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Waldorf and Education

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    In April of 1919, Rudolf Steiner visited the Waldorf Astoria cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany. The German nation, defeated in war, was teetering on the
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      "In April of 1919, Rudolf Steiner visited the Waldorf Astoria
      cigarette factory in Stuttgart, Germany. The German nation, defeated
      in war, was teetering on the brink of economic, social, and
      political chaos. Steiner spoke to the workers about the need for
      social renewal, for a new way of organizing society and its
      political and cultural life.

      Emil Molt, the owner of the factory, asked Steiner if he would
      undertake to establish and lead a school for the children of the
      employees of the company. Steiner agreed but set four conditions,
      each of which went against common practice of the day: 1) that the
      school be open to all children; 2) that it be coeducational; 3) that
      it be a unified twelve-year school; 4) that the teachers, those
      individuals actually in contact with the children, have primary
      control of the school, with a minimum interference from the state or
      from economic sources. Steiner's conditions were radical for the
      day, but Molt gladly agreed to them. On September 7,1919, the
      independent Waldorf School (Die Freie Waldorfschule) opened its

      Bradford comments;

      Parents, teach your children well. Well folks Steiner looked over
      the essay below by Lessing, "The Education of the Human Race" and
      discovered, literally what he had suspected, the path of education
      must include the stages of review through the childhood of humanity
      as a review of the progress of the individual I AM. The breaking
      down of the grades and education as the unfolding etheric memory of
      humanity was part of the startling awakening of first dawning gifts
      of the Etheric Christ event. Therefore for the ripening of the Human
      Race Lessing thought that humanity must be progressing on the great
      inner development path of reincarnation. Lessing thought it
      possible, and to Zarathusta/Jesus and Steiner it was part of the
      awakening science of the Resurrection.

      What Lessing thought:


      "It is so! The very same Way by which the Race reaches its
      perfection, must every individual man—one sooner—another later—have
      travelled over. Have travelled over in one and the same life? Can he
      have been, in one and the selfsame life, a sensual Jew and a
      spiritual Christian? Can he in the self-same life have overtaken

      Surely not that! But why should not every individual man have
      existed more than once upon this World?

      Is this hypothesis so laughable merely because it is the oldest?
      Because the human understanding, before the sophistries of the
      Schools had dissipated and debilitated it, lighted upon it at once?

      Why may not even I have already performed those steps of my
      perfecting which bring to man only temporal punishments and rewards?

      And once more, why not another time all those steps, to perform
      which the views of Eternal Rewards so powerfully assist us?

      Why should I not come back as often as I am capable of acquiring
      fresh knowledge, fresh expertness? Do I bring away so much from
      once, that there is nothing to repay the trouble of coming back?

      Is this a reason against it? Or, because I forget that I have been
      here already? Happy is it for me that I do forget. The recollection
      of my former condition would permit me to make only a bad use of the
      present. And that which even I must forget now, is that necessarily
      forgotten for ever?

      Or is it a reason against the hypothesis that so much time would
      have been lost to me? Lost—And how much then should I miss?—Is not a
      whole Eternity mine? "

      Bradford comments;

      Aside from our discussions on this list, where the Ahrimanic and
      Luciferic influences in human beings go ballistic on the inclusion
      of reincarnation and let alone the facts that Zarathustra and
      Steiner had accurate science of the I AM down to a science...This
      accomplished Biblical Initiation Science literally enrages the
      Ahrimanic latent in the soul of humanity. The path of Waldorf
      Education reawakens the etheric memory forces that are rooted in
      each child, so that they remember, they bring forth from the depths
      what they had already experienced from the etheric memory of
      humanity. The Christ Being holds this vast Etheric Memory of
      humanity and Waldorf Education carries the new Etheric Christ event
      gift right down to the roots of childhood. How can we explain the
      dumbing down of education that has produced the doctrine of
      materialism and given to us all of these so called highly educated
      main stream media menaces and know nothings, these clever
      intellectual wastes?

      On one hand with all seriousness we have to examine the role and
      goal of what you immerse your children in. We can prove clearly that
      Waldorf is riding the wave of the New Etheric Christ event, that
      brings with it the restoration and cohesion of education. This
      education resides in the etheric memory of humanity. Without a
      shadow of a doubt the structure of public education and university
      education shatters, crushes and defracts the etheric cohesion of
      memory and leaves humanity compassless. This can be proved and I
      have been both public school and Waldorf School teacher.

