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Wholeness and the war of all against all

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  • holderlin66
    This breaking insight; ....seeks to find an excuse, a legal platform for a behavior that justifies the actions of unconsecrated Light down to the personal
    Message 1 of 43 , Nov 25, 2006
      This breaking insight;

      "....seeks to find an excuse, a legal platform for a behavior that
      justifies the actions of unconsecrated Light down to the personal
      Christic insult of each i am against itself."

      Bradford comments;

      I brought recently a breaking insight into the war of all against
      all. This incursion of bringing the i am, against the Christic I AM
      we carry begins to track all that John projected out into the future
      as how the roots of the war of all against all, turns in on itself,
      devours it's own tail, cannabalizes the i am of others, prepares the
      ground, if you will, for seducing humanity into fragmenting,
      terrorizing and betraying it's own I Am.

      Usually we have some vast cosmic brooohah over such an idea of the
      war of all against all, but let us look at the steps that lead us
      clearly down this road. It isn't like some lumpy giant, sudden,
      unseen, event, it is a slow and morally clear road. This road can be
      outlined and seen where it divides itself in the hearts and minds of
      our fellow human beings. The war of all against all is not so
      difficult to understand if you take the vast helium idiocy out of
      the way of looking clearly and following the road signs.

      To understand how the war of all against all is set in motion by a
      thousand little insults, death by a thousand cuts, and how the
      increased attacks of unconsecrated light against the consecrated
      light of the I AM, make torture legal, make Orwellian society with
      the fear of terror lurking in each i am and different human we
      encounter, all a bogus lie, possible and always a lurking reality,
      we need to adjust our I's or Eyes.

      When pushed to the max, the corporate industrial disposal method of
      whole groups of humans as in Stalin purges, Pol Pot
      http://www.moreorless.au.com/killers/pot.html and the Cambodia
      murders, Dafur, the Nazis and the current U.S. tally of invading a
      country that never attacked us, pre-emptively, bumping on at least
      900,000 Iraqi, Palastinian victims murdered. And dumbass Israel now
      cheering such destruction on! Learn to see insanity and prevent it.

      In every aspect where thinking uses unconsecrated and immoral means
      to murder portions of the astral body and sever connections to the
      TWELVE CRANIAL nerve fuctions by delivering deadly mercury in
      vaccines to our children, our babies functioning and early
      foundations....creating immense nervous system disorders, that are
      all sanctioned by "healthy thinking" doctors, humans and idiots
      makes deep, deep inroads into the cannabalizing and devouring
      feeding frenzy of a host of cosmic beings who develop, through
      humans, a taste for the immortal fragments of the undeveloped i am.

      By looking with clear cut observations at fetal deformity due to
      depleted uranium, as an etheric form destroying force in fetal
      development; by the actual documentation of fully poisonous
      unconsecrated thinking, used for unconsecrated destructive purpose,
      of opposing the moral light, life, form and love that resides in
      matter itself; we cannot, if you have any foundational sanity, not
      connect an unleashed force of devouring unconsecrated light, a geni
      released from the bomb, against that of the nurturing, supportive
      and Consecrated light that resides when a human maintains the higher
      dignity and science of being a human. You must be able to draw a
      line of clear cut common sense on a whole host of issues to protect
      your children and thwart the further betryal of humanity.

      Incursions into the nervous system or astral body, incursions into
      the etheric and form forces, the moral Light aspect of what STeiner
      understood as Cancer and the Karmic forces that surface as a Karmic
      meter of measurement to how much materialistic deception one lived
      by and praised in previous incarnations arises as cancer in a
      further life, is clearly evident by the betrayal of our own human
      dignity. Ahriman hates the idea that karmic law will arise and bring
      disease, nervous disorders and madness to humans, as a cure that
      restores health to Earth.

      There are forces that are hungering after what human beings in their
      I AM's can bring forward. There are mighty, good and positive beings
      and forces boosting and seeking human cognitive clarity. It is from
      our fellow humans where the betrayal of our own humanity seeks lines
      of corporate efficiency, profit in the destruction of our children,
      our education, our humanity and we as humans refuse to follow the
      trails even when they stared us in the face. If any good has come
      out of this recent confrontation with the forces of betrayal coming
      from Downing Street, Isreal and Washington D.C. it should be the
      ability to see who is in charge of these monsters and who lets them

      To legalize torture and have U.S. medical doctors in our Gitmo
      prison keep victims alive while they are tortured so that they can
      continue to be tortured them...using even more inhuman forces
      against our humanity in rendition prisons over the globe, allows the
      black magic of occult forces to grow and cluster in vortexes and
      horrific centers where stealing Angelic vision, robbing the
      spiritual world of future secrets is applied on the torture table,
      is nothing but crass, outright, foul, corrupt and terrible betrayal
      of the value of each i am.

      Today from the standpoint of physical and materialistic science,
      nerve pathways, etheric and endorphin systems have not only been
      mapped and scanned but giant materialistic, verging on outright evil
      PHarMO monopolies addict, numb, mangle and twist human functions
      into sickness so that specific cures can be tangled into profit
      schemes where you cause the disease and provide the temporary
      solution for immense profits.

      Wholeness, teaching from the whole human being, teaching athletic
      intelligence, emotional intelligence and intellectual or head
      intelligence as all part of an integrated human system of wholeness,
      is part of the Spiritual Science and Anthro mission. Millions of
      souls understand the idea of wholeness but without the Anthro stamp
      on it, they attempt to fumble around and Platonically provide
      fragments to the puzzle of the great wholeness of the whole healthy
      formative forces of Consecrated Light within the unfolding of the
      human being. We see the influence of definite platonic souls
      infliterated around the world and those that have already
      encountered in their karma the wholeness of truly human consecrated
      light. They very likely and in good conscience had never heard on
      Earth anything to do with Anthroposophy, but they do remember the
      wholeness and majesty of the vast spiritual world ringing still in
      their ears.

