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Fwd: World Report #3 - July, 2000

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  • elaine upton
    Hello dears, here s another newsletter on world issues and possible solutions, for anyone interested. Peace, elaine ...
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      Hello dears,

      here's another newsletter on world issues and possible solutions, for anyone

      >From: Lightweave@...
      >To: Lightweave@...
      >Subject: World Report #3 - July, 2000
      >Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 16:39:32 EDT
      >To the third issue of The World Report & Global Resources, a monthly
      >publication dedicated to providing you with brief innovative news and
      >resources about people and events on the leading edge of planetary
      >The World Report is published by Network 2012, an international project
      >dedicated to linking up "World Servers" globally for the purpose of
      >cooperation and communication. To learn more about Network 2012, click
      >here: <
      >A HREF="http://www.n2012.com/">Network 2012</A> or go to
      >You can visit Mountain Light Sanctuary, the international networking hub
      >where The World Report is produced by clicking here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.mtnlightsanctuary.com/">Mountain Light Sanctuary</A> or
      >going to http://mtnlightsanctuary.com
      >Feel free to forward this to your own network, and if you have received it
      >a forward and would like to subscribe directly, let me know. There is no
      >I have had many requests to reprint articles from the World Report. Feel
      >free to do so. It would be nice, however, if you would also include our
      >email address and website for those who wish to subscribe directly.
      >If you are interested in translating the World Report into your own
      >please let me know. For many of our readers, English is a second (and
      >marginal) language. Being able to read this in one's own language would be
      >especially helpful. We cannot pay translators but we can provide a special
      >acknowledgment in each issue. We would also like to post the translations
      >our website.
      >There is no cost for receiving the World Report and there is no
      >There is also no trust fund. The work of Network 2012 continues with the
      >support of individual contributors. If you would like to be a part of this
      >work, your participation would be greatly appreciated. Just let me know
      >I'll send details.
      >I will be traveling from June 25th through July 12 to Russia and will not
      >on the internet during this time. If you write and I do not respond
      >immediately, you will understand.
      >Toward A Peaceful and Prosperous Planet,
      >Michael Lightweaver
      >Mountain Light Sanctuary
      >Asheville, NC. USA
      >The reports or web listings contained herein do not constitute endorsement,
      >recommendation nor validation by the publisher. Before submitting an entry
      >or article for The World Report, please request the submission criteria.
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      >World Report & Global Resources
      >News From The Leading Edge Of Planetary Transformation
      >July 2000 * Issue #3
      >World Report
      >Solutions Oriented News From Around The World
      >News Briefs
      > Inspiring News Briefs From Around The World
      >Global Resources
      >Websites Devoted To Positive Planetary Transformation
      >The Publishers Perspective
      >World Report
      >Solutions Oriented News From Around The World
      >Featured Story
      >Learned Optimism More Useful Than Truth
      >USA - Philadelphia, Penn. - According to a recent study with students by
      >Martin Seligman, director of clinical training at the University of
      >Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, high scores for optimism are predictive of
      >excellence in everything from sports to sales. Analyzing campaign speeches
      >for the prevalence of optimism, Seligman predicted the winners of the 1988
      >presidential and Senate elections more accurately than veteran political
      >forecasters. "I used to be an agent of both truth and happiness," says
      >Seligman. "That's still a central premise of most therapists. But research
      >our lab and others is increasingly challenging that view. Optimists have a
      >set of self-serving illusions that enable them to maintain good cheer and
      >health in a universe essentially indifferent to their welfare. Optimists
      >more resistant to infectious illness and are better at fending off the
      >chronic diseases of middle age." According to Seligman, depressed people
      >would do well to adopt the same self-serving illusions that optimistic
      >hold. "We can choose how we think. Styles of thinking can become habits. We
      >can control our thoughts as we can our muscles," says Seligman. Studies
      >show, if you think about problems in a negative frame of mind, you come up
      >with fewer solutions. And you're likely to spiral into deeper depression.
