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Re: Understanding Recapitulation

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  • holderlin66
    holderlin wrote: Red solid -- motor to skeletal muscles Red dotted -- parasympathetic motor to cardiac and smooth muscle Yellow -- sensory (afferent)
    Message 1 of 7 , Sep 2, 2006
      holderlin wrote:

      "Red solid -- motor to skeletal muscles
      Red dotted -- parasympathetic motor to cardiac and smooth muscle
      Yellow -- sensory (afferent)"


      Bradford comments;

      In the above link, we offered for Spiritual Science students, what
      amounts to a Biblical reality that Steiner pointed to with striking
      clarity. "His Bones they did not Break"...Steiner constantly offers
      the reality that for the first time, this was not a Ghost that was
      walking but rather the Science of the Resurrection deed of the
      Spirit Man. This wasn't merely a ghost, but a Being who had higher
      Accomplished EGO BEARING and EGO reproduction ability, that had
      connected itself deeply to the 12 pathways of the cranial nerves,
      indicated in the above link, that connect deeply into the motor and
      skeletal movement required to contain the undamaged reality of the
      Spirit Man penetration down to the very bones.

      This changes our entire understanding of Halloween if we are wise.
      When All Soul's Day and Halloween and skeletons begin to dance on
      doorsteps when doorbells ring...the part of the year where we
      descend into the Skeletal mysteries is every part of the year where
      Spiritual Science students understand and research into the
      mysteries of Accomplished Spirit Man down to the very bones.

      For Spiritual Science students who wish to progress even further,
      than the Angel's Accomplishments on the Old Moon and the new nervous
      system, with individual star maps designed for our children, that
      fit into their newly crowned thinking patterns of THE TWELVE PAIRS
      OF CRANIAL NERVES..we have the lymphatic and etheric system in the
      human being. We can take the endocrine and lymphatic system of the
      plant or Old Sun Accomplishments that morphed into the Old Moon
      accomplishments of our development as Animals on the Old Moon, to
      the lymphatic and Etheric sciences that allow us today to bear an I
      AM and function as I AM's on Earth with a light digesting capacity
      of Etheric, ethnic and thought based forces living in our etheric

      Which means that along with Recapitualation, the lymphatic and
      etheric body mysteries are currently working in the thawing, melting
      and merging of many ethnic types, as Christ works in the Etheric
      Foundations of HUmanity as a constructive agent even when karma
      demands a whole new deconstructed and perhaps lymphatic cancer re-
      issue and re-make of a faulty etheric potential that sends the I AM
      back to the Star Factory for a re-issue. A recall of that particular
      karmic model. On Earth we experience this factory recall to the
      Stars as truly a tragedy and a reality that such and such relative
      or friend must struggle with Cancer and it brings home one other

      The Healings and so called Miracles were the enhanced and operative
      forces of the astonishing acceleration, focus and compression of the
      Accomplished Christ Being down into the very Etheric body and bones
      of one Zarathustra/Jesus. The Life Spirit Forces had to accelerate
      and develop a higher glow and manifestation in order to unsheath the
      Spirit Man. Lazarus and the restoration of a dead human being, and a
      chrysalis mystery of the wrapped up and mummified human, revealed
      that the accelerated and Accomplished Christ Being had jacked up and
      super-charged the Etheric and Life Body to a future and higher
      intensified resonation. These miracles had to be done before one
      could crack open the closed and sealed book of the Spirit Man buried
      deeper than ever voice did plummet sound.... Spirit Man was deeply
      buried and was roused to life by the might expansion of the forces
      of the Life Spirit.
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