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Cosmic Intelligence & UFO's

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  • Steve Hale
    Mankind has been carefully prepared to receive a spiritual communion; the communion of C Influence , or Cosmic Intelligence. This communion was designated as
    Message 1 of 80 , Oct 1, 2006
      Mankind has been carefully prepared to receive a spiritual
      communion; the communion of "C Influence", or Cosmic Intelligence.
      This communion was designated as an event of World Pentecost to
      occur in 1879, but has been successfully averted instead, in favor
      of the age of scientific materialism. Beginning with A.A.
      Michaelson's efforts to measure the velocity of light, which led to
      the subsequent denunciation of the etheric plane as being valid of
      continued consideration, it has been an exponential advancement ever
      since, relative to the exploitation of Etheric Technology in the
      service of the forces of ultimate materialism. Mankind, while fully
      prepared for the Pentecost of spiritual enlightenment that was to
      have taken place, instead sees material formations rather than the
      Spiritual Beings that truly comprise this Communion. Thus, the
      phenomenon of Unidentified Flying Objects, seen on a consistent
      basis since 1947, are actually the garments of Spiritual Beings Who
      realize that they have been subverted in their actual appearance,
      yet seek to commune as best they can. In other words, they take on
      the appearance of material forms, e.g., discs, cigar-shapes, and
      other representations, in order to communicate with mankind. As a
      result, and based on the designed effort to create interference
      mechanisms relative thereto, the whole UFO sighting phenomena

      The causes are traceable to the existence of a developing
      intellectual force that seeks to exploit the earth, mankind, and
      these Beings to their own evolutionary aims. This force seeks to
      plunder the earth for all its resource values as a symbol of
      despise. They despise mankind and the earth, and seek to control
      the world from a central nucleus, the United States, toward the goal
      of the so-called "New World Order". Consequently, Etheric
      Technology has been garnered and exploited by the United States
      government for its ultimate success in controlling and ruling the
      entire earth. This knowledge proves important for the aims of those
      who seek some form of enlightenment in this present life time. In
      reality, UFO sightings are a function of psychic phenomena rather
      than there being a physically constructed basis for their
      existence. This is proven by the utter lack of evidence of on-the-
      ground viewings. UFO's become visible only in an altered state of
      consciousness wherein the physical eye is elevated spiritually,
      which is why all sightings are in the sky. And since a camera is
      built on the technology that constitutes the human eye, it also
      becomes able to record the event; an event of clairvoyance in which
      Spiritual Beings reveal themselves in a form that can be accepted.

      UFO's signify the effort to achieve a spiritual communion between
      humans and the present host of angels that surround and permeate the
      earth's etheric layer. It is our ever-increasing materialism that
      requires they take these forms. But we are all closer to the spirit
      world because of it. The Internet is a direct consequence of the
      expanded 'etheric wave' activity that surrounds the earth, seeking
      to send Cosmic Intelligence down to man. Space satellites and radar
      scanners have been created in an attempt to absorb and disperse this
      incoming intelligence; to keep man from receiving it. Thus, the
      cosmic intelligence was originally intended to be a streaming down
      activity of spiritual force and power designed to quicken our
      perceptive and cognitive faculties; a World Pentecost made possible
      through Christ's evolution in the etheric body of the earth for two
      thousand years. Although not nullified in the least, its cognition
      has been offset through the efforts of science and technology,
      politics and economics, and other evils of ignorance. The earth's
      atmosphere consists of several layers wherein satellites have been
      placed since the forming of the space program back in 1957. This
      mandate, formed out of the Eisenhower years when the military-
      industrial complex was the chief objective of realization, sees each
      level of the earth's atmosphere as designed to be a progressive
      receptor of the cosmic intelligence meant for mankind. In order to
      offset this reception, satellites were launched and installed for
      the purpose of forestalling this reception in order to pursue the
      aims of this military-industrial complex.

    • Steve Hale
      ... Everyone can expect to experience the increasing effects of climatic disturbances intentionally wrought by the occult movement s activities in the 20th
      Message 80 of 80 , Oct 29, 2006
        --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
        > I thought you were talking about a group that discussed "the dangers
        > of materialistic occultism" but I would love to discuss with you
        > this 'other' occult movement and it's use of NASA technologies.
        > It's been happening outside my window for the past 2 days... It's
        > been my greatest task (your's likely as well) to figure out how to
        > continue to subsist without evident means to sheild myself (my
        > physical health) from 'new' imposing environmental discords .
        > Carol.

        Everyone can expect to experience the increasing effects of climatic
        disturbances intentionally wrought by the occult movement's activities
        in the 20th century. This is one of the reasons why Wilhelm Reich was
        such a herald of the Etheric Christ. He was the veritable 'scientist
        of the etheric', and discerned many of the workings of the occultists
        to disturb the subtle etheric sheath of the earth and mankind.

        Just take all that Steiner conveyed in this lecture course, and apply
        the huge advances in science and technology seen over the course of the
        20th century, and you have the basis for all the evil, and its bad
        intentions, found on earth today.

        It can be shown that apocalyptic events began in the 20th century, and
        that the miracle that took place at Fatima was a concrete expression of
        this entry into apocalyptic times. One of its immediate and profound
        effects was the flu pandemic that spanned an ocean and then killed
        millions upon millions of people almost overnight. As such, it
        represented the opening of the fourth seal and the pale horse of

        And it formed part of the third secret given to the children, but kept
        secret by the church to this day.

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