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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Cosmic Intelligence & UFO's

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  • Joel Wendt
    That was much better, thank you. I don t have time in this moment to form some additional questions and comments, but they lurk in my consciousness, so you
    Message 1 of 80 , Oct 4, 2006
      That was much better, thank you. I don't have time in this moment to
      form some additional questions and comments, but they lurk in my
      consciousness, so you can expect something more in the near future.


      Steve Hale wrote:
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Joel Wendt <hermit@...> wrote:
      >> Well, you said a lot of words again, but didn't answer my
      > questions.
      > I thought you wanted more detail, which means words. And, for the
      > record, this post of mine was directed in response to one that
      > demonstrated an interest in the subject, and thus motivated my
      > interest in contributing to it. It was not written in order to
      > offer any solution to any perceived problem, but to state the
      > situation concerning cosmic intelligence, which exists for mankind
      > to take hold of.
      >> Let me try it again. When someone writes of woes and calamities,
      > I'd
      >> like to hear what we can do to heal the problems. If you said
      > something
      >> practical and pragmatic (me being an American), I didn't get it
      > amidst
      >> all those words. Would you mind trying again, and leave out this
      > time
      >> another description of how bad it is.
      >> j.
      > Why would stating facts of the present condition of mankind be bad?
      > And my intent does not concern woes and calamities, just facts that
      > have to be faced, practically, from the standpoint of a developing
      > conscience and its relationship to consciousness, and pragmatically
      > from the standpoint that spiritual science exists today to be
      > cultivated as a body of knowledge having definite and positive
      > consequences for the higher concepts and percepts that constitute
      > the so-called "higher mind" that can then, and only then, really
      > start to solve problems. The main problem today is the existence of
      > evil in a very powerful, authoritarian, and controlling form. Let
      > me ask you a question: Can evil be conscious?
      > What I see going on today is a battle for the cosmic intelligence
      > between those beings, forces, and influences, having their origin
      > some 1340 years ago, and mankind today, now properly situated in the
      > consciousness soul age, properly grounded in the intellectual soul
      > that Soradt so desperately wanted to subrate (undermine) in its own
      > favor back in 666. And faith was the mechanism that came to earth
      > in order to allow reasoning to slowly form as a counterbalance to
      > Soradt's desire to flood its premature consciousness soul, having
      > come out of the 5th epoch on an astral stream that descended to
      > earth when a comet broke apart and fell around the area where the
      > great prophet Mani had been tortured and martyred to death.
      > In short, schools for the teaching of spiritual science need to be
      > started in earnest so that they can begin to dot the globe, just
      > like the Mithras cults dotted the whole mediterranean landscape
      > after the Maccabean revolt ended the last true school of ancient
      > initiation science.
      > We represent the second generation in seeing spiritual science
      > succeed in achieving what Rudolf Steiner labored for in the first.
      > Thus, this second generation is critical if there is to be a third.
      > And so far, it has failed miserably for the simple reason that the
      > world knows nothing of what it needs to know to meet the battle that
      > is going on right now. Right now, it might as well roll over, and
      > you can blame the lazy common man for that.
      > Steve
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    • Steve Hale
      ... Everyone can expect to experience the increasing effects of climatic disturbances intentionally wrought by the occult movement s activities in the 20th
      Message 80 of 80 , Oct 29, 2006
        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
        > I thought you were talking about a group that discussed "the dangers
        > of materialistic occultism" but I would love to discuss with you
        > this 'other' occult movement and it's use of NASA technologies.
        > It's been happening outside my window for the past 2 days... It's
        > been my greatest task (your's likely as well) to figure out how to
        > continue to subsist without evident means to sheild myself (my
        > physical health) from 'new' imposing environmental discords .
        > Carol.

        Everyone can expect to experience the increasing effects of climatic
        disturbances intentionally wrought by the occult movement's activities
        in the 20th century. This is one of the reasons why Wilhelm Reich was
        such a herald of the Etheric Christ. He was the veritable 'scientist
        of the etheric', and discerned many of the workings of the occultists
        to disturb the subtle etheric sheath of the earth and mankind.

        Just take all that Steiner conveyed in this lecture course, and apply
        the huge advances in science and technology seen over the course of the
        20th century, and you have the basis for all the evil, and its bad
        intentions, found on earth today.

        It can be shown that apocalyptic events began in the 20th century, and
        that the miracle that took place at Fatima was a concrete expression of
        this entry into apocalyptic times. One of its immediate and profound
        effects was the flu pandemic that spanned an ocean and then killed
        millions upon millions of people almost overnight. As such, it
        represented the opening of the fourth seal and the pale horse of

        And it formed part of the third secret given to the children, but kept
        secret by the church to this day.

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