      The war of all against all, and the incursions and immoral
      encouragement from a deluded humanity through any of these
      madnesses, that education doesn't understand how the pineal gland
      buried in the brain tracks the light of thought and writes it, and
      the immortal I am can not only read it's own astral writing but can
      read others, is part of the key to the dawn of the Age of Light, has
      been lost to the host of idiots who have been diverted from bringing
      together the mighty clarity of how this Light did dawn around 1899.

      Can we thwart the will that perverts humanity into developing such
      hungers for sapping the astral life out of humans, sapping and
      fragmenting the etheric form of humans from the deformed forces that
      arise from depleted uranium poisoning in the wombs, bones and
      lymphatic tissue of humans? Can we thwart the forces that are
      seeking to rip from humans Angelically guarded secrets of future
      etheric events? Can we thwart the forces that are seeking to eat
      into the i am and devour the treasure of I Am hood from humanity?

      Only if we get up off our asses and learn to see clearly how these
      horrific forces and the legalizing of any of these groups to do
      insane things, immoral things and uncover them as they hide behind
      military uniforms, giant corporations and confront them with the
      horrific understanding that such intentions betrays humanity, and
      stop them before they multiply. Truly, truly we can say of our
      fellow human beings, shut up, and forgive them, for they know not
      what they do...and truly we should not anymore be a part of the
      world where we can say of ourselves, gosh we didn't know. We do know
      and we have had the opportunity to understand where others did not.

      It is this failure to understand and see clearly the connections
      where these things stand, and failure to call out these people at
      parties and community meetings, and where parents crave to stuff
      their children with materialism, that each person must stop avoiding
      what has been deliberately placed in front of our noses through the
      actions of the mighty ZEITGEIST.

      Michael thrust these beings and these forces into human hands and
      hearts so that we would see them, get ripened and mature faculties
      to confront and thwart the robbery of the gift of our I AM wholeness
      and the Consecrated Light that wishes to penetrate every aspect of
      the human physical form. Moral light and thought is not just
      something in the head, Consecrated moral goodness, health and
      wholeness must penetrate the entire human being. And there ain't
      gonna be no aliens, no gods to intervene, it must be humans who
      stand up and declare their grasp of what being human means. This we
      do in remembrance of HIM.

      "Before His death, He commanded His disciples to partake of the
      supper in His remembrance. (Matthew 26.26-28; Mark 14.22-25; Luke
      22.14-19.) "And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed
      it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, 'Take,
      eat; this is My body.' And He took the cup, and gave thanks and gave
      it to them, saying, 'Drink ye all of it; for this is My blood of the
      New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins."
      (Matthew 26.26-28.) Note: All the four gospels give the same
      account, and in Luke 22.19, Jesus said, "This do in remembrance of
      me." Also, the apostle Paul wrote to the church at Corinth
      concerning the Lord's Supper, when he heard they were partaking of
      it improperly. (1 Corinthians 11.20-34.) In verse 23 it reads: "For
      I have received from the Lord, that which I also delivered unto you,
      that the Lord Jesus Christ the same night in which He was betrayed,
      took bread, and when He had given thanks, He brake it and
      said, 'Take, eat; this is My body which was broken for you. This do
      in remembrance of Me."

      In context presented thus;

      "And the wheel of karmic and recompense is based on several options.
      One option is to take the Orwellian excuse offered by Ahriman and
      the military and say, we were under orders to betray our humanity.
      Ahriman with this value debases the I AM we carry, and literally in
      torture chambers, debases the I AM we carry and seeks to find an
      excuse, a legal platform for a behavior that justifies the actions
      of unconsecrated Light down to the personal Christic insult of each
      i am against itself. All this goes on humanities tab. This tab is
      real and the battle to delude ourselves that such an I AM karmic
      ownership doesn't exist because you are the property of the U.S.
      Marine Corps or you are the Property of the Navy or you are the
      property of Hitler Youth, or you are the property of the U.S. Air
      Force or you are the property of the U.S. Army is rank ahrimanic
      bull shit!

      "The other option is the actual ownership and recognition of
      consecrated light within the human I AM and the ongoing destiny,
      karma and unfolding higher development of humanity. This option is
      the Christic option. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD and the
      current illegal position of the U.S. on torture are assaults by
      Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces on the ownership of the I AM."
    • Steve Hale
      ... breast? ... spoon, ... Well maybe I just can t win for losing, Val! Some people leave very little breathing room, so I offer something out of the tank.
      Message 43 of 43 , Dec 2, 2006
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        > > Well, I'm always interested in offering something of value, so if I
        > > don't then it is certainly on me to recompense. So in this case,
        > > where do I go from here? Could possibly something about soul
        > > development be worthwhile, and hopefully soothe your savage
        > You know, sometimes you just can't win for losing. Gag me with a
        > Steve. On the other hand I would cop to the savage breast any day of
        > the week and twice on Tuesday.-Val

        Well maybe I just can't win for losing, Val! Some people leave very
        little breathing room, so I offer something out of the tank. And by
        the way, it was posted before out of respect for Joel's efforts over
        there at the place that holds that Steiner was a racist.

        I don't seem to make much progress, do I?

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