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Re: Miracles

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  • holderlin66
    Mark Willan wrote: Hi Interesting though this debate is, it lacks a practical side for me. It is all very well to outline how the Christ grew His miracles
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      Mark Willan wrote:
      Interesting though this debate is, it lacks a practical side for me.

      It is all very well to outline how the Christ grew His miracles
      trhough the incarnation - but of no actual use to us who NEED them now.

      Another interesting viewpoint is to contemplate figures such as Maitre
      Philippe of Lyons..."

      Bradford responds;

      Thanks Mark, I assume you are French Speaking, so thank-you very much
      for responding. Concerning the theory and practice of understanding
      the technical terminology of the science of the Resurrection, terms
      used by Maitre Philippe, Omraam Mikhael, Steiner and any human being
      who, unlike Joan of Arc, didn't have to have a complex intelligence,
      but rather brought with her, from a previous incarnation with St.
      Paul, the ability to tune into the Archangel Michael, at the time when
      the Archangel Michael had preserved the French language. Terms such as
      astral body, mental body, etheric body, sentient soul, intellectual
      soul, are clearly used to understand and build the Science of the Soul
      and Spirit we need to grow ourselves with.

      Now the Archangel Michael, through His sacrifice, giving humans the
      access to Cosmic Intelligence, is the Archai or ZeitGeist, known as
      the Time Spirit for the next some 270 more years. We have to get used
      to hearing facts instead of avoiding their implication. Michael, an
      Archai in status, and a vast Spirit of Personality currently, that
      Joan of Arc didn't have to have knowledge of, but heard and responded
      to directly, is active NOW. Was it a miracle or a previously earned
      spiritual credit for having stood by the gods, when St. Paul and
      Dionysos Areopagus put together the mighty scaffolding and systems
      structure of the Hierarchies, which is used today for Steiner's
      Foundation Stone meditation? In other words, Joan of Arc carried
      something specific in her peasant etheric and astral configuration
      that she had brought with her.

      "Areopagus Hill is also the place where Apostole Paul came to proclaim
      the Christianity with his famous "sermon on an Unknown God"in 51 A.D.
      Among his converts, he won Dionysos who became the Patron Saint of the

      "Another conclusion: Reaffirming my ideas on the doctrine of
      Reincarnation professed by Master PHILIPPE. PAPUS wrote a book on this
      subject, which has even been translated into English. Edgar CAYCE, a
      very religious person (who read the Bible once each year) was very
      sceptical about this theory, but had to accept it when in the last
      years of his life several answers from the Akashic records revealed to
      him that the origin of some of our illnesses was to be found in prior

      Bradford concludes;

      You worry over practical applications involved with how WE grow our
      inner beings? How we learn to see other human beings in the process
      and stages of growing their inner beings? Understanding that there IS
      a map and categories of development that are clearly understood, is an
      opportunity. It is tiring for those souls in our modern age to wish to
      darken their intelligence and prefer to simply be ignorant, instead of
      awakening the type of KNOWING DOER that allowed Zarathustra/Jesus and
      Steiner to investigate Zarathustra, who brought CONSCIOUSLY the events
      of Golgothat and the gift of Spirit Man to humanity.

      It is an opportunity everyone has to approach the intelligent
      unfolding of their inner development with accurate cognition. The
      heart may remain pure no matter what, but clinging to Peasant virtue
      as an aspect of heart is to be both Shepherd and King. Both aspects
      are required, offered and demanded. To fall back on the assumption
      that Jesus was not the most complex and deepened of Initiates, and was
      rather just a simple peasant who got lucky with god, is stupidity.

      Reincarnation is already a complex star reality, a destiny and star
      reality that Zarathustra/Jesus was very well versed in because it is
      in fact Zarathustra/Jesus who was planning the time and place, the
      ethnic foundations and forces that He would need to reel in the Christ
      Being and bring to humanity the deed of Spirit Man. Zarathustra spent
      man incarnations in Chaldean star wisdom, until the projection of the
      stars and the karma of humanity were clear to him and he understood
      the dynamics of Angelic theory.

