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Re: Miracles/for the dull and stupid American

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  • holderlin66
    Going far, far, far back on this Anthroposophy list we have explored the depth and precision of the meaning of the rise of the Etheric Christ prediction, for
    Message 1 of 62 , Sep 28, 2006
      Going far, far, far back on this Anthroposophy list we have explored
      the depth and precision of the meaning of the rise of the Etheric
      Christ prediction, for around 1933. At that instant the prediction
      was so accurate that Ahrimanic forces verified it, by using
      Steiner's birthday of Feb 27, 1933 that would have found Dr. Steiner
      at 72 years of age....Ahriman and Nazi Germany began it's invasion
      of the moral substance remaining in humanity. The industrial and
      corporate age of mass production, enabled business to invest freely
      in the moral destruction of humanity and the German people caved in.

      Ahriman by default verified the Etheric Christ event and
      crystallized Steiner's prediction into stone for the specific
      intention of ravaging and revenge on Michael and humanity for
      Steiner having the audacity and the ability to crystallize in his
      last days the Karmic sciences that both Zarathustra as Jesus and
      Zarathustra the Star King and Steiner accomplished. Ahriman slammed
      Michael and whacked Anthroposophy and Germany, did a whack job on
      humanity with the dawning of the Nazi era. You want to know how
      spiritual science stands on the concrete reading of the intentions
      of the Ahrimanic forces? well attempt to realize and understand the
      Dust Bowel, the fall of the Gold Standard and Great Depression and
      the DATE of the rise of Nazism.

      Now we know that the pattern of behavior we were monitoring as we
      approached 1998 was a pattern of behavior that would rise up again
      and crystallize itself against humanity once more. That pattern of
      behavior had to do with torture of the Templars and the Babylonian
      Captivity of the Church. It is without a doubt that in the American
      West we are reliving the Babylonian Captivity of the church in the
      Senate and Congress with the backing of the mightiest military power
      of the West. The Free land, the land of the Free and home of the
      brave is in shackles and their lips have been sealed with the same
      power that was brought into the time frame of 1332 and lasted for
      hundreds of years. The dark Ages, torture, and raw superstition
      pulled humanity into a black pit. This pattern of behavior has
      surfaced again and we are witnesses to it.

      We know that by 1997 brought the crystallization of PNAC which is
      clearly the Project for a New Ahrimanic Century. This stares us in
      the face in the West. It is a brilliantly carried out subversive
      plan that has surfaced again through the unconscious instincts of
      humanity and surfaced specifically in the media-soul of our
      intellectual soul. This media-soul is the immoral placebo soul that
      has been inserted through the fall of and dismantling of peasant
      wisdom. This inserted media-soul is not rooted in the initiation
      wisdom that had anchored humanity in ancient times. Humanity now
      cruises on sea of sludge, shattered wisdom and broken facts are
      never connected wisely to the core of the human being.

      The slender thread of humanity that was won through utter tragedy
      and catastrophe of the betryal by the German people of their
      cognitive mission, brought about the slender justice of the Geneva
      Convention. The nobleness of the U.S. would never support torture.
      That the U.S. would never preemptively strike a country for no
      reason. That even the hidden plans that allowed the U.S. to relax
      its defenses and cooperate with the intentions that made 9/11 the
      most dramatic signature of the new century hinges clearly on the
      facts that are emerging that the buildings were brought down, that
      the planes did not cause the towers to collapse but rather severed I
      beams and thermite and massive amounts of evidence reveal that The
      West enabled, allowed a hit on its territory for the mighty and
      dramatic effect it would have on the unconscious wills of the

      This is where the ZeitGeist meets the cold intentions in the hearts
      and minds of men. The reason, clearly, that the East and West are in
      a titanic struggle over the oil resources of the world. That is the
      only honest and intellectually evil argument that is happening under
      the surface of the current Administration in the White House. We
      must be disappointed in our fellow human beings but as members of
      the Michael School, we can look around and see how little the
      Michael School stands up...instead it lets Chavez and Noam Chomsky
      do our dirty work, because Anthros wilt when trying to understand,
      when everyone truly understands that there is a distinct pattern of
      behavior link between Ahriman's invasion of human instincts in Nazi
      Germany and the current Project for a New Ahrimanic Century.

      The opening volleys of the Sorathian intent depicted in the pattern
      of behavior from 666-1332 to 1998 verifies that the Grand Chess
      Board and the PNAC set the tone and placed in positions of power
      receptive human beings and called for an event that would hijack the
      21st century again from human ideals. And the way humanity operates
      is that by failing so deplorably and miserably and causing such vast
      human suffering, we stumble somehow to our senses for a year or two
      and come out of our daze for a short humanitarian adjustment. Then
      we quickly fall back to sleep again. This is the situation, in
      cognitive intelligence, you hand over to your children every day
      because we abdicate our intelligence to this mess.

      Thu Sep 28, 2006 at 07:39:05 AM PDT


      "I know how dangerous it is to argue by comparing present events to
      the Nazi nightmare. But I did a little research, and the comparison
      between the torture bill that Congress is about to pass and the
      Enabling Act of 1933 -- the law that gave Hitler his power -- seems
      inescapable to me.