      We immerse our children in the failed folk soul element of main
      stream mass media, which is the surrogate supplement for what had
      once existed as actual peasant soul wisdom. Our world wars in the
      20th century had the goal of destroying the peasant wisdom that once
      anchored humanity in the etheric wholesomeness of the world. The
      Etheric Christ experience of the 20th century was the antidote to
      this loss. Today MSM represents the placebo and cardboard soul, an
      overhanging replication and fake soul of the people spread out as
      Main Stream Media or MSM. These uncohesive and disjointed
      sputterings and fragments of thought are touted and taught in every
      grade school, highschool and at every university. Every parent
      squirms and wiggles for their little Johnny and Jane to become one
      of the dumbed down, morons that have lost their compass, but still
      long to fit in and get a paycheck nor matter what corporate slavery
      is offered. I will show you directly the horrific bind we are in

      Now I could go into a long and clear cut relation between baby
      formula and baby nutrition supplements. I could develop clearly the
      relation of language to mother's breast milk, and how the bridge
      from astral to etheric is so wonderfully and Freudianly bridged, but
      it would require actual cognitive foundations and might disturb the
      chronic complacency.

      But it must become crystal clear to the soul life that when Lessing
      and Steiner and Waldorf Education arose, the destruction and demise
      of instinctual peasant wisdom and the dawning of corporate and
      industrial education with its tainted Ahrimanic tinge, invaded the
      soul life of humanity with an intense force. The Etheric Christ
      Event of the 20th century was the antidote to this overwhelming
      force. And the new forces in the Etheric life of humanity were
      brought to Waldorf Education through conscious Biblical Initiation
      Science. I shall offer to you vivid proof of the intimate secrets
      involved with public education and why humanity can no longer
      produce crops of human beings with the will to navigate or develop
      their own compass towards the foundations of the world. A disrooted
      and disconnected numbness and dependency on corporate lies and
      corporate materialism has infected the West.

      Steiner was such an accurate scientist that he traced some aspects
      of education to Comenius, but as can be clearly understood,
      Ahrimanic forces are enraged when humanity approaches the accuracy
      of the Science of the Spirit. It isn't that Spiritual Science is in
      error, it is rather that the MSM, that replaced the soul foundation
      of the instincts and the heart, (with well placed corporate ads)has
      ripped apart the deeper moorings and anchor of wisdom of the human
      heart that lived in the foundations of Classic wisdom.

      It is very clear how Steiner answered the problem that he saw coming
      and that most of us have avoided looking at. Steiner was advanced
      enough to mine the new frontiers of the I AM, the same frontiers
      that Christ/Jesus initiated as so called miracles. Steiner brought
      conscious science, biodynamics, Waldorf Education, Eurythmy and
      these are just limited results of Resurrection Science, compared to
      the Spirit Man that was won by Zarathustra's engaging initiate
      wisdom in the Jesus destiny. Wholly new areas of the conscious
      reality of the I AM and the vast Etheric gifts of the Risen Etheric
      Christ are longing to enter the hearts and minds of humanity.

      It must be stated clearly that laziness and inertia in parents and
      their karma and their own lack of education and their own cold
      materialism which insists that every child be dunked into a
      university and a schooling that is filtered with standardized
      dumbing down, serving the confusing and diorientating of the soul,
      that forces the compass and innate cosmic north of the soul to go
      completely off course. In corporate lingo when either profits or
      disaster hits the books, it is said that everything went south. That
      is away from the true North of the soul. The Michael thinking and
      upright North of the human I AM. MSM, motivated by corporate
      industrial reasoning, (ahrimanic intellectual soul intent note
      Stephen Hawkings) verifies that the course to be taken and the
      thinking to be absorbed and worshipped is opposite in direction to
      the meaning of the soul innate capacities of the spirit.

      Along with Lessing, it must be noted that as Zarathustra/Jesus
      plunged with Christ into the depths of Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and
      Spirit-Man, miracles that are absolute science, that Ahriman fears,
      and the defeat of death's unconscious obliterating sting, brought
      the secrets, well before Jesus incarnated, of the science of the
      reincarnating soul and education as a process of recollecting and
      regathering the experiences each of us had in the Etheric memory of
      humanity. We are simply addressing here, correctly, Biblical
      Initiation Science and Lessing tried to walk himself through this
      without any special esoteric insights. But Biblical Initiation
      Science is Spiritual Science. And Ahriman's rulership over the
      limits of thinking and the limits to each human beings developments
      has been utterly shaken and destroyed because souls like Steiner and
      Zarathustra/Jesus built a path to the core of Spirit Man on Earth.