      The Youth of Nain was a complex riddle that was left in a human soul
      from the Egyptian Mysteries and appeared in a brief moment,
      termed "Son of the Widow" before Christ/Jesus. But due to the
      intensified Spirit-Self with higher star wisdom, and the ego or I AM
      tracking that the Christ Being, author of I AM's... I AM's that from
      the Old Moon evolution of the Angels to Earth evolution, where
      humanity arose to an upright ability, had a physical, etheric,
      advanced star coded nervous system and astral body, and could finally
      bare an I AM... Christ easily tracked, in a brief second, that "The
      Youth of Nain" had had an initiation blockage that Christ could
      resolve. The riddle of "The Son of the Widow" followed Manes into his
      incarnation and became the term that depicted the Initiation progress
      of soul known as Parsifal.


      "Therefore my decision to place here, in the spiritual part, only
      everything that happened around Master PHILIPPE of Lyons and his
      companions, PAPUS, Marc HAVEN, SÉDIR, PHANEG, etc. Could it be that
      PAPUS was specially 'chosen' to create the Martinist Order? And to
      what end? What was the real reason behind the founding of the
      Martinist Order?

      Let's recall a very important text of PAPUS ("The Incarnation of the
      Elect") that has already been published in issue No. 6 of this
      Bulletin, but which we shall republish on the following pages. Here is
      the passage which is most important here:

      " And I was not allowed to write the mystery of this incarnation when
      eleven elect passed by the sun to accompany him who came deliberately
      back on Earth, and the eleven arrived at the sun five years after half
      the century."

      ELEVEN elect arrived at the sun, and incarnated themselves in 1855!
      Who were they? Eleven out of the twelve Apostles? "

      Bradford comments;

      With Steiner and Gemany we knew from Spiritual Science that Plato was
      there but could not bring forth initiate clarity. We knew from
      Spiritual Science that Merlin aka. Richard Wagner had sealed within
      his higher astral body, the Arthurian and Grail karma he carried from
      his incarnation as Merlin, and unlocked these forces through Richard
      Wagner's relation to music. Music helped thaw and unlock the
      contribution to the Consciousness Soul that Wagner was bringing. But
      the earthly intellect of Wagner was dragged into extreme ethnic
      problems. The School of Athens and some of the individuals from that
      era including Goethe were there... But Steiner made TWELVE chairs,
      TWELVE seats on the lecture stage of the 1st Goetheanum and these
      CHAIRS, as in department heads, were cosmic standpoints, bodhisattvas
      and great initiates, who could join Steiner in their 'Body of Glory'
      as Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov brought in the previous post.

      Initiates and the technical problems and developments in human etheric
      bodies, human astral bodies and the complex karma of I AM's themselves
      requires that the student learn what it means that Higher Beings were
      invited guests at Steiner's lectures and inspired his talks. That the
      current POP culture of Star Wars- that uses twelve chairs as their
      Jedi council and that Christ reappeared after Golgotha in a human
      form, approximately TWELVE different times. Wagner's Operas were
      twelve in number, and Christ pin-pointed or locked into Name and
      painters painted TWELVE apostles...even though Paul is the exception.
      When the Christ Sun Being entered the matrix of the TWELVE Cranial
      forces adapted by Zarathustra... Christ needed a stream of Twelve
      different personality and anchor points to move with Him, as an
      extended force of nature and Star reality living in the environment.
      As an extended force of the I AM, the Cosmic I AM on Earth. These are
      Consciousness Soul insights we need to have in our mind's eye.

      Bio-dynamic sciences, as star wisdom and star practice is intensely
      practical, so also are Waldorf insights when the daily behavior of the
      classroom shifts as the starry influences, moon and sun influences
      shift and trigger various different behaviors. Understanding the
      impact of history, such as when the Iraq was was pressed into reality,
      Mars was extremely close to the earth and the powers that knew this
      used this point to enflame war. Think Tanks in the U.S. won't tell you
      but they understand the use of Star points and star dynamics to sway
      the world opinion against the goals of what is rightfully moral and
      human. Star field enhancements and stem cell research also reveal
      intrusions into what humanity must gain as comprehension of activities
      that are certainly happening all around us.

