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  • holderlin66
    Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. retired USAF lieutenant colonel has been someone who I have always thought interesting. I have my reasons. However here is the low
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2006
      Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D. retired USAF lieutenant colonel has been
      someone who I have always thought interesting. I have my reasons.
      However here is the low down skinny of what we can expect to come
      rolling down the pike of our world within the next few months.

      You can expect the stubborn and pig headed Cheny/Bush to plunge the
      world into an enormous brinkmanship crisis with Iran. It is a set
      up, it will be a set up, something with Israel, something like an
      attack on the fleet in the Persian Gulf, some seeming attack from
      Iran, that would most certainly be dramaticaly staged, and utterly
      false would set the entire propaganda machine of the west in motion
      and push our world to a brink of invented and horrific chaos to
      achieve certain ends.

      Israel and the U.S. will push Iran into an attack that has been
      fabricated, faked and the entire U.S., Internet, economies of the
      region and the world will be forced to shut down freedoms, black out
      news and the internet, while mayhem and mass murder breaks out in
      the region of the middle east, verging on nuclear confrontations
      with Russia, China, and Korea. The loss of life in Iran and Israel
      will spill over everywhere and cripple oil supplies through out the
      world. While in Amerika Orwellian detention camps will contain the
      riots and upheavals as the economy plunges into chaos.

      We could only hope that the liars and monsters would retire from
      their power bids, after the mass voters defeat was delivered to
      Bush, but they won't. We certainly live in this world and souls
      living in this world, those that endured the conflicts of WW I and
      II, none of us wish for destructive, devastating and horrific events
      and neither did they. But for humans, encountering the forces of the
      literal dragon in the wills of people coldly bent on following out
      Ahriman's behests, we do not expect that this conflict between
      Ahriman and Michael...in US, is going to just disappear. We all live
      in the web of titanic wills bent on revealing just how far those
      human wills can betray their own and our own humanity. And the
      conflict, that will not disappear rather appears to me like the
      depiction and description of the Archangel Michael from "The Marble

      "...What an expression of heavenly severity in the Archangel's
      face!" (Our current Archai and ZeitGeist Michael and that Michael
      that is sketched by Steiner in The Michael Letters, is US, each of
      us facing the issues that so many before us have also faced)

      "...a more competent critic of this picture, would estimate it not
      half so high. I see its defects today more clearly than ever before."

      "What are some of them?" asked Kenyon.

      "That Archangel, now," Miriam continued, "how fair he looks, with
      his unruffled wings, with his untracked sword, and clad in his
      bright armor, and that exquisitely fitting skyblue tunic, cut in the
      latest Paradisiacal mode! What a dainty air of the first celestial
      society! With what half-scornful delicacy he sets his prettily
      sandalled foot on the head of his prostrate foe!

      "But, is it thus that virtue looks the moment after its death
      struggle with evil? No, no; I could have told Guido better. A full
      third of the Archangel's feathers should have been torn from his
      wings; the rest all ruffled, till they looked like Satan's own! His
      sword should be streaming with blood, and perhaps broken halfway to
      the hilt; his armor crushed, his robes rent, his breast gory; a
      bleeding gash on his brow, cutting right across the stern scowl of

      "He should press his foot hard down upon the old serpent, as if his
      very soul depended upon it, feeling him squirm mightily, and
      doubting whether the fight were half over yet, and how the victory
      might turn! And, with all this fierceness, this grimness, this
      unutterable horror, there should still be something high, tender,
      and holy in Michael's eyes, and around his mouth. But the battle
      never was such child's play as Guido's dapper Archangel seems to
      have found it."

      Nor do I find the coming conflicts that sweep children, mothers,
      whole economies and nations into a maw of chaos based on selfish and
      darkened human wills childsplay. The still squirming force of the
      opposing will that is bent, with humans, from humans, toward humans,
      to devour the roots and soil of goodness and press it backwards,
      delay it and crush it, is certainly not child's play. It rumbles
      ominously. And Karen Kwiatkowski hints at why.


      "...Washington establishmentarian desire to lay the psychological-
      linguistic groundwork for what is going to happen soon – and for
      those with connections in this White House, to come out on
      the "right" side early and often. "Bomb Iran" becomes legitimate to
      say, and thus to think and do...

      "...it is practically important, as several American carrier battle
      groups in the Persian Gulf patiently await the 2006 rendition of a
      Tonkin incident, as the Air Force and Navy polishes those target
      lists, as the Army and Marines send more troops into the region. We
      hear that more troops are going to Iraq because of its complete
      political and security breakdown, but the Pentagon knows our troops
      cannot save Iraq, and if they enter into the fray, they will be
      killed. Instead, it seems more likely that these troops will stay on
      the major U.S. bases in central and southern Iraq, and elsewhere in
      the region, until needed for the next big thing. The news that more
      American troops may be required in Afghanistan also fits nicely with
      what must be done..."

      Bradford concludes;

      The axis of evil remains Downing Street, Israel and Washington D.C.
      and all that they intended to do, has not been finished yet. Nothing
      short of locking these monsters away and a War Crimes trial, about
      as fair as they gave Saddam, which was an American backed Stalin
      show trial that was all part of the cheap Ahrimanic sitcom that
      stars GWB as frat boy luciferic front man to the Ahrimanic lodges,
      the Iraq Study Group and the nest of vipers still coiling and
      seething under the heading of Project for a New Ahrimanic Century.
      Somehow I don't think this is over yet.
    • Steve Hale
      ... is the feet and ram is the head. But that all occurred before man feet and heads... ... abortion. ... The bodhisattva eschews the path of nirvana in order
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 29, 2006
        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Inanna <blue_star_in@...> wrote:
        > I am wondering where the kitten and the devic being fit in if pisces
        is the feet and ram is the head. But that all occurred before man feet
        and heads...
        > Do you think the gay and lesbian explosion root cause lies in
        > I think Isis had a soul path back to the stars.
        > Goodnight then

        The bodhisattva eschews the path of nirvana in order to fight the
        battle on earth; for he loves humanity too much to fly back to the
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