      Hitler was elected Chancellor (a point conveniently forgotten by
      many) in January 1933 on a platform of anti-communist propaganda. In
      February, the Reichstag, the equivalent of our Capitol, was
      destroyed by arsonists, who may or may not have been affiliated with
      the Nazis. Appropriately cowed by these and other intimidations,
      the German parliament passed the Enabling Act that March.

      The Enabling Act, officially known as the "Law to Remedy the
      Distress of the People and Realm," was short and simple. Its
      operative provisions were as follows:

      Article 1

      In addition to the procedure prescribed by the constitution, laws of
      the Reich may also be enacted by the government of the Reich....

      Article 2

      Laws enacted by the government of the Reich may deviate from the
      constitution as long as they do not affect the institutions of the
      Reichstag and the Reichsrat. The rights of the President remain

      Article 3

      Laws enacted by the Reich government shall be issued by the
      Chancellor and announced in the Reich Gazette....

      That, seasoned with only a soupçon of legalistic detail, was it.
      What it meant was that the executive was empowered by the
      legislature to decide what the law was. He was empowered to ignore
      the constitution. Neither the courts nor the legislature would have
      means to check executive power.

      When the world saw the logical conclusion of that social experiment,
      it promised, "never again."

      Never again.

      That promise has usually been understood to refer to the Holocaust.
      To that extent, the tragedies of Darfur and Bosnia and Rwanda stand
      as silent refutation, differing in scale but not culpability. But
      there was another implicit promise of lessons learned: Never again
      would the people of a powerful Western democracy descend into the
      madness of unrestrained dictatorship.

      That second promise was largely implicit, because it seemed
      superfluous. After the obscenity of WWII, the idea that it could be
      broken by the United States or its allies was unthinkable. And that
      promise, at least, was largely kept.

      Until now.

      Forget, for the moment, that the proposed "compromise" torture
      legislation effectively abrogates the Geneva Conventions. Forget
      that it effectively licenses torture in the name of every American.
      Focus instead on the fact that it "vests in the administration the
      singularly most tyrannical power that exists - namely, the power
      unilaterally to decree someone guilty of a crime and to condemn the
      accused to eternal imprisonment without having even to charge him
      with a crime, let alone defend the validity of those accusations."
      Focus on this language from the proposed law:

      ...(N)o court, justice, or judge shall have jurisdiction to hear or
      consider any claim or cause of action whatsoever, ... including
      challenges to the lawfulness of procedures of military commissions
      under this chapter.

      No court, justice, or judge shall have jurisdiction to hear or
      consider an application for a writ of habeas corpus filed by or on
      behalf of an alien detained by the United States who has been
      determined by the United States to have been properly detained as an
      enemy combatant or is awaiting such determination.

      The language of the new Enabling Act is a bit more baroque than that
      used seventy years ago. And, to be sure, it is not as far-reaching
      as that of its predecessor. But make no mistake: Just as the 1933
      Enabling Act created the context for dictatorship, so does this one.
      The German legislature told the executive that it had the power to
      make law and ignore the constitution. If Congress passes this bill,
      the American legislature will second the motion.

      It is just one bill, you may object; it only applies to terrorists,
      you may say; we are not Nazi Germany, you may insist. And yet. The
      forthcoming FISA bill extends Enabling Act thinking to additional
      unreviewable executive powers. The slippery slope has been well-
      oiled. The Niemöller poem stands waiting."
    • organicethics@sympatico.ca
      Steve, you misunderstood me, I was referring to extraordinary events involving the Etheric Christ within the larger picture; decisive movements in world events
      Message 62 of 62 , Oct 1, 2006
        Steve, you misunderstood me, I was referring to extraordinary events involving the Etheric Christ within the larger picture; decisive movements in world events happening below the strata of ordinary consciousness. Of course the Etheric Christ is accessible to us all as individual souls and has relevance in our relations with others.

        It’s just that, as you know, a mighty spiritual being of profane nature has actually begun an earthly incarnation and has and will proceed to more intensely saturate our lives. Would you not also expect that, at some point, the extraordinary might emanating from the Etheric Christ, would come within our range of view, as well? Carol

        > From: "Steve Hale" <sardisian01@...>
        > Date: 2006/09/30 Sat PM 11:09:35 EST
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        > Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: Miracles/for the dull and stupid American
        > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
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        > > Also, the Etheric Christ acted when several `spiritually corrupt'
        > > souls were summoned on the European continent, this year, and he
        > > said, come unto me. And he said to (spiritual occult) onlookers,
        > > Let the one without sin cast the first stone.
        > >
        > > My advise to Mark William, if you are not summoned by an initiate,
        > > then continue to work creatively out of the strength and goodness
        > > that fills your soul, and do take some time to deepen your
        > > experience of the cosmic Christ. That is the nobility that is
        > > greatly needed to influence our Humanity's future the way we want it
        > > to be. Carol.
        > Actually, it would be better to say that the Etheric Christ is here for
        > us all, just as the Physical Christ incarnated two thousand years ago
        > to bring "the fish" out of water in order that we all now experience
        > our individual ego consciousness in this life. The universality of
        > Christianity is enormously evident, don't you think?
        > Steve

        Steve, you misunderstood me; I was refering to
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