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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: The mystery of evil

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  • Lee A.
    Steve: Late response to this: Please reference statement that LF and AH are both retarded Archai from the old Moon Period. Some Rosicrucian sources indicate
    Message 1 of 34 , Nov 6, 2006
      Late response to this:
      Please reference statement that LF and AH are both retarded Archai from the old Moon Period.
      Some Rosicrucian sources indicate the following:
      Lucficer was a fallen Angelic and Ahriman a fallen Archangelic. Both in subsequent Periods and through
      divergent evolution advances, may have reached the "status" of Archai and function as such. But their
      original associations and "heritage" was Angelic and Archangelic.

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      > I have read both lectures which fall under the title of : The
      > of Christ and the Opposing Spiritual Powers as was recommended to
      > http://wn.rsarchive .org/Lectures/ DeedChrist/ DeedCh_index. html
      > A certain confusion remains. In the following lecture of January
      > 1909, S. calls upon the Asuras as a synonym for Ahriman as taught
      > in occult circles. He then says "It has already been indicated
      > these beingsā€¦" Well, the only beings of which HE indicated these
      > be where Ahrimanic beings.
      > Mephistopheles and Earthquakes

      Lucifer and Ahriman are both retarded Archai from the Old Moon
      evolution. Having failed to achieve all that would have advanced
      them along into the ranks of the Spirits of Form, they instead take
      on the tasks of serving human evolution here in the Earth Sphere.
      Thus, they stand midway between the rank of Archai and Exusiai;
      spirits of personality formation. We couldn't actually have a
      personality embodied as it is in the human form today without their
      cooperative work as complementary opposing powers.

      We know that Lucifer departed after the Sun separated from the Earth
      evolutionary period, and that Ahriman departed before the
      separation. This is how it came to be that Lucifer's task would
      involve being the bearer of the Christ Light; not the Light Itself,
      but the forerunner of the Light. And that is why it is the
      fundamental task of Anthroposophy to redeem Lucifer as a 'Holy
      Spirit' serving the descent of Christ to the earth.

      Ahriman is birthed out of a particular host of retarded Archai who
      left prior to the Sun's separation in the Polarean epoch that
      commenced our Earth evolution. As such, they take hold within the
      developing formation of the earth itself, and contribute to its
      destructive reformations, as seen in the Lemurian and Atlantean
      epochs, wherein fire/earth and air/water elements were the primal
      causal factors in their respective demises. Asuras, as the Hosts of
      Ahriman, descended to the furthest level of the sub-earthly; the
      fifth level, as described in "Mephistopheles and Earthquakes" .

      As you know then, this second lecture is one in which Ahriman is
      given the brunt of the detailed treatment. And I found it to be
      very precise about the Ahrimanic Double, and what causes this being
      to work in human beings in a way that would make this "double" a
      matter of real psychological concern. It has to do with Ahriman's
      ability to influence the etheric body, just as Lucifer penetrates
      the astral body. Under normal circumstances, the work of Lucifer
      and Ahriman are met by balancing counter measures invoked by the
      wise guiding spirits of the universe (The Hierarchies) , and thus we
      pay for the independence we've been given earlier than later.

      The Ahrimanic Double works in close proximity with the etheric body,
      such that it represents a much needed consciousness in the
      instinctive center where reflexive processes occur. Thus, the
      double is no dark and mysterious threat; it is born with us, and
      leaves in the hour before we die. But, when certain occult
      practices are engaged in, as described in this lecture on the
      relationship between Ahriman and the tumults of volcanoes and
      earthquakes, then "phantoms" come in various guises that denote the
      existence of the Ahrimanic Double to the eye now opened through
      these occult means.

      In normal life, the double bears no threat, and poses no complex
      that we need know about. The problem arises, though, for those who
      really do experience this form of consciousness as a "visible
      manifestation arising in the etheric body." And when it is
      proffered, by one so inflicted, that all must come to know 'their
      double', and lack of doing so is merely indicative of lack of
      spiritual training, appropriate life experiences, or level of
      consciousness, then this also creates a problem; a problem of
      misrepresentation and the life choices that make the path of freedom
      so unique and special.


    • Steve Hale
      Stephen, I have added three iterative aspects that correspond to the Body, Soul and Spirit components. Shown below, they represent the progressive work of the
      Message 34 of 34 , Nov 21, 2006
        Stephen, I have added three iterative aspects that correspond to the
        Body, Soul and Spirit components. Shown below, they represent the
        progressive work of the newly unfolding conscious ego in achieving
        the higher members of spirit as the further transformations of soul
        that occurred when the ego of man was still unconscious. As such,
        they represent the dissemination of the cosmic intelligence to man
        in a manner that accords and pleases God in the same way that Abel's
        gifts were favored over Cain's.


        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Stephen <celestial_vision@...>
        > >
        > > [page 20] 17. Man is a being who unfolds his life in the midst,
        > > between two regions of the world. With his bodily development he
        is a
        > > member of a 'lower world'; with his soul-nature he himself
        > > a 'middle world'; and with his faculties of Spirit he is ever
        > > towards an 'upper world.' He owes his bodily development to all
        > > Nature has given him; he bears the being of his soul within him
        as his
        > > own portion; and he discovers in himself the forces of the
        Spirit, as
        > > the gifts that lead him out beyond himself to participate in a
        > > World.
        > >
        > ========================
        > Carol,
        > I have seen this LT:
        > Bodily - "Evolution" [Anthroposophy]
        > Soul - "Being" [Psychosophy]
        > Spirit - "Forces" [Pneumatosophy]
        > "Only as a soul is man a being" - Carl Unger
        > Thank you,
        > Stephen
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