      >boosting mood and self-esteem, people with pessimistic tendencies can break
      >that cycle and free themselves to think more creatively. This is consistent
      >with other studies which show that, while pessimists may be more realistic,
      >optimists live longer and happier lives. Seligman is author of a new book
      >entitled "Learned Optimism."
      >Historic Victory for Brazilian Amazon
      >BRAZIL - The Environmental Defense Organization has announced that
      >of Brazil's Congress have just shelved proposed legislation to increase
      >area and rate of Amazon forest destruction, handing the Brazilian
      >environmental movement its first major and precident-setting victory in
      >protecting the rainforest. Representatives of powerful special interest
      >groups had pushed a draft law through a joint House/Senate Committee that
      >would have loosened restrictions on Amazon deforestation, and could have
      >caused a 25% increase in annual rates of clearing and burning.
      > Massive e-mail and fax protests to Congress and the President from all
      >over the world, and broad national media coverage killed the measure before
      >it could come to the House floor. At one point, government officials
      >blocked the massive flux of protest emails - but backed down when the move
      >was derided as censorship in the press. Press and TV coverage
      >opposed the measure, as did the Environment Ministry.
      > The special interest caucus, which was pushing for passage of the law,
      >some 200 votes in the Congress, and represents the 1% of the landowners who
      >control more than 50% of Brazil agricultural land (while 50% of the farmers
      >have only 3% of the land). The group has repeatedly used
      >legislation to support parochial, pork-barrel projects considered unseemly
      >even by the standards of the Brazilian Congress. These maneuvers have
      >yielded tens of billions in official debt forgiveness for the few largest
      >debtors while health care, education, and environment budgets suffered deep
      >cuts. So this "first victory" is particularly significant in Brazil,
      >just helping to save the rainforest. According to Environmental Defense
      >senior scientist Stephan Schwartzman, "it is a victory over the
      >class privilege, and impunity that have plagued Brazil for 500 years.
      >legislation represented a battle between the mentality of the 19th century
      >and the 21st, over the future of the Amazon. Its important that the 21st
      >won." For further information: Steve Schwartzman
      >Nursing Home Or Garden Of Eden?
      >USA - Miami, Fl. - Close you eyes in the hallway of the Perdue Medical
      >in Miami and you might think you just stepped into a tropical rain forest.
      >The chirping and warbling of birds are a part of an innovative new approach
      >to therapy called "Edinization." Perdue is one of scores of medical
      >and nursing homes around the country to adopt this novel approach to
      >care developed by Dr. William Thomas, a Harvard-educated physician who
      >contends that the answer to the healthcare problems of young and old lies
      >in drugs & knives, but in the "edenization" of the patients environment.
      >"I've seen them come alive and sparkle again, and I've seen their faces
      >up... There is no way you can get that out of a pill bottle," says Thomas.
      >And the statistics back up his theory. Within two years the death rate
      >dropped 25 percent at the first nursing home where he introduced the
      > "People were living longer," he says. "...they had a reason to live. They
      >had gotten hooked on living again." More than 100 facilities nationwide
      >now using the idea, and health care workers say that, while pets and plants
      >and children are not a cure-all, they are proving to be a tremendous
      >stimulant. Even for the most difficult cases.
      >Human Rights Festival Offers Inspiring Model
      >USA - Athens, Ga .- From Selma to Seattle and from Birmingham to Berkeley,
      >the road to human rights in America has been a long and arduous "stride
      >toward freedom." The 22nd Annual Athens Human Rights Festival that took
      >downtown in Athens, Georgia on April 15 and 16, 2000 is an activist
      >which has continued for more than two decades in the "Classic City." The
      >festival is an annual reunion for the family of humankind combining
      >music, poetry and dance as a colorful local signpost on the road to peace
      >justice. The festival began in 1979 with an outdoor event on the University
      >of Georgia campus featuring speeches and music in a living memorial to the
      >student protesters killed by the government during demonstrations at Ohio's
      >Kent State University and Mississippi's Jackson State College in 1970.
