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Requiem in memoriam

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  • holderlin66
    Harvey (earlyfire) Bornfield crossed threshold Jan 8th, 2006 Georg K├╝hlewind Gyorgy Szekely March 6th 1924 - January 15th 2006 Paul Platt April/May 2006
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      Harvey (earlyfire) Bornfield
      crossed threshold Jan 8th, 2006

      Georg K├╝hlewind Gyorgy Szekely
      March 6th 1924 - January 15th 2006

      Paul Platt
      April/May 2006

      Bradford comments;

      Georg, Harvey and Paul....crossed the great divide
      Georg made thinking a rock climbing finger toe hold rise
      He chiselled into solid straight up cliff faces
      Made toe holds and footholds for wingless ones
      In strange yet obvious places.
      Mr. Kuhlewind never feared the work of thought
      Most people fear the thought of work
      But Georg never feared the work of thought.
      While Harvey could kite fly in strong wind,
      His colorful streaker diving and soaring,
      (One never knew how the dizzy dive or nose bleed soar would go)
      Paul Platt fell victim to the navigation of the Stars.
      In Egyptian tombs there was always a star boat in the tomb,
      On the boat were the souls who crossed over and were
      Buried in the tomb.
      Paul was a navigator for the stars,
      The Stars that once spoke to man,
      The Stars once more roared back to Paul.
      But Kuhlewind steadied himself on the solid walls of vertical thought
      And lifted himself an inch and a leg and a finger at a time.
      Harvey soard with Poetic majesty,
      Butterfly like,
      Shakespeare and his muse
      Were the wind beneath Harvey's wings,
      And Paul a Star Sensitive
      Who pushef forth his bark into the wild seas
      Of the stars.

      Georg and Harvey Passed in January, the 15th and the 8th.
      Paul passed a short time later through the gates. My spirit has
      encountered them all. This Requiem is my memoriam.

      Now their woven words are riddled with living spirits,
      Their voices and their treads, now echo in the hallways
      Of the stars while all the world sleeps.

      Thought seeds, now that they are gone, begin to germinate!
      Funny how departing, leaving, and coming alive inwardly are
      different from outside to inside. And now inside they begin to
      germinate the seeds they left within our souls. Their deaths like
      the coming of our Autumns spirit Spring begins to germinate inwardly
      the frontiers we explored.

      Compressed diamonds, glittering fuel for the soul, and the showers
      fall and sprinkle its light from the living who here on this side
      still read, have read, and have turned those thoughts they left over
      in our hearts and minds...and feelings as well as substance animate
      the prayer wheels and prayer bells and the dream catchers for the
      dead when the living bring to life the deeds of the dead. This is
      not chines ancestor worship this is rather the passage of food and
      manna betwixt and between the living and the dead. For the dead rise
      and ring prayer bells, they color our sunsets, contribute to the
      beauty of dawns, where the dead have unleashed, unchained, unlocked
      vision from their overly anchored physical bodies. They bring us
      fresh inklings and inspired thoughts free of charge! Shall I say
      that we are the ones tethered to this rock of bone and voice and
      clung clumps of emotion?

      They were eating the new Michael School Manna on Earth. They were
      eating their way into the new Etheric Christ thinking mysteries.
      They were participating in forging a new model of human being that
      would carry the imprint of Anthroposophia. Like us they nibbled
      around the edges and bit into the bitter and the sweet and tried to
      describe the flavor, the color and the view from this new inner
      human delicacy of spiritual science and depth.

      Harvey, Paul and Georg are expanding, enveloping, everyone who ever
      tasted their words. They are meeting, absorbing and breathing in the
      point of origin through Steiner to the vast offered gifts showered
      upon humanity through Michael and Christ...these three have left the
      shells of their works but the filler and fullness shines on them now
      the way it begins to grow and illumatine in us all.

      They see the great deeds and unfolding higher forces that have
      strayed like golden embers in millions of souls over the
      Earth...These embers are kept alive, glowing by the very human
      thought, heart, and earnest measures, the laughter and the tears of
      those still working here on Earth...and those that see now into all
      the vast star sparks and embers that glow with vivid new idealism.
      These are their sky now. The departed, the dead have a living sky of
      living shining thought bearers. These are US that they see in their
      night sky glowing with the vivid ideas of the Spirit.. It is inside
      out and outside in.

