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  • Catherine
    ... the ... Pisces ... have ... that s ok...I ll go do some searches under Cultural Epochs and see what I can find......thanks! ... must connect ... Bruno ...
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      > *******Too many places to go look up one right now. In every lecture where
      > Steiner gives an overview of the Cultural Epochs and connects them with
      > zodiac ages you'll find him speaking about our epoch being the Age of
      > and starting about 1413, or about the birth of Joan of Arc. Anyone here
      > one handy? If not I'll go look up a few...

      that's ok...I'll go do some searches under Cultural Epochs and see what I
      can find......thanks!

      >******** It has to do with the fact that any spiritual being on earth
      must connect
      > to a part of the cosmos. What the Church used to do with medieval saints,
      > Steiner does in the Soul-Calendar--- but then also adds moderns who have
      > advanced the spiritual development of mankind (like Benjamin Franklin,
      > and Hus) and events (like the abolition of slavery in N. America).

      O.... I see...this is very interesting........

      > The spirit of John the Baptist, through his life, connected itself to
      > cosmos in the area of the Sun's highest point, in midsummer, which once
      > in the constellation Cancer the Crab and now is in Gemini--- the time when
      > what the alchemists call the Sulfur-forces of the cosmos descend to earth,
      > we see in the "St. John's bugs" or lightning bugs (or "June bugs") and the
      > summer lightning...

      I really enjoy these kinds of "symbols" and the way in which the different
      Masters endeavoured to portray the truths occultly, they are so often
      interwoven, intricate and even intimate...the alchemists, I think, were
      masters of the symbol.

      much food for thought, and thank you too for the article on Dr. Schweitzer,
      very inspiring and heart warming,

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