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Re: Michaelmas reflections 2006

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  • holderlin66
    Below a title by Jason Miller called: UNLEASHING THE CHRIST WITHIN...This wonderful hope of how we as humanity extract ourselves from this 20th and 21st
    Message 1 of 73 , Nov 6, 2006
      Below a title by Jason Miller called:

      UNLEASHING THE CHRIST WITHIN...This wonderful hope of how we as
      humanity extract ourselves from this 20th and 21st century conflict
      with Ahriman and expose Ahriman and how he infects the human will
      and unfold the outline of the strength of all of our Consciences,
      the given rights of Consecrated Light that exists in all of us and
      is brought with us into incarnation under the trust of Angels, until
      it is poisoned by education, religion and science, is certainly a
      global dream, not by a long shot just an American Dream.

      This is our pipedream. Please wake up and make the monsters go away.
      That is certainly what sane people think, dream and feel about any
      of the atrocities that humanity succombs to. To wake up requires a
      cognitive effort from every adult who cherishes consecrated light.

      Those who are able to wake up are less confused by their great gift
      of being a human being and have recognized it in all its humble
      decency, love and common sense. This generally unstated and stated a
      thousand different ways from millions of voices and thought inside
      the soul, these have all the ear markes of a Michael event sort of

      Oddly, the words ZeitGeist and Christ and the deep reverberations of
      what should normally be Anthro passion, comes flying out of Jason
      Miller. A wonderful type of canary in the coal mine singing voice.
      It is certaintly a dream I share and recognize, Jason Miller
      certainly attempts to antidote all the bad Jason horror films. But
      do you recognize this dream, this inner scaffolding of Spiritual
      Common Sense? Do you recognize the cognitive effects of consecrated
      light in the moral sphere of the human heart and intellect?

      "Unleashing the Christ Within: Last Hope for the Moribund Soul of a
      by Jason Miller | Nov 6 2006


      "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses
      his soul?"
      --Jesus Christ

      "Humanity's "beacon of hope" is unraveling at its moral seams faster
      than George Bush can say nucular. 230 years ago, disciples of the
      Enlightenment shattered the shackles of colonial oppression and
      inaugurated their conception of a haven for humanity. While tainted
      by patriarchy and racism, the founding of the United States was
      arguably the pinnacle of social and political evolution. Tragically,
      the descendents of those who ascended to that zenith are racing to
      the bottom at a dizzying velocity.

      In a collective sense, the soul of the United States is writhing in
      the agony of spiritual asphyxiation. Trapped in an overflowing
      cesspool of its own making, the nation's élan vital desperately
      needs freedom and an infusion of spiritual oxygen. Sans significant
      change, its odds for survival equal those of an under-sized fish
      carelessly tossed ashore by a heartless angler.

      Yet it is not too late for the "cradle of democratic civilization"
      to fulfill the dream of a nation governed by We the People. Our
      ancestors overcame seemingly insurmountable odds by defying a
      tyrant. What is preventing us from following their lead? Humanity
      and the Earth desperately need for us to end the Corporatocracy's
      destructive rampage and direct our unparalleled resources, wealth,
      and technology toward the betterment of the world.

      We the People need to recapture the Zeitgeist of 1776 and initiate a
      revolt. To overcome a ruling class that maintains its power through
      the manipulation and enslavement of our psyches, we need a spiritual
      revolution. Since reactionary forces have assassinated the
      influential spiritual leaders whom have arisen in recent history, it
      appears we will need to resurrect one in the abstract.

      While there have been a number of viable potential candidates
      throughout history, Jesus Christ appears to be the obvious choice.
      While people continue to debate whether he was man, myth or God, few
      would deny the wisdom and virtue of the teachings attributed to him.
      His popular appeal and impact on civilization are unprecedented. And
      one need not subscribe to organized religion or ecclesiastical
      zealotry to manifest the soul-nurturing principles of Christ.

      What would happen if the poor and working class of the United States
      said "no mas" to the Corporatocracy? What if the wage slaves finally
      became self aware and leveraged the overwhelming strength of their
      numbers against their parasitic masters?

      Over 250 million US Americans acting in unison and embracing Christ
      as their leader "in absentia" would overwhelm the relative few
      manning the bulwarks of exploitation, imperial conquest, and obscene
      militarism. While it is unlikely Jesus would have advocated open
      revolt, it is a virtual certainty that he would have instructed his
      followers to minimize or end their participation in a system driven
      by avarice and abject cruelty.

      Improbable that such an evolution will transpire? Yes. Impossible?

      So let's indulge ourselves by taking a glimpse at the potential
      results of a mass movement of the wage slaves and disenfranchised in
      the United States acting in accord with the enlightenment of Christ:

      [Five years have slipped by since the "rise of the Proletariat" in
      the United States. Working in unison according to the spiritual
      principles embodied by Jesus Christ in the Synoptic Gospels, the
      poor, the working class, and the besieged middle class had finally
      renounced their allegiance to their pecunious over-lords.