      Now those three departed voices are now in a vast intimate chorus of
      singing tones made up of souls and spirits. Their biographies were
      the unfolding plant and the seed now is taken to follow the stream of
      the life of the stars which is growing a new etheric thought race
      for humanity. And we twinkle in their sky and in their books and
      words vast choruses sing and we hear deeper echoes, since their
      phrases and their hollowed, hallowed thoughts have been left in our
      hearts. And the breezes and tinkle and the chimes are heard instead
      of the rough condensed breathing in our solid human flesh. Prayer
      bells tinkle with each human heart that thinks through to them and
      the Michael host they served.

      The recipe for the living is merely to take their words, their books
      and add the water of year hearts feelings and thoughts and see how
      it expands into a series of temples, footpaths, leading out to where
      they connect to the ever growing community of a new humanity.
      Sometimes you can hear and feel them, laughing. They have a
      different view of the infusion of unfolding ever present Joy and
      here much of our Earth associatons are more like a trail of tears.
      For Springtime and ripening bursting seed life is their joy and our

      Re: Harvey (earlyfire) Bornfield

      by bradford riley

      Jeez, not Harvey! Oh please, not Harvey!
      Harvey wake up and tell us this is not so.
      That I would be bereft if you were on your way.
      My Earth is so much sweeter with your beating heart
      Please respond dear Harvey so rumors do not start.

      Please say that rumors of your passing are but air
      Please tell us that you still have time to spare.
      Please say to us you did not step on Charon's barge
      To cross the fatal gap at the rivers marge.

      Please say the Ferryman did not accept your fee
      That he left you here with us, so poor to see.
      Please say that the Shakespeare Soul that lived within your breast
      Still flutters and has not winged its way to seek a brighter nest.

      Please say to me, my brother, my dear friend
      That my dear heart and yours will never end.
      Please deny the cruel words that Joel has written
      That somehow in your heart you were so smitten,
      That you would fly, fly back to where you soared so true
      Please tell me Earlyfire, that this news is ruefully rude!!

      I await, as always your dear words that soared so rich and warm,
      To heal my heart and rid this rumor with its this bitter thorn.
      For How could heaven steal from us one who was so rare?
      Heaven's mercy would not rob a voice that warmed our air.

      Too many Angels are there, weaving with their heavenly wands,
      When we heard Harvey's words they were woven with heavens songs,
      On Earth it was so rare to see through the gilded slats
      And heavens wonders, with your words, shimmered under our hats.
      Trails and glitter, and living thoughts could float
      Please tell me there's some error in this shocking note.

      Please, please dear Harvey stay with us awhile,
      For I sat with you and loved you and awoke within your smile.
      You cannot pass this way, and leave us holding such an echo
      For I will track you, my dear freind, where ere you go,
      Oh Harvey, Please, say it isn't so.

      Diagnostic Poem for the star journey of Paul Platt

      by bradford riley

      Walked you then with the mighty stars
      That progressed in shimmering wonder
      Like jets that used to rattle the window panes,
      With Goethean thunder of the brothering planets?
      Slowly did your own body, your starry body,
      Your frame of Aries, Taurus, Twins, Cancer, Leo
      Your frame of Virgo, Libra, Eagle
      Your frame of Sagittarius, Goat,
      Your frame of Water bearer and Fish,
      Become a listening sounding board,
      To anchor in your breast,
      Some of the mighty stirring behests
      Of the Thunder of the Music of the Spheres?

      Let those who ponder Star Wisdom, ponder well.
      Gradually, Grail like, to learn to see and tell,
      The true ether seas of the Stars toning shell.
      But to live and feel the pounding thunder
      Of the surf that encompasses the shores
      Where the Stars, like islands yonder,
      Like the mysterious chambered Nautilus
      In the spiraling nebulae
      Of Qualities of Time,
      As Paul, sweet Tennis Teacher,
      Thin, deeply sensitive in every organ,
      Acutely aware, monkish, melancholic,
      Writer and explainer of his gift,
      That for man to be free,....
      He shall eventually cross the starry sea
      And bridge the cosmic rift.

