanity moving to the core of
                  thinking and their I AM and building that etheric heart and thinking
                  field that brings thought and insight to the threshold, just like a
                  auric ring, around the head.

                  But it must be anchored in the I AM and the cognitive strength that
                  isn't wishy-washy soul soup.


                  "So American military might is still in Iraq, doing what the cabal
                  wants them to do, while most Americans are complacent, obedient
                  slaves here at home, convinced they are safe because GI Joe is in
                  Iraq keeping the bad guys far away. The Average Joe and Jane six-
                  pack are doing as they're told, being Good Americans, not
                  questioning their leaders. It's easy, not doing a god damn thing.

                  A few hundred thousand people like myself went to the streets and
                  protested the war, but the majority of American sheeple are still
                  content doing what comes naturally, which is to sit on their Lazy
                  Boys in front of the boob tube passing gas and the hours away
                  rooting for their favorite teams,. They're going to the malls,
                  seeing a movie, having one more beer and it's bed time, then they
                  get up and do the same old thing, work, spend money they don't have,
                  watch sports, sleep, pay the minimum on the credit cards, pray they
                  hit the lottery, and never think anything's going to change, or for
                  that matter get worse for them.

                  Most Americans haven't a clue how bloody it is in a far away place
                  like Iraq. The trained seals at home are comfortable, that's all
                  that matters.

                  That's why these devious bastards who have taken over our country
                  are getting away with it! They love it when the lemmings out there
                  can't remember one sentence in their own Constitution or Declaration
                  of Independence. They love it that the vast majority of numb-nuts
                  don't know that their leaders are breaking every law in the books to
                  steal everything that isn't theirs.

                  Many Americans ignore their country's history, and to the rest
                  history is what they ate the night before last. They will raise the
                  flag, and obey without even asking a question. When asked to remove
                  their shoes at the airport, they do it on command, like it was
                  second nature!

                  Most Americans think with their wallets. They vote in the elections
                  mostly about tax issues, yet they can't understand why till this day
                  they don't seem to have any more than they did twenty years ago. Oh
                  yes they make more money, but because the price of goods keep going
                  up, it takes more of that money to pay for those things. For some
                  reason this never sinks in. It's as if they were chasing their own

                  Soon, the feds will no longer be able to prop up this papier mache
                  economy and fool the sheeple into believing they still have a reason
                  to keep going to work. Maybe, and I say maybe, as the new cars and
                  nice things they been used to having get carted away, Americans will
                  be forced to go out into the streets and demand things change. When
                  that day comes I will be the one handed out the tar and feathers,
                  but until then I think business and war will continue as usual, and
                  continue to be accepted.

                  We are still in Iraq because the Bush cabal and its corrupt and
                  influential partners in crime, the leaders of Israel, do not care
                  how long it takes. They want to take over the Middle East and all
                  its resources, and they are willing to spill as much blood as it
                  takes, so long as it is not their own. They don't care how many
                  Iraqis get blown up, it just means fewer Iraqis they will have to
                  contend with when they take over even if it's twenty years from now!

                  If they don't get their way they will be satisfied to see their
                  enemies go up in ashes. And if you think I'm wrong, watch when it's
                  Iran's turn. It's damned or be damned.

                  And again I have to lay the blame where it really belongs, on you,
                  the American sheeple who give the cabal a green light by not doing
                  anything to stop them.

                  It is no secret that Israel depends on American military strength in
                  order to achieve their goals, and that, my sorry ass friends,
                  includes a whole lot of our hard earned money. Along with the life
                  blood of so many of our bravest, they also squeeze the last bits of
                  money out of each and every America taxpayer. Money that could be
                  kept here in America, to be used toward our own desperate needs.
                  Americans could protest about having that money taken out of their
                  wallets without even asking, but they don't.

                  They don't care that our National Guard has been stretched to the
                  point where if needed here at home they must be hauled out of Iraq
                  and Afghanistan in our own hour of need. And because the great
                  majority of Americans have not shown so much as a peep of
                  discontentment about these wars, you will see them bring back some
                  type of military draft, much like Bush-Cheney's co-conspirators have
                  in Israel, whereby it will be mandatory to serve no less than two
                  years for your country starting as young as 21.

                  In the end it won't be the war to end all wars, but the war to end
                  all worlds! And Americans brought it upon themselves. They have
                  shown those in power that they need only say JUMP and you will all
                  ask them HOW HIGH. For that I am thoroughly disgusted with the lot
                  of you! You are going to wait till it is too late, and then you will
                  beg the people who warned you to help you. And to that I will say,
                  help yourselves!"