      >the Athens Human Rights Festival continues to celebrate the lives of those
      >who died for human rights while working hard to forge a brighter future.
      >What if a grass roots movement started and communities all over the world
      >began to hold annual Human Rights Festivals? How long could hatred,
      >injustice, violence and oppression continue? For more information, contact
      >chael Collins at AthensHRFestival@...
      >News Briefs
      >Inspiring News Briefs From Around The World
      >Do Humans Share A Common Original Language?
      >UK - After years of research, Jeffery Sharp from England claims to have
      >discovered the 'master-code' of all spoken languages. According to Sharp,
      >this phonetic code allows a person to see the solution behind any problem.
      >You can learn more at http://www.insideoutlearning.net or by clicking here:
      > HREF="http://www.insideoutlearning.net/">Rapid Techniques for Getting
      >UFO Sightings Over Eastern Washington
      >USA - Washington State - UFO sightings have become so commonplace around
      >world that, unless they are massive or have a peculiar twist, they are no
      >longer real news. The sightings in late May over Eastern Washington state
      >(USA) are interesting in that they are repeatedly occurring over a ranch
      >that serves as a spiritual retreat called The Self Mastery Earth Institute
      >and Sattva Sanctuary. In the latest sightings, fourteen high-flying UFOs
      >that were visible in the sky over the ranch on the nights of May 24th &
      > For more information go to www.cazekiel.org or click here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.cazekiel.org/">The Self-Mastery Earth Institute </A>
      >Homeless Create Groundswell In Self Help Program
      >UK - In the United Kingdom there is a groundswell of real change taking
      >as homeless people are beginning to organized themselves and seek a seat at
      >the table of plenty enjoyed by the majority of the English. Jerry Ham, who
      >once ran hostels in London's inner city, now coordinates �Groundswell," a
      >large network of homeless people involved in self-help. Groundswell is
      >offering the homeless an opportunity to dialog with decision makers about
      >their own welfare and future - something new in the history of "helping the
      >unfortunate." for more information, Email: groundswell@...
      >Alternative Cancer Treatment Makes Medical Inroads
      >USA - Chicago, IL. Dr. Steven G. Ayre, M.D., a physician in Chicago, has
      >developed an innovative cancer treatment which is attracting the attention
      >the mainstream medical establishment. The treatment is called Insulin
      >Potentiation Therapy, or IPT. Like a growing number of physicians, Dr Ayre
      >sees himself as a bridge between the conventional and alternative medical
      >worlds with the goal of integrating the best of both. You can learn more
      >about IPT at www.contemporarymedicine.net or by clicking here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.contemporarymedicine.net/">Contemporary Medicine</A>
      >Maya Leaders Find Self-support Via Internet
      >Guatemala - Self help projects around the world designed to empower the
      >disempowered are steadily growing as people gain a greater understanding
      >that real change begins from the bottom up. But funding for such endeavors
      >often lags far behind. One such project is Ukush Mayab, an indigenous
      >organization based in Momostenango, Guatemala. Working closely with the
      >elders of the community to preserve the culture of the Kiche Maya in the
      >Western Highlands of Guatemala, Ukush Mayab is reaching out to the larger
      >world via the internet, and has developed innovative ways to support its
      >work. You can learn more at http://geocities.com/momostenango or by
      >here: <A
      >Bits & Pieces
      >USA - The federal income tax burden has shrunk to the lowest level in 40
      >years for all but the wealthy. Most Americans will pay less than 10% to
      >Sam in 2000. -
      >USA - A New University of Maryland study reveals that today's mothers, even
      >those with jobs outside the home, spend just as much time with their
      >as mothers did in 1965. Mothers interviewed reported spending 5.8 waking
      >hours a day with their kids in 1998, compared with 5.6 hours in 1965. Moms
      >the workforce sleep 5-6 hours less and take less time for themselves, 12
      >fewer hours per week, than stay-at home moms.