      Consumers staged mass boycotts, decimating the cash flow that served
      as the life-blood of predatory capitalism. Sweeping strikes and sick-
      outs deprived the vampiric moneyed class of their wretched wage
      slaves. Spreading like a plague, civil disobedience infected the
      fascist titan and brought it to its knees. Military personnel
      refused to serve, bringing the war machine to a grinding halt. Law
      enforcement personnel rejected their loathsome task of enforcing
      unjust laws, exposing the miscreants ruling the nation to the
      terrifying possibility of enduring consequences for their heinous

      Realizing that neither their wealth nor their gated communities
      would afford them ample protection from receiving the just
      punishment they so richly deserved, the power elite emptied their
      bank accounts, cashed in their decimated securities portfolios, and
      scattered like roaches scurrying to evade the Light.

      Riding on the wings of their hubris, the haute monde fled to nations
      with no obligation to extradite fugitives to the United States.
      Tragically for them, their repeated displays of contempt for
      international law and rapacious actions toward other nations proved
      to be their undoing. Officials in nations harboring America's
      noblesse were delighted to cooperate with the newly formed United
      States government of We the People.

      Within less than a year, astoundingly large numbers of the deposed
      Bush Regime, members of the US Congress, false prophets like James
      Dobson, and avaricious swine like Lee Raymond found themselves
      occupying the grim confines of the vast gulag of prisons they had
      built to "protect" themselves from non-violent drug users and
      impoverished Blacks.

      At last the abusers of power and exploiters of humanity faced
      consequences for their unabated spree of crimes against humanity.
      How the mighty had plummeted. Stripped of their wealth, freedom,
      authority, and individuality, with shaven heads and sunken
      shoulders, the uniformed inhabitants of the
      nightmarish "correctional facilities" (of their making) choked on
      the acerbic medicine they had so gleefully prescribed for so many of
      their "inferiors". Fortunately for them, justice and compassion
      guided their jailers. State executions, torture, and prisoner abuse
      had been eliminated.

      While the ousted power brokers met their fate, a new Constitutional
      Convention had convened. The new founders were truly representative
      of We the People. The assembly was comprised of men, women, Blacks,
      Latinos, Whites, Asians, Jews, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Gays,
      Native Americans, the disabled, the mentally ill, and more. Ensuring
      diversity and equality was a significant priority to the new

      Habeas corpus, checks and balances, the separation of powers, and
      the Bill of Rights were restored and enshrined as the cornerstones
      of the new federal government. Numerous rights and responsibilities
      were ceded to the state level, balancing the power between the
      federal and state governments. The rule of law once again prevailed
      over the rule of man. Big Brother was properly neutered and caged.

      Wisely retaining the Preamble, and building upon it, those crafting
      the new Constitution determined that public funds would be dispersed
      in equal measures to revamp and sustain the judicial system
      to "establish Justice", to provide the means to "insure domestic
      tranquility", to maintain a military just large enough to "provide
      for the common defense", to fund humanitarian programs to "promote
      the general Welfare", and to perpetuate an independent watchdog
      entity comprised of elected representatives from each state
      (empowered to initiate a national referendum at any time to call for
      another Constitutional Convention) "to secure the Blessings of

      They abolished the Electoral College and electronic voting machines.
      Congress was reduced to a unicameral body comprised of elected
      members with each state represented in proportion to its population.
      Each member was limited to one term of six years. An unlimited
      number of political parties were given the right to equal share of
      public campaign funding. New legislation made private campaign
      contributions and lobbying felony offenses.

      The infinitely complex tax scheme which had enabled the criminal
      class to pay so little was relegated to the dust bin of history. A
      flat rate tax on personal, business, and corporate income, sales
      taxes, luxury taxes, tariffs, and property taxes filled the public
      coffers with money that benefited each citizen as equally as

      Corporate personhood was abolished. The new government of the people
      nationalized major corporations providing essential goods and
      services such as healthcare, food, and utilities. The plethora of
      corporate industrial complexes, including the prison and military,
      naturally withered as federal funding for their malevolent and
      profligate programs was cut to the quick.

      Assets seized from the criminal ruling class were utilized to
      provide a financial jump-start for this second attempt at forming
      an "asylum for mankind". Collaborating closely, national and local
      governments, nationalized industries, and businesses kept in check
      by a reasonable degree of public oversight worked to ensure that
      every citizen in their nation of excessive wealth had access to
      quality health care, education, food, and shelter.

