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Re: Understanding Decapitation was: Requiem in memoriam/Yucatan

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  • Neil
    Were these pictures taken in Panenque? Chichen Itza? Where did you go? Either place, I envy you, as I love the Yucutan and all of southern Mexico. Neil ...
    Message 1 of 38 , Sep 5, 2006
      Were these pictures taken in Panenque? Chichen Itza? Where did you
      go? Either place, I envy you, as I love the Yucutan and all of
      southern Mexico.

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      > wrote:
      > > Anyways I would love to hear much more of the local, elaborated
      > > that you gleaned from the hackles raised on the back of your
      neck. My
      > > novel, which, as soon as I get my laptop back from repairs I
      will add
      > > a few of my own descriptions to the Yucatan penn. in relation to
      > > subject, but from your POV, accounts of the wells, cliffs and
      > > lore, from onsite or onsight and some added details from the
      nape of
      > > your neck would greatly enhance my embellishments with my
      > > research.
      > Dear Bradford,
      > Okay, after several attempts I was finally able to load some
      pictures. I have
      > about 200 more if there's any area that you have a particular
      interest in. A lot
      > of pictures of stone carvings and reliefs... The pictures that I
      did load were
      > mostly taken by my husband and that's why they have people in
      them. A few
      > are mine-you'll know because there won't be a soul in them.
      Anyway, I
      > included a picture from the rest stop right outside the park so
      you can see the
      > vegetation. The entry to the park is very modern and there's a big
      plaza up
      > the steps with vendors selling hats and bright ly colored paper
      parasols. Just
      > inside the entry is a huge open grass area with the main Pyramid
      off to the
      > right.
      > I was struck by the expansiveness of the grounds-with over 200
      structures the
      > park is enormous. Just this year, I think, they began prohibiting
      the climbing of
      > the main pyramid due to the increasing traffic especially at the
      time of the Fall
      > and Spring Equinox. Then, the grounds around the pyramid are
      packed solid
      > with tourists waiting to see "the snake climb the steps" and more
      and more
      > people were wanting to climb and/or touch the pyramid in order
      to "recieve
      > some of its energy." I was also struck by the resiliancy of the
      grass-it's one
      > tough turf that can hold up to this kind of traffic-something like
      a cross
      > between zozia and crabgrass. Out on the main lawn we got a pretty
      > lecture on the construction of the pyramids-one on top of another-
      and the
      > Mayan calendar.
      > Then we turned our backs on the pyramid and walked over to
      the "Ballfield".
      > There's a large temple dedicated to the Jaguar near the entrance
      and a long,
      > low wall covered in stone carvings leading into the ballfield.
      Inside we studied
      > the reliefs along the walls that tell the story of this game. The
      game was
      > played with a ball that was the same size as the ring at the top
      of each wall
      > and it could take months to score. The judges sat at each end and
      due to the
      > acoustics could hear each other speak. On the wall in the interior
      > stand there is one stone carving that stands out as it is by far
      in the best shape
      > and much larger than the other stones. It is thought to depict a
      tall, white man
      > in a flowing robe and the local lore is that this was Christ and
      that Christ
      > visited the Mayans.
      > At the end of the game, the winner, the champian, the best
      althlete, warrior,
      > contender, whathaveyou was sacrificed. The loser (captain of the
      losing team)
      > had to decapitate the captain of the winning team. It is amazing
      how clear
      > these reliefs are-one lines the walls of the stadium repeating
      over and over
      > the players, in their what look like helmets, the winning captain
      kneeling down
      > and being decapitated. Where his head was-blood shoots out of his
      neck like
      > rays of the sun. On the walls exiting the ballfield are the
      repeating motifs of the
      > sacrifice of the heart and what looks like a giant eagle. Again a
      lot of spurting
      > blood. I was still doing pretty well at this point-I have a lot of
      good pictures to
      > prove it-mainly, I think, because I was already familiar with
      these stories and it
      > all reminded me of the sacrifice of Christ.
      > But next we visited the graveyard with it's walls of stones carved
      in the shape
      > of all those winning men and the magnitude, the number of them
      kind of got to
      > me. Then our guide launced into a lecture on the practice of skull
      > which is still going on today in Peru. And he was just going on
      and on-
      > complete with pictures of this headwear that moms have their
      babies wear to
      > push the skull back while the plates are still soft. And nobody
      was really
      > getting it-I guess-'cause he just kept going on and on and on and
      finally I
      > yelled out from (sitting already) under a tree-"Like the
      Egyptians?" And yeah,
      > he said kind of brightening up, like a cone head!
      > Next we took the long walk down to the well. The path, one
      assumes, hasn't
      > changed a bit in two thousand years-it's all limestone-really
      grey, really dusty
      > and really rocky. One couple chose to pick their toddler up in his
      stroller rather
      > than attempt to push it. But if you could take the rocks out and
      level it you'd
      > have a path very much like the paths in Dachau I thought. I was
      very much
      > reminded of those paths in Germany on this little walk but the
      > reminded me of Jerusalum so I had this whole Mount of Olives meets
      > thing going on.
      > So we get down to the well-I think it was about a fifteen minute
      walk and the
      > story there was one of the sacrifice of small babies and virgins.
      The virgins-
      > they would purify in the sweat house at the top of the well,
      sedate, and dress
      > and adorn in jewelry before throwing them in. The babies, I guess
      they just
      > tossed in-dunno-missed that part entirely. When it was explored
      by National
      > Geographic there were about 75 bodies discovered-some without
      heads. So
      > now they think that this may be where the bodies of the
      decapitated went as
      > well. But they also found that the well is connected to an
      underground river so
      > it is thought that there are many more bodies that have long since
      > away underground. So, yeah I got a liitle whoozy-had to go sit
      down in the
      > little conveniently located cabana bar right next to the well. If
      you really want
      > to know what it was that got to me-it was the color of the water
      and the
      > description of the thick layering of jewelry on the girls so that
      they couldn't
      > swim or struggle.
      > Let me know if there's something you want to know more about
      > I've got a couple more pictures of the well, that my daughter took
      as I was
      > incapacitated, and like I said a lot of close-ups of stone (with
      the occasional
      > lizard).
      > > There is a film, a bad film, now running called "Premonition"...
      > > just hate it when they steal my ideas...but of course as the
      > > goes, many of the survivors of the S.S. Minnow actually have
      > > Work with ideas and can see into the neighboring world of
      thought and
      > > thought connections, insights and aren't so apt to think Steiner
      > > some conservative, trite, gamester who must pass the Albert
      > > taste test.
      > You might like the movie "November" with Courtney Cox.-Val
    • holderlin66
      Who were the college of Teachers for the Michael School? Who were invited into those twelve chairs that stood on the stage and shared the podium with the
      Message 38 of 38 , Sep 12, 2006
        Who were the college of Teachers for the Michael School? Who were
        invited into those twelve chairs that stood on the stage and shared
        the podium with the lectures of Dr. Steiner at the 1st Goetheanum?

