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Question (Anthroposophy)

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  • Robert Mason
    ... with the Christian religion? Any link or whatever
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2006
      Hola "Pepito":

      >>I want to know how is related Anthroposophism
      with the Christian religion?
      Any link or whatever<<

      This is a big, big question, and I don't know
      a short answer. In a sense, all of Steiner's
      Anthroposophy is in the service of the Christ
      Spirit, whether explicitly or implicitly.

      I don't know how much you have already studied
      Anthroposophy; I am guessing that you are just
      beginning. Steiner's literature can be divided
      (roughly) into his books that he wrote for the
      public and his lectures that he originally gave
      to closed groups, who were usually already
      familiar with his basic teachings. He only
      reluctantly allowed the transcripts of the
      lectures to be published, with the*caveat* that
      the reader should become acquainted with his
      basic Anthroposophical concepts in order to
      judge the lectures rightly. So, it is generally
      recommended that one should begin the study of
      Anthroposophy with Steiner's "basic books",
      which are usually listed as:

      *The Philosophy of Freedom* (*The Philosophy of
      Spiritual Activity*)
      *Knowledge of Higher Worlds and its Attainment*
      *Occult Science, an Outline*

      Sometimes included in this list is:

      *Christianity as Mystical Fact* (*Christianity
      and the Occult Mysteries of Antiquity*)

      Of these books, the last most explicitly deals
      with the Christ. *Occult Science*, in the long
      chapter on cosmic evolution, outlines the entrance
      of the Christ Spirit into Earth-development. The
      chapter on Initiation mentions the initiate's
      meeting with the "Greater Guardian of the
      Threshold", who is the Christ. *Knowledge of ...*
      also gives information about this meeting.

      And so on. As I said, this is a big, big subject.

      These "basic books" and much, much more are freely
      available in English at the "eLib" <www.elib.com>.
      The books are here:
      <http://www.rsarchive.org/Books/>. You will notice
      that *The Philosophy ...* is also avvailable in

      You will also notice that there are lots of
      lecture texts. You can search for keywords; the
      search in the Lectures section seems to work
      better than the Archives search; I don't know

      Strictly speaking, Anthroposophy is not a
      "religion"; it shows the way for Man into the
      Spiritual World; it does not "bring down" the
      Spiritual World into the physical world in
      exactly the same way as does the sacramental
      *cultus* of a church. Steiner did, upon request,
      did provide a new Christian cultic ritual, and
      this was incorporated into the church that is
      called the "Christian Community" in English.
      Steiner tried to keep this church separate from
      the Anthroposopy as such, and from the
      Anthroposophical Society, but today there is
      much cross-membership among them. He spoke of
      his intended distinction in this lecture:

      (He also spoke of this distinction in the lecture
      cycle *Awakening to Community*, of which only
      one lecture is available online, as far as I
      know. In this cycle (not in the online lecture)
      he contrasts the sacramental cultus of the
      church with the "reversed cultus" that he
      envisioned for the Anthroposophical community.)

      And, if you'll pardon my self-reference (I do
      this mainly to give you a resource in Spanish):
      I wrote a webpage some years ago, and it contains
      a very simplified, general overview of Anthroposophy.
      There is a Spanish version online (thanks to the
      kindly donated work of "Fernando") of that page
      from a couple of years ago:
      (I have made some minor changes since then.)

      -- I don't know whether I have answered the
      question as you intended. If not, please feel
      free to contact me with more specific quesions.

      Robert Mason

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