                  © by the author.
                • holderlin66
                  The Voice of the White House http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a2638.htm Washington, D.C., February 23, 2007: In 2002, a special high level telephone and
                  Message 8 of 9 , Feb 24, 2007
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                    The Voice of the White House


                    "Washington, D.C., February 23, 2007: "In 2002, a special high level
                    telephone and computer tapping sub-agency was set up by order of
                    Rumsfeld at the suggestion of Cheney. Their job? To spy on important
                    people; diplomats, Democratic senators and congressmen, potential
                    enemies of the administration and people neither Cheney nor Bush
                    personally liked.

                    Like Topsy, this growed to the point where the group was spying on
                    people the senior military at the Pentagon didn't like or trust. One
                    of their top targets has been Israeli diplomats, their intelligence
                    agents operating here, quite openly, and at the CIA especially and
                    so-called Israeli action groups like AIPAC.

                    When Cheney got wind of that, he screamed like a scalded cat and the
                    group was ordered to immediately cease and desist spying…but only on
                    the Israelis. Much of this material, reams and reams of it, have
                    been Xeroxed and have been circulating around Washington for about
                    two years. Although much of this material relates directly to the
                    American political and diplomatic endeavors, the American media will
                    never touch any of it. Bush himself is fanatically pro-Isreal as was
                    John Ashcroft and woe to anyone who issued one word of criticism of
                    that problematical state.

                    We know, for a dead certainty, that Mossad agents had penetrated the
                    Arab groups in Florida who were planning the 9/11 outrage and here
                    we have a funny story. Funny is really not the word, actually. They
                    helped the Arabs with their plans but eventually, it was decided in
                    Tel Aviv that if the U.S. was not notified and somehow it leaked out
                    about their knowledge of a huge and devastating attack, there could
                    be a huge uproar in America and the blind support of Israel could be
                    interdicted by public opinion. The rub it this:

                    Their Ambassador warnedLand this is on tape and has been
                    transcribed) 1 George Bush, Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft personally
                    about the pending attacks in DC and Manhattan. Cheney saw this as a
                    perfect opportunity to advance both his and Israel's policies in the

                    Nothing was done and we know what happened. Now, according to some
                    of the intercepts, the Israelis are laughing out loud because if the
                    Bush people ever dare to attack them or refuse them their slightest
                    wish, it will come out that they indeed knew of this plot, to the
                    last detail but naturally they informed the top leadership of
                    America in plenty of time to take action. After all, they knew the
                    targets, the probably dates and, even more important, the then
                    whereabouts of the terrorists.

                    It would have been child's play to grab them before they did their
                    deeds. Israel knows that even if Bush loves them, not only he but
                    many others would be destroyed if it came out that they all knew in
                    advance and did nothing because it suited them to have a lovely
                    target and an enraged public to grant them all the war powers they

                    We have seen where this led and the question now is whether or not
                    some fearless reporter/editor/publisher will dare to make these
                    public. It will come out but they all pray daily, "not on my watch,
                    God, please!'"

                    The High-Fivers:More proof the Israelis were shadowing the 9/11

                    February 16, 2007

                    by Justin Rasimondo

                    It was the tail-end of a bleak November, 2001: a pall of shocked
                    numbness hung over the country, and a rising war hysteria had nearly
                    everyone cowed. Americans were just beginning to pick themselves up,
                    dust themselves off, and focus on what had happened, and how to
                    react. It was very early on the morning of the 23rd when, scanning
                    the headlines, I came across a Washington Post story by John
                    Mintz: "60 Israelis Detained on Tourist Visas Since Sept. 11." Odd,
                    I thought, why go after the Israelis, probably the least likely

                    The subhead was even more intriguing. "Government Calls Several
                    cases `of Special Interest,' Meaning Related to Post-Attacks
                    Investigation." Apparently organized groups of Israelis had been
                    arrested, and "dozens" held without bond. Inquiries to the Justice
                    Department had yielded this response:

                    "In several cases, such as those in Cleveland and St. Louis, INS
                    officials testified in court hearings that they were `of special
                    interest to the government,' a term that federal agents have used in
                    many of the hundreds of cases involving mostly Muslim Arab men who
                    have been detained around the country since the terrorist attacks.

                    "An INS official who requested anonymity said the agency will not
                    comment on the Israelis. But he said the use of the term "special
                    interest" means the case in question is "related to the
                    investigation of September 11th."

                    It wasn't some anti-Semetic conspiracy crank sitting in his parents'
                    basement, or Iranian President

                    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who first linked Israeli nationals to the
                    events of 9/11: it was the U.S. government, specifically its law
                    enforcement arm.

                    This I found utterly astonishing, because it was clear to me, at
                    that point, that there was a link, albeit one largely unknown in its
                    specifics. Why else were the feds casting their nets around for
                    Israelis rather than Arabs, Persians, and, yes, Muslims?