      Let me aside here, what none dare aside or think.
      It is said that when Christ walked the Earth,
      The constellations walked with Him
      That He was the walking,
      Word Wondering presence
      Of the Sounding Sun,
      Distilled and potent in a human form.

      And with every thunder step, the baptized one,
      For Three Years walked,
      Walked and stumbled to the Hill of skulls
      To Golgotha, where He bore in His timber
      The dawn of the Golden Fleece,
      And Aries.
      And from the mighty fountain
      On the Hill of the skull
      Christ treaded time with each step backwards.
      Headed into the world of the Fish,
      His each and every Word,
      Our Earth was His imprinting
      With the rise of ancient Saturn's
      Human Holy cosmic wish.

      Etheric tones sounded through the movement of the Sun
      But He walked on Earth
      And bore the name of the Christ Being.
      And every Word and every healing,
      And every human constellation met,
      Resounded itself with the karmic history of Man.
      Three Years the sounding tones wove
      Twixt Heaven and Earth,
      Three years He sowed the starry seeds
      Of our rising re-birth.

      Can anyone of you bear
      The approaching thunder of the Stars
      In you?
      Can you be the Timepiece of the gods
      That ticks each somber tone on Earth?

      ZeitGeist thunder is nothing to you.
      We sit and mumble in our puny brains
      But the ZeitGeist shapes in the Thunderous rain,
      Of Planets, Time and Sun's moving message in a day,
      A year, a decade and a century.
      For Three Years or
      For Three hundred some years, the ZeitGeist,
      Ticks in the time-notch of the birth of each Soul.
      And Angels fly to the Time Spirit merging us
      With Freedom and our human goals.

      Can you be the clock face
      And feel each second
      And feel each minute
      And feel each hour as you walk with human feet
      And human organs through your own honed Karmic bones?

      Who shall, of one of us, take this cup from HIM?
      Who of one of us should or could share His burden?
      Read Revelation if you wish to stand in the Wind
      Of the Heavens and feel the breeze of the ZeitGeist,
      Christ Centered RA,
      And feel what a ZeitGeist sees as Awe.

      Nor shall I wish such fate
      So quickly
      On we who are unprepared.
      We who must decompress here on Earth
      From the mighty chamber of the Sun.
      We who must filter through us
      The mighty tides of the chambers of the Moon,
      Just ask a women once a month what she feels of the stars
      Flowing through her.
      But we are blessedly unaware of this Cosmic thunder,
      That Goethe so glibly called:


      "The Sun, in ancient guise, competing
      With brother spheres in rival song,
      With THUNDER-MARCH, his orb completing,
      Moves his predestin'd course along;
      His aspect to the powers supernal 5
      Gives strength, though fathom him none may;
      Transcending thought, the works eternal
      Are fair as on the primal day.

      And souls, with little depth, say Jesus was like us,
      Just mortal and a nice fellow with sweet ideas.
      Then when the Sounding Stars found a point,
      Found a point say, in the film called "Powder"
      Or found a point of willingness in Body,
      To feel the tick and timepiece of the Stars,
      Like Paul Platt had,
      Then be warned by slow schooling
      Embrace the slow schooling of the heavens,
      Embrace the slow understanding of ideas,
      Embrace the slow Mighty respect as you stare
      At the silent Heavens unaware,
      That the Stars once Spoke to humanity
      Loud and clear.

      We lived within their Sounding Trumpet blasts
      We lived within the heavenly Songs of Creation
      We lived within the mighty tone ethers that
      Secure the anchors of matter to our bones.
      But blessedly for humanity, we must slowly learn
      The Stars Sounding Symphony is mightier than
      Our little Human Ear can hope to bear.
      Ask John if you dare.

      Beethoven tried with his suffering silent ear to translate
      The Thunder Music that he could hear.
      So walk in sacred silence in the biodynamic gardens
      And feel the safety of our little physical sheath
      And all our unconscious failings
      And our still weak and gasping souls.

