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Re: The mystery of evil part 3

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  • carol
    Lee, I can offer some input. Re Lucifer: I would say that where you able to transform Lucifer s influence into the Holy Ghost, within yourself, through a
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      Lee, I can offer some input.

      Re Lucifer: I would say that where you able to transform
      Lucifer's influence into the Holy Ghost, within yourself, through a
      broadened and deepened understanding of the Christ event, then not
      only would this benefit you and those with whom you associate here on
      earth, but you also would become more ready for your `life' in the
      heavens. At some point, Christ appears beside Lucifer, I imagine,
      exclusively for all individuals who did this serious work during
      their earthly lives. (note: acquiring a thorough appreciation of the
      Christ event may take a while because of the many fine `spiritual'
      details needed to be assimulated and changes which may ensue within

      "Something of untold moment! When a man knows Christ, when he absorbs
      the wisdom which begets insight into what Christ truly is, then he
      redeems himself and the Luciferic Beings through this knowledge of
      Christ. Were man merely to say: I am content with the fact that
      Christ appeared and to allow myself to be redeemed by Him
      unconsciously — then he would contribute nothing to the redemption of
      the Luciferic Beings. These Luciferic Beings who have brought man
      freedom, also make it possible for him, if he so wills, to turn it to
      account in order to understand Christ. Then the Luciferic Spirits are
      cleansed and purified in the fire of Christianity and the wrong done
      to the earth by them is changed into blessing. Freedom has been
      attained; but it will also be carried into the spiritual sphere as a
      blessing." R. S.

      Re. "Why has so much shock and suffering been built into this
      scheme." I guess one way to put it is that there are tremendously
      intricate Spirituals influences being thrown around all over the
      place; all that is manifest is held together by manifold tasks done
      by Hierarchical Beings, they themselves are evolving through their
      work on earth and the heavens, we are evolving, the heavens are
      evolving, and not to forget the `independent' beings' opposition and
      massive scheme which eventually is turned into good by other's wisdom
      and work…...It starts from the massive Universe and all culminates in
      a fine point(the manifest)...

      Re: "Why has it not taken hold or at least found expression in other
      forms or groups (Michael oriented)." Lee, if you're looking for
      language and rhetoric which matches Steiner, you may be
      disappointed. But if you look to the moral steadfastness which some
      individuals manifest, sometimes as leaders, and watch them develop
      through time as they bring along others, then you will KNOW that
      they are in the least, intuitively expressing much of what Steiner
      describes behind phenomena of reincarnation and karma.

      Because of a world situation involving the 911 event, preemptive war
      mongering, (pending?) UK and American tyrannical governments, energy
      space weapons to name a few, a great many souls have found
      themselves creatively IMPLORING the heavens for help, since the
      earth is looking and feeling uglier as time progresses.

      I'm personally expecting to see ACTUAL numbers of souls taking
      the `leap' into Spiritual Science in the next little while. I find
      the pressure's real high!


      In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Lee A." <jlaoak@...> wrote:
      > Steven,
      > I sense what you are driving at here and understand the
      cosmological process but
      > there are a host of other questions that arise, as usual. What
      exactly is "Consecration" in the the sense
      > you use it? Were these Beings "set up" before the creation of the
      Solar System by the Solar Creator or did they "freely"
      > choose to follow a path of opposition and false light.
      > Sometimes RS mentioned the redemption of Lucifer and his position
      now as the Holy Ghost or
      > Spirit but if this is so, how can his influence still be considered
      harmful and influential as it continues to be among humanity? Which
      influence is which??
      > Why has so much shock and suffering been built into this scheme.
      The transition of major cycles seems fraught with horrible earthly
      changes and resulting suffeing, pain and massive death; and we are
      apparently looking at this yet again in the next 1000-3000 years
      (with the Advent and aftermath and problems leading to it). Who is
      running things? Obviously this is a rhetorical question but something
      mystifying in its own right.
      > The broader question is again: if Spiritual Science is to be path
      of redemption of the earth, why has it not taken hold or at least
      found expression in other forms or groups (Michael oriented). If such
      important matters are at hand, why can't the Hierarchies find the
      individuals and groups to bring this about?
      > Lee
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