                    There was more. The original Post piece was updated: the number of
                    detained Israelis had risen to 120. I had been following the story
                    in this space, and noting its significance, in the weeks before Carl
                    Cameron broadcast his famous four-part report on Fox News, which
                    exposed the extensive Israeli spy network in this country and opened
                    with this electric charge:

                    "There is no indication that the Israelis were involved in the 9-11
                    attacks, but investigators suspect that the Israeli's may have
                    gathered intelligence about the attacks in advance, and not shared
                    it. A highly placed investigator said there are – quote- " tie-ins"
                    But when asked for details, he flatly refused to describe them,
                    saying, - quote- "evidence linking these Israelis to 9-11 is
                    classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered.
                    It's classified information."

                    The story, as it developed in the months- and years- to come, sent
                    me down an investigative path that has yet to reach its endpoint.
                    What we know is this: in the months prior to 9/11, bands of Israelis
                    posing as "art students" [.pdf] had carried out what seemed like a
                    coordinated probing of U.S. government facilities, including
                    locations not known to the public. A secret government report
                    detailing the activities of the "art students"- and their background
                    as highly trained in explosives and the art of telecommunications
                    interception- was leaked to the media, and the story was again in
                    the headlines. But not for long.

                    This is potentially one of the most important 9/11-related stories
                    ever reported, and yet the number of serious investigative pieces
                    done on it can hardly be counted on the fingers of one hand.
                    Antiwar.com has been following this from the outset, and you can go
                    here for a complete archive of my columns on the subject, plus
                    mainstream media pieces.

                    Of particular interest is the coverage by The Forward, the oldest
                    newspaper of the Jewish community in North America. They reported on
                    one key aspect of the Israeli-9/11 connection: the story of the five
                    employees of a moving van company apprehended hours after the twin
                    towers were struck. They had been observed in Liberty State Park,
                    New Jersey, overlooking the Hudson, with a clear view of the burning
                    towers. A woman had seen them from the window of her apartment
                    building overlooking the parking lot: they came out of a white van,
                    and they were jumping up and down, high-fiving each other with
                    obvious glee. Their mood, it could be said, was celebratory. They
                    were also filming the towers as they burned, and taking still

                    The woman capped the cops, who put out a "be on the lookout" alert.
                    I'll let Christopher Ketcham, author of a blockbuster new report
                    appearing in Counterpunch, tell the rest of the story:

                    "At 3:56 p.m., twenty-five minutes after the issuance of the FBI
                    BOLO, officers with the East Rutherford Police Department stopped
                    the commercial moving van through a trace on the plates. According
                    to the police report, Officer Scott DeCarlo and Sgt. Dennis Rivelli
                    approached the stopped van, demanding that the driver exit the
                    vehicle. The driver, 23-year-old Sivan Kurzberg, refused and 'was
                    asked several more times (but) appeared to be fumbling with a black
                    leather fanny pouch type of bag.' With guns drawn, the police
                    then `physically removed' Kurzberg, while four other men- two more
                    men had apparently joined the group since the morning- were also
                    removed from the van, handcuffed, placed on the grass median and
                    read their Miranda rights. They had not been told the reaons for
                    their arrest. Yes, according to DeCarlo's report, "this officer was
                    told without question by the driver (Svan Kurzgers) `We are Israeli.
                    We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The
                    Palestinians are the problem.' Another of the five Israelis, again
                    without prompting, told Officer DeCarlo—falsely—that `we were on the
                    West Side Highway in New York City during the incident."

                    This is, I believe, the most detailed account yet published of what
                    actually happened that fateful day, and Ketcham clearly shows that
                    the Israelis were certainly aware of why they had been stopped. The
                    cops practically had to drag them out of the van at gunpoint, and it
                    is surely suspicious that they immediately started denying any role
                    in "the incident." How did they know they weren't being stopped for
                    a traffic violation? No wonder they were held for 71 days, mostly in
                    solitary confinement, and interrogated. Some repeatedly failed
                    polygraph tests when questioned about possible surveillance
                    activities. The FBI agents who interrogated them reportedly called
                    them "the high-fivers," because of their odd behavior at Liberty
                    State Park.

                    The Forward confirmed that the company they ostensibly worked for,
                    Urban Moving Systems, of Weehawken, New Jersey, was in all
                    likelihood a Mossad front. Dominik Suter, the owner, fled to Israel
                    the day after a police raid on his office. The five detained
                    Israelis were sent back to Israel, where they claimed to be innocent
                    victims of harassment. Here they are on an Israeli talk show. Of
                    course they don't mention

                    any of the above, or that they were found to have multiple passports
                    in their possession, along with $4,700 stuffed in a sock and maps of
                    New York City highlighted in certain spots. Ketcham quotes one local
                    law enforcement official as saying

                    "It looked like they're hooked in with this, it looked like they
                    knew what was going to happen when they were at Liberty State Park."

