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Re: Requiem in memoriam/Paul Platt

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  • holderlin66
    Terence brought: Reminds me of what Steiner said in The Spiritual Guidance of Humanity: What happened in Jesus of Nazereth was a continuous manifestation of
    Message 1 of 38 , Aug 28, 2006
      Terence brought:

      Reminds me of what Steiner said in The Spiritual Guidance of

      "What happened in Jesus of Nazereth was a continuous manifestation
      of the horoscope, because in each moment [of his life] occurred what
      in other cases takes place [only] at the birth of man [the
      imprinting of the cosmic constellations of the living moment into
      the brain of the new born baby]. This could be so only because
      the whole body of the Nathanic Jesus remained capable of being
      continuously influenced by the forces of the cosmic spiritual
      heirachies, who guide Earth as a whole...And When the Mystery of
      Golgatha took place, that which radiated from out of the cosmos
      passed into the spiritual substance of the Earth and has been united
      since then with the spirit of the Earth." [Brackets by Jesaiah Ben
      Aharon, The New Experience of the Supersensible.]

      Dear Terence;

      Now we can see Ed Smith, Terence, Jesaiah Ben Aharon, Steiner,
      Waldorf teachers in general and of course Robert Powell are able to
      focus on the foci of a specific concentration that Earth provides
      us. This specific concentration is a physical, etheric, astral, I AM
      and the working forces of life that surround our understanding of
      sentient, intellectual and consciousness soul potency, as foci, as a
      concentrated Earthly force, was powerfully prepared by the Chaldean
      strengths of Zarathustra as he brought his incarnation to the Jesus
      point. Zarathustra had so penetrated the field of Consciousness Soul
      and Spirit Self emancipation... that we know that Zarathustra was
      able to gift and emancipate to his pupils the 'model' and copy of
      his etheric body and the model and copy of his astral body. This is
      how we also understand the models and copies of achievement that are
      held in various Lodges.

      Lodges that provide both for the greater advancement of humanity and
      the forceful copies of those beings who have imprinted as well the
      retardation and receptive models for the regressive working of
      opposing powers. The mirror and the copy works both ways and they
      collide directly in our current 21st century Michael ZeitGeist

      But your brilliant contribution Terence, brings us to the interior
      workings of the three fold trimestering fields of the embryo
      development. Now when we look at what Stem Cell research is, we
      understand that the prototype of how the Angel brings the Spirit
      Seed into the prepared hereditary human...is a threefolding that is
      done on one side of the spectrum of biography and that within our
      schooling and Consciousness Soul work, we understand the trimestered
      field of Chaldean Star wisdom that is also offered in THE FOUNDATION
      STONE MEDITATION. From the birth point and the pre-figured starry
      incarnation model all through our biography and our excarnation and
      death chart, from our birth chart to our death charts, from entrance
      to exit we are working within a star system of active destiny
      mapping which requires all of us to be navigators of our destiny. To
      learn to read our destiny and orientate ourselves toward our higher
      beings, amid the scyalla and charybdis factors of our lives.

      When parents wish to understand why their child is a spiritual being
      and where are these so called navigational star maps located we have
      a developing answer with biological clarity. We now have a point
      where the dodecahedron of the brain case and brain mapping rest on
      the pivotal points of the 12 pairs of cranial nerves. These nerves
      provide the base where the star map of each individual will sit.

      From here we see the vast cultural hit or miss fields of
      Dodecahedron research that makes the hydrogen molecule form, the
      interior higher space ship for the movie "Contact" where Jodie
      Foster sits, Salvadore Dali's painting of the Last Supper, Elizabeth
      Boggs work on the Nagasaki Bomb, and the core reality of the 12
      streams that refashioned the system of the human being in the 13th
      century that Steiner and Steiner alone brought to our attention.
      From Plato to Steiner we now hold before us particular inciteful
      puzzle pieces of the Dodecahedron contemplation of THE FOUNDATION
      STONE and the trimestering of the developing embryo, as well as the
      scaffolding of human biography. We are starting to develop a clear
      Consciousness Soul picture and including in our medical and
      spiritual insights the Angelic Star community and ancient Chaldea.

      Which brings us back inside the womb of Mary and Elizabeth and the
      formation of the trimestering mysteries of every child who seeks
      incarnation and has been given star maps. Why John and Jesus stir in
      the wombs of Mary and Elizabeth and why the Three Kings are
      interwoven in the tale reveal exactly what Steiner and Spiritual
      Science portrays. The Making of the Spirit Man on Earth is when we
      determine as the coded Initiate texts of the Bible. Do these star
      maps hold up under mercurial poisoning, that disturbs the developing
      forces when injections are forced upon our children? It is clearly
      an attack on the intimate forming system by the opposing powers in
      the medical community in an effort to damage the force of spiritual
      cohesion our children are bringing with them into incarnation.