      For Paul, dear Paul fell victim
      To the mighty Thunders of the Stars.
      Paul walked with every step in every organ,
      down deeply in his marrow,
      Walked he as his Karma
      In ancient resolve
      To share the cup of Christ.
      Paul sought Him and held Him in tentative embrace
      Of having his own body be the sounding board
      For bearing the mighty constellations
      And so was Paul crushed by the weight of the stars.

      It was enough. It was enough.
      Take this cup from Me O'Lord.
      Take this cup from our feeble human hands
      Then measure our agony against the
      God who walked our Earth and kneel.
      It is better to be the humblest fish in the Piscean Sea
      Then mock the stars from our secure place of liberty.
      Let our ethers and our thinking stand before
      The threshold, of god's immortal timepiece door.
      Savor our learning and slowly build a sense of touch
      To recognize our stars in souls we love so much.


      "The Qualities of Time: Volume I: Contributions Towards A Modern
      Understanding Of How The Cosmos Works In Man. Some Results of
      Objective Self-Observation.

      "This book is a detailed consideration of how certain spheres of the
      spiritual forces of the sun; moon and the earth work into human
      beings through the day by day changes during the course of the year.
      This is explored in relation to bodily; vital; soul or psychological
      and spiritual (ways of thinking about the world) effects.

      "It also lays a foundation for a Grail Christianity or Universally
      Human code of conduct which would overcome the divisiveness of
      different religious streams through an exploration of the soul's
      relation to the sun and the human form through the course of the
      year. Something shared by every human being independent of the
      differentiating forces of sex; language and religious orientation.
      This is a simple portrayal of a book of about 450 pages in its
      present format.

      "The Qualities of Time: Volume II: Affects of The Superphysical
      Forces Of the Universe Upon The Individualized Superphysical Forces
      of Man.

      "This second Volume looks at the configuration of forces impressed
      within the Spiritual field of the human being by virtue of the birth
      moment and how this individualized field is affected by ongoing
      spiritual radiations in day to day life. This is the fruit of my own
      direct observation over years. It encompasses the chakra system in
      its interwovennes with cosmic streams through the year's course..."

      Conclusion of the Requiem Ceremony;

      by bradford riley

      To our Hearts that fail and stop to pulse
      And Time meets two streams at our crossings crux.

      One stream where the Goetheanum arises once again and is built
      In the sight of men, and Steiner in reverse, lectures backwards,
      and All that was and went, arises and becomes again.

      The Heart stands still in its moment and becomes vision,
      And the Angel looks to spirits of N.S.E.W.
      And from the destiny debarked heart,
      The heart that stopped,
      Two streams where the past and future met reveal the
      Eye that opportunes all potential and failed, unused opts.

      And the content of the heart is weighed
      By a new Zarathustran Thoth,
      Who went down into the world of the Dead,
      Thoth like, on Saturn's Day
      And opened the riddles to all the karmic locks
      Of clay.

      And those Feathered Serpents, rise and twine
      All that once was our human spine,
      Hermes holds,
      Those astral hisses and their medicinal poison stings,
      Antidoted to healing forces in
      Our Feathered Serpents wings.

      Now Christ the Wonder workers and
      His High communing daughters and sons,
      Meet the disembarking souls, when the weighings done.
      And the community of Michael thinking reinfuses and transforms,
      All that we thought and sought with hope filled arms
      To embrace; but wider, and wider till it makes,
      Us whole.

      The New whisperings of the Stars,
      Changes our light's little weight to gold.

      New blood and tone and bone and matter we will grow
      And Karma holds opportunity and hope is what we're told.
      And friends and teachers, vast sister/brother kings and Queens,
      Treasure each tiny grain of truth for these are the means,
      That on the golden spinning wheel are spun
      New garments, feckless, freckless seamless
      From the golden treasures we have won.