      >USA - Microsoft Corp. announced it is donating more than $2.7 million in
      >software and cash to help bridge the �digital divide� which is leaving
      >Indian tribes that are entrenched in poverty. The company said the gift
      >be divided among eight tribal colleges, including Dine College in Shiprock,
      >Global Resources
      >Websites devoted to Positive Planetary Transformation
      >Intentional communities are nothing new. Viable, self-sustaining ones and
      >egalitarian ones are much rarer. One of the best examples of such a
      >community is the Damanhur Community Federation In Italy. Founded in 1977,
      >an internationally renowned center for spiritual research. Situated in
      >Valchiusella Valley, in the Alpine foothills of northern Italy, Damanhur is
      >Federation of Communities with over 800 citizens, a social and political
      >structure, a Constitution, 40 economic activities,� its own currency,
      >and a daily paper. You can visit their excellent website at
      >hur.it or by clicking here: <A HREF="http://www.damanhur.it/">Federazione
      >Damanhur </A>
      >The "troubles" in Northern Ireland which dominate the news are but a very
      >tiny fraction of the reality of "The Emerald Isle." Most of Ireland is
      >beautiful, quiet and peaceful; the perfect place for holistic living,
      >and inner growth. You can find out about the abundant holistic centers and
      >services available in Ireland by visiting the Holistic Ireland website at
      >://www.holistic.ie or by clicking here: <A
      >istic Ireland</A>
      >Global - The Global Ideas Bank could well be described as a "supermarket
      >good ideas and model projects." And they aren't just theory. Many of them
      >are already in place and working smoothly for creating positive change in
      >world. Covering such diverse areas as Children and Education,
      >Housing, Monetary & Financial Innovations, Taxation, Work & Unemployment,
      >Economics and Business, Welfare, Crime & The Law, Health & Therapy,
      >Environment and Ecology, Science, Technology and Energy, Transportation,
      >Communications, Arts, Leisure & Lifestyle, War & Peace, Politics,
      >Spirituality, Aging, Death and Dying and a score of other topics, the
      >Ideas Bank brings it all under one roof and makes it accessible to internet
      >surfers from Timbuctu to Tokyo. Check it out at
      >g or click here: <A HREF="http://www.globalideasbank.org/">Global Ideas
      >Economy, Finance & Business
      >The Global Resource Bank was established as a "transparent clearinghouse
      >an equitable and ecologically sustainable global economy." It does this
      >replacing current debt-money that values unsustainable production with GRB
      >ecocredit. Ecocredit measures the life-supporting value of ecosystem
      >production while the Global Resource Bank's issue of ecocredit capitalizes
      >prosperous global society that lives in harmony with the nature of its
      >environment. All the details are available at http://www.grb.net or by
      >clicking here: <A HREF="http://www.grb.net/">Internet Banking for
      >Development </A>
      >The Natural Systems Thinking process is a webstring science developed by
      >the I
      >nstitute of Global Education, a special NGO consultant to the United
      >Economic and Social Council. From backyard, to backcountry, to the internet
      >utilizing a school without walls - the Natureconnect learning projects
      >the gambit of skill development, career training and academic degree
      >programs. For more information, go to http://www.ecopsych.com or click
      ><A HREF="http://www.ecopsych.com/">Nature connected counseling,
      >and �</A>
      >Health & Healing
      >With over 300 healers in 30 countries, the Healing Network represents one
      >the best resources available to those with healing needs that have not been
      >adequately addressed by the medical profession. The Healing Network is a
      >group of volunteers dedicated to providing healing energy to those in need
      >distributing the names of individuals, locations, events or things
      >healing energy to as many healers, healing groups and prayer groups as
      >possible. For more information, contact Elana at coregp@...
      >In many indigenous and traditional cultures, there were those who "walked
      >between the worlds" - both the material and spiritual worlds and the
      >worlds of male and female. These strange or "queer" men were often the
      >respected shaman, healers, counselors, artists, mediators and visionaries.