      If you have religious moodiness about the name Jesus and the mood of
      prayer and the reflexive habit of devotion and are annoyed that we
      can use the connection of words, Zarathustra/Jesus instead of merely
      saying sweet Jesus, you have a blockage in your soul that is tainted
      with refusal to approach Spiritual Science and overcome the
      materialism that envelopes you. You pass this onto your children
      because you have been too lazy or karmically unable to think these
      things through. Biblical Initiation Science is the Bible and the
      biography of Zarathustra/Jesus.

      Reincarnation is the law invovled with the incarnation of Jesus. The
      Science of the human being does involve the I AM, the astral body,
      the etheric body and the physical body. Christ is vaster and is the
      Group Soul of I AMness. All that I Am's can do and are, the
      prototype of this I AM was the Christ and is now the cohesive force
      of the Etheric Christ Being who had penetrated humanhood to the very
      depths of the bones. So if you have a problem here, you need to work
      on it, Spiritual Science doesn't need to play footsie with your
      emotional issues, you need to build a depth of insight into what a
      human being is and face the issues of Education with clarity and
      stop being cowards with what your own children have sought from this
      incarnation. As a teacher I can tell you that they do not seek to
      have their compass spun around opposite to the direction of their
      spiritual developments!!!!!


      "One of the principal reasons we got into the mess we're in is that
      we allowed schooling to become a very profitable monopoly,
      guaranteed its customers by the police power of the state.
      Systematic schooling attracts increased investment only when it does
      poorly, and since there are no penalties at all for such
      performance, the temptation not to do well is overwhelming. That's
      because school staffs, both line and management, are involved in a
      guild system; in that ancient form of association no single member
      is allowed to outperform any other member, is allowed to advertise
      or is allowed to introduce new technology or improvise without the
      advance consent of the guild. Violation of these precepts is
      severely sanctioned--as Marva Collins, Jaime Escalante and a large
      number of once-brilliant teachers found out.

      The guild reality cannot be broken without returning primary
      decision-making to parents, letting them buy what they want to buy
      in schooling, and encouraging the entrepreneurial reality that
      existed until 1852. That is why I urge any business to think twice
      before entering a cooperative relationship with the schools we
      currently have. Cooperating with these places will only make them

      The structure of American schooling, 20th century style, began in
      1806 when Napoleon's amateur soldiers beat the professional soldiers
      of Prussia at the battle of Jena. When your business is selling
      soldiers, losing a battle like that is serious. Almost immediately
      afterwards a German philosopher named Fichte delivered his
      famous "Address to the German Nation" which became one of the most
      influential documents in modern history. In effect he told the
      Prussian people that the party was over, that the nation would have
      to shape up through a new Utopian institution of forced schooling in
      which everyone would learn to take orders.

      So the world got compulsion schooling at the end of a state bayonet
      for the first time in human history; modern forced schooling started
      in Prussia in 1819 with a clear vision of what centralized schools
      could deliver:

      Obedient soldiers to the army;
      Obedient workers to the mines;
      Well subordinated civil servants to government;
      Well subordinated clerks to industry
      Citizens who thought alike about major issues.
      Schools should create an artificial national consensus on matters
      that had been worked out in advance by leading German families and
      the head of institutions. Schools should create unity among all the
      German states, eventually unifying them into Greater Prussia.

      Prussian industry boomed from the beginning. She was successful in
      warfare and her reputation in international affairs was very high.
      Twenty-six years after this form of schooling began, the King of
      Prussia was invited to North America to determine the boundary
      between the United States and Canada. Thirty-three years after that
      fateful invention of the central school institution, as the behest
      of Horace Mann and many other leading citizens, we borrowed the
      style of Prussian schooling as our own.

      You need to know this because over the first 50 years of our school
      institution Prussian purpose--which was to create a form of state
      socialism--gradually forced out traditional American purpose, which
      in most minds was to prepare the individual to be self-reliant.

      In Prussia the purpose of the Volksshule, which educated 92 percent
      of the children, was not intellectual development at all, but
      socialization in obedience and subordination. Thinking was left to
      the Real Schulen, in which 8 percent of the kids participated. But
      for the great mass, intellectual development was regarded with
      managerial horror, as something that caused armies to lose battles.

