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Re: Michaelmas reflections 2006

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  • holderlin66
    Bradford comments on AMYGDALA the core Karma system: Contrary to imagining that it is only merely the brain or something else that regulates some etheric and
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      Bradford comments on AMYGDALA the core Karma system:

      Contrary to imagining that it is only merely the brain or something
      else that regulates some etheric and astral impressions, rather we
      are examining the function of the Karmic After Images that
      reverberate down to the roots of each and every human being, as part
      of the new Etheric Christ system.

      The Etheric Christ system, as presented here, caused both
      Oppenheimer and Himmler to seek some sort of cosmic karmic cover
      behind the skirts of Krishna while avoiding the Etheric Christ.
      Oppenheimer and Himmler both used the Krishna concept to cover over
      their own karmic participation in mass murder.

      I AM's are not exempt from participating in changes that have to do
      with how the etheric body processes future karmic resolutions and
      adjustments of images and following the effects of disturbing
      corrections in karma that arise in terms of PTSD post-traumatic
      stress disorders. What makes proof of spiritual science and also
      proof regarding the human realities of self development when it
      betrays its own humanity and performs deeds that make murder, mass
      murder or torture, death and killing another I AM a serious factor
      in how we particpate consciously or unconsciously within the
      societal matrix had to do with how we understand PTSD.

      If we think we can participate as undeveloped and unconscious I AM's
      within the matrix of society and imagine that war and my gun, that
      fires it's rounds and mows down this person, or shoots this or that
      boy, girl, man or woman in the head, and takes their lives, is not
      registered and somehow our ignorance is exempt from scrutiny,
      perhaps you didn't get the memo from Spiritual Science.

      Spiritual Science has sent the memo out and we repeat the memo again
      here, that part of the new events of the Etheric Christ who acts as
      the Lord of Karma, over all I AM's lives, acts within the after
      images and the future images of adustments that already are marked
      and begin a process in the human etheric body, astral body and I AM.

      These stirrings that reverberate through the etheric body, and
      astral body, that are only recognized as unconscious and felt by
      psychiatry as some sort of disturbance, traces itself through the
      roots of how the Etheric Christ enters down through early childhood
      in each and every human being. The etheric factoring in Our memories
      and our abilities also acts as an EYE and an After Image of the the
      exact spiritual adjustor of karma, as if the light of any I AM that
      is murdered, is truly a part of all I AM's. Indeed, certain
      adjustments of karma are written and begin to reverberate through
      the system. We note this reverberation and system preparation in
      part by the nature of PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders.

      "A survival function of the amygdala is in detecting danger or
      emotion associated with incoming stimuli. Past experiences were
      stamped within the brain as being dangerous or emotionally
      significant. If the amygdala detects incoming stimuli that match
      these stamps, then it will alert us to potential danger before
      sending the stimuli on to the appropriate processing center. The
      amygdala learns its repertoire during childhood and this is
      supplemented at later times of physical or emotional trauma. Le Doux
      suggests that it is the amygdala that lays down and 'records'
      unconscious memory, whilst it is the hippocampus that 'records'
      conscious memory. It appears that post-traumatic stress disorder
      (PTSD) - in which present circumstances cause a person to be
      forcefully reminded of a past painful incident and to suffer extreme
      emotional disturbance - is mediated by the amygdala. The painful
      memories were imprinted at the highest states of arousal, with
      increased levels of stress hormones and neurotransmitters. The
      sufferer will typically experience only fragments of the experience
      ("flashbacks"), but with the full force of the original emotion.