      And these are spun back into how we fashion our higher self
      To shepherd for us here on Earth our new found wealth.
      But for now, in the bosom of the mothering Stars,
      The Mothering Stars that hold the seeds of hearts
      Like ours,
      By the hundred millions, and play,
      In the giant school and planning that
      Is Earth as she arises for us now, here today.
    • holderlin66
      Who were the college of Teachers for the Michael School? Who were invited into those twelve chairs that stood on the stage and shared the podium with the
      Message 38 of 38 , Sep 12, 2006
        Who were the college of Teachers for the Michael School? Who were
        invited into those twelve chairs that stood on the stage and shared
        the podium with the lectures of Dr. Steiner at the 1st Goetheanum?

        Bradford brought from 'Miracles'

        "...But Steiner made TWELVE chairs,
        TWELVE seats on the lecture stage of the 1st Goetheanum and these
        CHAIRS, as in department heads, were cosmic standpoints,
        bodhisattvas and great initiates, who could join Steiner in
        their 'Body of Glory'..." as Rudolf Steiner planted the
        Consciousness Soul into the Heart of humanity and planted Cosmic
        Intelligence into the Stream of human history and Planted the
        Science of the Resurrection as demanded by St. Paul."

        Rudolf Steiner brought:

        "These seven individualities were joined by four others; unlike the
        first seven, these other four were not able to look back to times of
        the primeval past; they looked back to what mankind had acquired
        from occult truths during the four epochs of post-Atlantean culture.
        The first of the four looked back to the period of ancient India,
        the second to that of ancient Persia, the third to that of Egyptian-
        Chaldean-Babylonian-Assyrian culture, and the fourth to that of the
        Graeco-Latin age. These four joined the seven in that "College" of
        wise men in the thirteenth century; the twelfth had fewer
        remembrances; he was more intrinsically intellectual than the rest
        and it was his task to cultivate and foster the external sciences.

        "These twelve individualities did not live only in the sphere of
        occultism as cultivated in the West, but could also
        be "incorporated" as it were in men who possessed some genuine
        knowledge of occultism. Goethe's poem Die Geheimnisse [footnote: The
        Mysteries by Rudolf Steiner] gives a certain indication of this. -

        "Thus there were twelve outstanding individualities and to them came
        a Thirteenth who, after the period of darkness had come to an end
        was to be chosen out for the kind of Initiation demanded by the
        culture of the West. The circumstances are very mysterious and I can
        only give you the following information in the form of a narrative.
        To me it is objective truth, but you yourselves can put it to the
        test by gathering together what has been said by anthroposophical
        Spiritual Science during the last few years, added to what you know
        of history since the thirteenth century.

        "It was known to the College of the twelve wise men that a child was
        to be born who had lived in Palestine at the time of Christ and had
        been present when the Mystery of Golgotha had taken place. This
        Individuality possessed great powers of heart and a quality of deep,
        inward love which circumstances had since helped to unfold in him."

        Bradford concludes;

        Steiner refers to these twelve streams that create the Initiation
        model that all of humanity can now safely have as a guide, as part
        of the Michael School, Steiner calls these Twelve streams, his
        College of Teachers. His college of wise men. These were the faculty
        and on staff tenured teachers of the Michael School. This is the
        model, when Waldorf faculties are supposed to understand that they
        carry the precious first impressions of each child and hold
        intercourse with the Angel that hovers over the child and the I AM's
        that are in the family of the child. The Waldorf Faculty should, but
        mostly have lost all knowledge of, the idea that the college of
        Teachers that they model themselves from are those that created the
        Initiation path for the THIRTEENTH in Steiner's recollection of the
        13th century event. The entire Michael School as a public and open
        reality is based on the solid foundations of the great logical
        streams of humanity that go back beyond Atlantis and have collected
        the wisdom of Persia, Egypt-Chaldea, Greece and modern science.

        This is the College of Teachers who supported Steiner as he brought
        down the vast insights, cohesion and thinking forces needed to
        create the basis for Michael Intelligence to stream into the hearts
        and minds of humanity. This is the model that allows the common
        stream of all of humanity to gather themselves around the fountain
        head of the Christ Impulse, who gave to humanity the outline and
        direction and actual forces needed to awaken the Spirit Man on Earth
        and bring to humanity their own unfolding of New Nature, new
        ecology, arising out of the bountiful foundations of the fountain of
        life, the Life-Spirit that is latent in the I AM of very living
        human being.
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