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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Cosmic Intelligence & UFO's

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  • Joel Wendt
    Well, you said a lot of words again, but didn t answer my questions. Let me try it again. When someone writes of woes and calamities, I d like to hear what we
    Message 1 of 80 , Oct 3, 2006
      Well, you said a lot of words again, but didn't answer my questions.

      Let me try it again. When someone writes of woes and calamities, I'd
      like to hear what we can do to heal the problems. If you said something
      practical and pragmatic (me being an American), I didn't get it amidst
      all those words. Would you mind trying again, and leave out this time
      another description of how bad it is.


      Steve Hale wrote:
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Joel Wendt <hermit@...> wrote:
      >> Okay Steve,
      >> bad guys doing bad things. a couple of questions....
      >> when was it ever different?
      >> what can we, as human beings do about it (not for ourselves,
      > but for
      >> others and this could use some details)?
      >> joel
      > Joel, what spiritual science today provides is a concern for a
      > modern and proper approach to what is contained in the following
      > fundamental principle: That one of the consequences, maybe the chief
      > consequence, of the 5th Cultural Epoch, the Age of Intellectualism
      > since the 15th century, is the developing ability for "intellect to
      > coexist with immorality"; that man will be able in ever greater
      > degrees, beginning with the Renaissance times, to be cleverly
      > intelligent and immoral at the same time. Also prevalent will be the
      > converse: "morality and ignorance "will be possible for those who
      > seek a purely faith-based form of truth for their existence. And
      > these two eventualities will both represent the antithesis of
      > spiritual scientific thinking so necessary for our success in future
      > evolution. But the solution to this problem of intellect and
      > immorality, and morality and ignorance being able to coexist is in
      > the offing, and actually already being manifested. For as Steiner
      > says: Beginning in the third milennium it will not be possible for
      > one to entertain clever, devious and cunning thoughts without
      > experiencing a certain paralysis of thinking; and that one who seeks
      > to be moral and pure through faith alone will find themselves
      > struggling with immoral desires that they cannot fight off. And
      > people will not understand what is happening. Why? Because Soradt
      > sees these events as serving his goal of destroying human spirital
      > evolution by sending souls to the "eighth sphere"; his goal is to
      > completely circumvent the human will to his cause as represented by
      > the eighth sphere, which is an objective fact.
      > You see, the eighth sphere is an "objective enigma" that has had a
      > convenient explanation given to its existence for the purpose of
      > cancelling out a critical item of human knowledge needed, and also
      > to create and perpetuate a lie about the true nature of the moon and
      > its purpose. In reality, the eighth sphere completely served its
      > purpose as a mechanical contrivance (bogus nature) by 1840. Since
      > then it has become an obsolescence. But rather than see the truth of
      > the eighth sphere and its relation to the moon be revealed, it
      > became imperative that these forces of cleverness, seeking to rule
      > the world and mankind for their purposes, put forth a certain
      > natural explanantion for the moon and its conduct - the astronomical
      > explanation of the moon and its phases. The reason for this is
      > simple; if the truth of the moon and the eighth sphere were revealed
      > as facts at this point (1840), when the eighth sphere becomes
      > obsolete, then mankind would have received his first "spiritual-
      > scientific concept" necessary for developing his intellect toward
      > the real knowledge of our spiritual-evolutionary system and reason
      > for existing on earth. This needed to be prevented at all cost in
      > order for these Soradtic forces to be able to begin to use the
      > eighth sphere for their purpose; which is to draw the human will and
      > soul forces to this sphere and cancel out the higher spheres of
      > Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan. And to make human existence on earth as
      > miserable as possible in effect.
      > Steve
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    • Steve Hale
      ... Everyone can expect to experience the increasing effects of climatic disturbances intentionally wrought by the occult movement s activities in the 20th
      Message 80 of 80 , Oct 29, 2006
        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
        > I thought you were talking about a group that discussed "the dangers
        > of materialistic occultism" but I would love to discuss with you
        > this 'other' occult movement and it's use of NASA technologies.
        > It's been happening outside my window for the past 2 days... It's
        > been my greatest task (your's likely as well) to figure out how to
        > continue to subsist without evident means to sheild myself (my
        > physical health) from 'new' imposing environmental discords .
        > Carol.

        Everyone can expect to experience the increasing effects of climatic
        disturbances intentionally wrought by the occult movement's activities
        in the 20th century. This is one of the reasons why Wilhelm Reich was
        such a herald of the Etheric Christ. He was the veritable 'scientist
        of the etheric', and discerned many of the workings of the occultists
        to disturb the subtle etheric sheath of the earth and mankind.

        Just take all that Steiner conveyed in this lecture course, and apply
        the huge advances in science and technology seen over the course of the
        20th century, and you have the basis for all the evil, and its bad
        intentions, found on earth today.

        It can be shown that apocalyptic events began in the 20th century, and
        that the miracle that took place at Fatima was a concrete expression of
        this entry into apocalyptic times. One of its immediate and profound
        effects was the flu pandemic that spanned an ocean and then killed
        millions upon millions of people almost overnight. As such, it
        represented the opening of the fourth seal and the pale horse of

        And it formed part of the third secret given to the children, but kept
        secret by the church to this day.

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