      >y Spirit Vision is a rapidly growing organization of spiritually based gay
      >men who are reclaiming this tradition and coming to view their uniqueness
      >a God-given gift which allows them to see creatively beyond the horizon of
      >conventional thought. You can learn more about GSV at
      >indspring.com or by clicking here: <A
      >HREF="http://gayspirit.home.mindspring.com/">Gay Spirit Visions: Home
      >UFO's, Crop Circles, Earth Mysteries, The Paranormal and New Science are
      >a few of the topics covered by documentaries presented on The Enigma
      >a 24 hours a day free on-line TV station sponsored by the Global
      >Corporation. Since it's birth in September of 1999, the Enigma Channeled
      >registered over one million viewers to date from all over the world.
      >Currently plans are underway for launching "The Healing Channel" later this
      >year. Probe the mysteries of the universe at www.enigmatv.com or by
      >here: <A HREF="http://www.enigmatv.com/">!WEBTV WEB TV QUICKTIME 4
      >Those involved in new consciousness activities in Portugal and Spain
      >joined together to create the Iberic Web Of Light. Composed of 32 different
      >groups throughout the two countries, the network opens up new avenues of
      >communication and cooperation between Iberic light workers who are working
      >a grass roots level to expand the consciousness of their region. For more
      >information, contact Koldo Aldai at planetagaia@...
      >Offering seminars on peacekeeping and conflict resolution for military,
      >diplomatic, political, and humanitarian personnel and directly facilitating
      >efforts to settle international and internal conflicts, the New York based
      >ernational Peace Academy is an independent, nonpartisan, international
      >organization dedicated to promoting the peaceful settlement of armed
      >conflicts. Drawing on a worldwide network of statesmen, scholars, business
      >leaders, diplomats, and military officers, IPA works closely with the
      >Nations, NGOs, governments, and parties to conflicts. Financial support
      >from philanthropic foundations, individual donors, and voluntary
      >contributions from governments. For more information
      > or Click Here: <A HREF="http://www.ipacademy.org/">International Peace
      >Esoteric lessons from the works of New Thought authors such as J.R. Price,
      >Ernest Holmes, Wallace D. Wattles, Catherine Ponder and Dr. Ken "Kioni"
      >Fuller are available free as tri-weekly mental-spiritual principles for
      >creating a wealth consciousness. Prosperity Secrets help you develop
      >unlimited thinking, learn advanced manifesting techniques, create your
      >work and transform your core beliefs. These easy to learn techniques,
      >positive affirmations, and exercises will help you create swift changes in
      >your prosperity and lead you to mastery over your life as you learn to work
      >with the energy of the Universe in creating your dreams. Go to
      >ica.com/lists/HabitsOfWealth or click here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.topica.com/lists/HabitsOfWealth">Topica Email List
      >Too often the view that 'westerners' have about Islam is shaped by the
      >focus on a small minority of fundamentalists who mix politics & religion in
      >volatile potion of hatred and bigotry. Of course the same can be found
      >Christian TV evangelists from Berlin to Birmingham. In the media's
      >with social dysfunction, what we fail to see is the essential beauty and
      >brotherhood which is a prime pillar of faith in Islam. The mystical
      >of Islam can be found in Sufism, which is often referred to as "The Way Of
      >The Heart." A good description of Sufism with a listing of 19 related
      >websites can be found at SpiritWeb at
      >tml or by clicking here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.spiritweb.org/Spirit/sufism.html">SpiritWeb: Sufism - the
      >Way of the Heart</A>
      >(Editors Note: I have spent more lifetimes than I care to remember as a
      >'heretic' of one variety or another, many times paying a very dear price
      >my alternative way of seeing things. This is an opinion article, not a
      >statement of fact or truth. And as I have stated, do not hold me to any of
      >this a week from now. As I grow, I change. Something, however, that will
      >probably never change is my basic predilection for questioning basic
      >assumptions, whether they be religious, political, medical, educational,
      >social or my own 'whatever.' My bottom line for evaluating anything is
      >whether or not "it grows corn." In other words, does it work? And if it
      >works for you and doesn't harm others, perhaps that is as close as we will
      >get to 'truth' in this lifetime. The following is offered in all due
      >to those who see things differently.)