      So I will not accept your excuse that the study of the higher
      factoring of the details of the many miracles achieved and accelerated
      due to the Christ intensification of Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and
      Spirit-Man...and the building of what Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov calls
      the "Body of Glory"...these are not accidental events. It is far more
      practical to understand clearly what are astral effects, etheric
      effects and understand clearly that when you look at a butterfly you
      are looking directly at the miracle of the Accomplished Plant. The
      Accomplished physical/etheric plant specie appears directly as a
      butterfly. Such a change has been wrought, such a mighty stage leaped
      and it is from these practical observations where the etheric was
      conquered by the plant...that take us deeply into the mystery of the I
      AM and the I AM of Christ that clearly could bring forth Spirit-Man
      and the "Body of Glory".

      Nor do I accept Stephen Hale's ungrounded and unrealistic and silly
      statement that "...the very last miracle to take place on earth was
      the one that occurred at Fatima, Portugal from May 13th to October 13,
      1917. " Stephen Hale is prone to overstatment.

      In point of fact there are thousands of miracles daily that go
      unreported. They are all minor specific destiny solutions, solutions
      from the etheric and memory scroll of the soul, that suddenly are seen
      clearly, lit by Angelic reasoning of the heart, accidents that failed
      to happen, because of a small delay in the timing of events, and for
      all we know vast destructive forces have so far been prevented because
      of the miracle that Ahrimanic beings can not use humanity, if humanity
      is incinerated, they rather thrive on fear... Courage and acts of
      human decency and depth span parents, teachers, Angels, humans and
      animals inspired by Angelic intervention into instincts, have
      prevented and guided events that are never ever recorded and if they
      are, perhaps years later. Fresh events are everywhere, always because
      we live surrounded by spiritual layers of Being.

      It is most important to understand the mechanics and technical
      realities that integrate physical/etheric/astral and I AM forces and
      know them in detail and in earnest. When you begin to, you begin to
      have before you exact and practical observations which appear to be
      uncanny and precise. But avoiding such clarity is merely stubborn
    • organicethics@sympatico.ca
      Steve, you misunderstood me, I was referring to extraordinary events involving the Etheric Christ within the larger picture; decisive movements in world events
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        Steve, you misunderstood me, I was referring to extraordinary events involving the Etheric Christ within the larger picture; decisive movements in world events happening below the strata of ordinary consciousness. Of course the Etheric Christ is accessible to us all as individual souls and has relevance in our relations with others.

        It’s just that, as you know, a mighty spiritual being of profane nature has actually begun an earthly incarnation and has and will proceed to more intensely saturate our lives. Would you not also expect that, at some point, the extraordinary might emanating from the Etheric Christ, would come within our range of view, as well? Carol

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        > > Also, the Etheric Christ acted when several `spiritually corrupt'
        > > souls were summoned on the European continent, this year, and he
        > > said, come unto me. And he said to (spiritual occult) onlookers,
        > > Let the one without sin cast the first stone.
        > >
        > > My advise to Mark William, if you are not summoned by an initiate,
        > > then continue to work creatively out of the strength and goodness
        > > that fills your soul, and do take some time to deepen your
        > > experience of the cosmic Christ. That is the nobility that is
        > > greatly needed to influence our Humanity's future the way we want it
        > > to be. Carol.
        > Actually, it would be better to say that the Etheric Christ is here for
        > us all, just as the Physical Christ incarnated two thousand years ago
        > to bring "the fish" out of water in order that we all now experience
        > our individual ego consciousness in this life. The universality of
        > Christianity is enormously evident, don't you think?
        > Steve

        Steve, you misunderstood me; I was refering to
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