      Prussia concocted a method based on complex fragmentations to ensure
      that its school products would fit the grand social design. Some of
      this method involved dividing whole ideas into school subjects, each
      further divisible, some of it involved short periods punctuated by a
      horn so that self-motivation in study would be muted by ceaseless

      There were many more techniques of training, but all were built
      around the premise that isolation from first-hand information, and
      fragmentation of the abstract information presented by teachers,
      would result in obedient and subordinate graduates, properly
      respectful of arbitrary orders. "Lesser" men would be unable to
      interfere with policy makers because, while they could still
      complain, they could not manage sustained or comprehensive thought.
      Well-schooled children cannot think critically, cannot argue

      One of the most interesting by-products of Prussian schooling turned
      out to be the two most devastating wars of modern history. Erich
      Maria Ramarque, in his classic "All Quiet on the Wester Front" tells
      us that the First World War was caused by the tricks of
      schoolmasters, and the famous Protestant theologian Dietrich
      Bonhoeffer said that the Second World War was the inevitable product
      of good schooling.

      It's important to underline that Bonhoeffer meant that literally,
      not metaphorically--schooling after the Prussian fashion removes the
      ability of the mind to think for itself. It teaches people to wait
      for a teacher to tell them what to do and if what they have done is
      good or bad. Prussian teaching paralyses the moral will as well as
      the intellect. It's true that sometimes well-schooled students sound
      smart, because they memorize many opinions of great thinkers, but
      they actually are badly damaged because their own ability to think
      is left rudimentary and undeveloped.

      We got from the United States to Prussia and back because a small
      number of very passionate ideological leaders visited Prussia in the
      first half of the 19th century, and fell in love with the order,
      obedience and efficiency of its system and relentlessly proselytized
      for a translation of Prussian vision onto these shores. If Prussia's
      ultimate goal was the unification of Germany, our major goal, so
      these men thought, was the unification of hordes of immigrant
      Catholics into a national consensus based on a northern European
      cultural model. To do that children would have to be removed from
      their parents and from inappropriate cultural influence.

      In this fashion, compulsion schooling, a bad idea that had been
      around at least since Plato's "Republic", a bad idea that New
      England had tried to enforce in 1650 without any success, was
      finally rammed through the Massachusetts legislature in 1852. It
      was, of course, the famous "Know-Nothing" legislature that passed
      this law, a legislature that was the leading edge of a famous secret
      society which flourished at that time known as "The Order of the
      Star Spangled Banner," whose password was the simple sentence, "I
      know nothing"--hence the popular label attached to the secret
      society's political arm, "The American Party."

      Over the next 50 years state after state followed suit, ending
      schools of choice and ceding the field to a new government monopoly.
      There was one powerful exception to this--the children who could
      afford to be privately educated.

      It's important to note that the underlying premise of Prussian
      schooling is that the government is the true parent of children--the
      State is sovereign over the family. At the most extreme pole of this
      notion is the idea that biological parents are really the enemies of
      their own children, not to be trusted.

      How did a Prussian system of dumbing children down take hold in
      American schools? Thousands and thousands of young men from
      prominent American families journeyed to Prussia and other parts of
      Germany during the 19th century and brought home the Ph. D. degree
      to a nation in which such a credential was unknown. These men pre-
      empted the top positions in the academic world, in corporate
      research, and in government, to the point where opportunity was
      almost closed to those who had not studied in Germany, or who were
      not the direct disciples of a German PhD, as John Dewey was the
      disciple of G. Stanley Hall at Johns Hopkins.

      Virtually every single one of the founders of American schooling had
      made the pilgrimage to Germany, and many of these men wrote widely
      circulated reports praising the Teutonic methods. Horace Mann's
      famous "7th Report" of 1844, still available in large libraries, was
      perhaps the most important of these.

      By 1889, a little more than 100 years ago, the crop was ready for
      harvest. It that year the US Commissioner of Education, William
      Torrey Harris, assured a railroad magnate, Collis Huntington, that
      American schools were "scientifically designed" to prevent "over-
      education" from happening. The average American would be content
      with his humble role in life, said the commissioner, because he
      would not be tempted to think about any other role. My guess is that
      Harris meant he would not be able to think about any other role.

      In 1896 the famous John Dewey, then at the University of Chicago,
      said that independent, self-reliant people were a counter-productive
      anachronism in the collective society of the future. In modern
      society, said Dewey, people would be defined by their associations--
      not by their own individual accomplishments. It such a world people
      who read too well or too early are dangerous because they become
      privately empowered, they know too much, and know how to find out
      what they don't know by themselves, without consulting experts.

