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Toward the Intelligence of the Miraculous

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  • Steve Hale
    It would seem apparent that any system, or method, seeking to perform such a task as the revealing of a transcendental truth, or any causal fact for that
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      It would seem apparent that any system, or method, seeking to
      perform such a task as the revealing of a transcendental truth, or
      any causal fact for that matter, would must needs be required to
      proceed from the vantage point of all that has come into existence,
      or been formulated, to achieve evolutionary goals since man's dense
      three-fold embodiment two thousand years ago, at the mid-point of
      earth evolution. The faculty of thinking has arisen in direct
      response to this attainment, which has necessitated that man's
      etheric body contract ever more closely in relation to his aged
      physical body, right up to the last quarter of the nineteenth

      In point of fact, the Event of 1879 signals a certain achievement in
      diversified thinking, and is coincident with the maximal contraction
      of the etheric body. Taken together, thinking as the outer
      expression of the intellectual side of the soul standing now three-
      fourths complete, accompanied by a human etheric body that has
      actually impressed itself to a slight degree into the physical body,
      the condition of critical mass in mankind is produced. All of
      mankind's achievements in the twentieth century give clear
      demonstration of this physical-etheric alignment with its consequent
      thinking power and emphases since 1879. But here a paradox appears.

      In the aftermath of the Event of 1879, at the point where the
      etheric body actually impresses itself into the physical body for
      the last time and the third form of reasoning is bestowed, a turning
      point is produced having consequences for man's development up to
      the present time. This turning point had two potential directions:
      1) to proceed unhindered in accordance with the Event of 1879 and
      its intentions; and, 2) to proceed in a fashion that would
      capitalize on the subjugated etheric-physical ratio according to the
      Soradtic Beings that have descended to earth since that time.
      Obviously, since the second direction is predictably the one that
      has been actualized with self-evident results in our time, let's
      theorize on the following questions: What if the Event of 1879 had
      proceeded without interference, and its direction actualized? What
      might have transpired?

      To answer these questions it is essential to conceive of a mighty
      spiritual influence standing behind, and seeking to protect, this
      attainment of thinking power in relation to the sacrifice of the
      etheric body to the physical body; a mighty spiritual presence Who
      knows the sacrifice of the Physical Jesus in receiving the Christ
      Spirit into his nature two thousand years ago at the mid-point of
      earth evolution.

      The Solar Angel, or Archangel Michael, is the Being Who knows this,
      for Michael has demonstrated his position as the pre-eminent
      Archangel in his perennial battles with the dragon, or Ahriman, over
      the course of these past two thousand years. It can be shown that
      each of these battles, victoriously won, caused a corresponding
      condensification to occur in Michael's glorified etheric body; an
      actual densifying of Michael's etheric body exacted with each
      victory. Michael's last battle with the dragon occurred between the
      years 1841 and 1879, and herein is to be realized the most important
      fact regarding the Event of 1879; for with this last battle
      successfully engaged by Michael with Ahriman comes two important
      resolutions: 1) Ahriman migrates his spiritual influence into the
      mind sphere, or astral body, thus enabling the third form of
      reasoning - reductive reasoning, to be received as a bestowal of
      evolutionary force for the intellectual soul of man; and, 2) Michael
      must decide His future course of activity in relation to the human
      etheric body and its survival in the interim prior to Christ's
      reappearance in the etheric. Consequently, Michael chooses to
      impress a facsimile of His etheric image on the etheric body itself
      in order to establish a protective shield designed to galvanize the
      maximally contracted etheric body against the possibility of further
      onslaughts against it by the counter-evolutionary beings descending
      to earth between 1879 and 1918 as a consequence of Michael's last

      The Event of 1879, all things being equal, would have progressed
      somewhat as follows in disseminating its influences in anticipation
      of the New Christ Event of the twentieth century. First, as a direct
      result of Michael impressing His image on man's etheric body in
      combination with the three developed forms of reasoning, a triple-
      edged sword of battle would be bestowed on man, with each edge
      representing reasoning power - deductive, inductive, reductive, in
      order to form a trinity force for the further evolution of knowledge
      by way of a critical entry into the etheric world itself - the
      fourth dimension. Thus would begin an excursion into the nature of
      the miraculous, which comprises this world, and out of which
      adductive reasoning as the final form that completes the full
      development of intellectual soul would arise. Man would begin the
      process of self-remembering through coming into contact with the
      Spirits of Form, or Shapemakers, that reside in the etheric world –
      a realm of formal causation wherein the created archetypes coming
      down from the Planetary Hierarchies would receive their
      corresponding shapes for an appearance in materiality. Man would
      soon realize that these shapemaking spirits conduct themselves
      through a system of cohesion wherein the root state of matter seen
      as chaos and motion is resolved into a perceivable world of
      harmonious order wherein each object takes on an identifiable

      From here man would approach an important discovery, for he would
      progressively begin to realize that Christ truly resides in the
      etheric world surrounding the earth and was about to descend again
      to serve our further evolutionary development. An anticipation,
      similar to the Event of Palestine, would serve to evoke a messianic
      revival of profound significance. Mankind would take up, ever more,
      the causes that truly serve a spiritualizing world view. With the
      approach of the Etheric Christ coming closer and closer to His
      actual incarnation man would begin to penetrate into the deeper
      mysteries and secrets of the universe, its grand purpose, and his
      own role in carrying out its destiny for God.

      In point of fact, all of the accomplishments seen these past 73
      years are the direct result of Christ's presence in the human
      etheric body in the form of a cellular force for regeneration. The
      existence of entropy in the human neural system, acting as a
      stumbling block to further advancements in knowledge, is effectively
      mitigated with Christ's reappearance, causing a freeing up of
      potential force held in check by the prevailing and persistent
      resistance that exists in neural activity. This force, commonly
      called the electromotive force, receives an impetus for its greater
      conduct through the presence of the Christ as the creative agent in
      the electro-cellular process known as light phosphorylation. Through
      this process, functioning in human metabolism, an enhancement of
      Christ's orignial presence in the earth as the activity of
      photosynthesis becomes sufficient to enable the electromotive force
      to rise up over the resistance that plays on nerve cells. Thus, in a
      certain sense, Christ affirms man as a threefold thinker in a three
      dimensional world with this "Christophoric" activity – a true
      redemption of sorts. For Michael's triple-edged sword is restored
      into service through Christ Who reconfirms His original purpose for
      entering earth evolution two thousand years ago – to give the keys
      to the kingdom.

      Christ also installs a dynamotive force in the physical body with
      His reappearance. The purpose for this force is to enable the shield
      of protection, bestowed when Michael impresses His image on the
      etheric body, to facilitate the re-expansion of the bounded etheric
      body. This force takes its root in the form of a fine-ignitable
      carbon to be found in the mineral `atma' of the physical body, and
      when initiated, causes an intimate process of combustion by fire to
      ensue. To truly comprehend Einsteinian Relativity is to see these
      two forces and their activities as cellular potentials associated
      with squaring the speed of light now subjugated by the critical
      state of the ether. The nature of the critical state of the etheric
      body, and the etheric world itself, is a direct consequence of the
      fact that the Event of 1879 has been actively opposed and
      obstructed, in its intended outcome, in favor of promoting a
      mechanistic-materialistic world view into and through the twentieth

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