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  • holderlin66
    A scientist gave the following definition of a miracle on an April 14, 1995 PBS program. He said, A miracle is nothing more than a natural law not
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      A scientist gave the following definition of a miracle on an April 14,
      1995 PBS program. He said, "A miracle is nothing more than a natural
      law not discovered."

      Bradford comments;

      Our aim in Anthroposophy and Spirit Science research is to activate
      the cognitive forces in our human understanding so that when we look
      upon the progressive enhancement, acceleration and compression of how
      Zarathustra/Jesus aided in organizing the forces that Christ co/opted,
      we learn to see the progressive acceleration of the unfolding higher
      faculties in MAN as a Science. Miracles are pure and simply the
      Science of Spiritual Science and the Science of the Resurrection that
      Paul required to ignite new cognition. For Spiritual Science and
      Steiner's deed itself was to ignite new cognitive insights that reveal
      that the core point in Earth evolution, was the Accomplishment of
      Spirit Man. Zarathustra/Jesus wasn't acting as a teacher of Science,
      rather he was performing a deed, Zarathustra/Jesus was immersed in the
      FACT of the Christ and the FACT of the merging with the Higher
      Accomplished Elohim, Christ. The preparation, sincerity, intelligence
      and depth had already had to have been there, for the Event of
      Golgotha and the Event of the Christ Event pretty much super-charged
      the mighty preparation and made Jesus/Christ into a Fact of Earth
      Evolution, not a theory. The experiment was performed before the eyes
      and ears of humanity, but the problem of seeing into the inner
      workings of the core of the technical science of etheric, astral and I
      AM operations has been left out of the equation. Big problemo!

      Paul and Steiner are unique in requesting for a cognitive change of
      thinking. To understand the Science of the Resurrection it is required
      to know what the current system IS that we refer to as Human Beings.
      This system cannot be anything if it is not a Science that has not yet
      been outlined. Steiner has outlined the science that for
      Zarathustra/Jesus was the experiment as FACT.

      The results of the Fact was the Accomplishment of Spirit Man on Earth.
      Everything that Spiritual Science adds to the FACT shifts the idea
      from miracle to the Science of the Resurrection. Without this Science,
      and without a cognitive shift in the foundations of our human
      understanding of the basis of what a Human Being is, swirling accounts
      of God and miracles that grope about without the scaffolding of the
      human being, cannot serve the ripening and maturity that is required
      to pull back the curtain and open the world to the age of the
      Consciousness Soul.

      The unfolding logical progression of the so called Miracles, follow
      out from the initial reordering of the mental state that Christ
      undergoes in the desert. Slowly a whole set of miracles arise.
      Zarathustra/Jesus had already accomplished in his Chaldean
      incarnations deep Bodhisattva excursions into the Star Wisdom of the
      Angels that prepared his projected incarnation for the Experiment that
      would change the course of human history. Already, if you can't follow
      these indications, you already have a problem with the Consciousness
      Soul and the roots of what you have made of yourself and your thinking.

      Sorting out the first "Temptations" into the goals of Lucifer, the
      goals of Ahriman, the goals of Luciferic and Ahrimanic intelligence on
      the future of humanity, was one of the first organizational cognitive
      systems adjustments made by Christ. Manna or living by the WORD, and
      overcoming Ahrimanic intentions, that Man does not live by bread
      alone, if matter was the only answer, rather, Manna and Spiritual
      insight, cognitive understanding of how the I AM resolves the riddles
      of Man so that they become operative forces and Science tools for
      Psychology, biology, Sociology, geology and ecology as well as Medical
      Science and pedagogy, are the Manna and the FACT that would be the
      model of what the entire Biblical Legacy points to. If you have a
      struggle with this thinking, GOOD!

      Our cognitive problems have to do with an already highly developed
      Consciousness Soul thinking development and Spirit Self development in
      Zarathustra/Jesus. We can go and look at current psycological terms or
      others can provide them if you need a crutch to lean on, but basically
      Spiritual Science already provides the higher cognitive layers of soul
      and it is from the progression of these higher cognitive regions of
      the Spirit and Soul that the internal acceleration, compression and
      ultimate enhancements arose that brought forth the deed of the
      Resurrection. The ultimate Resurrections came in the form of
      progressive enhancements of the soul and spirit system, which we refer
      to as Miracles. It is actually the Science of what a human being is.

      A Spirit Self-Hood that gathers a constellation of twelve cranial and
      system forces including the Biblical fixed disciples, that pulls
      together the ecological resources of warmth from the Olive groves and
      gathers to itself the foci of all the wisdom of the stars into a
      walking and living Constellation of Living WORD....leads to the
      penetration and depth elaboration of how the Etheric or Life Spirit
      began to heal, was triggered into life, elaborated and solved karmic
      riddles, penetrated the etheric sheath of the Earth, resolved and
      awoke new elemental connections and step by step moved towards the
      recovery of an entire human being from Death, is a progressive Science

      Spirit-Self and Life-Spirit act and vitalize themselves through all
      these stages and so called miracles and finally the stage of Spirit
      Man, resolved from the sheaths of a human being, awakens and calls
      forth Spirit Man and brings forth, that which the cosmos does produce,
      the formation and creation of I AM's and Resurrected Form Forces that
      the model of our human system is based on. Our human system is based
      on the model of our higher ancestors and early phases of these systems
      exist before us as mineral, plant and animal beings. The same model of
      Life and life forms and lymphatic and etheric and nervous system and
      astral forces exist in progession from plant to animal as they exist
      in progression from plant, animal, to human and what we designate as
      so called god...Angels, Archangels and Archai and the mighty Elohim of

      Star wisdom had to reverberate to the Accomplished LOGOS that dwelt
      within Zarathustra/Jesus. Earth and the entire mystery and
      accomplishment of karmic knots, the command of elmental forces of
      nature, and interior karmic and Life-processes, required already that
      Zarathustra/Jesus was a Doctor, a molecular scientist, a graduate
      student of Astrosophy, had active insight into reincarnation and the
      immediate core of each person he encountered, and could act as a Sun
      Bearing Star force through the cognitive Word, deed, healings and
      progressive force of concentration and compression needed to manifest
      a full Spirit-Self a full Life-Spirit and produce for Earth evolution,
      Spirit-Man proper. This is the spiritual science progression that is
      latent in every man, woman and child.

