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Re: [anthroposophy] male and female, gods and goddesses

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  • Danny F.
    ... Hi Joel, I keep thinking there s only one Trinity, and that male/female, masculine/feminine is a short-sighted view of the universe based on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2000
      --- "Joel A. Wendt" <hermit@...> wrote:
      > Danny wrote:
      > " There's no such a thing as masculine/feminine
      > properly except in the
      > etherico/physical no? I think extending the 'duality'
      > masculine/feminine to the whole cosmos is certainly
      > Luciferic,
      > in doing so, you get rid of the threefoldness, only
      > seeing the
      > cosmos in an ever sensuous sexual kind of thing."
      > Danny,
      > I think you have read something into this situation
      > which really isn't present in it. Anthroposophy, in
      > the Foundation Stone Meditation, speaks of the Father
      > God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These are clearly
      > "male" terms (at least the first two). In addition the
      > idea of "anthroposophia" is feminine in nature.
      > Demeter, Persephone, the Virgin Mary - the idea of the
      > feminine and the masculine is everywhere, and its
      > Realty doesn't have anything to do with sexuality.
      > Spiritual Beings exhibit "qualities", for which
      > spiritual researchers are forced to find terms in our
      > language. Is is perhaps the limit of language the
      > makes for these divisions, and not the sexualization of
      > the Nature of Existence.
      > Stephen Clarke has been doing research on the
      > Saturday following the Crucifixtion, when Christ
      > descended into Hell. Where did He go?
      > According to Steve, Christ passed through the
      > interior of the earth, including the so-called eighth
      > sphere, and into the Realm of the Mother, a real
      > qualitative Power waiting patiently in the Dark. The
      > idea is that our Earth is poised between the Father and
      > the Mother, held in a kind of loving balance. This
      > isn't about sex, its about different divine qualities
      > and the equipoise between them.
      > Yet, as you pointed out, the
      > Mystery of the Trinity is there. But if you think
      > about it, you will realize that it describes the
      > Heavenly Powers, that which comes from Above. While
      > Tomberg, in reminding us of the two triangles - Father,
      > Son, Holy Ghost, Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul, lets
      > us know that this Mystery is even deeper then we have
      > yet the capacity to fully imagine.
      > Do you not realize what Work Mary, the Mother, does
      > in this world as an active presence for millions of
      > people?
      > I humbly suggest you reconsider your views.
      > warm regards,
      > joel

      Hi Joel,

      I keep thinking there's only one Trinity, and that male/female,
      masculine/feminine is a short-sighted view of the universe based
      on the reproductive bearing power which is found on earth. I do
      realise Mary, Sophia, and the Goddesses as having
      feminine attributes. I dont mind 2 triangles, which I would rather
      see as the physical movement that goes shrinking towards a central
      point and the tension you refer above arising
      from the polarity with it's opposite etherical movement in the sense
      of the periphery, darkness and heaviness vs. light and lightness,
      death vs. life.

      Two Trinity? not for me thanks.

      "All of the Creation reflects this fundamental
      dynamic balanced tension."

      My understanding is that only the physical and etheric take part
      in it, thus my spirit and astral are free, free from it.

      I also realize that a Mary cult divert the attention away from
      Christ as well.


      P.S.: Prokofieff does explain the Mystery of the feminine and the
      masculine in the spiritual world as of the masculine as an ego,
      single being working individually, and the feminine
      as the 'sobornal' state of beingness in which the being does not
      work as representing it's individuality or not even being only
      one single individual but a collective of different hierarchies
      and beings, as it is for the Sophia, having then more creative
      possibilities than a single "masculine" individual being. This
      make lot more sense to me than the "imagination" of 2 Trinity.
      I'd be very interested to know what Tomberg has to say about
      his 'Daughter' and 'Holy Soul'. Anybody know them?...

      "Anthroposophy does not want to impart knowledge.
      It seeks to awaken life."

      --Rudolf Steiner

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