      But unless Anthroposophy supplies a clear cut and vivid connection
      between all these points, excarnation, digestion by the stars and
      the stars giving the human being a new star pattern and homing
      device for its new incarnation and the trimestering, biography and
      Foundation Stone and an excarnation point....examining all the
      biological factors that are embraced...Anthroposophists hardly
      attempt to explain the strength of the reasoning that safeguards
      each parent who has such burning questions about their own child.
      The answers not only illuminate the understanding of the teacher and
      parent in guiding the child, but the parents themselves catch
      glimpses of their own unanswered issues.
    • holderlin66
      Who were the college of Teachers for the Michael School? Who were invited into those twelve chairs that stood on the stage and shared the podium with the
      Message 38 of 38 , Sep 12, 2006
        Who were the college of Teachers for the Michael School? Who were
        invited into those twelve chairs that stood on the stage and shared
        the podium with the lectures of Dr. Steiner at the 1st Goetheanum?

        Bradford brought from 'Miracles'

        "...But Steiner made TWELVE chairs,
        TWELVE seats on the lecture stage of the 1st Goetheanum and these
        CHAIRS, as in department heads, were cosmic standpoints,
        bodhisattvas and great initiates, who could join Steiner in
        their 'Body of Glory'..." as Rudolf Steiner planted the
        Consciousness Soul into the Heart of humanity and planted Cosmic
        Intelligence into the Stream of human history and Planted the
        Science of the Resurrection as demanded by St. Paul."

        Rudolf Steiner brought:

        "These seven individualities were joined by four others; unlike the
        first seven, these other four were not able to look back to times of
        the primeval past; they looked back to what mankind had acquired
        from occult truths during the four epochs of post-Atlantean culture.
        The first of the four looked back to the period of ancient India,
        the second to that of ancient Persia, the third to that of Egyptian-
        Chaldean-Babylonian-Assyrian culture, and the fourth to that of the
        Graeco-Latin age. These four joined the seven in that "College" of
        wise men in the thirteenth century; the twelfth had fewer
        remembrances; he was more intrinsically intellectual than the rest
        and it was his task to cultivate and foster the external sciences.

        "These twelve individualities did not live only in the sphere of
        occultism as cultivated in the West, but could also
        be "incorporated" as it were in men who possessed some genuine
        knowledge of occultism. Goethe's poem Die Geheimnisse [footnote: The
        Mysteries by Rudolf Steiner] gives a certain indication of this. -

        "Thus there were twelve outstanding individualities and to them came
        a Thirteenth who, after the period of darkness had come to an end
        was to be chosen out for the kind of Initiation demanded by the
        culture of the West. The circumstances are very mysterious and I can
        only give you the following information in the form of a narrative.
        To me it is objective truth, but you yourselves can put it to the
        test by gathering together what has been said by anthroposophical
        Spiritual Science during the last few years, added to what you know
        of history since the thirteenth century.

        "It was known to the College of the twelve wise men that a child was
        to be born who had lived in Palestine at the time of Christ and had
        been present when the Mystery of Golgotha had taken place. This
        Individuality possessed great powers of heart and a quality of deep,
        inward love which circumstances had since helped to unfold in him."

        Bradford concludes;

        Steiner refers to these twelve streams that create the Initiation
        model that all of humanity can now safely have as a guide, as part
        of the Michael School, Steiner calls these Twelve streams, his
        College of Teachers. His college of wise men. These were the faculty
        and on staff tenured teachers of the Michael School. This is the
        model, when Waldorf faculties are supposed to understand that they
        carry the precious first impressions of each child and hold
        intercourse with the Angel that hovers over the child and the I AM's
        that are in the family of the child. The Waldorf Faculty should, but
        mostly have lost all knowledge of, the idea that the college of
        Teachers that they model themselves from are those that created the
        Initiation path for the THIRTEENTH in Steiner's recollection of the
        13th century event. The entire Michael School as a public and open
        reality is based on the solid foundations of the great logical
        streams of humanity that go back beyond Atlantis and have collected
        the wisdom of Persia, Egypt-Chaldea, Greece and modern science.

        This is the College of Teachers who supported Steiner as he brought
        down the vast insights, cohesion and thinking forces needed to
        create the basis for Michael Intelligence to stream into the hearts
        and minds of humanity. This is the model that allows the common
        stream of all of humanity to gather themselves around the fountain
        head of the Christ Impulse, who gave to humanity the outline and
        direction and actual forces needed to awaken the Spirit Man on Earth
        and bring to humanity their own unfolding of New Nature, new
        ecology, arising out of the bountiful foundations of the fountain of
        life, the Life-Spirit that is latent in the I AM of very living
        human being.
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