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Worldwide Solstice Meditation-Fwd: PAN INFO: Special Solstice Focus

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  • elaine upton
    Hello to all who are interested. Here s news of an upcoming worldwide Solstice Meditation. Pace e Bene, elaine ...
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      Hello to all who are interested.
      Here's news of an upcoming worldwide Solstice Meditation.
      Pace e Bene,

      >From: globalvisionary@... (jean hudon)
      >To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
      >Subject: PAN INFO: Special Solstice Focus
      >Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:57:18 -0400
      >Dear PAN participating member
      >This is a special issue from the Global Meditation Focus Group for the
      >Solstice on June 20-21.
      >1. Summary
      >2. Meditation Times
      >3. More on the June Solstice
      >1. SUMMARY
      >The June Solstice will occur on the 21st at 01.48 Universal Time, when the
      >Sun is farthest north of the equator. In the northern hemisphere the June
      >Solstice is the time of maximum light, while in the southern hemisphere it
      >is the time when the Sun is reborn after the longest night. Since ancient
      >times, humanity has marked out the Solstices and Equinoxes as important
      >times to attune to the Earth's relationship with the Sun, and today they
      >used for linking up globally in meditation. Chief Arvol Looking Horse has
      >asked that June 21 be recognised as "World Peace Prayer Day".
      >Please hold in your heart and mind a vision in which the integrity and
      >sacredness of Nature and her cycles are honoured by all. See the whole
      >as healthy and vibrant with life, and experience the healing of all
      >relations as we awaken globally to the sacredness of all Life and to our
      >underlying unity with All That Is.
      >i) 01.48 Universal Time (GMT)
      >ii) 01.30 - 02.00 Universal Time (GMT)
      >iii) Sunrise, Noon, and Sunset, Local Time
      >iv) At the top of any hour, or at any other time of your choice.
      >Differences from Universal Time are as follows, and are in Daylight Saving
      >Time where applicable:
      >Honolulu = -10 hours / Los Angeles = -7 hours / Denver & San Salvador = -6
      >hours / Mexico City, Houston & Chicago = -5 hours / New York, Toronto,
      >Montreal, Asuncion & Santiago = -4 hours / Rio de Janeiro & Montevideo = -3
      >hours / Reykjavik & Casablanca = 0 hours / London, Algiers & Lagos = +1
      >/ Geneva, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Johannesburg & Madrid = +2 hours / Athens,
      >Helsinki, Jerusalem, Nairobi & Istanbul = +3 hours / Moscow & Baghdad = +4
      >hours / Tehran = +4 and a half hours / Islamabad = +5 hours / Calcutta &
      >Delhi = +5 and a half hours / Dhaka = +6 hours / Rangoon = +6 and a half
      >hours / Hanoi, Bangkok & Jakarta = +7 hours / Hong Kong, Perth, Beijing &
      >Kuala Lumpur = + 8 hours / Seoul & Tokyo = +9 hours / Brisbane, Canberra &
      >Melbourne = +10 hours / Wellington = +12 hours
      >The following information is provided by i) Chief Arvol Looking Horse; ii)
      >Carolyn Sky Dancer; iii) Kalama Hochreiter; iv) Dan Furst; and v) Leigh
      >i) From Chief Arvol Looking Horse
      >Mitakuye! (relative),
      >World Peace and Prayer Day has become a reality for thousands of people
      >around the world, many honoring their Sacred Sites. Wopila, a great thank
      >you! After completion to the four directions we return to the center,
      >of Everything that is", "Paha Sapa" the Sacred Black Hills.
      >We ask that people continue to gather for Peace and Prayer in the year 2000
      >and thereafter. If the nations continue to unite all over the world, our
      >prayers will enlighten our spirits and heal our Mother Earth.
      >This year World Peace and Prayer Day is dedicated to healing, educating and
      >inspiring our young people. This will bring our youth to an understanding
      >the importance of opening their hearts and minds to forgiving, believing,
      >creating and healing one another, and most importantly themselves. We ask
      >the Nations and all people of the world to gather for ceremony focusing, in
      >their own ways, our spiritual unity on the healing of our Mother Earth and
      >our World Community, in honor of our Youth and Future Generations. UNITE
      >GLOBALLY TO HONOR AND HEAL ALL LIFE - May peace be with you all.
      >Mitakuye Oyasin, (all my relations)
      >Chief Arvol Looking Horse
      >19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Pipe
      >The Black Hills, South Dakota gathering will be held at the Ditch Creek
      >Campgrounds from June 18th to June 21st. For those who will be joining us,
      >please come prepared with the necesary supplies and camping equipment that
      >you'll need to enjoy a positive and uplifting experience.
      >Website: www.worldpeaceday.com/2000/
      >ii) From Carolyn Sky Dancer
      >E-mail: carolyn@...
      >The Solstice and Equinox points form the four gates or four directions of
      >the celestial medicine wheel. The Sun illuminates and activates these gates
      >as it appears to journey through the sky from the Earth's perspective. In
      >reality, it is the Earth's journey through the sky as it orbits the Sun
      >creates the seasonal cycles. The ancient ones had an active and conscious