      Dewey said the great mistake of traditional pedagogy was to make
      reading and writing constitute the bulk of early schoolwork. He
      advocated that the phonics method of teaching reading be abandoned
      and replaced by the whole word method, not because the latter was
      more efficient (he admitted that it was less efficient) but because
      independent thinkers were produced by hard books, thinkers who
      cannot be socialized very easily. By socialization Dewey meant a
      program of social objectives administered by the best social
      thinkers in government. This was a giant step on the road to state
      socialism, the form pioneered in Prussia, and it is a vision
      radically disconnected with the American past, its historic hopes
      and dreams.

      Dewey's former professor and close friend, G. Stanley Hall, said
      this at about the same time, "Reading should no longer be a fetish.
      Little attention should be paid to reading." Hall was one of the
      three men most responsible for building a gigantic administrative
      infrastructure over the classroom. How enormous that structure
      really became can only be understood by comparisons: New York State,
      for instance, employs more school administrators than all of the
      European Economic Community nations combined.

      Once you think that the control of conduct is what schools are
      about, the word "reform" takes on a very particular meaning. It
      means making adjustments to the machine so that young subjects will
      not twist and turn so, while their minds and bodies are being
      scientifically controlled. Helping kids to use their minds better is
      beside the point.

      Bertrand Russell once observed that American schooling was among the
      most radical experiments in human history, that America was
      deliberately denying its children the tools of critical thinking.
      When you want to teach children to think, you begin by treating them
      seriously when they are little, giving them responsibilities,
      talking to them candidly, providing privacy and solitude for them,
      and making them readers and thinkers of significant thoughts from
      the beginning. That's if you want to teach them to think. There is
      no evidence that this has been a State purpose since the start of
      compulsion schooling.

      When Frederich Froebel, the inventor of kindergarten in 19th century
      Germany, fashioned his idea he did not have a "garden for children"
      in mind, but a metaphor of teachers as gardeners and children as the
      vegetables. Kindergarten was created to be a way to break the
      influence of mothers on their children. I note with interest the
      growth of daycare in the US and the repeated urgings to extend
      school downward to include 4-year-olds. The movement toward state
      socialism is not some historical curiosity but a powerful dynamic
      force in the world around us. It is fighting for its life against
      those forces which would, through vouchers or tax credits, deprive
      it of financial lifeblood, and it has countered this thrust with a
      demand for even more control over children's lives, and even more
      money to pay for the extended school day and year that this control

      A movement as visibly destructive to individuality, family and
      community as government-system schooling has been might be expected
      to collapse in the face of its dismal record, coupled with an
      increasingly aggressive shake down of the taxpayer, but this has not
      happened. The explanation is largely found in the transformation of
      schooling from a simple service to families and towns to an
      enormous, centralized corporate enterprise.

      While this development has had a markedly adverse effect on people
      and on our democratic traditions, it has made schooling the single
      largest employer in the United States, and the largest grantor of
      contracts next to the Defence Department. Both of these low-
      visibility phenomena provide monopoly schooling with powerful
      political friends, publicists, advocates and other useful allies.
      This is a large part of the explanation why no amount of failure
      ever changes things in schools, or changes them for very long.
      School people are in a position to outlast any storm and to keep
      short-attention-span public scrutiny thoroughly confused.

      An overview of the short history of this institution reveals a
      pattern marked by intervals of public outrage, followed by
      enlargement of the monopoly in every case.

      After nearly 30 years spent inside a number of public schools, some
      considered good, some bad, I feel certain that management cannot
      clean its own house. It relentlessly marginalizes all significant
      change. There are no incentives for the "owners" of the structure to
      reform it, nor can there be without outside competition.

      What is needed for several decades is the kind of wildly-swinging
      free market we had at the beginning of our national history. It
      cannot be overemphasized that no body of theory exists to accurately
      define the way children learn, or which learning is of most worth.
      By pretending the existence of such we have cut ourselves off from
      the information and innovation that only a real market can provide.
      Fortunately our national situation has been so favourable, so
      dominant through most of our history, that the margin of error
      afforded has been vast.

      But the future is not so clear. Violence, narcotic addictions,
      divorce, alcoholism, loneliness...all these are but tangible
      measures of a poverty in education. Surely schools, as the
      institutions monopolizing the daytimes of childhood, can be called
      to account for this. In a democracy the final judges cannot be
      experts, but only the people.

      Trust the people, give them choices, and the school nightmare will
      vanish in a generation."
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