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Re: Understanding Recapitulation

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  • holderlin66
    There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves that supply structures in the head, neck, thorax and abdomen. A cranial nerve can be made up of a mixture of functions
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 31, 2006
      "There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves that supply structures in the
      head, neck, thorax and abdomen. A cranial nerve can be made up of a
      mixture of functions which are called modalities or may be made up
      of a single modality. A modality is sensory, motor, special sensory,
      etc. Below is a breakdown of the modalities of cranial nerves. You
      may never need to learn this terminology but it is being presented
      just in case."

      "Since you may not have a general knowledge of the nervous system
      yet, consider the following as a general introduction into what kind
      of modalities are possible with nerves. A modality is unit of the
      nervous system that performs a certain type of action: sensation,
      movement, constriction, etc. There are two general modalities in the
      peripheral nervous system: motor (efferent) and sensory (afferent).
      Efferent impulses start in the central nervous system and pass
      peripherally in spinal or cranial nerves. Afferent impulses start
      out peripherally and pass into the central nervous system.


      holderlin wrote:

      "But the question you pose regarding the mental body and astral body
      and how thinking and thought works is something we have worked on a
      lot in Anthro circles. We have brought up here and elsewhere that the
      12 pairs of cranial nerves are individual, Nervous System, Old Moon,
      Angel deeds, that orientate how differently each and everyone of us

      We live in an objective thought world, but each of us are orientated
      toward that thought world with different star compass configurations
      that were brought into the physical seed during the trimestering
      period. We learn that Stem Cell research is a curious little aside in
      our political world these days, but when we look at the astral body
      and nervous system that makes up the early anchoring of the 12 pairs
      of cranial nerves that will serve the brain...we look at an
      individual orientation toward thought with modifications that have
      been wrought on the new incarnating human being, so that new karma
      can be approached with a new star and astral thinking, nervous system

      "This orientation to the mental body, reveals something which we can
      understand as TWELVE cosmic standpoints, and TWELVE regions of
      thought mood orientation. These TWELVE orientation streams of
      thought are constantly being researched in Spiritual Science
      Schools. But the missing piece to the puzzle is that the Angelic
      World that brings the Spirit Seed to the Physical seed, brings an
      incarnation orientation star map for the mental body via the nervous
      system...And nested in that new nervous system, new etheric body,
      and new physical body, is the further development potential of the I
      AM seed that each and every one of our children have brought with

      Bradford concludes;


      So how were the deeds of the Old Moon evolution when the Angels were
      in their human phase, accomplished? The insertion of the astral
      body and the star map that orientates an individual and connects
      them to their parent via the 'rising sign of the child' and or the
      Sun and Moon sign or rising of the parents...allows us to go inside
      the technical contribution of the nervous system and astral body in
      relation to the function, upright, speaking, thinking, human I AM as
      we know it on Earth today. Here we stand before a kind of cosmic
      miracle in the flesh.

      Prior to Earth our current humanity were in an animal phase, causing
      some trouble for the Angels on the Old Moon. To perfect the I AM
      carriage, the upright human being who individually will carry a
      picture of a new star map with every incarnation, requires us to
      understand the gate of birth and the gate of death. Both birth and
      death charts reveal an entrance and an exit wound. The cosmos
      absorbs the etheric, astral and I AM and recycles the I AM, and
      creates for it a new karma track, a star map, and a brain and
      cranial nerve dodecahedron form where living thought, Word, Speech
      and the I AM continue their unfolding development in the Chaldean
      Science of Reincarnation, which Zarathustra/Jesus schooled many
      initiates towards. This untold picture and understanding is what we
      are getting with each child that comes into our life.

      While Carl Sagan can be considered a former Chaldean student, the
      film, "Contact" from Carl Sagan's work attempts, mind you attempts,
      to understand the pathways and byways of how the Stars work and
      sends an individual into the interior star field. Val brought to our
      attention how the swirling Rings of the technical "Contact" system,
      were able to release a soul spirit for a fraction of a second into
      the star world. That is the theory of "Contact" which uses the
      foundational core of a Dodecahedron, the same Dodecahedron that
      makes up THE FOUNDATION STONE at the core of Spiritual Science. It
      also challenges the idea of the speed limit of Light and the human I
      AM, at 186,000 miles per second. For in this fraction of a second or
      less, Jodie Foster journeys deep into the star maps of the galaxy.

      Missing in all this, is the science, the Consciousness Soul Science,
      which is offered here to show that current humanity, is going
      through their HUMAN PHASE, the same as the Angel community,
      Archangel community and Arcahi Beings had gone through their human
      phase before us. And those phases are described clearly as Old Moon,
      Old Sun and Old Saturn....which progressively developed a highly
      integrated field which only Spiritual Science can tell the medical
      community how the operation of the nervous system, the lymphatic
      system and the bony system have been part of the progressive
      development of the gods, which we as humanity are partners in.