      The tale of progressive miracles and the working riddles of what is
      left of the conversations and dialogue of the Christ on Earth reveal a
      clear cut progressive stage by stage enhancement which reveals for the
      education of humanity that these were not miracles, pulled out of a
      hat, like some magicians trick. These were stage by stage unfolding
      forces. They were not sudden little things that God just happened to
      show up, it was that the prepared human spirit was in conjunction with
      the awakening of higher resources and higher forces that are the
      foundation of the Science of the Resurrection and the Science basis
      for the stage of the Consciosness Soul. These forces exist in stunted
      latency in every human being.

      We are no wheres near grasping how to think with the Consciousness
      Soul, but what we have to designate and determine the difference
      between what Spiritual Science can unfold and what the crippled and
      lamed forces of the intellect grope at, in any form of Biblical
      approach, Spiritual Science and Anthroposophy is a call from the
      Consciousness Soul to wake up and take hold of the higher mission of
      humanity and education and put away childish ideas that refuse to
      approach concrete insights, but rather prefer to wallow in the
      darkness of the soul soup called Faith.

      Faith today is an excuse to remain in denial of what a human being is.
      Faith today is a denial of the cognitive ability for human beings to
      grasp the higher forces of the human spirit and learn where they are
      in the progression of Beings and what our tasks are in the sphere of
      learning and adding wisdom to the legacy of our children's destinies.

      To make this comparison absolutely clear we can walk through the issue
      of Faith, language, intelligence and Miracles as placed before anyone
      and everyone still in the year 2006. It is primitive, simple-minded
      and loaded with the fog of the sentient soul. For the sentient soul is
      what the following research appeals to. Spiritual Science is not
      attempting at this second to appeal to the Sentient Soul, but we
      certainly know exactly the stage and regressive emotional substance
      that the sentient soul thrives on and we can certainly describe the
      sentient soul with utmost clarity.


      Our problem in 2006 is getting our human faculties up to speed and
      even attempting to approach the unfolding reality of the Consciousness
      Soul so that a true Science of the Resurrection and Paul's call for a
      cognitive change is answered fully out of Anthroposophy. With every
      soul who struggles with the language of Psychology, Anthroposophy,
      Theosophy and every soul who has not understood the sentient soul
      layer of faith, the intellectual soul layer of dead thought and the
      Consciousness Soul consolidation of the entire wisdom of the super-
      structure of the human being, you can only say to yourself that you
      stand like Christ did, in the sorting out process of the intellect, at
      the beginning of His Temptation in the desert.

      In other words we cannot proceed with Christ to the miracles and
      through the miracles without getting past the sorting out of how
      forces of Lucifer enflame the sentient soul region, how forces of
      Ahriman twist the intellectual reasoning and how Anti-Sun forces could
      invade and create Anti-Man ideals from the Consciousness Soul. All of
      these forces were sorted out by Christ in the desert but not even
      attempted by 98% of humanity. Therefore there is currently only one
      safe passage to the Consciousness Soul and that is through the Science
      of the Resurrection that Paul required.
    • organicethics@sympatico.ca
      Steve, you misunderstood me, I was referring to extraordinary events involving the Etheric Christ within the larger picture; decisive movements in world events
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        Steve, you misunderstood me, I was referring to extraordinary events involving the Etheric Christ within the larger picture; decisive movements in world events happening below the strata of ordinary consciousness. Of course the Etheric Christ is accessible to us all as individual souls and has relevance in our relations with others.

        ItÂ’s just that, as you know, a mighty spiritual being of profane nature has actually begun an earthly incarnation and has and will proceed to more intensely saturate our lives. Would you not also expect that, at some point, the extraordinary might emanating from the Etheric Christ, would come within our range of view, as well? Carol

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        > Date: 2006/09/30 Sat PM 11:09:35 EST
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        > Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: Miracles/for the dull and stupid American
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        > > Also, the Etheric Christ acted when several `spiritually corrupt'
        > > souls were summoned on the European continent, this year, and he
        > > said, come unto me. And he said to (spiritual occult) onlookers,
        > > Let the one without sin cast the first stone.
        > >
        > > My advise to Mark William, if you are not summoned by an initiate,
        > > then continue to work creatively out of the strength and goodness
        > > that fills your soul, and do take some time to deepen your
        > > experience of the cosmic Christ. That is the nobility that is
        > > greatly needed to influence our Humanity's future the way we want it
        > > to be. Carol.
        > Actually, it would be better to say that the Etheric Christ is here for
        > us all, just as the Physical Christ incarnated two thousand years ago
        > to bring "the fish" out of water in order that we all now experience
        > our individual ego consciousness in this life. The universality of
        > Christianity is enormously evident, don't you think?
        > Steve

        Steve, you misunderstood me; I was refering to
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