                    Ketcham, utilizing the public record, news reports, and his own
                    sources, has painted the clearest portrait yet of the "urban mover"
                    Mossad cell, and how they shadowed the five hijackers who took over
                    American Airlines flight 77, which struck the Pentagon to such
                    devastating effect. Living, working, and socializing within a six-
                    mile radius of Bergen County, these two groups circled each other
                    until, on 9/11;, as a dark pall fell over Manhattan and much of the
                    rest world, one applauded the others' handiwork.

                    Ketchum's story of how the FBI investigation was scotched by high-
                    ups to outrage every patriotic American citizen. He cites a source
                    at ABC News- which covered this story on 2020 in a treatment I
                    consider a whitewash- as saying, "They feel the higher echelons
                    torpedoed the investigation into the Israeli New Jersey cell. Leads
                    were not fully investigated.

                    The same source agrees with the general assessment of CIA officers,
                    and intelligence experts such as James Bamford and Vincent
                    Cannistraro, that Urban Moving Systems was a covert Israeli
                    intelligence-gathering operation, most likely engaged in electronic
                    interception and other means of spying on radical elements within
                    Northern New Jersey's Muslim milieu. In the course of this, and
                    given their geographical proximity, it is not beyond reason to posit
                    that the Urban Movers were watching the future hijackers, listening
                    to their phone conversations, reading their emails, and otherwise
                    keeping fully apprised of their activities. What made the Israelis
                    jump for joy, as one counterintelligence officer is said to have put
                    it, is that "The Israelis felt that in some way their
                    intelligencehad worked out- i.e., they were celebrating their own
                    acumen and ability as intelligence agents."

                    The story of how this line of investigation was suppressed, both in
                    the law enforcement community and in the media, is a saga in itself.
                    I know that Ketcham worked on this story long and hard, and had
                    supposedly firm commitments from both Salon.com and The Nation to
                    publish his work. Both projects were killed at the last minute, in
                    one case an hour before it was scheduled to run. What's particularly
                    stupid, in the case of Salon, is that they ran his previous piece,
                    on the "Israeli Art Student Mystery," years ago- and now refuse to
                    follow up their own story.

                    As for why the government investigation into the Israeli connection
                    was scotched, Ketcham cites a former CIA counter-terrorism
                    officer: "There was no question but that [the order to close down
                    the investigation] came from the White House."

                    I have to tell you that it hasn't been easy following this story
                    over the years. I was told in the beginning, and in no uncertain
                    terms, that this line of investigation is forbidden, that it's "too
                    hot to handle," and, implicitly, that the truth and the facts have
                    to take second place to political correctness. To even mention this
                    story, in certain quarters, is considered prima facie evidence of
                    anti-Semitism. Case closed.

                    In spite of a determined effort on the part of some to redifine anti-
                    Semitism to constrain critics of Israel government actions, there is
                    an equally determined pushback- a real movement to treat Israel as a
                    nation like any other. That is, a nation with its own interests,
                    which, if truth be told, it pursues aggressively, and not only in
                    the occupied territories and Lebanon, but also right here in the
                    U.S. The story of Israel's underground army in America- and its
                    foreknowledge of the 9/11 terrorist attacks- is based on facts, not
                    fantasies, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with anti-Semitism—
                    and everything to do with establishing the full context of the worst
                    terrorist attack in our history.

                    9/11 was the opening shot of a battle we are still fighting to this
                    day, as our soldiers fall in Iraq, and the hints of a new front in
                    our endless "war on terrorism" – Iran- are hardly subtle. That
                    signal event launched the war hysteria that only lately has begun to
                    peter out.

                    One of the major reasons why the public has turned against the Iraq
                    war has been the revelation that the "intelligence" we acquired
                    about Iraq's alleged "weapons of mass destruction" was manipulated,
                    cherry-picked, and outright falsified in order to make the case for
                    the invasion. If it turns out that the Israelis really did know –
                    that they picked up "chatter" from the groups they were watching,
                    and gained fairly detailed knowledge of the hijackers' plans – it
                    will alter how we think about 9/11, and change our perception of the
                    perpetual war that ensued"
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                    12/12/05 The Wizard of Oil Dubithy: Somewhere under the radar, way down low. There s a land that I heard of once, where the oil still flows. Somewhere under
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                      12/12/05 The Wizard of Oil


                      Somewhere under the radar, way down low.

                      There's a land that I heard of once, where the oil still flows.

                      Somewhere under the radar, folks are screwed.

                      And the schemes that you dare to scheme really do come through.

                      One day I wrecked the family car, and daddy and my mummy Bar remind me,

                      Of my troubles taking acid drops, the night they had to call the cops,

                      And then they fined me.