      "The trigger of these flashbacks can be practically anything
      connected with the original event: an accent, a sound, a picture,
      etc as well as a relevant question that reminds of the incident.
      This sensory input is sent to both the cortex and the amygdala at
      the same time. The response of the amygdala is almost immediate and
      that of the cortex is much slower. This causes the 'instant'
      reaction of the GSR needle in comparison to the slow and delayed
      response to normal cognitive thoughts originating from the cerebral

      holderlin brought:

      "But what do we mean by generating
      further and future human karma? Ya see woven into the bombing of
      Dresden, into the torture of all those tortured by the Inqusition
      and Babylonian Captivity of the Papacy, into the murders by the SS
      and the concentration camps of the Nazis, into the karma of every
      G.I. or German who shot, knived, bayonetted, obliterated a human
      being on the karmic surface...were all caught into a continuing
      cycle of recompense and these things are now imprinted on the
      individual karmic record and appear as etheric after images. Yes, we
      can study the nature of PTSD as the beginning of really, really bad
      dreams of slowly having a different karma reality come up to the
      surface of our intelligence and Conscience.

      "And the author of that disturbance, Christ the Lord of Karma.

      "When we examine Christ as Lord of Karma now, as opposed to Krishna
      and pre-christ tendencies, we see a vast karmic shift to our
      individual conscience, our I Am's and how such direct psychic
      actions and psychic assaults will rebound directly within an actual
      etheric experience, that starts to reverberate in the soul as Post
      Traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

      If there were no PTSD, than we could all act like Mongol hordes and
      barbarians and there would be no proof to the inner events of the
      Christ Event as a disturbing after effect within the psychic system
      of human beings. PTSD's reveal the reverberations of karma into the
      individual karmic field of knowing and having to give birth to our
      selves consciously along a distant path of human destiny on into the
    • holderlin66
      Bradford comments; Oh the Michael Spirit. The sassy common sense of seeing through the darkened deceptions that surround us. Oh the glorious Michael Spirit
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        Bradford comments;

        Oh the Michael Spirit. The sassy common sense of seeing through the
        darkened deceptions that surround us. Oh the glorious Michael Spirit
        that has placed us in such an obvious arena of liars.

        The Michael sense that you can wake up and know that people can
        stand up against idiots, morons, and humans who blatantly betray our
        humanity, to our face. To be so cognitively clear that you Love
        Spiritual Science in the same way that you love cognitive common
        sense is to glory in the gift of humanity.

        That you despise that which destroys our childrens cognitive
        potential and as an adult you praise and thank god that you live in
        such a time where you can see these things so damned clearly in our
        environment and you can spit right back in the eye of the devil. Be
        a Michael Student. Stop being a coward, stand up for the greatness
        of humanity and laugh to scorn when idiocy attempts to capture our
        society and our children.

        And these idiots are everywhere. Everywhere we turn we have one damn
        stupid materialistic idiot after another who has never felt the fire
        of Michael's cognitive inspiration and clarity. Rather these
        unconsecrated darkness eaters, just by the sheer force of their own
        stupidity and ugliness stand before our eyes claiming to uphold
        freedom. In a gnats eye. Balderdash, send them back to the retard,
        retread, ahrimanic and ice chambers that suits their inhuman sense
        of reality.

        Defend and uphold the demand that we make courage and humor our
        sharpest weapons against the absolute ugly, bitter and foul stench
        the betrayers of MANKIND exude. Despise them before the learn to
        bite and devour worlds, mock their useless, destructive souls and
        celebrate the moral fiber of consecrated light as it penetrates
        through every cell of our bodies.

        A Thanksgiving Prayer for Dick Cheney's Heart - and a Few Other
        Favorite Things
        by Tony Hendra | Nov 24 2006

        "I give thanks O Lord for Dick Cheney's Heart, that brave organ
        which has done its darn-tootin' best on four separate occasions to
        do what we can only dream about.

        O Lord, give Dick Cheney's Heart, Our Sacred Secret Weapon, the
        strength to try one more time! For greater love hath no heart than
        that it lay down its life to rid the planet of its Number One Human

        I give thanks O Lord that we're getting to kick The Lame Duck when
        he's down. Thank you too Lord for making impeachment unfeasible so's
        we get to kick him and kick him and kick him, have him to kick
        around for two more long years, kick him so bad his stupid quacking
        beak comes out his own greasy-feathered DA.