      Once again, A being who could digest and conquer the formative
      forces embedded in the human being the same way a butterfly is the
      accomplished extension of the Plant...So the Christ brought the
      science of Resurrection...rather Paul and Steiner brought the
      Science of the Resurrection that shows that the entire Biblical
      legacy reveals the impact and consolidation, the conquering of
      matter and form in Earth evolution, that produces the three higher
      fields that are nested within the I AM of our children and our
      fellow brothers and sisters on Earth, our own Spirit Man seed, which
      is the goal of Earth evolution.

      How the Angels integrated Star wisdom, tone, and the model of say
      the instrument of the Sitar, which is a spinal chord instrument,
      reflecting tone and tonal field nerve assocations that are actually
      Star forces. How these star forces are brought into the embryo and
      how they become the compass guides to the unfolding navigation of
      the I AM is part of how Reincarnation and the Laws of the Angelic
      community have won for us, an inserted nervous system and astral

      Time plays an important part, every second of time, our heart beats
      and breathing, are keyed to the entire ticking timepiece of the
      progressive stars. This can also be 100% documented. The time of our
      birth, the unfolding transitions in our biographies on Earth, our
      little compass, star though map in our brains, and our goal of
      learning to school our higher faculties into comfortable
      understanding of Earth's vast mysteries, including our children,
      reveal what Anthroposophy alone represents. The Science of the
      Resurrection and the dawning of the Age of Light and the region of
      thinking known as the Consciousness Soul.
    • holderlin66
      holderlin wrote: The butterfly we see hovering over blossoms is the accomplished plant, just as Christ was an already accomplished human being of a higher
      Message 2 of 7 , Sep 2, 2006
        holderlin wrote:

        "The butterfly we see
        hovering over blossoms is the accomplished plant, just as Christ was
        an already accomplished human being of a higher order but had arisen
        as well on the model of what humanity today is....a fixed little
        squirmy, condensed, carbon based life form."

        Bradford comments;

        The butterfly is an accomplished plant. We have to pause sometimes
        to hold a thought, a mystical, physical, living vision before our
        gaze, that is written in the solid script of golden nature. The
        butterfly is the vision, reality and goal of the accomplished plant.
        Goethean Science, the Science of the Resurrection and the deed of
        the Spirit Man on Earth hinge very clearly on how U, we, digest the
        science of how the Etheric forces can appear, lifted to a higher
        level. The same way the butterfly stands for the Accomplished
        physical/etheric plant being...The Christ stands for the
        Accomplished forces of the I AM, astral, etheric and physical seed.

        While the colorful and perfumed blossom is a stunning act of etheric
        and physical, lymphatic and Light imbued life...The idea that the
        butterly literally appears to take the best aspects of the fixed
        plant blossom and loosen it, allow it an emancipated existence,
        freed and apart, yet still we can see very clearly, this is not a
        game, very clearly we can see that the butterfly is the
        accomplished, freed, higher version, of the emancipated forces of
        the plant.

        Now how this mystery replicates and is folded in us into the Old Sun
        and the development of humanities etheric system today is an issue
        we can follow clearly. When, on the Old Sun, humans were
        physical/etheric or plant like...we who are students to Spiritual
        Science, can travel from the Ancient Sun evolution, down through the
        tides of history, pick up the scent of one Zarathustra, and bring
        this Zarathustra individuality as the culmination of and focus of
        the entire Biblical legacy. Zarathustra/Jesus, the Star Master, the
        high Chaldean Initiate, accomplishes and brings to humanity, the
        Ancient Sun Lord, Christ. Here on Earth Christ used the advanced
        accomplishments of the condensed seed we call on earth, our
        physical, etheric, astral and I AM potent seed form, and with it,
        Christ proceeds to accomplish Spirit Man on Earth.

        Spirit Man and the Science of the Resurrection is a recapitulation
        mystery. Paul called for it and STeiner and Anthroposophy delivered
        it. The accomplished Spirit Man on Earth reveals an exact
        replication of how stirring an impression it is to see a butterfly
        and know the butterfly IS an accomplished and higher metamorphosis
        of the fixed plant. Christ was and IS a higher form of Accomplished
        Human. We call them gods and these are humanities elder forbears and

        But in the Science of the Resurrection, plants might as well call
        butterfly's their unique gods or angels, because the tale is still
        the same. Even that certain butterflys, even as certain Archangels
        rule certain language and ethnic etheric macro fields, so different
        butterflys are Accomplished from different etheric plant systems.
        Just as the Initiates chose the Hebrew ethnic and etheric base for
        the warmth of the Christ Being, so too must all immaturity regarding
        the nature of anti-semitism cease. It must cease because the master
        of the Spirit Man on Earth used a certain 'chosen' (and look
        carefully, weigh carefully this word, CHOSEN) human initiates chose
        the ethnic etheric base of the Hebrews to plant the seed and FIRE
        FASHION the Spirit Man, from the roots of this folk. The etheric
        system was accomplished by Zarathustra/Jesus/Christ and what we have
        before us, is the given updated history of humanity through
        Spiritual Science and Anthroposophy. Every detail is logical, clear
        and works in synch with nature.