                      Somewhere under the radar, I'll get high. Drink Rye under the radar,

                      Try, oh yes I'll still try

                      Why, why must I be dry?


                      Dubithy: Turdo, I have a feeling were not in Texas anymore!  We must be under the radar!

                      Glanda: Are you my Bitch, or are you a bad Bitch?

                      Dubithy: Who, me!  I -- I'm not a bitch at all.  I'm Dubithy George, from Texas.

                      Glanda: Ooooo!

                      Dubithy: What was that?

                      Glanda: The Potemkins.  They're laughing because I am a Bitch.  I'm Glanda, the Bitch of the Corps.

                      Dubithy: You are! I guess you're pardoned!  But I've never heard of a beautiful Bitch before.  Oh.  But - if you please, what are Potemkins?

                      Glanda: The little people who live in this land.  It's Potemkinland, and you are their national hero...  er...  heroine, my dear.  It's all right - you may all come out and worship her.

                      Mayor Delay:  As Mayor of  Potemkin City in the county of the Sugarland of Oil I'll fundraise for you most illegally.

                      Barrister Roberts:  But we've got to verify it legally to see...

                      Mayor Delay:  To see?

                      Barrister Roberts:  If she...

                      Mayor Delay:  If she?

                      Barrister Roberts:  Is morally, ethically

                      Father Robertson:  Spiritually, physically

                      Father Dobson:  Positively, absolutely

                      All:  Undeniably and reliably dead!

                      Coroner Frist:   As senator I must aver I cursorily examined her. And it's not quite clear she's dead, she's really, mostly nearly dead.

                      Mayor Delay:  Then this is a day of intervention for all the Potemkins and their dependents! The Bitch's switch won't be turned off so fast!

                      Potemkins:   Off, On! The switch of dread!

                      Which old switch?

                      That wicked switch!

                      Off, On! The switch that makes you dead!

                      Wake up, you sleepy head!

                      Rub your eyes,

                      Get out of bed.

                      Wake up, before that switch of dread!

                      We're on the Geraldo show

                      Let go... let go...let go.

                      Oh no, that's not Christian thing,

                      To bring the swells out.

                      Off, on! This rodeo!

                      Sing it high,

                      Sing it low.

                      Let them know

                      The wicked switch is dead!


                      We represent, we represent, The Alibi League,

                      The Alibi League, The Alibi League,

                      And in the name of The Alibi League,

                      We'll cover up for you in Potemkinland.


                      We represent, we represent, The Gatorade Guild,

                      The Gatorade Guild, The Gatorade Guild,

                      And in the name of The Gatorade Guild…

                      We drink a toast to you in Potemkinland.

                      Glanda:  Aren't you forgetting the Ruby Ferragamos?

                      Wicked Bitch:  The Ferragamos - yes... the Ferragamos! They're gone! The Ruby Ferragamos!  What have you done with them? Give them back to me, or I'll...

                      Glanda:  It's too late!  There they are, and there they'll stay!

                      Dubithy:  Oh!

                      Wicked Bitch:  Give me back my Ferragamos!  I'm the only one with feet that wide. They don't even look good on you! Give them back to me! Give them back!

                      Glanda:  Keep tight inside of them - they must be very comfortable, or she wouldn't want them so badly!

                      Wicked Bitch:  You stay out of this, Glanda, or I'll fix you as well!

                      Glanda:  Promises, promises! You have no power here. Be gone, before somebody drops a charge on you, too.

                      Wicked Bitch:  Very well - I'll bide my time - and as for you, my fine laddie, it's true, I can't attend to you here and now as I'd like, but just try to stay out of my way.... just try!  I'll have you, my pootie,  and your little dog, too!


                      Glanda: It's always best to threaten the ultimate ending - and all you do is follow the Yellow Cake Road.

                      Dubithy: Follow the Yellow Cake Road. Follow the Yellow Cake Road.

                      Potemkins: Follow the Yellow Cake Road. Follow the Yellow Cake Road. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the Yellow Cake Road.

                      Follow the Yellow Cake Road. Follow the Yellow Cake Road. Follow the Yellow Cake Road.

                      You're off to steal the Business, The Wonderful Business of Oil!

                      You'll find it is a Whiz of a Biz! If ever a Biz there was!

                      If ever o ever a Biz there was, The Business of Oil is one because,

                      Because, because, because, because, because.

                      Because of the Wonderful Bling for us!

                      You're off to steal the Business, The Wonderful Business of Oil!

                      Dubithy: Follow the Yellow Cake Road? Follow the Yellow Cake...? Well, now which way do we go, Turdo?

                      Scarecrum: Pardon me. This is a very neo-con way.

                      Dubithy: Who said that?...... That's funny. Wasn't he pointing the other way?