        Bradford brought from 'Miracles'

        "...But Steiner made TWELVE chairs,
        TWELVE seats on the lecture stage of the 1st Goetheanum and these
        CHAIRS, as in department heads, were cosmic standpoints,
        bodhisattvas and great initiates, who could join Steiner in
        their 'Body of Glory'..." as Rudolf Steiner planted the
        Consciousness Soul into the Heart of humanity and planted Cosmic
        Intelligence into the Stream of human history and Planted the
        Science of the Resurrection as demanded by St. Paul."

        Rudolf Steiner brought:

        "These seven individualities were joined by four others; unlike the
        first seven, these other four were not able to look back to times of
        the primeval past; they looked back to what mankind had acquired
        from occult truths during the four epochs of post-Atlantean culture.
        The first of the four looked back to the period of ancient India,
        the second to that of ancient Persia, the third to that of Egyptian-
        Chaldean-Babylonian-Assyrian culture, and the fourth to that of the
        Graeco-Latin age. These four joined the seven in that "College" of
        wise men in the thirteenth century; the twelfth had fewer
        remembrances; he was more intrinsically intellectual than the rest
        and it was his task to cultivate and foster the external sciences.

        "These twelve individualities did not live only in the sphere of
        occultism as cultivated in the West, but could also
        be "incorporated" as it were in men who possessed some genuine
        knowledge of occultism. Goethe's poem Die Geheimnisse [footnote: The
        Mysteries by Rudolf Steiner] gives a certain indication of this. -

        "Thus there were twelve outstanding individualities and to them came
        a Thirteenth who, after the period of darkness had come to an end
        was to be chosen out for the kind of Initiation demanded by the
        culture of the West. The circumstances are very mysterious and I can
        only give you the following information in the form of a narrative.
        To me it is objective truth, but you yourselves can put it to the
        test by gathering together what has been said by anthroposophical
        Spiritual Science during the last few years, added to what you know
        of history since the thirteenth century.

        "It was known to the College of the twelve wise men that a child was
        to be born who had lived in Palestine at the time of Christ and had
        been present when the Mystery of Golgotha had taken place. This
        Individuality possessed great powers of heart and a quality of deep,
        inward love which circumstances had since helped to unfold in him."

        Bradford concludes;

        Steiner refers to these twelve streams that create the Initiation
        model that all of humanity can now safely have as a guide, as part
        of the Michael School, Steiner calls these Twelve streams, his
        College of Teachers. His college of wise men. These were the faculty
        and on staff tenured teachers of the Michael School. This is the
        model, when Waldorf faculties are supposed to understand that they
        carry the precious first impressions of each child and hold
        intercourse with the Angel that hovers over the child and the I AM's
        that are in the family of the child. The Waldorf Faculty should, but
        mostly have lost all knowledge of, the idea that the college of
        Teachers that they model themselves from are those that created the
        Initiation path for the THIRTEENTH in Steiner's recollection of the
        13th century event. The entire Michael School as a public and open
        reality is based on the solid foundations of the great logical
        streams of humanity that go back beyond Atlantis and have collected
        the wisdom of Persia, Egypt-Chaldea, Greece and modern science.

        This is the College of Teachers who supported Steiner as he brought
        down the vast insights, cohesion and thinking forces needed to
        create the basis for Michael Intelligence to stream into the hearts
        and minds of humanity. This is the model that allows the common
        stream of all of humanity to gather themselves around the fountain
        head of the Christ Impulse, who gave to humanity the outline and
        direction and actual forces needed to awaken the Spirit Man on Earth
        and bring to humanity their own unfolding of New Nature, new
        ecology, arising out of the bountiful foundations of the fountain of
        life, the Life-Spirit that is latent in the I AM of very living
        human being.
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