        On one hand we have to confess the lunking, thick-headedness where
        humanity sits stewing and priding itself on ancestors, blood, race,
        ethnicity, when in fact the ancestors of mankind are already
        ACCOMPLISHED HUMANS. That they had already gone through their human
        phases, just as Earth and we are going now through our human phase.
        Can you not see how immensely short circuited, convoluted, off the
        point and fouled up human education has become?

        The tools to understand the Science of the Resurrection that Paul
        demanded because of his meeting with the Accomplished Christ Being,
        revealed to Paul the vast problems of education. Jeffersonian
        Intellectualism is not gonna cut it either. Even though Jefferson
        was a fine and outstanding rational thinker, what he offered the
        Congress was the Jeffersonian Bible, a rewritten text, that squeezed
        out all the science of the Resurrection and focused merely on the
        good man Jesus. America and Biblical reason, just because of
        Jefferson's limits, must fail to make the step to Pauline
        Christianity due to the accusations and beliefs of Jefferson himself.

        Jefferson considered Paul and the author of the John Gospel
        delusional and that the Resurrection was merely old wives tales
        imagined by a bunch of peasant fools. Jefferson, the writer of
        America's Intellectual Soul pact with Freedom, dismisses the Science
        of the Resurrection, the demands of Paul, and certainly the future
        of the Consciousness Soul that Zarathustra had to attain in order to
        meet the Accomplished Christ, at the halfway point, the realm of the
        Spirit Self. Jefferson, while a brilliant representative of the
        Intellectual Soul and Human freedom in an ongoing battle with the
        intellectual soul region, Jefferson rejected the next phase of the
        Consciousness Soul. But Jefferson also prevented the delusional
        relgious fantasies of the Sentient soul. Jefferson safeguarded
        rational human intellect to procure a passage out of the clutches of
        the immoral hypocrisy of lies and distortions, that churned in the
        psyche stirred up by Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces. Jefferson saw
        only a narrow passage in which the Good Man and rational Jesus,
        without any relation to any physical, etheric, astral or I AM, JUST
        ACCIDENTLY DID THE RIGHT THING! Which as Spiritual Science shows,
        there was no accidental accomplishement on Earth of Spirit Man and
        the Resurrection. Spiritual Science and Anthroposophy prove that it
        is a Science.

        So today, we live in the historical fact of the rising forces of the
        loosening, melting, thawing, Etheric Christ, Second Coming that
        Ahriman and Steiner locked and sealed into the history of humanity
        as Feb 27, 1933. 33 years into the dawn of the Age of Light, 1899,
        when the doors of light flew open and Heisenberg, Einstein and
        quantum mechanics sensed the dawning of light, along with Edison and
        the light bulb...but it is and was Steiner alone who met the Etheric
        Christ, met him as an ACCOMPLISHED FACT, and opened the door to the
        new etheric sciences that this thread is describing. Steiner acted
        as a Pauline Ambassador and re-communed with the Christ Being who
        had first startled Saul into the paradigm of Paul, back in the days
        of Rome. Steiner in the early years of the 20th century walked over
        and opened the door to the Age of Light and let the Christ Etheric
        Being become a recognized factor in history.

        And since then we have remained stumbling around unable to see how
        it all fits and works together, how the dots connect.

        You need details? You need to test how everything that was cracking
        and popping at the dawn of the Age of Light, went directly alongside
        and parallelled the development of Etheric Sciences and the
        development of Anthroposophy, along with Einstein, Heisenberg and
        quantum mechanics? You go ahead and try to practice looking at
        history as a Macro, accross the boards Event and then sift out how
        the world applauded and supported a shrunken, pedestrian version of
        the mature Science of the Resurrection that was researched,
        documented and brought into the cognition of humanity by Dr. Rudolf
        Steiner. History will verify the tale.