        I give thanks O Lord that because of the sanity, decency and plain
        commonsense of the American voter, the whole world has finally had
        this self-evident truth confirmed: George Bush is what the whole
        world knew him to be the second it laid eyes on him: a talent-free,
        petulant, pea-brained bully.

        Allow me to enlarge somewhat O Lord upon this particular thanks.
        Despite six years of suppurating drivel from his catamites about
        leadership and inner strength and Christian fortitude and courage
        under fire: George W Bush is, was and always will be that sneering,
        leering little creep who came to school in a chauffeur-driven car,
        yelled racist epithets at the scholarship kids, tripped up the guy
        on crutches, stuck his paw up the dress of any girl he pleased, had
        his toadies beat up anyone smart or weak or different, insulted
        teachers to their faces - and got away with it all, because his Dad
        had just endowed the new sports stadium.

        And while we're on the subject of his Dad Lord, I give thanks for
        the delicious sight of that craven, racist, traitorous, class-ridden
        old fool having to hoik his withered Yankee hams out of the comfy
        billion-dollar no-show job the Carlyle Group found for him, in a
        desperate attempt to save a dynasty built on graft, treason,war
        crimes and good old-fashioned brown-nosing.

        I give thanks to thee Lord for the hilarious notion that 41 is in
        any way superior in skill-sets, smarts or statesmanship to 43! O
        Lord thou dost indeed make it a cake-walk these days, for the clowns
        and jokesters! Thy comedic munificence is boundless Lord!

        And before I leave this rich vein O Lord I give Thee thanks for the
        possibility - at long last - that this axis of incompetent evil is
        OVER. That a crime family who gave us two disastrous Presidencies in
        the space of a decade might finally be bound for the oblivion it so
        richly deserves. For Thou knowest Lord in Thy infinite wisdom that
        with truly evil stupid people - the Nazis spring to mind - it always
        takes TWO defeats to finally bring them to their knees. So let it be
        with Bushdom. (And perhaps one of these fine days the neo-

        But to return O Lord to that for which I give Thee the most thanks:
        that dinged and dented old jalopy, democracy. Countless millions of
        miles on the clock but still getting us to our destination safe and
        sound. Above all O Lord I gave Thee thanks for that which keeps the
        old jalopy running, the aforementioned ordinary American voter.
        Maligned, demeaned, taken for granted, treated like a sheep or bug
        or robot, her intelligence insulted by mail-order demagogues, his
        actions blithely predicted by arrogant non-entities, as if he had no
        more free will or character than a chip in a calculator.

        But in the final analysis proving once again, beyond a shadow of a
        doubt, that the ruled are always smarter than the rulers.

        I give thee thanks O Lord that Thy glorious sun is finally breaking
        through the viscous, vomit-colored cloud-cover of Republican
        bigotry, repression, fear-mongering, greed and graft. A blighted
        carapace of despair and depression that has blotted out the clear
        blue sky from horizon to horizon for six long years, O Lord, like a
        billion pairs of enormous morbidly obese buttocks sitting on our

        I give Thee thanks O Lord for those same sagacious voters of all
        persuasions, creeds and ethnic origins, who saw the carnage in Iraq
        for what it is. I pray Lord that those who voted to launch the
        carnage might be inspired by your Holy Congressional Spirit to take
        a long hard look at their guilt in the murder of 200,000 entirely
        innocent people who never lifted a finger against the United States.
        Most especially those Democrats who, to curry crass political favor,
        voted for war in the teeth of their own lifelong principles.

        Touching which, O Lord, when the white dove of Thy peace descends
        upon Washington to hover over the new Congress, may it take a long,
        wet crap on Hillary's hundred-dollar hairdo.

        OK - LET'S EAT!!

        Ruba-dub-dub! Thanks for the grub! Yay God!"
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