                      I'M CLINICALLY INSANE


                      Starecrum: While I shoot them all my glowers,

                      Reducin' standin' powers,

                      Rubbin' 'gainst the grain.

                      With the plots that I'm hatching,

                      They're are all busy armor patching,

                      'Cause I'm clinically insane.

                      It may look just like I piddle,

                      When troops resort to griddles

                      To double prisoner pain.

                      Dubithy: With your thoughts, I hope you're winkin'

                      Are you sure you've not been drinking' ?

                      Maybe snortin' some cocaine?

                      Starecrum: Oh, I can be so sly,

                      This notion I adore.

                      I can link up things we've never lunked before,

                      I'll never quit, the kink and gore.

                      I am not a big fat muffin,

                      Like the lyin, always bluffin'

                      And leaving undies stained.

                      Even the Right thinks I'm scary

                      `Cause I'm such a dingleberry,

                      I'm just clinically insane!

                      Dubithy: Ohh! Wonderful! Why if our Jim Crows back in Texas could do that, the crows'd be scared to protest!

                      Starecrum: They would?

                      Dubithy: Yep!

                      Starecrum: Where's Texas?

                      Dubithy: That's where I tell folks I grew up, and I want to get back there so badly, I'm going all the way to the Emirate City to get the Wizard of Oil to help me.

                      Starecrum:  Do you think if I went with you, this Wizard would respond to pain?

                      Dubithy: I couldn't say. But even if he didn't, I couldn't be any worse off than I am now.

                      Starecrum:  Yes, that's true. Look, I could raise trouble, because I'm so Right Wing, and I could manage things because you stink. Won't you take me with you?

                      Dubithy: Of course I will.

                      Starecrum:  Hooray! We're off to grill the Wizard!

                      Dubithy: Why it's a man! A man made out of sin!

                      Starecrum:  What?

                      Dubithy: Yup!

                      Oil Man: Foiled plan!

                      Dubithy: Did you say something?

                      Oil Man: Foiled plan!

                      Dubithy: He said foiled plan.

                      Oil Man: Meee, Meee, My- mmmmmy, my, my, my knees! I can walk again!

                      Dubithy: Well, you're perfect now

                      Oil Man: Perfect? Oh, bang on my war drum if you think I'm perfect. Go ahead, bang on it! It's silent. I've got to find a way to give it a start. It all follows.

                      I'M ONLY MADE OF PARTS

                      Oil Man: When an old man's droolin' spittle

                      And loose around the middle,

                      And with a worn out heart.

                      It's because they keep exhumin',

                      To the point that I'm inhuman,

                      And I'm only made of parts.

                      On a bender, I go mental,

                      I'm less than continental,

                      Disregarding life and art,

                      I defend the broken arrows,

                      As a boy I shot at sparrows,

                      Now I'm only made of parts.

                      For a fee, I'd drain the sea,

                      To pump the oil below…

                      Dubithy: Wherefore art thou, Conoco?

                      Oil Man: An oily teat… light and sweet!

                      Just to stop the drills transocean, heresy, commotion,

                      I think I'd fall apart.

                      I say bung, I'm the skipper,

                      Are you shocked, a double dipper?

                      For a war I've got to start!

                      Dubithy: I don't like this forest! It's - it's unpolluted and clean!

                      Starecrum:  Of course I could make it a lot darker if I had a lighter.

                      Dubithy: Do - do you suppose we'll meet any wild animals?

                      Oil Man: We might.

                      Starecrum: Animals that - that don't eat meat?

                      Oil Man: Some - but mostly liberals, and liars, and gays.

                      Dubithy: Liberals?

                      Starecrum:  And liars?

                      Oil Man: And gays.

                      Dubithy: Oh! Liberals, and liars, and gays! Oh my!

                      All: Liberals, and liars, and gays! Oh my!...

                      Roverly Lyin:  Put 'em up! Put 'em up! Which one of you's Frist? I'll tie you all in together if you want! I'll tie you in with his Paw out behind the shack. I'll tie you into branding on the tush. I'll lie to you with my eyes open. Oh - tryin' to give me the axe, eh? Leaking about me, eh? Why?

                      Oil Man: Here - here. You play in the ozone!

                      Roverly Lyin:  Afraid, huh? How long can you stay alive off that respirator? Come on - Throw out some spite, you sniveling medical ward! Put up your armor, you state-sided bag of wind!

                      Starecrum:  Wow! Now that's some personal lyin'!

                      Oil Man: Yes - you've been giving him lessons.

                      Starecrum:  Well - what's wrong - haven't you been teaching him too?

                      Oil ManWell - well - I hardly know him.

                      Roverly Lyin:  Well, I'll get you, anyway, Pee-Wee.