        We fail in our education when we track history in a mere linear
        fashion and are unable to look over the events and trace them to
        their sources. That the dawn of the Age of Light and the breaking
        out of the Dark Ages into the Light, had within it an enormous
        Accomplished Etheric revelation for all etheric bodies everywhere.
        The Etheric Christ, radiating in the etheric bodies and warming,
        thawing them, dawned and was confronted by a darkness in the human
        psyche that blocked the light. That's it folks, our own propensity
        to darkness, blocked and resisted furiously the dawn of the Age of
        Light and the thawing of ethnic differences. We might recognize this
        hardening and darkening of the etheric sensitivity in humans to the
        onslaught that engulfed the world in 1933 and currently jacked up by
        the surge of 1998 forces, the current onslaught again of the Necons
        and The Project For a New Ahrimanic Century here in 2007.

        But now you are here. We are each of us living in the pulse of
        history. With the vast history of Biblical Lore behind us, that
        produced for Earth the most important gift that Accomplished
        Humanity could give to Earth evolution and offer to the striving of
        human beings everywhere. The Gift of the goal of the Spirit Man and
        the Science of the Biblical tales that produced the Resurrection.
        That is the only Science we can cling to, is the science of how the
        human being is a standard issue model that stones, plants, animals,
        Angels, Archangels and Arcahi possess a standard issue of developed
        etheric, astral and higher I AM forces. We as human beings are
        living in this heightened forward bearing recapitualtion of mighty
        and overwhelming ACCOMPLISHMENTS and are now required to carry our
        own Earth Accomplishement forward and upward to Consciousness Soul,
        Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit and Spirit-Man.
      • holderlin66
        holderlin wrote: Red solid -- motor to skeletal muscles Red dotted -- parasympathetic motor to cardiac and smooth muscle Yellow -- sensory (afferent)
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          holderlin wrote:

          "Red solid -- motor to skeletal muscles
          Red dotted -- parasympathetic motor to cardiac and smooth muscle
          Yellow -- sensory (afferent)"


          Bradford comments;

          In the above link, we offered for Spiritual Science students, what
          amounts to a Biblical reality that Steiner pointed to with striking
          clarity. "His Bones they did not Break"...Steiner constantly offers
          the reality that for the first time, this was not a Ghost that was
          walking but rather the Science of the Resurrection deed of the
          Spirit Man. This wasn't merely a ghost, but a Being who had higher
          Accomplished EGO BEARING and EGO reproduction ability, that had
          connected itself deeply to the 12 pathways of the cranial nerves,
          indicated in the above link, that connect deeply into the motor and
          skeletal movement required to contain the undamaged reality of the
          Spirit Man penetration down to the very bones.

          This changes our entire understanding of Halloween if we are wise.
          When All Soul's Day and Halloween and skeletons begin to dance on
          doorsteps when doorbells ring...the part of the year where we
          descend into the Skeletal mysteries is every part of the year where
          Spiritual Science students understand and research into the
          mysteries of Accomplished Spirit Man down to the very bones.

          For Spiritual Science students who wish to progress even further,
          than the Angel's Accomplishments on the Old Moon and the new nervous
          system, with individual star maps designed for our children, that
          fit into their newly crowned thinking patterns of THE TWELVE PAIRS
          OF CRANIAL NERVES..we have the lymphatic and etheric system in the
          human being. We can take the endocrine and lymphatic system of the
          plant or Old Sun Accomplishments that morphed into the Old Moon
          accomplishments of our development as Animals on the Old Moon, to
          the lymphatic and Etheric sciences that allow us today to bear an I
          AM and function as I AM's on Earth with a light digesting capacity
          of Etheric, ethnic and thought based forces living in our etheric

          Which means that along with Recapitualation, the lymphatic and
          etheric body mysteries are currently working in the thawing, melting
          and merging of many ethnic types, as Christ works in the Etheric
          Foundations of HUmanity as a constructive agent even when karma
          demands a whole new deconstructed and perhaps lymphatic cancer re-
          issue and re-make of a faulty etheric potential that sends the I AM
          back to the Star Factory for a re-issue. A recall of that particular
          karmic model. On Earth we experience this factory recall to the
          Stars as truly a tragedy and a reality that such and such relative
          or friend must struggle with Cancer and it brings home one other

          The Healings and so called Miracles were the enhanced and operative
          forces of the astonishing acceleration, focus and compression of the
          Accomplished Christ Being down into the very Etheric body and bones
          of one Zarathustra/Jesus. The Life Spirit Forces had to accelerate
          and develop a higher glow and manifestation in order to unsheath the
          Spirit Man. Lazarus and the restoration of a dead human being, and a
          chrysalis mystery of the wrapped up and mummified human, revealed
          that the accelerated and Accomplished Christ Being had jacked up and
          super-charged the Etheric and Life Body to a future and higher
          intensified resonation. These miracles had to be done before one
          could crack open the closed and sealed book of the Spirit Man buried
          deeper than ever voice did plummet sound.... Spirit Man was deeply
          buried and was roused to life by the might expansion of the forces
          of the Life Spirit.
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