      >relationship with the sky mysteries, creating standing stone circles and
      >other monuments to assist in tracking these yearly cycles and capturing or
      >maximizing the incoming energies activated during these seasonal shifts as
      >different parts of the sky were being engaged. Working with the Solstice
      >Equinoxes as well as the cross-quarter dates (the half-way point between
      >each Solstice and Equinox) helps us to remember these mysteries and to
      >develop our own relationship with the seasonal cycles of Earth and Sky.
      >iii) From Kalama Hochreiter
      >E-mail: kalama@...
      >The Summer Solstice is also at the same time, the Winter Solstice for those
      >of us in the Southern Hemisphere. In Peru, it is a most sacred time for it
      >signifies the Inti Raymi, or the Return of the Sun (Sun and Son-God-Ruler
      >being synonomous in their cosmology and related to the turning of the ages
      >or times called Pachacuti, due to come soon).
      >iv) From Dan Furst
      >E-mail: hermes3@...
      >Website: www.hermes3.net/
      >Among the countless Summer Solstice celebrations and ceremonies:
      >The Sonnenwende ("Sun's turning") of the Norse calendar, so named because
      >this point in the year, the Sun reaches its farthest northern sunset point
      >on the horizon, and must now begin moving south, and bringing with it the
      >hotter, more rapid movement of Summer, and everything else that that the
      >South implies. The season of husbandry begins now in bonfires that
      >mark this day as the one when the Sun's light stays longest in the Sky.
      >In northern Russia, especially in St. Petersburg, this day begins the White
      >Nights, which last for the next ten days. In this and other fire festivals
      >that can get more raucous than most, fireworks and all, many people love
      >days of the Long Light because this is the best time to burn the chaff and
      >the worry of the year gone by, and get ready to work the field under the
      >waxing Sun, and care for children.
      >In the Celtic calendar, this day is called Litha, and honors the water
      >goddess. Many European peoples also honored the Green Man, leafy symbol of
      >nature's resurgence, counterpart to the Egyptian Osiris.
      >Taoist festival honoring the Heavenly Emperor Shang-Ti and celebrating the
      >active presence of the Tao in all things. This is the time when the
      >masculine Yang force is at its peak, and initiates the season of fire,
      >and Summer.
      >In the Islamic lunar calendar, first day of the New Year.
      >In many ancient calendars, this is one of the year's best times for
      >Wise Women. In the Greco-Roman calendar, this was the Day of All Heras
      >(Roman counterpart Juno, for whom this month is named), when people gather
      >to listen to women who have achieved spiritual Union with the Great
      >In ancient Britain this was the Day of Cerridwen, celebrating all Wise
      >v) From Leigh Tremaine
      >E-mail: LTremaine@...
      >Website: www.worldhealing.co.uk/
      >In the northern hemisphere the June Solstice is the time of maximum light,
      >while in the southern hemisphere it is the time when the Sun is reborn
      >the longest night. Long observed as important times to harmonise with the
      >energies of the Solar cycle, the Solstices and Equinoxes are now recognised
      >as important times to link up in meditation for the upliftment of our
      >The exact time of the Solstice, when the Sun enters Cancer, is 1.48am GMT.
      >This is the main global linkup time.
      >This Solstice, the Sun will be closely conjunct Venus and Mars in Cancer,
      >and all three will be aligning to Neptune, the planet of Spirit. This will
      >encourage us to nurture the divine self-realisation of all things through
      >our relationships. It highlights the need to find inner security through
      >our connection with Spirit, so that our response to other people and things
      >comes from the heart, rather than from the insecure ego. The Moon, which
      >rules Cancer, will conjunct Uranus in Aquarius, indicating a need to awaken
      >to our collective family, and to break free of attachments based upon
      >insecurity and possessiveness.
      >Many people now gather at sacred sites across the world on the Solstices
      >Equinoxes to connect more strongly with the Earth and to enhance the effect
      >of planetary healing. In the UK we will gather in Stonehenge at 2.15am for
      >meditation to mark the exact time of the Solstice at 2.48am. For details of
      >the Sunrise, Noon, and Sunset gatherings in the Avebury area, e-mail me or
      >call 0121 742 8575.
      >If this e-mail has been forwarded to you and you wish to subscribe, send a
      >blank email to focus-group-subscribe@egroups.com (English),
      >groupe-focalisateur-subscribe@egroups.com (French),
      >groupo-focal-subscribe@... (Portuguese) or
      >alertas-alta@... (Spanish).
      >For more information, please review the material posted by the Global
      >Meditation Focus Group at http://refcities.com/focusgroup
      >Note: You will also find a French, Portuguese and Spanish version of the
      >website at the URL above. You may receive each new Meditation Focus in any
      >of the 4 versions available through subscribing to the relevant listserver
      >as indicated above. Translations in other languages are also welcome.

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