      As a majority of US citizens focused their attention on matters of
      the spirit and new laws were implemented to deter rapacious
      capitalism, many of the social and economic institutions shriveled,
      atrophied, or collapsed. Consumer protection statutes and diminished
      appetites for material possessions dealt severe blows to Master Card
      and Visa. New and more effective anti-trust legislation crushed
      leviathans like Wal-Mart and Microsoft. Small business owners could
      flourish (at last) in an environment devoid of competitor-crushing

      Moral clarity and clear-mindedness armed the masses against the
      relentless flow of lies and manipulations manufactured by Madison
      Avenue and the corporate media. Individuals and churches exploiting
      religion for their empowerment and enrichment found their pews and
      collection plates as empty as Mother Hubbard's cupboard. Grossly
      overpaid entertainers and athletes awoke to a stinging reality in
      which the public no longer worshipped them nor showered them with
      obscene riches.

      Begging forgiveness from the rest of the world, US Americans
      withdrew hundreds of thousands of troops occupying other nations.
      Together with the rest of the "nuclear club" they began dismantling
      their doomsday weapons. The Zionist state collapsed when the United
      States ceased subsidizing its genocide and militarism. Palestine
      became a model of diversity as Jews, Christians, and Muslims
      imprisoned the proponents of violence and hatred in their midst and
      followed the example of their former patrons by forging a new
      government that truly served the interests of the people.

      With the Neocons tried, convicted, and imprisoned for egregious war
      crimes, a withdrawal of US troops around the globe, and justice
      restored in Palestine, the "unfathomable" came to pass. Asymmetrical
      attacks on the United States and its Western allies came to a
      screeching halt. At long last the "War on Terror" was exposed for
      the sham that it was.

      Having surrendered their perceived invulnerability, hubris, and
      narcissism, US Americans awoke from their state of mass delusion and
      began to perceive reality. Rather than launching military invasions
      that murdered millions of innocent civilians, the servants of We the
      People crafted and implemented a foreign policy based on the
      simplicity of the Golden Rule. Acting with fairness and respect, US
      leaders employed diplomacy, dispensed humanitarian aid without
      strings, and eliminated the military option excepting situations
      involving self-defense.

      Despite the "loss" of material wealth, the power to dominate the
      world, and the "entitlements" associated with the capacity to crush
      virtually all opposition, those who had found a unifying set of
      convictions in the wisdom of Christ and dismantled the American
      Empire could rejoice. Gaining far more than they had lost, they had
      reclaimed their souls, individually and collectively. And they
      believed Christ's assertion:

      "He who rules his spirit has won a greater victory than the taking
      of a city."]

      Mother Teresa once said, "Each one of them is Jesus in disguise."

      Christian or otherwise, WE are Mother Teresa's THEM. We who have
      been psychologically, spiritually, and financially enslaved by the
      insidious malevolence of American fascism have the love, compassion,
      and power of Christ within us.

      We have the capacity and the moral obligation to reject the Faustian
      bargain offered by the ruling elite. Temporal security and
      prosperity afforded by raping humanity and the Earth are not worth
      the price of our eternal souls. And without the complicity of their
      minions, the emasculated oligarchs' reign of terror would be reduced
      to a historical footnote.

      Off with the disguises and down with the Corporatocracy!"
    • holderlin66
      Bradford comments; Oh the Michael Spirit. The sassy common sense of seeing through the darkened deceptions that surround us. Oh the glorious Michael Spirit
      Message 73 of 73 , Nov 24, 2006
        Bradford comments;

        Oh the Michael Spirit. The sassy common sense of seeing through the
        darkened deceptions that surround us. Oh the glorious Michael Spirit
        that has placed us in such an obvious arena of liars.

        The Michael sense that you can wake up and know that people can
        stand up against idiots, morons, and humans who blatantly betray our
        humanity, to our face. To be so cognitively clear that you Love
        Spiritual Science in the same way that you love cognitive common
        sense is to glory in the gift of humanity.

        That you despise that which destroys our childrens cognitive
        potential and as an adult you praise and thank god that you live in
        such a time where you can see these things so damned clearly in our
        environment and you can spit right back in the eye of the devil. Be
        a Michael Student. Stop being a coward, stand up for the greatness
        of humanity and laugh to scorn when idiocy attempts to capture our
        society and our children.

        And these idiots are everywhere. Everywhere we turn we have one damn
        stupid materialistic idiot after another who has never felt the fire
        of Michael's cognitive inspiration and clarity. Rather these
        unconsecrated darkness eaters, just by the sheer force of their own
        stupidity and ugliness stand before our eyes claiming to uphold
        freedom. In a gnats eye. Balderdash, send them back to the retard,
        retread, ahrimanic and ice chambers that suits their inhuman sense
        of reality.