                      DubithyShame on you!

                      Roverly Lyin:  What -- what did you do that for?  I didn't bite it.

                      DubithyNo, but you tried to. It's bad enough trying to pick up an old wind bag, but when you go around picking on my poor little...

                      A LOWLY SOFTBALL CURVE

                      Roverly Lyin: Yes it really makes me pissy,

                      The ass you have to kissy,

                      And the jerks whose whims you serve.

                      But I can show a scowl less, lie and then kowtow less,

                      With a lowly softball curve.

                      Half the time I'm never tryin', I'm just dandy at the lyin',

                      My fate I will preserve.

                      The truth would be scissored…

                      Oil Man: I'll keep the grizzled vizard…

                      Starecrum: I'll grill insurgent gizzards…

                      Dubithy: If the wizard has an oil field in reserve…

                      Starecrum: Then I'm sure to cause more pain…

                      Oil Man: Spare parts…

                      Dubithy: The Dome…

                      Roverly Lyin: Mince words…

                      All:  We're off to steal the Business, The Wonderful Business of Oil!

                      You'll find it is a Whiz of a Biz! If ever a Biz there was!

                      If ever o ever a Biz there was, The Business of Oil is one because,

                      Because, because, because, because, because.

                      Because of the Wonderful Bling for us!

                      We're off to steal the Business, The Wonderful Business of Oil!

                      Dubithy: There's Emirate City! Oh, we're almost there at last! At last! It's beautiful, isn't it?  Just like I knew it would be.  He really must be a wonderful Wizard to live in a City like that! Oh - Oh - what's happening?  What is it? I can't run anymore.  I'm so.... sleepy. This weeding poppies is such hard work...


                      We're lost in the woods

                      We're lost in the dark

                      We're swallowed by night

                      If I Could Just Bring a Thesaurus

                      Roverly Lyin: If I could just bring a thesaurus, I'd be mean, I' d nuke, I' d dispense.

                      My legal tomes from the thesaurus, would be Latin, and rotten, and dense.

                      I'd demean everything, dig at flesh and run afoul.

                      Without proof, give me proof I'd coyly growl - proof!

                      I'd lick at their heels, all would freeze at my zeal.

                      And my mountainous scow would be artful somehow.

                      And the rumors I could fling - If I - If I - could bring!

                      These habits you should expect of me. The punks want my vasectomy.

                      Though they wail as I lash, I would continue to bash,

                      Gore every hireling!

                      If I - If I - could sling!

                      Just sling!

                      Hallmark of all I purvey   Hall - ma - a - a - a - ark of all I purvey!


                      Dubithy: Your modesty! If you could sling, you wouldn't be afraid of anything?

                      Roverly Lyin:  Nope! Nobody but thou!

                      Oil Man: Not even White Phosphorus?

                      Roverly Lyin:  Just leaves more for us!

                      Dubithy: How about a lobotomy?

                      Roverly Lyin:  I'd accuse the Doc of misogyny!

                      Dubithy: Supposin' you met a sycophant?

                      Roverly Lyin: I'd turn him into a press briefing plant!

                      Starecrum: What if they weren't all for us?

                      Roverly Lyin: I'd tell 'em that they stink, of course!

                      All Three:  How?

                      Roverly Lyin:  How?

                      Verbage! What puts the sting into the knave?

                      Verbage! What makes 'em gag on the past and waive?

                      Verbage! What makes the accelerant charge at dusk, make the pissy pissed and the fussy fuss?

                      What makes the anomalous bad guard a plus?

                      Verbage! What makes our finks from heaven thunder?

                      Verbage! What makes that lawn filled with crosses a blunder?

                      Verbage! What makes the have-nots not-so-hot? What stops the gapes at the homeless cots?

                      What have I got that they ain't got?

                      All Three:  Verbage?

                      Roverly Lyin:  Say that again about a million times!

                      Wizard: I am Oil, the great and powerful Oil knows why you have come. Step Forward, Oil Man!

                      Oil Man: Ohhhhh!

                      Wizard:  You dare to come to sell spare parts, do you?

                      And you, Starecrum, have the gruntery to spread your pain! And you - Lyin!!

                      Well, the opalescent Oil has every intention of slanting your requests!

                      But first, you must bring me the aluminum tubing of the Wicked Bitch of the West.

                      Wicked Bitch: What a floppy little dog. And you, my dear, what an unexpected pleasure. It's so kind of you to visit me with your manliness.

                      Dubithy: What are you going to do with my dog! Give it back to me!

                      Wicked Bitch: All in short time, my little pretty… all in a very short time.

                      DubithyOh, please give me back my Turdo!

                      Wicked Bitch:  Certainly - certainly - when you give me those ruby Ferragamos.

                      Dubithy:  But Glanda told me not to.