      >The Ultimate Guru
      >Seeking a wise teacher in the caves of the Himalayas or a wizened shaman in
      >the Andes or Amazon are always an option. Certainly we have long held a
      >strong attraction to "the exotic other" as a source of wisdom and
      >enlightenment. However, in our ongoing quest for a deeper understanding of
      >ourselves and our world, we have often failed to recognize the Ultimate
      >in our lives.
      >This "Master Of All Masters" wears no robes. There are no sonorous chants
      >ancient languages; No hidden teachings to tantalize the seeker; No rituals,
      >ceremony or hierarchy of believers; No special relationship with ascended
      >beings; No occult techniques, formulas, prayers or meditations. The truth
      >this "Master Of All Masters" is the most unglamorous and mundane guru one
      >could possibly imagine: So much so that she is always overlooked in our
      >attraction to "the exotic other."
      >Who is this "Master Of All Masters" - This Ultimate Guru? Relationships.
      >, just that: Simply relationships.
      >Our magnificent world offers a wondrous array of "the exotic other" in
      >of teachers. They are all gurus of various kinds and types. Each has a
      >teaching to offer at the various stages of our lives and journeys into
      >consciousness. But when we have walked the many byways to enlightenment,
      >ultimately the last path will bring us back to where we started.
      >When we hear the word Relationships, our first thought is often "romantic."
      >But this is but a tiny fraction of the whole; like only the big toe of the
      >Consider all of the relationships in your life: Your relationship with
      >body; your relationship with money; your relationship with The Divine
      >your relationship with your own beliefs, your relationship with your own
      >personal myth of who and what you are; your relationship with your home;
      >relationship with the Earth. And then there are people: Your relationship
      >with your spouse, your children, your parents, siblings, friends, enemies,
      >coworkers, strangers - and of course your romances. And there is that
      >relationship with the intangible "Self" - the who and what you truly are at
      >the deepest core of your being. Indeed, what is your life & who are you but
      >your relationships in the very broad sense of the term?
      >And how is your relationship with each of these? Are you consciously
      >with them or only learning indirectly and by default? Are you journeying
      >exotic inner and outer destinations and ignoring the Ultimate Guru at your
      >doorstep? Are you ready to embrace her in all of her homely mundane
      >worldliness and make this a truly conscious adventure this time around?
      >It is said that we teach what we most need to learn and that to understand
      >the issues in another's life, look at what they are teaching. I don't
      >pretend to be a teacher, for truly, I have no teachings. And as for
      >don't hold me to them next Tuesday. Something may occur this weekend that
      >will give me a greater or deeper understanding of Life.
      >But a guide, yes. I have walked many of the paths I have alluded to. Ten
      >years ago, with my own tour company, I was leading pilgrims to the ancient
      >sacred sites of Earth. Early in life I embarked on the marriage & family
      >path. Five years ago I moved to a secluded mountain sanctuary to explore
      >path of a solitaire - to pause and look at my many relationships in life.
      >I've learned a few things along the way and I have many yet to learn.
      >Stepping beyond this as simply an editorial, I would extend an invitation
      >you to visit the Mountain Light Sanctuary this August 18-20, 2000 and
      >participate in our summer retreat. The subject of this editorial will also
      >be the theme of the retreat "Relationships: the Ultimate Guru." Our point
      >departure will be an understanding that the answers to the deeper questions
      >of life do not lie somewhere outside of ourselves, but within. From this
      >point, with Relationships as our path, we will explore together the deeper
      >realms of consciousness. For complete details you can email me at
      >Michael Lightweaver
      >Mountain Light Sanctuary
      >Asheville, NC. USA

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