        Defend and uphold the demand that we make courage and humor our
        sharpest weapons against the absolute ugly, bitter and foul stench
        the betrayers of MANKIND exude. Despise them before the learn to
        bite and devour worlds, mock their useless, destructive souls and
        celebrate the moral fiber of consecrated light as it penetrates
        through every cell of our bodies.

        A Thanksgiving Prayer for Dick Cheney's Heart - and a Few Other
        Favorite Things
        by Tony Hendra | Nov 24 2006

        "I give thanks O Lord for Dick Cheney's Heart, that brave organ
        which has done its darn-tootin' best on four separate occasions to
        do what we can only dream about.

        O Lord, give Dick Cheney's Heart, Our Sacred Secret Weapon, the
        strength to try one more time! For greater love hath no heart than
        that it lay down its life to rid the planet of its Number One Human

        I give thanks O Lord that we're getting to kick The Lame Duck when
        he's down. Thank you too Lord for making impeachment unfeasible so's
        we get to kick him and kick him and kick him, have him to kick
        around for two more long years, kick him so bad his stupid quacking
        beak comes out his own greasy-feathered DA.

        I give thanks O Lord that because of the sanity, decency and plain
        commonsense of the American voter, the whole world has finally had
        this self-evident truth confirmed: George Bush is what the whole
        world knew him to be the second it laid eyes on him: a talent-free,
        petulant, pea-brained bully.

        Allow me to enlarge somewhat O Lord upon this particular thanks.
        Despite six years of suppurating drivel from his catamites about
        leadership and inner strength and Christian fortitude and courage
        under fire: George W Bush is, was and always will be that sneering,
        leering little creep who came to school in a chauffeur-driven car,
        yelled racist epithets at the scholarship kids, tripped up the guy
        on crutches, stuck his paw up the dress of any girl he pleased, had
        his toadies beat up anyone smart or weak or different, insulted
        teachers to their faces - and got away with it all, because his Dad
        had just endowed the new sports stadium.

        And while we're on the subject of his Dad Lord, I give thanks for
        the delicious sight of that craven, racist, traitorous, class-ridden
        old fool having to hoik his withered Yankee hams out of the comfy
        billion-dollar no-show job the Carlyle Group found for him, in a
        desperate attempt to save a dynasty built on graft, treason,war
        crimes and good old-fashioned brown-nosing.

        I give thanks to thee Lord for the hilarious notion that 41 is in
        any way superior in skill-sets, smarts or statesmanship to 43! O
        Lord thou dost indeed make it a cake-walk these days, for the clowns
        and jokesters! Thy comedic munificence is boundless Lord!

        And before I leave this rich vein O Lord I give Thee thanks for the
        possibility - at long last - that this axis of incompetent evil is
        OVER. That a crime family who gave us two disastrous Presidencies in
        the space of a decade might finally be bound for the oblivion it so
        richly deserves. For Thou knowest Lord in Thy infinite wisdom that
        with truly evil stupid people - the Nazis spring to mind - it always
        takes TWO defeats to finally bring them to their knees. So let it be
        with Bushdom. (And perhaps one of these fine days the neo-

        But to return O Lord to that for which I give Thee the most thanks:
        that dinged and dented old jalopy, democracy. Countless millions of
        miles on the clock but still getting us to our destination safe and
        sound. Above all O Lord I gave Thee thanks for that which keeps the
        old jalopy running, the aforementioned ordinary American voter.
        Maligned, demeaned, taken for granted, treated like a sheep or bug
        or robot, her intelligence insulted by mail-order demagogues, his
        actions blithely predicted by arrogant non-entities, as if he had no
        more free will or character than a chip in a calculator.

        But in the final analysis proving once again, beyond a shadow of a
        doubt, that the ruled are always smarter than the rulers.

        I give thee thanks O Lord that Thy glorious sun is finally breaking
        through the viscous, vomit-colored cloud-cover of Republican
        bigotry, repression, fear-mongering, greed and graft. A blighted
        carapace of despair and depression that has blotted out the clear
        blue sky from horizon to horizon for six long years, O Lord, like a
        billion pairs of enormous morbidly obese buttocks sitting on our

        I give Thee thanks O Lord for those same sagacious voters of all
        persuasions, creeds and ethnic origins, who saw the carnage in Iraq
        for what it is. I pray Lord that those who voted to launch the
        carnage might be inspired by your Holy Congressional Spirit to take
        a long hard look at their guilt in the murder of 200,000 entirely
        innocent people who never lifted a finger against the United States.
        Most especially those Democrats who, to curry crass political favor,
        voted for war in the teeth of their own lifelong principles.

        Touching which, O Lord, when the white dove of Thy peace descends
        upon Washington to hover over the new Congress, may it take a long,
        wet crap on Hillary's hundred-dollar hairdo.

        OK - LET'S EAT!!

        Ruba-dub-dub! Thanks for the grub! Yay God!"
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