                      Wicked Bitch:  Very well! Throw that basket in the river and drown it!

                      DubithyNo!  No - no!  Here - you can have your old Ferragamos - but give me back my Turdo.

                      Wicked Bitch:  That's a good little girl.  They're not even in season. Ahh!  Ah!

                      DubithyI'm sorry.  I didn't do it!  Can I still have my Turdo?

                      Wicked Bitch:  No!  Fool, that I am!  I should have remembered - those Ferragamos will never come off, as long as... you're on vacation.

                      Dubithy: Run, Turdo, run!

                      Wicked Bitch: Catch it you fool!

                      Dubithy: Run, Turdo, run! Run, Turdo, run! He went away! He went away!

                      Wicked Bitch: Ohhhh! Which is more than you will! Drat you and your droopy dog! You've been more trouble to me than you're worth, one way and another… but you'll soon be my lover now!

                      Oil Man: Look!  There's Turdo! Where'd he come from?

                      Starecrum: Why, don't you see? The Witch took him away from Dubithy.

                      Oil Man: Oh! 

                      Starecrum: Come on, fellows!

                      Roverly Lyin: What's that? What's that?

                      Starecrum: That's the bunker of the Wicked Bitch. Dubithy's in that awful place!

                      Oil Man: Oh, I hate to think of me not in there. We've got to get in! Who's them? Who's them?

                      Finkies: Petro… leeee… yum! Petrol…yum! Petro… leeee… yum! Petrol…yum!

                      Starecrum: I've got a scheme on how to get in there. And you're going to leak it.

                      Roverly Lyin: All right. I'll go in there for Dubithy… Wicked Bitch or no Wicked Bitch… leotards or no leotards… I'll rip `em a

                      fart. Ohhhh! I may come out a liar but I'm going in there. There's only one thing I want you fellas to do.

                      Starecrum and Oil Man: What's that?

                      Roverly Lyin: Leak me out of it.

                      Finkies: Petro… leeee… yum! Petrol…yum! Petro… leeee… yum! Petrol…yum!

                      Wicked Bitch: Ha, ha, ha! Going so soon? I wouldn't hear of it. Why, the Republican party's just beginning.

                      Ha, ha, ha, eh, eh! Ring around ol' Rovey!  A docket full of liars!  Well,  the last to go to prison will see the first three go

                      before her! And your manly little dog, too! How about a little Willey Pete, Starecrum? Huh?

                      Starecrum: No! No! No! No! Help! I'm burning! I'm burning! I'm burning!

                      Wicked Bitch: No, don't throw that cold cream! Ohhhhh! You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm molting! Molting!

                      Finkies: Hell! Aw Hell, Dubithy! The Wicked Bitch has fled!

                      DubithyYou mean, you're...you're all happy about it?

                      Finkie Leader: 
                      Very happy - now she won't be able to hit us with her aluminum tubing....

                      Dubithy:  The tubing! May we have it?

                      Finkie Leader:  Please!  And take it with you!

                      Dubithy: Oh - thank you so much!  Now we can go back to the Wizard and tell him the Wicked Bitch has fled!

                      Wizard:  Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Universalus Commitmenteaum e pluralis sanitarium, I hereby confer upon you the honorary degree of Sp.D.

                      Starecrum:  Sp.D. ?

                      Wizard:  Yeah - that... that's Dr. of Spookology!

                      Starecrum:  The sum of the squared boots of any two sides of an insurgent triangle is equal to the squared boots of the remaining side.  Oh joy, it's the rapture!  I can cause real pain!

                      Wizard: Therefore - for monstrous.... conduct, extraordinary pallor, contemptuous knavery against wicked bitches, I award you the Double Cross. You are now a member of the legions of Medals of Freedom recipients!

                      Roverly Lyin:  Oh - Oh - shucks, folks, I'm beseechless!

                      Wizard: Well, you force me into a catalytic combustion.  The only way to get Dubithy back to Texas is for me to take her there myself!

                      Dubithy: An oil well too?  Could you? Oh - but are you a clever enough Wizard to manage it?

                      Wizard:  Dub - you cut me to the quick! I'm an old dry well man myself... born and.... bred in the heart of the Arabian wasteland

                      Dubithy: But it wasn't a dream... it was a dusty country... and you ... and you... and you were there. But you wouldn't have really gone there, would you?

                      Mummy Lar: Oh, we hallucinate a lot of silly things when we've had too much to drink...

                      Dubithy: No, Mummy Lar... it wasn't the DT's... this was a real, truly filthy place. But I remember one of the bitches was pretty nice...but mostly it was miserable. But just the same, all I kept saying to everyone was, we're not leaving 'til we have a victory. and they kicked my ass out. Why doesn't anybody believe me anymore?

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